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Well, for those of you who don't yet know of the existence of evafics.org and darkscribes.org, here's Cross for your reading pleasure. The original fic that began in the year 2001 and continues to the final chapter, due out midsummer 2003. Thank you for you continued support.

-- Blue Taboo

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Cross

By: Blue Taboo

Chapter 1- The Initial Incident

"I can't believe Ritsuko's making us do another stupid experiment!" Asuka whined for about the 5th time as she, Shinji, and Rei walked down the hallway to the Eva cages.

Shinji sighed at his roommate's impatience with these projects. For all she knew they might just save her ass one day.

"And why exactly are we doing this for synchronization? I already had to waste six whole days doing that with fool here, and now Wondergirl too. Err..." she sighed in frustration.

"Dr. Akagi is unsatisfied with our ability to work together. Her theory is that this experiment will help us in that aspect," Rei reminded her.

"I know that..." Asuka growled.

They reached the cage and found that all three of their Evas were standing waist deep in LCL. They were quickly led into their entry plugs.

"Good morning," Ritsuko sounded enthusiastic as she greeted all of them over the comm link one they had activated, "I'm going to walk you through step by step, so listen carefully. It won't be very hard, pretty much just like a synchronization test. We'll be doing the extra work."

"Whatever..." Asuka sighed, putting on her most annoyed expression, "Let's just get this over with..."

"Okay. Now, you're all standing in a circle already...good...you're going to have to hold hands," she commanded and the Evas obeyed.

"Feels just like I've gone back to kindergarten!" Asuka exclaimed sarcastically.

Ritsuko was in too good of a mood to reprimand her. She turned to Maya. "Any readings yet?"

"Nothing yet, Sempai," Maya reported while shaking her head, "But we expected this. Should I switch the signals?"

Ritsuko nodded. "Go ahead," then she turned to the observation window again, "I want you all to picture yourselves doing the same thing with each other and concentrate only on that."

All the pilots did so, even if one particular redhead frowned and snorted before she closed her eyes. All were silent for a few minutes, and it was getting rather boring, as was anticipated, but they continued.

"Sempai! I'm getting strange readings from Unit 00 and Unit 02!" Maya informed with a note of panic in her voice.

"The pilot's synch ratios just jumped to 98%!" Shigeru shouted immediately after.

"What about Shinji?!" Misato, who had just walked in, demanded.

"He's at a stable 63%...but the other two are slowly approaching 100%!"

"Hyuga!" Misato spun around and ordered the tech, "Call Commander Ikari and Vice-Commander Fuyutski at once!"

Asuka had opened her eyes again and was beginning to get worried. "There's a really weird feeling in my hand! I-I can't move it!" she screamed, on the verge of panic.

Rei gritted her teeth, for she was starting to feel it to.

"What's going on?" Shinji, who was perfectly fine, wondered out loud.

"Eva to Eva synch ratio is at 97%! If it goes over 99%..." Maya recounted.

"Deactivate the Evas! Units 00 and 02 are going out of control!" Ritsuko commanded.

Shinji's entry plug ejected and went dark, however, the two girls still remained within their bio-mechas.

"They're not excepting the signals!" Maya cried.

"Rei! Asuka!" Ritsuko yelled into the microphone, "You've got to move away from each other. Your Evas are going to combine with each other if you don't! You hear me!? Move!"

"I caaan't!" Asuka half screamed half groaned.

Rei's knuckles began to bleed inside the gloves of her plug suit as she fought with the controls.

"You have to move!" Ritsuko almost crushed the microphone

Then both girls began to scream in pain as those in the control room watched the horrible sight before them. Unit 00 and Unit 02 began to combine at the arm. Their armor and tissue seemed as if it was liquid as their shoulder fused. Then there was a bright flash, not unlike that of an Angel's crossflare and the cage shook. Everyone who was still sitting fell out of their chairs, and those who were standing were thrown a few meters. Misato connected painfully with the wall, but Ritsuko managed to grab the corner of a desk to stop herself. As soon as it was over she staggered up and looked through the now shattered window.

Instead of three Evas, one purple, one blue, and one red, there were now two, and one of them was both blue and red. It had five eyes, not four, not one, but five, that stared right back at Dr. Akagi with glowing menace as if to say, 'You knew it would turn out like this. I told you so.' Other than the fact that in some places it was labeled as Unit 00 and in others it was Unit 02, it was just another Eva. "P-pilot status," Ritsuko found herself asking weakly.

Maya winced as she sat down again. She blinked in surprise as she looked at the screen.

"A-all life signs a-are normal. There's someone in there...but just one person..."

Shinji, who had gotten out of his entry plug just before the explosion, dragged himself up off the walkway and faced the Eva. "Asuka! Ayanami!" he screamed after he realized the significance of the situation.

"Restore the comm system! Give me a visual of the entry plug!" Ritsuko demanded as she found her desperation again.

The image came up on the large screen for everyone to see. The girl's eyes were closed tightly and blood streamed from tiny cuts all over her face. Her hair was ice blue like Rei's, but long like Asuka's. Her plug suit matched the Eva's strangely mixed up armor, for it was red here, then white there as if the two had also been combined. She stirred for a moment, then opened her eyes, which were blue like Asuka's but shaped like Rei's. She gasped. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as tears began to form in her eyes. Her voice was like an echo. One part of it spoke with great emotion and the other was a dry whisper that echoed only the physical pain.

"Oh my God..." Misato whispered from her position on the floor against the wall.

"T-the MAGI say that her DNA is a 50% match to Rei and a 50% match to Asuka. They say the possibility of error is 0.0000003%," Maya reported in a shock softened voice.

"It's not possible! No one could've live through that!" Ritsuko denied.

They all stared at the image of the screaming girl in front of them.

"But it is..." Maya said meekly.

"Get her out of there and into the infirmary now!" Ritsuko ordered before she ran out the door and down to the cage.

The new Eva actually obeyed the signal that Maya sent and ejected the plug. The girl was lifted onto a stretcher and rushed down the walkway and right in front of Shinji.

"Oh my God..." he echoed Misato as he got a glimpse of the perfect combination of the two female pilots as she was run towards the infirmary in tears and still screaming, having to be restrained by two men.

To be continued...

-Blue Taboo-