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Chapter Thirteen

It had taken a while for Harry to recover from the ordeal, but his ladies were persistent, and they drew him from his funk with remarkable success.

When Harry was ready to start up on operations again, he informed Carlisle of the new resort, and Carlisle had no choice, nor did he really mind, to quit his job and to start planning on his new vocation. There was a lot for him to learn, and a lot of prep work to do, but he wanted to help people, and what he was working on promised to make a large difference in a lot of people's lives.

The resort was soon up and running, and everyone that came to them for treatment signed a waiver, which protected the facility from being taken to court or being forced to reveal their treatment. John actually ended up working at the resort. It was a peaceful place, with much to do, to keep his hands busy and his mind occupied. He even had a staff that managed most of the upkeep.

As a result of the success, they'd be making millions in the next year alone, all while nobody ever really knew who was in charge of the place. Carlisle couldn't afford the publicity, after all. Also, as an extra benefit, the Volturi now had a massive source and Harry had ended up expanding the facility to accommodate the massive amounts of blood they were getting. The latest runes could expand space in the collection tanks, using the blood in them, to power them. The blood was even separated by type, and they had a few rare types too.

Carlisle was given some instruction on how to handle the nanites, too. They were a very advanced sort, which could actually self-replicate, given very specific circumstances, which was how it was a sustainable system.

Andrea ended up training quite a few people and Harry supplied the cabinets they needed to transport the food, in the guise of being refrigerators. Said refrigerators also had a form of suspension, which would allow the food to last near indefinitely, using the food itself as a source of power, since it was blood.

Also, those kitchens started making money off the system and the Volturi had decided, on their own, to send a small percentage to Harry. They'd heard that he had no need for money, though, so they ended up sending him large and precious jewels every few weeks, with a courier carrying an obsidian pendant. Those went straight into Harry's vault, since he'd always liked precious gems, for some reason. His ladies had finally seen the vault too, and had predictably wanted to fornicate on a pile of gold and gems and other precious metals.

All this happened as the months rolled by, and Harry finally ran out of things to do in the immortal world. There was one attempt to attack Harry, though.

Harry picked up his phone, when he saw it was a number he didn't know. "Yes?" he answered.

"Harry, it's Sam." Sam's voice said.

"Oh, hi Sam. How's things?" Harry asked.

"Well, right now, there's a bit of an issue." Sam said. "The pack cornered a group of twelve Vampires in the woods five miles north-east of your house."

"What?" Harry asked, instantly standing up, ready to move at a moment's notice.

"We have them contained, but we'd like you to come handle the situation." Sam said. Actually, it had been a suggestion from Billy, a while back. If they ever found enemy vampires, since Harry was currently the one handling the large majority of them, it would be a good idea to get his feedback, just in case he could use it to his advantage somehow.

Harry didn't know all this, so he asked, "Any particular reason that they aren't dead yet?"

"If you don't mind, I'm not going to complain about killing a couple of monsters." Sam said. Harry could practically hear the feral grin on his face.

He thought about it for a moment. "Hang on. I think I can use this." he said.

"Can I at least see, this time?" Sam asked, disappointment now the prevalent emotion in his voice.

"Sure thing Sam." Harry said. "I'll be over with the ladies in just a minute."

It was almost exactly a minute later, when they arrived by the large gathering of wolves, surrounding the vampires. There were a few broken off limbs from said vampires laying around the circle, too, which explained why they simply hadn't split up or run away.

Harry indicated for his ladies to stay behind him, while Leah transformed and stayed by his side, with Seth, who had hitched a ride with them, on his other side. It wasn't that he didn't trust them to protect themselves, or him. It was more about the fact that the wolves might not know friend from enemy, should something go wrong, or the enemy decided to attack and they defended themselves.

"So, what do we have here, Sam?" Harry asked the big black wolf, his Alpha mind speaking directly to the other Alpha.

'They came within our scouting area, and the scouts informed the rest.' Sam's reply came back. 'They were heading straight to your house.'

"You guys sure picked a bad area to come through." Harry chuckled.

"What is going on!?" one of the enemy vampires yelled, trying for confident, even as he held his broken off arm in his other hand. "Who are you?!"

"I, am Harry Potter." Harry introduced himself. Then he indicated the wolves. "These, are my friends. You trespassed, so they attacked."

"It's you." the same man spat, eyes narrowing on Harry.

"Well, I sure hope I'm me." Harry chuckled, pulling off casual quite easily, as he conjured a recliner and sat down on it, pulling a cup of tea on a saucer from nowhere and sipping from it. Leah and Seth sat down on their haunches, on both sides of him, with his ladies taking up position behind him. "Now, tell me what you are here for, please?" he asked.

The man, having been about to be petulant, despite his position, was silenced, by another vampire placing a hand over his mouth. "We were merely passing through." The new man tried. He knew they were screwed if they said the wrong thing. The wolves were tough. None of their attacks had seemed to even hurt the wolves, even when they should have. He had hit one directly on the nose, where all canines usually had a weakness. The wolf hadn't even reacted to it. He didn't know about Harry's magic protecting all who wore the talismans.

"You're lying." Harry said, after another sip from his tea. "Do you want to give it one more try, before I throw you to the wolves, as it were?" he asked, with some amusement.

The man stared at Harry for a moment, as he weighed his options. "You forced our hand." he finally said.

"Oh?" Harry asked, still as casual as ever.

"We can't survive only on 'evil men'." the man said. "How do we even know? We'd have to dedicate our lives to finding the right kind of people. We're not trained for…"

"Bullshit." Harry interrupted. "You can hear things happening from miles away. You can smell the smells of drugs and spot the signs of people who suffer abuse. You have been given those advantages for a reason. Use them."

"The Volturi are giving everyone the chance to eat at the Restaurants." Tanya added. "You can even make reservations. I am told most of the places are quite up-scale and the prices are affordable."

"So, we must pay to eat?" one of the enemy vampires asked. She looked incredulous.

"Like everyone else." Harry agreed. "Are you too good to pay for food?"

"That outfit tells me you have money." Kate added, looking at the woman's shredded clothing. It must have been worth quite a bit. "Well, unless it's stolen, I suppose." she allowed.

"Look, it's simple." Harry said. "You either find appropriate prey, someone sponsors you, or you pay for food, like literally every other human on the planet."

"We aren't humans!" the woman exclaimed. "Humans are our food."

