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Summary: Audenzia Blazen is many things. She's a demigod daughter of Hermes. She's a witch. She's fast. She's smart. She's a gambler. An actor. A thief. A liar.

She's also bullied by the Marauders at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Zia has no friends at school. She's just the weird, shy girl in Slytherin. That's because she wears a mask that covers who she really is. A loud, funny, sarcastic girl who likes to steal things with her brothers and run. She has worked carefully to make sure that that mask stays put forever when at school. But what if, one day, she lets that mask slip in front of Sirius Black, just enough for him to see Zia's true self. Just enough for it to spike his interest in the mysterious Slytherin. For some reason, Zia cannot keep her mask up well around Sirius Black anymore! When Zia is called to Camp Half-Blood unexpectedly, the Marauders and Lily work to find out who exactly is Audenzia Blazen and what secrets she is keeping. And what about the grey-eyed boy who might just be more than interested in her, even after all these years of suffering he has caused Zia?


My name is Audenzia! Audenzia Blazen to be exact! But y'all can call me Zia.

I'm a daughter of Hermes. Yeah, that's right. The Greek god of thieves, merchants, gambling, speed, agility, and a gazillion other awesome things is my dad. Yep, I'm a demigod.

But... my mom's a witch (both literally and figuratively), so I'm also a witch! (For the muggles reading this, no, I do not have green skin and warts. That would be my mom. She has warts naturally and green skin right now because I put green dye in her soap when I snuck into her flat before leaving for the train.)

So that makes me a... demi-witch! Dun. Dun! DUUUUUUUN!

A little bit about my mom. She's, well... not the greatest mother in the world. I lived at Camp Half-Blood for two years and this summer, I came by to visit her and turns out, she completely forgot she even had a daughter in the first place! What a lovely mother she is! I should get her one of those mugs that say 'World's Greatest Mom!' on the cover. NOT. Her job is Aurologist; a person who studies auras. Her job doesn't pay much that way. I honestly can't believe she quit her amazing job in America and moved us to England for this job of all things! Before I started living at Camp (I've been going to camp for the summer since I was seven), she wouldn't do anything for me. She wouldn't buy me clothes or food, heck, she didn't even buy me a bed! I made my living by stealing and gambling. It worked out very well! I got a full meal, nice clothes, a bed, everything a ten-year-old needed. Yes, I was gambling at the age of ten. Don't judge me!

But then, my mom got a boyfriend, Shane. He was awful! He was extremely cruel and would always find some way to insult me. He never actually hit me (yet) but the verbal abuse sucked. He would do it in front of my mom too, yet she never stopped him. Just sat back and watched like we were a mildly interesting TV show. Then, my mom decided that we would be moving into Shane's flat since she is really clingy. I put up with it until I was thirteen. I was about to enter my fourth year at Hogwarts. Shane came stumbling into our flat really drunk and punched me in the stomach and the face. He broke my jaw. With tears in my eyes, I Floo- Traveled to Camp Half-Blood after grabbing some things and I've stayed there ever since. Camp Half-Blood is definitely more of a home than anywhere that I was living with my mom.

So, yeah. There's some of my tragic backstory you all were probably dying to hear. Every hero has one.

My story begins on a Tuesday, September 1st, at Kings Cross Station. I had already grabbed a cart- I mean trolley (Brits give things the weirdest names!)- and I lug all of my luggage onto it. Then, I decide to put my plan into action. Over the summer, I had a random shower thought. Or was it a toilet thought since I was peeing at the time...? Ya know what! I don't care! The toilet thought was WHAT IF... I keep my eyes open when passing through the barrier to get to Platform 9 3/4? What would I see? I'm pretty sure every closes their eyes on instinct when running at a very solid looking wall. I know I have. So, I thought, why not keep them open? What would I see?

I see the wall come into sight and I race towards it. I have to stop though, quickly too; my tires give a loud screech when I stop them so suddenly because if I hadn't, I would have run over this old lady with a big feathery hat and a Yorkie. The old lady gives me a look that said What the Hades is wrong with you?! and I open my mouth to apologize, but a familiar voice that brings back so many bad memories from years at Hogwarts interrupts me with a drawling tone.

"Still trying to wreak havoc and destruction on everything you see, loser?"

I wince. Sirius Black. The womanizer. The player. My bully. The guy that every girl (and some guys) wants. Yes, I can see why people have a crush on him, with his shaggy black hair, and stormy grey eyes that always held a hint of sadness that spiked every girl's interest. But I will never have a crush on him with the way he and his friends treat me.

I immediately plaster on my 'mask' (a shy, timid, stuttery girl with no friends), and put on a thick, amazing British accent. I should get Oscar for my acting. I turn around timidly. "H-hey, B-Black," I stutter, noticing his best friend behind him, who just so happens to look like he is trying to kill me with his eyes. I suppress a snort. A kitten is more intimidating than him. "P-Potter. H-How are you chaps doing?"

Potter sneers. "We were doing great until we saw you."

I smile weakly. What? I didn't know how to respond to that in a shy manner!

"Well, Minger," Black says as I cringe at their nickname for me, "If you don't mind, we are going to go through the barrier now. But we won't be running over innocent old ladies with their dogs, unlike you."

I blush in embarrassment. Black struts past me haughtily, making sure to shove me roughly in the shoulder with his own leather-clad shoulder as he walks past. Potter follows him, glaring at me the entire time.

