Harry felt a wobbling and heard the sound of screeching, like a car braking. He was still slightly asleep, so he stretched a little bit and felt he was in a padded seat with armrests, and that he was wearing a seatbelt. It was a bit strange, he only vaguely remembered wearing a seatbelt when in his uncle's car, a lifetime ago, so he wondered where he was as he rubbed his eyes.

When he opened them again, Brandt was asleep in a leather seat across from him, Lyra to his side. They were in a small, roundish room with windows along the wall. He looked out the one next to him to see that they were moving along a road and from the position of the sun, it looked to be around mid-day. Harry looked out the window on the other side and saw several airplanes. Some of them were moving, others were parked, one of them was just taking off going in the opposite direction that they were. He came to the sudden realization that they were also in an airplane, but this one was much smaller than the others.

Trying to figure out his situation, he looked down at his feet and wondered where the shoes he was wearing came from. He certainly didn't own any that looked like these. Additionally, around each of his ankles was a silver anklet that had glowing blue runes on them. Looking over at Lyra, he could see that she had the same on her ankles and a third one around her hair at the top of her braids.

Squinting again, and rubbing his eyes, he saw the shimmering form of Dougal, invisible and asleep in the chair facing Lyra. As the plane started to turn, he unclipped his seatbelt and started walking towards the front of the plane, where there was a small door. When he got there, he knocked and waited.

After a couple of seconds, the door opened and Newt was standing before him. Before the man could say anything, Whispers jumped out and scared Harry, causing him to instinctively turn invisible. However, despite his body trying to vanish, all he did was flicker and he felt warmth down on his ankles.

"What's going on?" he asked in a bit of a panic. "Why can't I hide?"

"First of all, good morning, Harry," Newt told him. "There's no need to panic, you'll have trouble performing any magic right now. I'll explain everything when Lyra's awake too."

"Where are we?" he asked.

"We just landed in Istanbul," came Tina's voice from the cockpit. Though that cleared up absolutely nothing for Harry.

Seeing his lack of comprehension, Newt told him, "Another thing I'll explain to both of you when Lyra's awake."

Harry looked past Newt to see through the front window that they were pulling up inside a large building that could fit the plane that they were in. When they stopped, Harry started to hear Lyra mumbling at the back of the plane, so he went to check on her with Whispers. She was rubbing her eyes and fumbling with her seatbelt. Harry guessed that she had never had to use one in her life, so he wanted to make sure she didn't panic at the restraint and blow up the plane.

As he could hear the plane powering down, she opened her eyes and started looking around.

"Where are we?" she asked, groggily.

"Tina says we are in Istanbul," he told his sister. At her look of confusion, "Yeah, I have no idea where that is either," and giggled a bit to lighten the mood. She smiled back and he told her, "Newt said he'd explain everything soon."

As the last of the sounds of the engine died down, Tina came out of the cockpit with Newt and joined them. Dougal faded back into visibility, but Brandt was still fast asleep. Tina pulled a small vial out of her pocket and uncorked it under Brandt's nose.

After a second, he bolted upright and started looking around in a panic, "Are we on the ground?" He looked out the window and saw that they were parked.

Tina smiled, "The mighty Brandt is afraid of flying, so we knocked him out for the flight."

"I am not afraid of flying," he said defensively. "I am afraid of being flung through the sky in a pressurized metal tube powered by explosives without any magic involved."

Harry and Lyra's eyes widened at the experience described like that.

"Don't be a drama queen," Tina told him. "People do it all the time, probably around a million muggles every day do it without issue."

"So did we arrive then?" Brandt asked hopefully.

"Not even close," Newt told him, and the fear returned to his eyes. "We have to refuel now, and we have another three stops before we arrive. It's going to take a full day before we get there."

Brandt took several deep breaths to steady himself and stared at his fingers. Then his stomach growled.

"I bet everyone could use a good meal, we only have snacks on the plane. There's a cafe here in the hangar." Tina walked back towards the cockpit and opened a door that folded down towards the outside. Dougal just followed Tina and Newt down the steps, leaving the rest to follow.

As they exited, there were two men and a woman in muggle suits waiting for them at the bottom. Brandt gave a frightened look towards them and back towards Dougal and Whispers, but Tina and Newt didn't seem to be disturbed.

The man in the middle of the three stepped forward, "Welcome to Istanbul, Mr. and Mrs. Scamander, and to you too Dougal, and your guests."

Newt approached the man and shook his hand, "Thank you Nazif, how much time will there be today for refueling?"

