Skip this chapter if you don't care about the story's background, trigger warnings, disclaimers, or my feelings. You can always come back to it later too if you just want to get to the reading.

I have been reading HP fanfics since about 2013. This is the first one I've written. While writing it, I'm also posting a couple of one-shots of ideas I've come up with. I'll put them on my profile as well.

This story started when I lost my job in January 2021 due to covid cutbacks. I was reading a bit more in between all the job applications, and spending time browsing Reddit. I came across one story prompt on the /HPFanfiction subreddit and started writing. By the time I stopped myself I had filled two maxed-out comments. I got a lot of private messages to continue it… so I did.

When I published the first 6 chapters, after a couple of weeks of non-stop writing, including drafts, I had gone over 115,000 words. My wife was quite annoyed with the amount of time I've been spending writing this, but I think she's getting used to it and sees that I'm enjoying the writing.

Depending on how quickly I am about to get chapters edited, I will try to publish at least once a week; on Sunday, Thursday, or both.

In my profile, there are a few disguised links to various resources I'm using, the original prompt that inspired the fic, and a map of everything in my fic. Since I'm planning on having events take place all over the world, I will have a map of everything.

I've also joined a few HP and writers discord channels to help with my writing and transformed my desk where I normally sort bills and documents into a nice writing desk. It is now covered with books from my personal library (Ravenclaw), and when it is finished, I'll post a picture. Also, when I finish the first book, I'll add some pictures into the story where it's published on AO3.

The story has evolved as I've written it and started as a retribution fic, but a lot of that retribution and revenge won't come until later, so to be able to evolve the rating, I will split the book into different years so I can give each one a different rating. I'm pretty sure that the first two books will be T, but it will slowly add a few darker elements to it later on. So onto the trigger warnings.

Up to this point so far, the fic has child abuse, human trafficking, death of adults, implied deaths of children, blood, violence, deaths of animals, caring families, minor drug use, adorable creatures, wholesome and tender moments, softening of the hardest hearts, touching moments of sibling bonding, and people getting what they deserve.

I plan to have mature situations, children are in a boarding school with minimal adult supervision; but I won't be doing graphic descriptions of sex, and not till much later in the story. There will almost certainly be descriptions of dark rituals, and deaths of at least a few named characters from canon and my OCs.

You have been warned. There will be no more trigger warnings than what has been written here. That takes the fun out of reading.

Languages will be formatted like:

[Sign language] - The sign language will not be ASL or an official sign language. It is made up on the spot by some of the characters. I have studied ASL myself and I don't mean to offend anyone in the deaf community.

Oh and if JKR ever reads this:

I love the universe you've created and the legions of Pot(ter)heads you've inspired. However, I completely disagree with you endorsing The Cursed Child as canon. However, if you're ever interested in making things right, please start up a scholarship fund for aspiring writers, filmmakers, and playwrights to help produce their fanfictions and put them out into the world. Then you can just declare Cursed Child to be one of those you've helped bring to the world. Proceeds from the creations of those new works can go back into the scholarship fund and to any number of other worthy charities.

I'd reach out to you and try to start it with your permission myself, but I don't have the funds or connections to do so.

I also do wish you'd stop offending so many groups of people with new character trait reveals and/or tweets.

Thank you again.

Also, this is to declare that I don't own anything in this piece of writing, I am going to mention several fictional universes and I don't own any of them, I'm not making any money off this either. I won't be repeating that over and over at the beginning of every chapter, but it seems like a tradition to say it at least once.