"This isn't going anywhere is it?" Jane asked. "Should I disable them, master?"

"No, it's fine." Harry sighed. "I'll just kill them and be done with it."

"We demand the right to be presented to the Volturi!" the man who had spoken second said. He knew Harry knew of them, and even if he was mentioning it before these wolves, they were obviously not humans.

"Done." Harry said, as all of the vampires fell limp to the floor.

"Ah, Harry." Aro greeted Harry with a smile on his face, as he walked in with a few others following behind him. He'd been informed that Harry had arrived with some others and that 'there was justice to be served'. He really hoped that it didn't mean something unpleasant was about to happen. He hid his fear, though. "It's good to see you again."

"Good evening, Aro." Harry nodded at the man. He walked right up to Marcus, then and shook his hand. "How are you doing, Marcus? I hope that last shipment met with your approval?"

"I am well." Marcus nodded, a smile already on his face. "The whiskey was wonderful. I've kept a few bottles for a special occasion. How did you perfect the aging on these?"

"That's a secret you'll never know." Harry smirked, as he pulled out a cigar for the man. The last time they had a drink, he gave one to Marcus, who'd really enjoyed it.

"I'm assuming this will be entertaining?" Marcus asked, accepting the gift happily.

"Maybe." Harry said. "It depends on how things go. It may end up being a bit more formal than that, though."

Marcus nodded at that and turned to Aro, who was trying not to step into the conversation. Harry still held a very powerful bargaining chip, with what he knew, and he liked to be overly friendly with Marcus, just to rile him up a bit, he suspected. Caius was also quiet, because he'd learned his lesson.

"What brings you to us?" Aro asked.

"There was an attempt to come for me, by some few immortals." Harry said. "I've brought them, at their request, because they insisted that they had a right to be represented by their ruling government."

"I see." Aro said, nodding and looking between the people who had accompanied Harry.

"No." Harry said quickly, as he noted the look. "Those are my people and friends." he said, as he pulled twelve coins from a pocket, tossing them onto the floor in front of the dais. The coins landed and instantly turned into twelve sprawled out immortals. "These are the offenders."

"You've disabled them?" Aro asked.

"Do they sleep?" Marcus added.

"Unconscious." Harry said. "I didn't want to wake them up, if you wanted to call the guard, first."

"Thank you for the consideration." Aro nodded and indicated for one of the Guard who was present, to call a full gathering. In the meanwhile, he asked, "Could you introduce us to your friends?"

"Of course." Harry nodded, as he walked to his friends. "You know my wives, Tanya and Alec, of course." He indicated Leah. "This is Leah. She is of the Quileute tribe, and my third wife. This is her brother, Seth. Lastly, we have Sam Uley. He's a leading member of the tribe's defensive forces, who subdued the immortals we have brought."

"They smell strange." Aro said, delicately, rather than asking how the man had done it.

"I turn them into wolves, to better protect their lands." Harry lied easily. "There have been some developments because of it, but nothing you need to worry about."

"Wolves?" Caius asked, not being able to help himself. He had a long history with men-turned-wolf. "You're making werewolves?" he asked.

"No." Harry said. Before he could elaborate, Leah transformed and stepped forward in her giant wolf form, growling at the man. "Not werewolves." Harry said. "Wolves."

"That's a big wolf." Marcus said easily. "You gave your wife the ability to change at will?"

"I gave it to all who chose to protect their people for the tribe." Harry said. "Their tribe always liked wolves, so I thought it was fitting."

Sam had been worried that Harry was giving things away, but it turned out he was just going to give them false leads, which would likely just give them more security in the end. He smiled a wolfish grin at the immortals. He loved seeing how easily Harry handled the leaders of the vampire race. He was considering transforming himself, but a look from Harry changed his mind. He'd wait and see, if he needed to step in.

"They can keep your secrets?" Marcus asked, seemingly worried for Harry's safety.

Harry smiled at the man. "You don't need to worry. The tribe knows some, but not all of my secrets. We have an understanding, and I benefit, as they do."

"As is demonstrated by their effectiveness today." Aro nodded. "We will trust you to know who to trust with your secrets. These ones that came looking for you, however, showed themselves to humans. There is only one punishment for that."

"I'll leave it to you to decide." Harry said.

It took no time for the guard to assemble, and before long, Harry awoke the vampires on the floor.

They were instantly up… well, those that had the legs to stand on. They saw where they were, and their designated spokesperson, the man that had spoken with Harry the most, tried to state their side of the story. Unfortunately, it would do them no good. The laws had been broken, including an attempt to kill Harry, who was a human, and exposing their enhanced abilities to humans. The new laws would not tolerate this and an example would need to be made.

"For all your crimes against our kind, you are sentenced to death." Aro finished, after he'd heard everything and told them of their transgressions. He'd taken the man's hand, and learned, fortunately, that he was not part of the plot that Caius had been putting in place.

Harry lifted a hand and a flame appeared above his hand. He looked at Aro in question, who was looking at the fire that he'd dreaded ever seeing again. He swallowed and then nodded at Harry, who locked the twelve into place and set them ablaze.

They didn't move. They didn't scream. They could only move their eyes as their bodies started burning away. It was only two minutes later, before there was only dust left of them.

"Thank you, Mister Potter, for bringing them to us to face justice." Aro said, when the fire was completely snuffed. He'd have sighed in relief, but he was controlling his emotions tightly. "Your service to our race will be rewarded."

"The reward goes to the ones that subdued them." Harry said, indicating Sam, who had been both horrified and impressed at Harry's show of power. He'd not known Harry could do that. "A side-effect of using the wolf, is an increased appetite and metabolism. I think they are eating themselves out of house and home." he chuckled.

"Then for their help, they will receive something as well." Aro nodded.

"Thanks." Harry said. There was a moment of silence, before he said. "Well, I think that was all we had to do here." he said, looking around at his people, who shook their heads.

"There will be a delivery to you, in the next week, including mister Uley's payment." Aro nodded then.

Harry nodded one last time, before he took everyone with him home again.

"What was that fire?" Caius asked, instantly.

"Demonic flame." Marcus said easily. "Harry once lit a cigar for me with it. He said it was a joke where he came from, to use something so primal and evil, to serve something so benign."

"Evil?" Caius asked.

"This was what I warned you about, Caius." Aro said. "Once he manifests that fire, it will follow its target no matter where they go, until completely consumed. It's unstoppable."