The woman next to him stepped forward with a clipboard, "Approximately twenty minutes for the truck to arrive and another thirty for the refueling. As soon as you are full we will schedule your take-off. We apologize for not having the fuel truck ready for you on arrival." She gave a small bow before continuing, "Would you care for anything to eat while you wait?"

"Thank you, we will head back to the cafe," Newt told her, and the group started moving towards a door in the back of the hangar, passing another parked airplane, slightly more than twice the size of theirs, but it was painted all black with gold accents, as opposed to their all white with blue stripes.

Through the door, there was a small cafe with four circular tables. One of the tables was already taken up by another family. There was a husband and wife, with three boys, two looked like twins around six years old, and the other was maybe a year older than Harry. All the children also had the same silver cuffs on their ankles that he and Lyra did. As they entered, the two smaller children squealed at the sight of the Dougal and Whispers, and their parents attempted to get them to not stare, with very little success.

The three adults, two children, and two demiguises sat down at their table. As they sat, a plate piled high with tiny cubes covered in white dust appeared in the center of the table along with a house-elf. It was wearing a black poncho tied around the waist with a thick red scarf.

It looked around the table, and asked, with very slow speech, "What would yous like to eat?"

Newt smiled and spoke in a language Harry, Lyra, and Brandt didn't understand, "Yaprak sarması, baklava, urfa kebabı, salata ve ızgara balığı, lütfen."

The elf perked up quickly and with some kind of formal bow, responded, "Evet efendim!" Then he popped away.

Newt spoke to the rest of them, "I just ordered some local food, I think you all will enjoy it." Dougal was sniffing the air and licking his lips.

"Now for a quick explanation since you both passed out at Hogwarts," Tina began. "When you both stumbled out of the room, we panicked a bit and summoned Madam Pomfrey from the infirmary. She told us that you both had a case of minor magical exhaustion, but were otherwise fine. We gathered all of your things and took the Knight Bus to the airport."

Seeing the curious looks on their faces, Brandt added, "It's a magic bus that I enjoy even less than flying in an airplane. Be thankful you both were completely unconscious. It is primarily used by those who cannot apparate or use a portkey, and in my opinion, is the worst form of magical transportation available." After their fun with portkeys and floo in the past, Harry and Lyra doubted it but nodded along.

Tina took back over, "We arrived at the airport where we fitted both of you with magical absorption cuffs, those things on your ankles. For all wizards under the age of seventeen, they are required to fly as you may still experience bouts of accidental magic, which could be a serious problem while thousands of feet above the earth. Many adults who are afraid of flying wear them as well, just in case." She nodded to Brandt who pulled up his pant legs to show that he was wearing them too. "As an afterthought, we also put one of the cuffs on Lyra's hair, just to be sure it didn't catch fire."

Harry asked, "So where are we now?"

Newt looked around before saying, "May I speak to an elf?"

A different elf than before popped in, "How many I's help yous?" he asked.

"Could you provide us with a globe?"

The elf seemed to think for a moment before snapping his fingers and a beach ball with a map of the world appeared on the table.

"Will that be workings for yous?" the elf said hopefully.

Newt nodded and smiled, "That is just fine, thank you." He gave the elf a small nod and he popped away.

Newt held up the beach ball and pointed to a small group of islands, "These are the British Isles." His finger seemed to move with uncertainty as he pointed near the top of the larger island, "Somewhere around here is Hogwarts."

Then he rotated the beach ball, so a larger mass of land was facing them, "We are currently here, in Istanbul, then we will fly to Dubai." He turned the ball to point to a spot on the end of a large peninsula. "From there, we will fly to Kathmandu, Hanoi, then Luzon," He turned the globe each time to indicate their stops. "From Luzon, we will take a short boat ride to your island."

"Thank you, Mr. Scamander, I think I need to add geography to the children's tutoring. It's a shame Hogwarts doesn't offer a course," Brandt said. Then added hesitantly, "I will need additional calming draughts for the rest of the flights.

Just then, the father at the other table stood up and approached them. He gave a short bow before asking, "Did I hear correctly that you are Mr. Newton Scamander?"

Newton looked up at the man, he appeared to be of Turkish ancestry, or from somewhere in the region. He nodded and said, "I am, may I be of assistance with something?"

"My name is Pelin Duman," Newt showed a vague recognition of the name. "My family is currently traveling to Geneva and transporting our family's familiar for medical treatment." There was a greater showing of recognition now.

"Duman? Your bloodline is bonded with a Lamassu, correct?" Newt was looking very interested.

"Have you heard of us?"

"Truthfully, I have heard of your Lamassu, more than your family," Newt said with slight embarrassment. "He has protected your family for generations, correct?"

"Yes, his name is Hamidreza, and has been with our family for almost five hundred years."

