Skip this chapter if you don't care about the story's background, trigger warnings, disclaimers, or my feelings. You can always come back to it later too if you just want to get to the reading.

I originally had a longer introduction, but I felt it was holding people back from getting to the story.

This has been my first attempt at HP Fan Fiction. I have been reading since around 2013, though I grew up with the books and I have one signed copy from JKR and another from Mary Grandpré, the cover art illustrator. I started writing this fic when I got laid off from my job at the beginning of 2021 due to covid cutbacks, and I'm really enjoying the writing. Leave me comments, please. It helps the creative process and I love to hear from people. If it's a question about my process or something that isn't directly answered in the story, I'll do my best to respond to it.

The story is posted on FanFiction and ArchiveOfOurOwn. I prefer AO3 for writing because it has more features. I prefer FFN for reading because it has a better phone app. Currently, I have outlines for the remaining years, and the tentative titles are:

The Guise of Loyalty

The Guise of Power

The Guise of Darkness


The Discarded Guise

Trigger Warnings for this book: Child abuse, human trafficking, death of adults, implied death of children, death of animals, adverse conditional training of animals, blood, violence, drinking, discussion of drug use. Most of these are one-time occurrences.

I plan on making multiple stories for each year of Harry's education, so I can give this one a "T" rating and possibly up that rating in later years.

Languages will be formatted like this:

[Made Up Sign language]