"No man should have such a power." Caius murmured. He was suddenly very glad he'd put a stop to that plan.

"No." Marcus said. "But I think it's good that Harry is the one to wield it. Those who hear of what happened here, will not stand against him, and while he supports us, they will not stand against us."

"Indeed." Aro agreed, a bit of a smile touching on his face. He may not wield the ultimate power, as he had once hoped to be able to do, but he did get a fraction of that infinite potential on his side, even indirectly. Then he smiled fully. "I think I'll have Andrea cook us something special for lunch." he said. It was a luxury he often partook in. Strangely, he'd really developed a liking for chicken wings. The meat was succulent, and the bones crunched wonderfully between his teeth.

After that, Harry went back to his research into what happened to him when he moved on. He'd done it before, but maybe this time, and with the help of the more compliant Library, he'd find some way of taking his family with them. Current, or future.

Nine months after the insemination, it was finally time for Emmett and Rosalie to have their baby. There would be no labour, but the system could tell when the baby was ready to be born, down to the minute, so the whole family had gathered.

Emmett, Rosalie and Carlisle were all in the lab with Harry.

"How much longer?" Emmett urged. They'd already set up everything at the Miami house and had an abundance of anything they'd need for the next five years, all stored in the special cupboards Harry had added in the nursery.

"Just a minute, Emmett." Harry said, from where he was typing on the interface, starting the process.

"What are you doing?" Carlisle asked, from next to him. The words were still foreign to him, but he had seen them enough to start connecting the dots. Unfortunately, he was seeing something new, now.

"Just adjusting the normal hormone levels and things the baby needs." Harry said. "The baby will feel like it is time to come, before it does." Harry had added a visual filter, to not reveal the sex of the child to anyone. He was the only one that knew and he wasn't telling.

When it was finally time, the tank the baby had spent the last nine months in lowered and the liquid drained away, before the tank's wall dropped. As the liquid drained away, Rosalie's baby bump slowly vanished, until there was just the belt, which became visible for the first time since she'd put it on.

Carlisle was right there, as the families' primary physician. Harry had already told him what to do. "Congratulations, Rose, Emmett. You have a healthy baby girl." Carlisle said, as he became the first to hold the child.

"A girl!" Rosalie exclaimed, happily. She didn't care that it wasn't a boy, as long as she was healthy.

Her exclamation, apparently, was all the baby needed to start making its own noise.

"She's got a healthy pair of lungs on her." Harry said, smiling at Emmett, who was still completely speechless.

"Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?" Carlisle asked Emmett. He'd already clamped it off.

"Um." Emmett said, intelligently, as he looked at the umbilical scissors.

"I'll do it." Rosalie said, reaching for the scissors.

"It's tradition to let the father do it." Carlisle said strictly. He knew the reasons. Research had proven that it helps the father's emotional involvement with the child. The mother's connection was not even in question, considering how they normally carried the baby for so long, and Harry's belt had done more than enough to encourage that. Well, that and the fact that it was Rosalie. She'd been dreaming of having children for a long time.

"Okay." Emmett said, then, as he took the scissors. Carlisle showed him where to cut and he did so with a steady hand, even though he was internally quite freaked out. He was a father!

Carlisle handed the baby to Rosalie. She'd read all the books and knew how to carry the baby. She'd also not be taking her pendant off, or switching it off for the foreseeable future.

"Congratulations, you two." Harry said, smiling softly at them.

"Thank you!" Rosalie said, tears now running down her face as she held her daughter.

The baby was still crying, but Carlisle knew what to do next, so he led them from the lab and to the consultation room, where he'd be cleaning and dressing the baby, under the strict supervision of her parents.

When the new parents finally came down, the vampires were all already aware, since the baby had yet to stop crying.

Esme was instantly there, along with Alice, Tanya, Kate, Carmen and strangely, Jane. They were cooing softly at the baby girl, even as Rosalie beamed. She'd never felt so happy in her life. Emmett, in the meanwhile, was being congratulated as well, by the males in the room.

"She's got a good set of lungs on her." Eleazar said, as he slapped Emmett on the back.

"That's what Harry said." Emmett said, his smile had finally come and refused to leave his face.

"Did he warn you that you'll be hearing a lot of crying for the next few months?" Eleazar asked.

"Actually, yes." Emmett nodded. "But… somehow, I can't wait for every minute of it." He was just glad that he didn't need to sleep. He suspected that his wife and he would be watching their kid sleep for hours, when she started doing that.

"Fatherhood looks good on you, Emmett." Jasper congratulated, as he shook his hand, passing a cigar to him, which he'd asked Harry for.

"You'll not be smoking that and coming near the baby." Rosalie chided from the other side of the room.

"Yes, dear." Emmett said, smiling as he looked over at her. She was radiant. If he didn't know any better, he could have sworn she'd just given birth, herself.

"Here." Harry said, handing Emmett a wrapped gift.

"What is it?" Emmett asked.

"Wait till you and Rosalie are alone to open it." Harry suggested. He'd found a way to connect a system to a nursing bra, with a less than attractive set of lab-grown breasts in the lab. They would allow her to feed the baby completely naturally, from herself even, and it would do everything for the baby that the mother usually does. There were even instructions in the package.

"I don't know why, but I'm thinking I should thank you for this already." Emmett said, looking at the deceptively small package.

"It's customary, when you receive a gift." Harry said, smiling back.

There were a few toasts and then the baby was named. Lilith. It was actually done in Harry's honour. Lily was Harry's mother's name. Rosalie, often called Rose by her close friends and family, had decided that Lilith, or Lily for short, would be perfect.

When the baby finally fell asleep, Rosalie had not once let go of her. Emmett wasn't really happy about that, but doubted that it would last, especially when it came to diaper changes. With the baby asleep, though, Carlisle had suggested that she be put in a cot. There were reasons why babies needed to sleep flat, after all. It was necessary to encourage proper posture, among other things.

Rosalie finally put the baby down, and covered her. She still didn't move far away and every time the baby made any move or sound, her eyes were on her again, to ensure she was doing fine.

Emmett finally got Rosalie to go to their old room, so that they could open the gift. It was only ten seconds later that Rosalie had tried to hug Harry to death again, tears of joy rolling from her eyes. She'd be able to breastfeed her own baby. Was there nothing Harry couldn't do?

By the time Harry was ready for bed that day, the gathering had yet to make a move. Most of them were just standing there like statues, watching the baby sleep. The baby which represented so many options for all their futures. Harry often forgot that these immortal beings could be so still, since they tended to move and breathe to seem more human.