The rest of the group reacted with surprise at the length of time that he had been living.

"What is wrong with him?" Newt asked.

"We don't know specifically. He lacks energy, he doesn't seem to be as active as he used to be. There aren't enough records on the species to determine if he is getting old as nearly all die while defending those that they are protecting. His mane and beard have stayed the deep brown it was when I was a child. I would expect it to turn grey like a human if he was approaching old age, but I can't be sure." He looked back at his family who were watching and listening. "Would you be willing to take a look and see if you can determine anything about his condition?"

Newt's face brightened, "I would be honored to examine such a magnificent creature."

"Technicians are modifying our plane to cope with the increased weight. When they are finished, we can take you aboard. Can we join you for your meal while we wait?"

Newt nodded and Pelin snapped his fingers. The elf that brought their beach ball-globe reappeared. The two of them just exchanged a nod and the two tables both groups were at moved across the floor with their chairs along with. Dougal and Whispers vanished as they started to move. It was as if the floor itself was moving, similar to how Dumbledore had done it in the great hall. When the tables were touching they seemed to mold together into one large oval table.

"This is your hangar?" Tina asked.

"Yes," Pelin responded. "There are quite a few wizards these days who own their own planes, so we thought that having a hangar for them in a busy airport like this one would be helpful." Brandt gave the man an impressed look.

The woman at the table stood up, "Thank you for joining us, and for your assistance Mr. Scamander. My name is Nevra, these are my children; the oldest is Erayden, the twins are Selim and Adal."

Newt introduced the group, "This is my wife, Tina. We are accompanied by Miss Lyra Black, Mr. Harry Potter, and Steward Brandt of House Black. The older demiguise is my companion, Dougal, the younger is with Harry and Lyra and is named Whispers."

The older child, Erayden, said with a heavy accent, "You are THE Harry Potter? From the children's books?"

Harry answered quickly, "None of those stories happened."

"Did you kill that Dark Wizard though? The French one?" he asked quickly.

His mother flicked him in the ear, "Şu kibar değildi." Then turned to the others, "I am sorry for my son, he often thinks before he speaks."

Newt looked at Harry with a question in his eyes. Harry had the same one, "It's alright, what French wizard were you talking about?"

The son jumped back into the conversation, "The one when you were a baby, Vol de la Mort. It's a French name, correct?"

Harry didn't know how to respond, Tina responded though, "It has always been assumed he was British. I don't know where his name originated from, but he claimed to be a descendant of a founder of Hogwarts, Salazar Slytherin."

"But you killed him?" the boy asked Harry again, and got another, much harder, flick on his ear from his mother which caused him to yelp.

Tina answered again, "It is unknown what truly happened. It is highly unlikely that Harry did anything of his own volition. How many things do you remember from when you were fifteen months old?"

The boy nodded in understanding, "I guess it makes for better stories if the French man had a duel with a baby."

Lyra started to giggle, imagining Harry in a diaper fighting the violet specter they had seen the night with the Creeping Death.

At that moment, food arrived at the table. There were two large platters filled with salad, some kind of sticky pastry, meat, grilled fish, and something wrapped in dark leaves. Whispers faded back in and started to reach for the fish. Dougal faded back next and stopped him, taking some of the wrapped food and passing it to the younger one instead.

The groups watched as Whispers bit into one of the wraps and chewed it slowly before eating the rest of it and taking another. When he was done with the second, Dougal started passing him other things to try but avoided the fish for some reason.

Everyone else started eating and the conversation stopped for a while, other than some quiet exchanges between the twins and their father, in Turkish. Harry and Lyra enjoyed the meat. Brandt informed them it was made from lamb, like what Lyra's coat was made from, but not magical.

Just as they were enjoying the sticky, sweet pastry that Tina told the children was called baklava; a man in a worker's jumpsuit came in and gave a brief nod to the Duman family and left.

Pelin stood up and informed them, "We can go see Hamidreza now." He led them out of the room and towards the larger, black jet that was in the hangar.

The group entered the cabin of the jet where there were eight very comfortable-looking seats and a small office area with a desk. Further back there was a wall with a door. Pelin opened the door and walked down a few stairs into a larger room, slightly larger than the section of the cabin they were in before.

The floor was covered by a thick layer of straw and laying down in the center was something resembling a lion. The body of the beast was roughly the same shape as a lion, including the tail, but nearly three times the size of a large adult. There were enormous wings that were folded on its back, appearing to be like an eagle, but much thicker and stronger with feathers the length of a human arm. The most distinctive feature was the head, looking almost like Hagrid, though it seemed to contain some deep mystical wisdom in the face, with the same amount of hair as the groundskeeper, and the beard was braided into many parts, adorned with beads, charms, and bands of various colors. On top of the head were two large horns as thick and long as one of the creature's legs.

