Impatience By Lauren Metal

A 100 word drabble for the third watch dot net Impatience challenge.and yeah, it's not my (or anyone's) normal shippy couples!

*** *** ***

Sully paces back and forth as he waits in the dark alley behind the 55.

He hates this.

He can't get used to lying, the sneaking around.

He does it anyway. He loves her, he'll take whatever he can get.

"Hey, Sul," Faith says.

"Hey you," he smiles. "I was thinking you weren't gonna come, that you went home to Fred."

She ushers no apology but hands him a stack of papers instead. "Divorce papers. It's official."

He kisses her.

This time, he doesn't stop to check for an audience before they walk out of the shadows hand in hand.