That was the first night in a long time that Harry went to sleep alone. The ladies of his house were simply too enamoured by the baby to even want to move. He'd not hold it against them.

When he woke up the next morning, the ladies were in bed with him again, but the guests had finally moved on, when Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper left to the Miami house. Rosalie and Emmett wanted Carlisle there and Esme and Alice would not leave their side.

So it was that Eleazar and Carmen got their turn next.

Over the coming months things were very quiet. By the end of the school year, Edward and Bella pronounced that they were engaged. Bella didn't really care for the idea of marriage, but she really wanted to get with Edward and he refused, until they were married. Bella was not looking forward to the pain of being turned, but the sting was taken out, a little, by the fact that Harry would be able to assist her to remain in her mother and father's lives. She was looking forward to becoming an immortal, though, shortly after the honeymoon.

The wedding was a beautiful affair and Alice was in rare form. The reception was enjoyed by all, with Harry not being the chef for once and a catering company handling the staff, so that everyone could enjoy themselves, even Harry. He had made some food for the immortals who would be present, though.

After the reception, they were off to the families' private island, something not even Harry had been told about. When Harry received an urgent call from Edward two weeks in, it was because something stupid, like a broken condom, had led to a very strange situation. He'd impregnated Bella.

"Told you." was all Harry said. He'd warned the men that they were still fertile.

"This is serious Harry!" Edward exclaimed. "We need to fix it!"

"Relax, Eddie." Harry said. "Your genes are completely compatible. The resulting kid will be a healthy half-breed of human and immortal. My systems already looked through the results of such a union."

"What?!" Edward exclaimed.

"Yeah, sure." Harry said. "Bella's body won't be able to support the baby, but we should be able to accommodate her in my lab."

"Can you take the baby out?" Edward asked.

"The incubation tank is busy with Eleazar and Carmen's baby." Harry said. "Bella will need to carry the baby to term, which should be about twenty… seven days from conception, if memory serves."

"What?!" Edward exclaimed again. Bella was freaking out from everything she was hearing and apparently, she asked, since Edward repeated what Harry had just said to her before speaking on the phone again. "When can you come get us?" he asked.

"I can be in the car in a few seconds." Harry said. "I'll just go pick up Carlisle and Esme and they can show me the way."

"Can't you bring us back with my pendant?" Edward urged.

"This isn't an emergency, or you'd already be back." Harry said. "Relax, Edward. You and Bella will both be fine. I've got this. Now go reassure your wife that she will be fine. From the sounds of it you're being an awful husband right now."

Edward hung the phone up, not even caring to say goodbye. He was freaking out, probably as much as Bella, but he took a moment to centre himself, like Harry had been teaching him for his mental training, and went to Bella, to put her mind at ease.

Harry chuckled at the whole thing and got in his car, with his ladies getting in, before he could object. They picked up Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Alice, who had already seen what was happening and had relayed everything she knew to Carlisle.

"Half-immortal?" Carlisle asked as he got in.

"Yeah." Harry said, as he took off. Carlisle told him where to go, before Harry continued. "So, there's this whole thing with the genes combining in a pattern I couldn't understand, but my systems did. Long story short, the fetus has an accelerated development because of the difference. Basically, the kid's immortal genes will want to achieve their natural state. It's like accelerated healing, but because the baby isn't developed yet, it's basically going to force it to grow up, slowing down the closer it gets to maturity. That whole process should take around seven years in total. It will stop at the physical age at which the body usually stops growing and changing, so at around twenty to twenty-two."

"And you knew all this?" Carlisle asked, incredulously.

"Well, I did warn you that you still have active semen." Harry defended himself. Wasn't Carlisle the doctor? He should know this already. "To be fair, Edward mentioned something about a broken condom. It likely happened due to higher speed ejaculation. I hadn't considered that till now, so part of the blame likely lies with me, I suppose." He didn't really feel like it was his fault, simply because people should consider the consequences of their actions. There was always a risk…

"Vampires have twenty-five pairs of chromosomes." Carlisle said. "If what you're saying is true, due to the nature of sperm, the child will likely have twenty-four, since humans have twenty-three."

"That's what the system said." Harry agreed. "I don't know much about diet or anything about what hunting instinct the baby might have."

"We'll just have to keep quiet about this." Carlisle said.

"What will we tell Charlie?" Esme asked worriedly.

"We'll just tell him they extended the holiday." Harry said easily. "Probably a good idea to get her turned as well, before the 'honeymoon' ends. I'll just say I offered them the yacht for a bit of extra time away."

The trip wasn't a long one, once Harry knew where they were going. When they arrived on Isle Esme, Edward met them by the car instantly. He was still freaking out, but Bella walked out of the house with a worried smile on her face.

"She's claiming she loves the little monster already." Edward said.

"Hey!" Harry objected. "It's just a baby!"

"It's an abomination." Edward said.

"Okay, you go in the trunk." Harry proclaimed, knocking Edward out and levitating him into the trunk with one wave of his hand. "Come on Bella. We'll get you scanned and sorted out, okay?" he called to her.

Bella smiled sadly, but nodded and got in the car, which disappeared back to Forks.

The next few weeks were difficult for Edward. Bella's body was not meant to carry an immortal baby and it quickly started to deteriorate. Harry assured him that it was only temporary and that he was completely aware of the nutrient levels in her body. At some point, she did need to start eating blood-made food, though. The baby had been taking everything it could from Bella, until it started requiring the standard fair for immortals.

It was actually Jacob, the most recent addition to the Potter Pack, who had suggested it, while they pondered it out. He was very worried about Bella as well and the animosity between him and Edward had grown to the point where Harry had had to separate them a time or two.

When Harry pronounced that the baby was ready to be retrieved, he was met with resistance. Bella wanted to give birth to the kid. She argued that Harry had been able to fix her bones when the baby kicked too hard and that she wanted to be sure the baby would be born healthy.

Harry rolled his eyes and knocked her out. His ancient medical oaths meant that he would do what was best for both baby and mother. The baby would be fine and the mother might not survive giving birth. At least, not long enough to be healed or turned.

Carlisle argued with what Harry had done, but Harry refused to give in. He and Carlisle went into the lab and placed Bella on an operating table. They cut out the baby with some magical help, since the foetal membrane refused to be cut by normal means. The baby, however, opened her eyes the moment she was taken out and Harry woke Bella up, to see her new-born baby, while he and Carlisle finished up and closed her up again. When she held her baby, she didn't even care anymore. The baby was fine, as Harry had told her she'd be.