The twins ran down the ladder and cuddled up next to its face, speaking quietly to it as it looked at them with affection and care. One of the twins pointed up towards Newt and his group and the head of the Lamassu raised a bit and growled. The sound from the growl seemed to make Harry's knees feel weak, and he took a few steps back.

Pelin held up a hand and said, "Arkadaşlar." The mighty beast grumbled a bit and laid its head back down.

Newt slowly approached the Lamassu, his hands held out to the side, and his head bowed slightly. Pelin gestured for the twins to come back to him. Newt kept his hands to the side, but not above his head, cautiously walking towards the beast, and knelt a few feet in front of him. He sat there for a moment just looking it in the eyes, waiting for something.

After nearly two minutes, the Lamassu let out a large breath and seemed to deflate a few sizes and its head rolled back a bit. Newt rose to a crouch and crossed the last few feet between them, reaching out and putting one hand on the side of its face. Newt seemed to whisper a few gentle words to it and stroked its beard before walking further down its length and laying on the creature's side, placing his head against its ribcage. He seemed to listen to the heartbeat and breathing of the creature for a few minutes before inspecting the rest of its body, little by little until he even counted the hairs on its tail. On the way back, he inspected the pads of its feet, looking between each one.

When he returned to the face, Newt carefully caressed its cheeks with both hands before opening his own mouth and saying "AHHH." Then he pushed his fingers under the lips to open its jaws and reveal very human-looking teeth. However, to the sides of four front teeth were two fangs nearly a foot long on the top and two approximately six inches on the bottom.

Newt whispered a few more things to the creature and it groaned in response. He turned back towards the group and waved towards Dougal. The old demiguise slowly approached the enormous beast, stopping every few feet where his eyes would glow for a moment before continuing. When Dougal got to the Lamassu, he repeated most of the same actions that Newt had done, then gave his friend an indecipherable look. Newt and Dougal stared at each other for a few seconds before they crossed back to the entrance where everyone was watching.

"I think he may just be getting old," Newt said apologetically. "He shows signs of later stage maturity that other magical animals have when they get roughly 70% through their life cycles. When was the last time he shed his horns?"

Nevra reached into a box by the door and pulled out a large binder. Flipping through the pages, she stopped and said, "The last shedding was on March 14, 1922."

Lyra had been staring at the beast for a while, she tugged on Newt's sleeve and asked, "Can I talk to him?"

Newt exchanged a glance with Pelin, who nodded and guided Lyra across the room towards the creature. Whispers tagged along cautiously at her heels. When they got there, Lyra knelt down, smiled, and said, "Hello."

The Lamassu's head was as large as Lyra from head to toe if you included its beard. It raised its head and seemed to smile back at her, though it did not show any teeth. She reached up to pet its mane and slowly reached deeper to find an ear and start scratching behind it. Whispers went around the other side and found the other ear to scratch as well. After ten seconds, the giant cat-like creature started giving off an incredible purring noise.

Gone was the weakness Harry had felt in his knees, and now he felt more like he could break down a brick wall with his fists. He looked around and saw that the noise had a similar effect on everyone else, they all stood up straighter and half of them were flexing their fingers. Slowly, Lyra stopped the scratching, and the purr died back down. She just laid against the side of its face.

Whispers came around to her side and stared the Lamassu in the eyes for a moment before saying to Lyra, "Fam-lee. Where fam-lee?"

The Durman family looked shocked at the talking demiguise, as was usual for first-timers with Whispers.

Harry turned to Pelin and asked, "Does Hamidreza have parents or children?"

"No, we are his only family," he responded.

Lyra had come back to everyone with Whispers, "I think he's lonely. Are there any other Lamassus he could be with?"

"I don't know of any other families in the world that are bonded with one," Pelin responded.

"They are exceedingly rare," Newt added. "I know of a litter of six that were found about forty years ago without parents in the mountains of Syria. They're each about the size of a boarhound right now and are being raised in captivity."

"Could Hami raise them?" asked Erayden.

"I can put you in touch with the facility they are in," Newt told Pelin. "I would still recommend he get a full examination in Geneva."

Pelin passed Newt a card embossed in gold with their contact information and thanked him, Lyra, and Whispers.

Harry was still apprehensive about the enormous lion-like creature, but before they left, he summoned his courage and asked Erayden to introduce him to the Lamassu. The other boy quickly walked over to the giant creature and beckoned Harry to follow. Harry was a bit more apprehensive and walked cautiously

When he was about three steps away, Erayden leaned down to the great beast, and said to him, "Hami, bu Harry Potter, kötü büyücülerin katili ve çocuk masallarının kahramanı."