The baby girl, called Renesme (of all things), was a very welcome addition to the family. Bella knew what was coming and decided to be turned quickly, so that she didn't miss too much, as the baby developed. She was still very weak anyway. Edward had apparently promised to do it himself, so they buckled her in with magically enhanced restraints and Edward did as promised, after Harry knocked her out, to help with the pain. They intended to keep her that way for the entire time. Hopefully it helped.

The baby was quickly growing, as predicted, and three days later, she had a full head of hair and had already laughed a bit. She seemed to have a gift, like her parents. She could touch someone and send them images or memories. It was quite convenient, really, since the baby could let them know what was wrong when she cried, kind of.

She didn't cry a lot, and when she did, she didn't always know why she was crying, or how to communicate everything. Edward was of the opinion that she missed her mother. He'd seen images of Bella from Renesme on occasion. He thought she was asking after her mother, but was reluctant to take the baby to her mother, until he was sure it was safe.

Bella's turning had gone off without a hitch. According to the vampires it was usually three days of pain and thrashing around, but Bella was still and quiet. None of them remembered it fondly, so they were a little envious.

They informed Harry when her heart stopped and he went to check her, before he would awaken her. In a strange twist of fate, her eyes opened on their own, before he could awaken her.

"Huh." Harry said, as she sat upright and inspected the room with her enhanced senses, Harry having already released her restraints.

"Bella." Edward greeted her. She was gorgeous. The change had done wonders for her and she looked like a supermodel, like most vampires did, after the change.

She got up, moved to Edward instantly and hugged him… and hurt him. He had to remind her that she was stronger than him at the moment, as all freshly turned vampires were, because of their own lingering blood in their systems.

There was a bit of back and forth, until she asked after the baby.

"It's been decided that you won't go near your baby until you've fed." Harry said, cutting over all the careful wording. "They love the baby. They're just worried that you won't have control."

"Okay." Bella said, as she held her throat. Apparently, she'd just discovered her thirst.

"Sandwich?" Harry asked, a smirk on his face.

"No!" Alice argued. "Esme decided to make you a soup. It should be a fine substitute, since you're thirsty."

Harry rolled his eyes, but allowed Esme to bring her a large bowl of tomato soup. It was a little on the nose, for Harry, but to each their own. Bella seemed to really enjoy the soup, asking for seconds, even. Before she left the room, Edward put her pendant around her neck. It turned her soft, warm and added a bit of her colour back. She was still beautiful, but the scent-dulling would help, if she couldn't control herself. Edward had no doubt that Bella wouldn't hurt their child, though Rosalie, who had loved the idea of raising her own daughter with Edward's kid, and who was a constant visitor, had suggested that they take things slowly.

They needn't have worried about that. The real worry came, when Jacob revealed to her that he'd imprinted on Renesme. Harry had chuckled at the confrontation. Everyone knew he could heal almost anything (assisted by his Potter Pack talisman), so Jacob took his beating like a man, even as Seth and Leah whined softly from nearby.

Speaking of the wolves, Harry had been called in to discuss both the baby and the turning of Bella Swan, now Cullen, with the Elders. He'd simply stated that the baby would be fine and that Bella had the right to choose, since she was old enough. It wasn't murder, like they'd thought before he showed up. They had worried for a bit, but they decided to trust Harry, so that quickly passed by.

When Jacob had imprinted, they decided it was a sign from the spirits and that the child would represent a change in their thinking. Perhaps the 'cold ones', when they were peaceful, like these ones, could be considered more than just monsters.

Renesme had also brought another revelation to the vampires. They could have children much more quickly than initially anticipated, so it was decided that, since the baby seemed to eat either human or immortal food, and could more easily fit in, that they might consider having half immortal children in the future, once Eleazar and Carmen's baby was born. Harry was already looking into if his systems could support such a system and how to accommodate the accelerated growth-rate. He'd have that figured out before the current occupant of the incubation tank was born, so they had time to observe Renesme, to confirm what they wanted.

The next challenge, was Charlie. He'd been looking forward to seeing Bella again, but they didn't know how they'd explain the baby. Harry decided to bite the bullet and took the Chevy out to the Swan residence, when Jacob wanted to reveal his own situation to keep the Cullens in Forks.

"Hey Charlie." Harry greeted, as he pulled up, finding Charlie outside, chopping wood. Charlie was not aware that Bella was back, but he'd been told that it would be any day now.

"Hi Harry." Charlie said. "What brings you around?"

"Bella just got back." Harry said. "I came to pick you up."

"I've got a car." Charlie said, smiling in anticipation.

"But you don't have my Chevy." Harry said, raising an eyebrow. "I've seen you checking my girl out."

Charlie nodded to himself. He'd wanted to give her a spin. It was a very nice-looking car. He'd heard her rev as well. "Won't lie to you, Harry, that's not an offer I can say no to." he admitted.

Pretty soon Charlie was in the passenger seat. "Buckle up, Charlie." Harry said, even as the man reached over to do just that.

"You're not planning to do anything crazy are you?" Charlie smirked as he finished buckling up.

"Not crazy." Harry said. He revved the engine and sped off. "Charlie, I've got a difficult thing to discuss with you."

"You finally knocked someone up." Charlie guessed, even as he watched the road. Harry had accelerated quickly, but he was sticking to the speed limit, for now.

"No." Harry said. "Tell me, Charlie. Do you believe in magic?"

"What do you mean?" Charlie asked.

"Like, wizards and dragons and wands." Harry elaborated.

Charlie looked at Harry askew at that. "No. Why, do you?" he asked. He'd not really be surprised if Harry believed in those things. He was a little strange, after all.

"I kind of have to." Harry said, as the car started lifting up.

Charlie didn't notice at first, because he was looking at Harry, but then he saw the familiar surroundings moving strangely next to Harry. He looked forward then. "What the hell!" he exclaimed.

"We're flying Charlie." Harry said. "My car is magic, because I'm a wizard."

Charlie looked at him quickly, seeing his calm face and then he stuck his head out the window, to see if there were any rockets or anything under the car. He was not comfortable in the air. Not right at this moment anyway. "Harry, can you land this thing?" he asked as calmly as he could.