The enormous Lamassu lifted its head to look at Harry, then rolled over and stood up in a crouch, causing the plane to shake a bit. Harry's head barely came up to the creature's chin as he stared at the awesome beast. It lowered its head and started to sniff at Harry's pouch.

"Do you have food in there?" Erayden asked.

Reached in and pulled out a handful of flobberworm jerky, telling Erayden what it was. The boy exchanged words with his father in Turkish quickly and then told Harry it would be alright to give some. The Lamassu leaned down to Harry's outstretched hands and with a giant tongue and precise teeth, picked up the entire stack and ate it. After he swallowed it, he gave a funny shake and started sniffing at the pouch again, though now the humanesque eyes looked less curious and more focused.

"Do you have something else in there he might want?" the Turkish boy asked.

"I have a lot in there," Harry responded.

Hamidreza leaned down and tapped Harry's head lightly with one of his enormous horns. Guessing at what the creature might be sensing in his pouch, Harry pulled out his staff with the Lampong antler on the top. The Lamassu stared at it for several moments before sniffing it from the tip to the wood.

Right below where the antler intersected with the wood, covered by the Usurper's shed, the Lamassu gave the staff a long lick. Harry stared at it for a moment and watched the shed start to bubble a bit. Just as he was about to pull the staff away, the great creature leaned back down and bit into his staff.

Harry panicked and pulled back on his staff, nearly being picked up off the ground by the creature. Both groups panicked, with Brandt rushing over to Harry to keep him on the ground and the Durman family trying to calm down the great beast and yelling in Turkish to try to get him to release the staff.

After what was probably only a few seconds, the Lamassu twisted his head and there was something akin to a popping sound and the long upper fang that was embedded in the staff broke out of its mouth and Harry backed away quickly with his staff. The snake shed had stopped bubbling and the tooth appeared to be fused straight through the wood. The Lamassu looked Harry in the eyes and then laid back down with a mighty thump that shook the aircraft, once more.

"He gave you a fang," Nevra said with awe in her voice.

"That is astounding," Pelin said, equally awed. "He has never given a fang, horn, or hair to anyone who was not of our bloodline." After a few moments of silence, while Harry and Lyra admired the fang, which was nearly the length of their forearm, "You will need to tell us what kind of magic it grants you."

Newt pulled out the card that had been given to him before and tapped it with his wand, causing it to create a copy, and passed it to Brandt, "Mr. Potter will update you when he discerns how he can use it."

There was additional silence as they all stared at how the staff had been changed. Now, in addition to the black-tipped white antler on the top, there was a deep brown tooth stuck straight through the wood. The tip was not very sharp, and the root was blunt with a bit of jaggedness to it. It made Harry's staff look like some of the pole hammers brandished by some of the suits of armor at Hogwarts.

He couldn't yet feel what power had been added to the staff but knew that he would soon. He reached into his pouch and pulled out one of the boxes of the flobberworm jerky he was bringing back to the island and passed it to Erayden.

"Please write to me at Hogwarts about how Hami fares in the future," he told the boy.

"I will do that for sure, you can write to me at Uagadou in Africa, as well."

The two boys shook hands as the group left the Durmans' jet. When they got outside, a crew was detaching a large hose connected to a tanker truck from the Scamanders' jet. One of them started to bring a clipboard to them, but Pelin pointed to himself and waved the worker off.

Newt turned around to say something but the man stopped him, "Your fuel and lunch are on us. Even if loneliness is not Hamidreza's primary issue, he should be able to be with his own kind more. To see him provide a fang to someone outside our family was extraordinary."

"Is there nothing I can say or give you? Jet fuel is not inexpensive."

Pelin thought for a moment, then snapped his fingers, causing the elf who took their order to pop in.

"Mert, please bring a set of Mr. Scamander's books from my library." The elf nodded and popped away. Addressing Newt, "I could always use an autograph from a famous magizoologist."

"I don't feel that is nearly enough, but I can wait until we meet again to repay the favor," he replied humbly.

A minute later, the house-elf Mert, reappeared with a box set of books written by Newt. He took his time and wrote a short dedication in every book before signing them. They all exchanged handshakes again before Pelin pulled out a radio and requested a priority take-off position for the Scamander jet. Newt and Tina thanked him again and they all entered the craft again. Brandt told Harry to store his staff in his pouch and to try avoiding thinking about it so it did not create any magic while they were in flight.

Newt and Tina entered the cockpit and started to drive the plane out onto the runway. Everyone got buckled in, including the demiguises, while Brandt downed a vial of a calming draught. Harry, Lyra, and Whispers were glued to their windows as the plane began to accelerate and take off. Dougal just seemed bored.

The children watched in awe and interest as the ground began to disappear beneath them. They were still glued to their windows as they began to rise above the clouds, though after about ten minutes, the sight began to become routine and they turned back to each other. Brandt was still gripping his armrests and trying to control his breathing.

Tina exited the cockpit and came back into the cabin, "We've got about six hours until we reach Dubai. I suggest doing some reading to take your minds off the flight. When we're almost there, I have some sandwiches that the Durman elf put in our plane as well.

When they landed in Dubai, Harry and Lyra had about half finished their assigned reading for the winter break. Brandt had taken another calming draught and Whispers was still obsessed with staring out the window.

When they were approaching the hangar for refueling, Tina turned back to them from the cockpit, "Kids, this is not an airport with a special place for magical travelers. We will need to stay inside the plane this time. Please also take Whispers away from the window and ask him to turn invisible until we take off again."

Harry pulled Whispers away from the window and told him, while signing, [Hide]. Whispers scampered under Lyra's seat and turned invisible. Dougal lazily climbed off his seat and vanished as he went under it. They pulled into a hangar where a fuel truck was parked, but there were also three men in uniforms waiting as well.

Tina groaned and opened a drawer in the table by one of their chairs and started to pull out some colored papers, then stuffed a few of them in some small blue books. When they had come to a full stop, Newt came out of the cockpit and Tina passed him the little blue books, then adjusted her wand holster for a quick draw.

Harry watched as Newt exited the plane and approached the men in uniform. The one in front held his hand out and Newt passed him a small white card. The man examined it and then pulled out a radio and said something into it, then held out his hand again, to which Newt just shook his head and crossed his arms.

"What's happening?" Brandt asked Tina.

"Sometimes in Dubai, the police will stop rich travelers and politely request a bribe to let us go on our way. My husband and I make sure to keep a good relationship with the captain of the police in the airport, but he is not the one who showed up today to take the bribe, so now we need to wait for him. If we pay off one of his subordinates, our dealings with him in the future will suffer."

Brandt choked back a laugh, "I would never have suspected Newton Scamander to be in the habit of bribing Arab policemen or to have the inclination to attempt it."

"You would be right," Tina told him. "It is my method that he is using, however, the authorities will not deal with women in this part of the world or treat me with the proper respect. For the three of you, if they ask, you can tell them our final destination of the Philippines, and that we are traveling from Scotland for the winter break from the children's school. Outside of that, let me or Newt handle everything."

Ten minutes later, Newt was still standing outside, arms crossed, as a car drove up. A man in a uniform, that had extra insignias on it, got out and approached Newt. They exchanged a quick embrace before Newt handed the small blue books to the man. He opened them briefly, then handed one to each of the men that weren't the one that had called for him on the radio. Each of them opened the books, looked through them, took out the money, and handed them back. The one with the radio looked a little angry that he did not get a payoff.

Inside, Tina pulled a scarf out of a closet and wrapped her head and face, then opened a small refrigerator and pulled out a white box with a golden symbol on the top. She exited the plane and took small steps approaching her husband with the police officer. Keeping her eyes averted from looking at the other men, she passed the box to the officer who had not gotten paid. He opened the box and smiled at the contents, then closed it and waved towards the men with the fuel truck. They drove it over to the plane and started to hook up the fuel lines. Tina came back onto the plane as Newt continued to speak with the men outside.

She took off the scarf, and said, "I really hate that I had to do that. Not just covering up so that I don't offend the men, but that I needed to give away some Turkish delight that I had ordered special for this trip. I will need to get more on the way back."

"Why did you give it to him?" Lyra asked.

Brandt answered for her, "The man was unhappy that his superior officer did not give him any money, so Mrs. Scamander took it upon herself to rectify the situation by providing him with some very good food. It was like those small cubes on the table for lunch, but I assume of a much higher quality. It wasn't money, but he will not feel as slighted and direct angst towards the Scamanders if he encounters them on future travels."

Tina nodded her head at the explanation.

After another ten minutes, the police left and Newt boarded the aircraft again. He gave his wife a hug and a kiss on her forehead, and said, "Good save there with the Turkish delights. When we get to the island, I'll put in a double order for you on the return trip." She smiled and hugged him back.

Twenty minutes later, they were refueled, and shortly after they were airborne again.