"I can, and have many times." Harry assured him. "Right now, though, we have something to discuss."

Charlie was still frantically looking around though. Why was nobody noticing them? They'd flown right over people. "Whatever it is, we can discuss it on the ground."

"I'm sorry Charlie, but this is more important." Harry said. "I promise I will land as soon as we're done. You're my friend and I am doing this for a reason. Can you trust me at least on that?" he asked.

Charlie seemed to pull himself together with some real effort, before he sat back and decided to rather watch the horizon. Every time he saw the ground getting further away from them, he wanted to scream. "I do trust you Harry. Normally. But we're in a flying car and you're telling me you're some kind of magic wizard." he finally said.

"Where I'm from magic was more commonplace." Harry said.

"England?" Charlie asked.

"Kind of." Harry allowed. "I'm older than I look. I'm a dimension-travelling wizard. I was born more than seven thousand years ago. Something happened to me and I keep on moving from world to world every fifty to hundred years. I'm usually sent to a place that needs some kind of help, for whatever reason."

"You're saying some things that are a little hard to believe, even though we're in a flying Chevy." Charlie said.

"Proof?" Harry asked.

"How can you prove it?" Charlie asked. 'Besides the flying car.' a sarcastic voice in his head finished.

"Ask me questions." Harry suggested. "I'll try to be as honest with you as I've always tried to be."

Charlie considered it. "I don't know what to ask." he finally admitted. This had come out of the blue. He wasn't prepared for the conversation and he was still freaking out about the fact that they were flying.

"Would you like a sandwich?" Harry asked, holding out his hand and conjuring a sandwich on a plate. Charlie looked at the plate and reached out to touch it. Once he confirmed it was real, he just stared at it. "How about a beer?" Harry asked, changing it into a beer. Charlie still just stared. "Take it." Harry said. "It's real enough."

"Enough?" Charlie asked as he reached out and took it. Then he felt it in both hands. It was perfectly chilled. He pulled the tab and heard the sound of the can opening. He looked inside, then lifted it to his mouth and took a sip. "It's real!" he proclaimed.

"It's conjured, so it will turn back into air later." Harry shrugged. "But you can go ahead and enjoy it anyway."

Charlie took another long drink, to help settle his nerves, before he asked something again. "So, what else can you make?" he asked, trying to ignore the fact that they'd just flown past a pigeon that swerved around them.

"Anything really." Harry said. "The bigger it is, the more magic it takes."

"So, it takes longer, or do you run out?" Charlie asked. This was the strangest conversation.

"I could potentially run out and have to wait for it to refill, which happens naturally." Harry added quickly. He'd been called a devil-worshiper before. People seemed to like to think he had to sacrifice things, or people, to get his magic back, for some reason.

"So, you can just make anything?" Charlie asked.

"Well, yes and no." Harry admitted. "Can't make people, or at least, living people. I could conjure a body, but it wouldn't be alive or have a soul or anything, and it would disappear after a while."

"What else?" Charlie asked.

"I can change things, as you saw with the sandwich and beer." Harry said.

"Can you turn me into a frog or something?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, actually." Harry said, smiling. "Where I'm originally from, that was against the law, though, and I was an officer, so I didn't get to do that, back then. I still don't do it unless the person knows that I'm doing it, or that I can. It's also temporary."

"Officer?" Charlie asked, latching onto something reasonably familiar to him. "You were in law-enforcement?"

"It was called being an Auror." Harry confirmed. "Like police, with a bit of detective thrown in." he elaborated. "I was even an armed response person for a while, like SWAT. That was called being a Hitwizard."

"Sounds like assassins." Charlie admitted. The beer was actually helping, now.

"I get how it sounds." Harry nodded. "It wasn't though. Anyway, I can make things and change them. I can make cars fly and teleport and brew magic potions, like the one that cured Billy's diabetes, and many other useful things."

"Billy knows?" Charlie asked.

"He had reasons to find out." Harry said. "I can't tell you his story, though. Not my secret to tell and he's not like me."

"So, what, you decided to just tell me, to…" Charlie started. "Wait. Does Bella know?" he interrupted himself.

"That's what I'm getting to." Harry said. "Bella knows some of it, yes. There are some things I could tell you, but I'm thinking it's best if we get to that at another stage. For now, let's say that some magical stuff happened to her during her holiday, that has nothing to do with me, but is the reason I was sent to this world."

"Is she alright?" Charlie asked instantly.

"She's fine." Harry scoffed. "She's actually better than fine. She's looking a lot prettier these days. That's not the point, though. The point is, she's worried, because during this… situation, things happened between her and Edward, which is natural during a honeymoon, which a dad doesn't like to think about, so we won't go into specifics, but she got pregnant."

"She's having a baby?" Charlie asked.

"Had." Harry corrected. "That's what I'm saying. The baby's born and growing quickly. Supernatural birth, you understand."

"No, I don't understand." Charlie said angrily.

"I'm afraid that's a conversation for another day." Harry said. "Bella is worried that you will press for details that she's not at liberty to discuss. It's literally against the rules for her to tell you. The magical people in this world are more… militant, than my world was. They'll not just erase your memories of what you shouldn't have seen, like I would have done in my world."

"Erase memories?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, I never liked that myself, either." Harry admitted. "I just make people unable to talk about stuff they shouldn't. It's much simpler and makes it so I don't have to keep on erasing memories when stupid people do stupid things, over and over."

Charlie shook his head, as if trying to get that thought out of his head. "What about Bella?" he urged.

"Like I said, she's fine." Harry said. "She's just worried about you asking about things she can't tell you. If she doesn't tell you, she doesn't have to worry about your safety. If you can go without asking, she can let you spend time with your granddaughter."

"So, I can't know what happened?" Charlie asked.

"You could, potentially, but not today, and in the meanwhile I can only tell you about myself." Harry said apologetically. "The same rules as with Billy. It's not my secrets to tell. I can tell you anything you want to know about me, though."

Charlie contemplated that, before cracking his neck and sighing, looking out the front window. Then he upturned the beer and finished it off. "Okay, then." Charlie said. "I'll trust you, Harry. I know you've been trying to be honest, and I can appreciate you not giving me other people's secrets. It's who you are." He'd never told him about the girls in school, after all, even though he was almost certain he'd figured out who all were involved.

"So, we're good?" Harry asked, hopefully.

"No." Charlie said. "But we could be, with a bit of time and likely a lot of alcohol."