During this part of the flight, Harry and Lyra only read for the first two hours before getting bored. Brandt decided it would be a good idea to teach Whispers the game, Red Hands, to help with his flying anxiety. He showed the young demiguise how to place his hands on top of his, face down, and then yank them away before he slapped them. Of course, when Whispers realized what was happening, Brandt was at a severe disadvantage against a creature with precognition. After teaching it to Whispers, he was never able to win a single game.

Lyra on the other hand loved it and was trying to develop strategies to fake out her little brother. None of them worked, but it was interesting watching her try. Harry played once and somehow got a single win against Whispers and then refused to play again. Newt came into the cabin at that point and folded one of the chairs back, put on a mask and noise-canceling headphones, and went to sleep.

Even though he had the headphones on, Brandt switched the kids to a quieter activity and attempted to teach them how to play chess. It was a very long process, but they seemed to get a hold of the basics before starting a game against each other. Brandt went back to his seat and started organizing some journals and ledgers he had brought with him, and wrote some letters to be sent out at the next magical post office.

When they started to come up on the last hour of their flight, Newt sat up and took off his mask and earmuffs. He waved Harry and Lyra over to his side of the plane and pointed out the window. There, in the distance, was a huge range of mountains poking their way up through the clouds.

"Those are the Himalayas," he told them. "Some of the largest mountains in the world are there." He seemed to look off into the distance, counting the peaks of the mountains, before pointing towards the left side of the range, "Over there, somewhere in that area of mountains is the Khumbu magic school."

"And the yetis?" Lyra asked, eyes filled with wonder.

"Yes, and the yetis," he told her. "There are many groups all through these mountains, but they congregate mostly near the school, for protection."

After another thirty minutes of staring at the mountains, Newt pointed to one particularly tall peak, "That is Mount Everest, it is the highest point of land on the entire planet."

The Kathmandu airport was smaller than the last two airports they had been at, by far. It consisted of a single runway which was at a slant. After they landed and Newt came out of the cockpit while his wife taxied the plane to the refueling truck, he explained that the slant was to keep the snow off the runway and avoid a buildup of ice. Sure enough, everywhere that wasn't the main runway had at least a little bit of snow on it.

The children were ready to get off the plane, but as soon as the door opened, there was a rush of freezing cold air that had them bolt to the back of the plane and bury themselves in blankets. Whispers joined them right after, though Dougal seemed to not mind the extreme cold as much. They stayed there with their books until the plane was ready to take off again. As soon as they were back in the air, Tina served them some lamb sandwiches they had picked up in Turkey and then took her turn to sleep as Newt flew the plane to their next destination.

Harry and Lyra tried playing chess again, but both of them ended up falling asleep in the middle of their game.

They were both woken up just before they landed at their last refueling point in Hanoi. This time, when the doors opened, they were greeted by a rush of warmer air, and everyone except the demiguises got out to stretch a bit. This was starting to feel a bit more like home, though they couldn't smell the salty air from the ocean here.

It was nighttime, and they were exhausted from staying up through the whole plane flight. Once they were set to fly again, Brandt told them to take a measured amount of the dreamless sleep potion, so they would wake up refreshed on arrival. Whispers ended up falling asleep before they even took off, so the children took the doses given to them.

Harry felt a rush of energy shoot through him and sat up quickly, flailing his arms as he did so. He didn't go far as he was still in his chair, with the seatbelt on. Brandt was holding a small vial with vapors coming off it. He moved over to Lyra and held it under her nose for her to do the same thing before calming down.

The jet was parked inside a hangar and when they looked out, there were two wizards outside using their wands to scan the trunks that had been taken off the plane with Tina and Newt standing by.

When they disembarked from the plane, they both yawned deeply and stretched as much as they could. The men inspecting the trunks opened one of Newt's and started questioning him about the hundreds of live flobberworms inside.

While they were discussing that, Tina led the rest of them over to what looked like a long dueling platform, with a large wall at one end. "One at a time," she began, "I am going to take the suppression cuffs off you. You will feel a rush of magic and you should cast as much magic as would normally cause you to get a bit dizzy. Do not worry, you will not destroy anything, these platforms are designed for much more powerful wizards than any of you."

Brandt stepped up first, Tina activated dueling wards around the platform and muttered a password, causing the cuffs around his ankles to open and fall to the floor. Brandt took a deep breath and seemed to shake a bit before he drew his wand. He waved it around his head three times before a beam of yellow light as thick as his arm, with a pink spiral wrapped around it, shot out and impacted the wall, showering the entire end of the platform in yellow and white sparks. He held that spell for nearly a minute before breaking it off and falling to his knees. The wall was a little bit singed but otherwise undamaged.

Tina looked impressed, "Was that a Spirit Lash?"

Brandt rose to his feet, a bit shaky, "It was indeed. It's not often that I get to use such a spell, but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to go all out."