"Now that you know I'm older than I look, I can even join you." Harry smiled. "I've been wanting a drink with a normal person for a while. Makes it easier to open up, you know?"

Charlie didn't say anything for a moment, before he nodded. "Now, take me to Bella. I want to meet my granddaughter." he said. "She is Bella and Edward's, right? It's not some sort of demon or something?"

Harry snorted at that. "She's just a fast-growing kid. She'll be an adult in seven years, too, if my calculations are right, so I'd suggest you spend a lot of time with her."

Charlie's eyebrows rose at that. "Only seven years?" he asked. "She won't have time for a childhood!"

"She'll be fine." Harry scoffed. "I think her mind is developing quickly too. She'll have less time for it, sure, but she'll also remember things as fondly as any other person looking back at their childhood." he explained. "Do me a favour, real quick? Think about your own childhood. Doesn't it seem like it passed in just a few short years?"

Charlie looked forward and frowned. It did feel shorter in hindsight. "But she'll not be able to have childhood friends, and build relationships based on that."

"How many of your childhood friends are you still friends with today?" Harry asked, as he brought them in for a landing.

"Not many." Charlie admitted. "But that's not the point."

"Charlie, the kid will be fine." Harry said again. "Show her love and give her attention, because you know there will be less time to spoil her. That's all you can do. We don't have a choice."

Charlie sighed again. Then he had a thought. "Did she know what she was doing, when whatever happened, happened?" he asked.

"She knew part of it." Harry confessed. "The baby wasn't part of it. She loves her, though. Bella makes a good mum."

He finally drove them up the driveway to the Cullen house. Bella and Edward had moved there, shortly after her change completed. Technically they had a little house out in the woods, which was a wedding gift from the Cullens. It was beautifully decorated and had enough space for everything they might want, but for the purposes of the baby, they were staying in the Cullen house for now.

Charlie unbuckled and jumped out of the car, as soon as they stopped, running up the steps, only for the door to open for him and Edward smiled at him from the opening. "Mister Swan." he greeted.

"Shouldn't you call him, 'dad'?" Harry asked from right behind Charlie, who jumped.

"He does that to all of us." Edward said. "Now that you know, he'll be doing things to shock you every chance he gets."

"Magic is fun." Harry defended himself. "I like to-"

"Where's Bella?" Charlie asked impatiently.

"Charlie?" Bella asked, as she walked into the foyer, carrying baby Renesme.

Seeing the baby, stopped Charlie dead in his tracks.

"Charlie, this is Renesme." Bella said.

"Rene-esme?" Charlie asked. Then he looked at the baby, who was looking him right in the eyes. "She has your eyes." he said. Then it hit him. "I'm a grandpa." he said. He walked forward to hug his daughter and granddaughter. "Harry had me worried."

"Hey!" Harry objected. "I only gave you honesty. Your daughter is fine and the baby is fine. I'm the only one that ended up sharing my secrets, to protect theirs and you."

"We'll discuss that later." Charlie said, as he let go of them. "You're looking good, Bella." he finally said. Her eyes were her own. She felt human and warm. Her posture had changed a bit and she looked like a model, but besides that, she looked like herself, too.

The awkwardness lasted for a short bit longer, but they were able to navigate it reasonably easily after that. Charlie was still a little mystified, by the time they left. Renesme had touched him and sent an image of himself into his head. Harry had explained it as a magical gift. He'd called it unique, even, only to turn around and say that he could do something similar. The others had rolled their eyes at that and said that that was because Harry could do anything. The idea had Charlie confused, though.

As Harry drove them back, fortunately on the road, Charlie asked, "What did they mean, you can do anything?"

"They have a lot of faith in me." Harry said. "My gifts are very flexible. I can do a lot of things. Most people with magical gifts like Renesme, only have the one thing, maybe two if they are extremely lucky. I've not seen that in this world, though."

"So, you have magic, which can do anything and Renesme has what?" Charlie asked.

"A power." Harry allowed. "Considering it's one thing, that would be a fair way to describe it."

"And your one power, is magic?" Charlie pressed.

"Technically, I have several powers." Harry said. "It's why I'm immortal and can do some other things no magical in my world could."

"Immortal?" Charlie asked.

"You can shoot me in the head some other time." Harry said. "Maybe when we're drunk. It still hurts, so I don't like doing it."

"I'm not shooting you, Harry." Charlie said.

"Thanks." Harry said.

"Other powers?" Charlie asked.

"Can we talk about that another time?" Harry asked. "I've shared so many things with you today, I'm already wondering if we can stay friends, as is."

Charlie conceded that point. Harry was a far stranger person than he had thought. At least it explained that, if only a little. "Fair enough." Charlie said.

"There are some benefits, though." Harry said. "I can give you magic stuff now, or make you a steak dinner out of a salad, that turns back into a salad in your stomach. I know Bella's been nagging at you to eat more healthy food."

"You know what?" Charlie asked, in thought. "We may be able to save the friendship, after all."

Harry smiled at the man.

In the coming weeks and months, Charlie was a constant visitor. He'd noticed Jacob hanging out with the Cullens a lot more, but didn't ask after it. He did notice Jacob looking at his granddaughter often, though. That had bothered him.

He and Harry had ended up watching a few games on his tele, with Billy coming over to join them. Harry had explained to Charlie, then, that Jacob really cared for little Renesme and just wanted to be around her, to protect her. Billy hadn't elaborated. Charlie was not entitled to the secrets of his people. Charlie seemed to accept that. Harry was a constant reminder that magical events happened and he had to accept that, for the sake of his daughter and granddaughter. They did end up eating at Harry's house more often and he loved spending time with his girls. He'd even swam with Renesme a time or two. The little girl loved the pool and her uncle Harry loved having them over.

Harry had decided not to inform the Volturi about the kid, since she'd be fully grown in just a few years. If they could keep her secret for that time, she'd be able to hide the fact that she was what she was, using Harry's magical means. The Coven were not under the jurisdiction of the Volturi anymore, but that wouldn't change the fact that they would think her an immortal child. A taboo in the vampire world.

When Eleazar and Carmen's kid was born, they received an invitation to move to Miami, so that their son, Jeremy, could have a playmate in little Lilith, when they grew up. No other requests for children happened immediately, even though Harry assured them that his incubation tank could accommodate accelerated growth, if they wanted to give a half-immortal a try. They wanted to see what happened to Renesme, first. Esme and Carlisle were the first on the list, though.