Tina lowered the wards and Brandt picked up his cuffs, then stepped down. Harry handed him a bit of jerky to help with the magic drain and then entered the platform himself. As Tina raised the wards again, Harry took out his staff, now fused with the fang of the Lamassu. Now seemed like a perfect opportunity to see if anything had changed about its magic.

He stood in position with the antler pointed towards the wall, feet braced and ready. As Tina deactivated the cuffs and they fell off, he felt a rush of power flow into him, similar to how he felt when he first picked up his wand or the antler of the Lampong. However, this time he felt the power flow into his muscles and made him stronger, as it did when Lyra was scratching the Lamassu's ears and it purred.

Harry focused on building up a great pulse of magic, and he could almost hear the power building in his ears. He channeled his magic for nearly a minute and could swear he saw a bit of brown static start to crackle in the light at the end of the antler for a moment before releasing it towards the wall. The impact created a shockwave that knocked himself backward and somehow penetrated the wards and knocked down Tina, Brandt, Lyra, and Whispers. It staggered and nearly knocked over Newt, Dougal, and the two inspectors. A dozen flobberworms got knocked out of the box onto the floor of the hangar.

The inspectors ran over to the platform and started shouting at Harry in another language with their wands pointed at him. Harry just rolled over from where he had fallen and tried to stand up but fell back down again.

"Harry put down your staff," Tina ordered him. He dropped it and raised his hands.

Harry laid there and waited for Tina to take down the wards. He managed to look up and see that the wall was undamaged. Newt was having an argument with the inspectors about what just happened and Harry heard his name mentioned a few times in the language they were speaking. The inspectors ended up giving him many curious looks before backing off and returning to the trunk of flobberworms. Newt went back as well and started gathering up the ones that were inching away.

"Well that was interesting," Brandt said. "What happened?"

"It was amazing," Harry stood up as he spoke. "I felt power flow through me like when Hami was purring, giving me strength. When I thought it had built up enough, I just let it go… and that happened."

He stepped off the platform and pulled out some jerky for himself. As Lyra stepped up, Brandt cast a few extra flame-freezing charms on the wall and surrounding area. The inspectors had turned to watch. He looked back towards them, and said, "Just in case." They nodded and stood by.

Lyra pulled out her staff and wand and held them together, pointed towards the wall. When the dueling wards were raised, Tina deactivated Lyra's cuffs, and the ones on her ankles fell. Then the one around her hair clattered to the floor. As soon as that one was off, her hair began to spark and glow orange before bursting into flame. The fire raged and she incanted, "Incendio Orbis!"

A swirling ball of red and orange fire grew at the tip of her wand and staff until it was nearly three feet in diameter and her knees wobbled a little. From there, the fire in her hair seemed to get drained into the ball and it doubled in size, then it was launched at the wall where it exploded, covering the entire end of the platform in a torrent of flames. There was no collateral damage this time, but the inspectors were still a bit shocked at the display of fire magic.

After the wards were down, Lyra hopped off, still a bit energized, and took some jerky from Harry. Newt had finished with the inspectors and they gathered up all of the trunks and started levitating them towards the exit of the hangar. Once they were through the door, there was a large black car waiting for them, and standing out front of it was Nestor.

Harry and Lyra both exploded towards the man and jumped to hug him. Whispers managed to beat them there and had the man's face wrapped in a hug. He wasn't quite family, but he had been the one taking care of them for the last few months. Whispers was sniffing him all over, trying to find the scents of the other Hidden.

Once Whispers wasn't covering his face, he said, "It's good to see you too, kids."

Another man that they didn't know got out of the driver's side and started to load their trunks in the back of the car. Harry and Lyra were bombarding Nestor with questions about all the members of their family, even though he probably knew only three or four by name.

Nestor gave them a small nod, towards their chaperones, and they stopped for about ten seconds to introduce Newt, Tina, and Brandt. After that, they all got into the car, which had an expanded section behind the driver with a couch so they could all face each other. Once they were inside, the children jumped back into a million questions about what had been happening on the island in their absence.

A big thank you to justanothermaybe for helping with the Turkish translations:

Yaprak sarması, baklava, urfa kebabı, salata ve ızgara balığı, lütfen.
Stuffed grape leaves, baklava, mixed beef and lamb kebab, salad, and grilled fish, please.

Evet efendim!
Yes, sir!

Şu kibar değildi
That was not polite


Hami, bu Harry Potter, kötü büyücülerin katili ve çocuk masallarının kahramanı
Hami, this is Harry Potter, the slayer of evil wizards and the hero of children's tales

Hamidreza - Name means: Praiseworthy and content