Harry Clearwater had suffered a heart attack during that time, but Harry had been able to save him, when he was called in by Leah. He was getting up there in age, though, so he was told to take things slowly for a while.

Besides that, Harry's group of female companions had finally not gained any new additions. His bed was a little full, though. Jane and Leah had strangely grown closer. They could often be seen running the forest together, competing over speed, strength and stealth. Leah learned a lot from her, since Jane had been a hunter for a lot longer than Leah had lived. As a result, she was a much-respected wolf among the other wolves in the tribe.

The Volturi venture in producing food for vampires the world over, had grown exponentially. Every time there was a request for a new location, the one that requested it was given training and a property was purchased for them to operate out of. Andrea was the only person who could provide ingredients for these places, so he was considered a vampire treasure, with a lot of respect coming his way. The Volturi were actually considering giving him a more prominent spot among them, since the respect for him would only increase their own power among the immortals of the world.

Harry had finally met the friends of the covens he was close to. He'd loved meeting them all. They wouldn't be changing their diets any time soon, but had no problems gaining their sustenance from one of the many locations the Volturi had set up or focussing on attacking the evil in the world. The two Amazonian women had actually taken a shine to Harry. They were hesitant to change their diets, though, and were still considering things. Kate had a certain gleam in her eyes, though. She wanted them to join. She could only imagine what their presence would do in the bedroom.

Their Egyptian friends had not decided to come visit, but Harry had simply put the family in the car and flown to them. It turned out that Amun, their leader, had been trying to hide the fact that one of his coven, Benjamin, had power over the natural elements in the world. Earth, fire, wind and water. Harry had loved chatting to the young elementalist. They'd soon disappeared to Forks for a few hours, so that Harry could test a few things.

As he'd suspected, with a bit of magic, Benjamin could coax a veritable hoard of fairies of all the elements to join them, his mere presence singing to them and allowing them to manifest. Harry's insights into the elements had garnered a lot of respect from the reasonably young immortal and they were soon back in Egypt, chatting and laughing.

Amun was not pleased by the development, until Harry produced a few pendants for him and his coven, which would allow them to interact with humans, like Harry had done for all the allies of the Witches Coven. It would make it easier for them to find their prey, after all.

There was a dinner, of course, and Benjamin decided on the spot that he was changing his diet. His mate, Tia, was just slightly hesitant, but decided to try it herself. Amun was supportive, but only because he didn't dare alienate Benjamin, who was a powerful immortal to have in his camp, should someone ever decide to attack them. They returned to their lives after that.

Harry was not really shocked to discover Tanya was a bit of a bibliophile. No doubt that was one of the reasons the library liked her. She started spending more time in the library, implementing a bit of order, when she discovered Harry was less than inspired to take on the daunting task himself. She even started filling out index cards, for when someone was looking for something. At some point the library even started helping her. Still, it was a task that would likely take a hundred years to complete, but Tanya didn't mind. She'd found her passion.

Kate, on the other hand, just loved spending time around Harry, tempting him as often as she could. His magical stamina ensured that he could perform multiple times a day, and when he wore her out, the others were more than willing to jump in and 'help'.

Harry had finally had the time to magic up his new yacht, and soon it joined the collection of connected homes. He was dismayed to discover that the majority of the vampires loved the yacht and were found there more often than he could be. It was likely due to the fact that it sailed in the sky, completely hidden, usually on a magical cloud, which gave the illusion of sailing on clouds. The view was almost always spectacular.

Emmett had finally purchased an RV. It was a large thing already, with all kinds of amenities, but Harry had kept his promise and expanded the thing to monstrous proportions. It had everything from multiple rooms, to a bloody Jacuzzi and a large kitchen. Emmett had done the interior himself, since Harry had just expanded it. It was his pride and joy. When Harry gave it a form of sustainable free electricity, he started planning a family outing. It would take place in the next year still, but they'd avoid school holidays, since they wanted their peace as well.

Harry spent the next twenty years in research, mostly. By the end of that time, he'd discovered quite a few things he could try, to bring his family with him. They'd moved a few times during that time, but Charlie was always able to come to them from the house in Forks. When he was at the age of retirement, he joined them permanently.

That's when Harry revealed that he had a means to reverse the aging process, along with one other new development. Using the DNA from the few half-immortals he'd met, or helped produce, he'd created a serum, which would enable people to do the same. Charlie was brought back to his prime and turned, using said serum. He'd never fully understood the vampires, but was forever grateful to Harry, for allowing them such normal lives. He never ate anything blood-made, but spent the next years bonding with the family and even attracted a new mate, a full vampire, who changed her diet to join him.

When Harry finally felt the move coming, he started on the best plan they had come up with.

Tanya had done a lot of research, but in the end, it was something Harry had mentioned once that gave them the biggest clue. The fairies. He'd said that they lived in a place that was connected to everything. If they were connected to everything, even other dimensions, that meant that they were one constant that Harry would always be able to connect to, no matter where he went.

He'd had his house create a new room, with a pool. There was a constant hum in the air, and the pools water vibrated permanently, at just the right frequency to allow the water fairies to come to him when they wanted to. They couldn't exit permanently, at first, but Harry had taken the time to make a new artifact, just for them. Said artifact, was a ring, which they could wear and would allow their frequencies to remain established to the pool, without needing to hum themselves. They still didn't like going far from the water, though.

Then he'd turned his immortal friends, the ones that would be coming along, into coins, which he then performed a new ritual on, which would keep them both in stasis, and would allow them to enter the fairy realm, until they could be retrieved. They'd tested everything, of course, with animal test subjects, and then on a vampire that was on the run from the Volturi for the crime of hunting innocent humans, and it had worked.

When the time came, Harry waved goodbye to his friends who would be staying behind. He'd left them with whatever magic he could, so that they could continue being safe and protect their world, without ever risking themselves needlessly. The Volturi would never even know he had left, since he'd left one of his friends with enough magic items and a pendant that would make someone look like himself, to carry on being an incentive to the Immortals.

As he disappeared, many of the gathered people in attendance burst into tears. He'd been a friend to all of them. He'd changed the world and their lives. They'd miss him.

As for Harry, the next moment he was aware of his surroundings, he instantly established his house again, and entered, going to the pool room. When he'd made contact, it took only minutes, for some fairies to appear, carrying the coins and dropping them in Harry's waiting hand.

He scanned them, and smiled.

-The end-