I roll my eyes on the inside. 'Of course. Can't go twenty minutes without hurting me whether it be mentally emotionally, or physically,' I sigh, 'Oh, well. Gotta keep up my cover as the shy Slytherin girl with no friends. And if I have to get bullied by the Marauders, even if their bullying is completely reasonless, then so be it. Besides,' I smirk to myself, 'I could beat them up anytime I want and keep them in the hospital wing for a week.'

Cheered up by that lovely thought, I turn back to the task at hand. Go through the barrier with my eyes open. I grab hold of the cart trolley and look around to see if anyone was watching me. My eyes rest on the feathery lady with the Yorkie. She looks like an old, wrinkled, flamingo that was losing quite a bit of feathers in her old age. She keeps glancing back at me apprehensively while she waits for her train, probably trying to see if I'm gonna come over to her to flatten her like a pancake again. I raise my hand cheerily at her and grin a smile that puts the Cheshire Cat to shame. She blanches slightly and quickly gets onto her train.

I snicker. I love scaring people. Even if most of the time it's completely unintentional. Most of the Slytherins think I'm as barmy as Dumbledore. Aaaand I just used British slang. England's really rubbin' off on me... As for the Slytherins thinking that I'm crazy even though I have a 'mask' to keep up, I just show a little bit of my true self around them (only in the common room of course). What? I gotta have gambling matches with someone during school, otherwise, I would go insane! Although, I'm pretty sure I'm already halfway there. I've been spending too much time with Dumbledore and Xenophilius Lovegood...

I finish looking around the station to see if anyone else is watching me. Nope. Okay. Here it goes. I zoom towards the brick wall at full speed. I close my eyes to brace for impact. 'No, you idiot! Keep them open!' I force my eyes open at the last second and run straight through the barrier.

Bright colors are everywhere! They are swirling around me like visible wind! I feel as if I just walked in a kaleidoscope. A breeze ruffles my clothes and hair. A burst of purple light that blinds me comes rushing towards me and I come racing out of the barrier! Oh, gods, I can't see! That was a really bright light! But it was soooo cool! I finally did it, even if I am temporarily blind because of it. At least, I hope it's temporary...

I realize I am still running, so I try to stop. It doesn't work so well. I ram into something. I think it is a wall! But the walls don't have leather... Maybe an elephant? I crash down onto my butt, but someone falls on top of me, pushing me down completely. Nope. Not an elephant. Although they do weigh enough to be one! I'm pretty sure it's a guy; no girl has a body like that besides Clarisse, and I can feel his hot, minty breath on my neck. I groan loudly. 'Holy Hera, that was a painful fall! What'd this dude eat for breakfast? Concrete?!'

"Excuse me," snarls a familiar voice, "What did you just say about me, Brazen?" My vision clears, just some black spots here and there. I gulp when I realize that Sirius freaking Black is the one lying on top of me. Then, I realize what he just asked me.

I feel the blood drain out of my face. 'Oh, no, did I say that out loud?'

"Yes. Yes, you did," Black seethes. "Now can you get your fat body off me, freak?" He snaps. I frown. I'm not on him. He is on me! Then, his insult registers in my mind.

'Hey,' I protest whinily in my head, 'I'm not fat! It's just my awesomeness swelling up inside me!'

Black grins as he climbs off of me. "Never knew you had a sense of humor, Minger. What's next, you gonna put down those books and come to a party?"

'Holy mother of Zeus, I said that out loud too, didn't I?'


'Schist, why does my mouth have no filter?!'

Black snorts as I scramble off the ground to pick things up that fell off my trolley. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that he also heard that thought come out of my big mouth. I sigh quietly. I just completely blew my cover! And in front of one of the worst people, too! On the upside, I did it in a beautiful British accent, so no one still knows that I'm really American.

Putting back on my mask, I say in a trembling voice while staring at the floor, "P-please, Black, p-please l-leave me alone... I-I'm s-sorry for ru-running into y-you. It was an accident, I swear..." My voice trails off in a whisper as I peer through my lashes up at him. Can someone give me a round of applause for my acting skills, please?

Black smirks cruelly. "I think you need to be taught a lesson personally by the Marauders." He grins wickedly when he sees my lip quiver. "See you at school," Black says cockily, winking at me as he struts past.

I grumble under my breath. Looks like I'm getting beat up after the feast. I honestly have no idea why the Marauders bully me. I never really did anything to them. At least, I don't remember doing anything to them... The only reasons I can think of for them to bully me is because I'm a Slytherin, I have horrible, baggy, worn clothes, and I guess I'm just an easy target.

All the houses think that we Slytherins are dark. Most of us aren't. We just have a different sense of humor than most and we're just really misunderstood. It's people like Voldemort and his followers that give us such a bad reputation. I bet people would like Slytherins more if they found out Merlin himself was in Slytherin.

I'm an easy target because... well, you've seen how I act around others. I don't even need to explain it.

And the baggy clothes! Now that I get. I have to wear these clothes to hide my lean and toned muscles from everyone. If anyone realizes I not as weak as I seem, a lot of questions will be raised. Why don't I defend myself? Why don't I beat up the Marauders since I'm strong enough to do it? Many people, especially the Marauders, would be very confuzzled. This sadly means that I am not allowed to wear the clothes I usually wear except during breaks. I honestly want to cry every time I look at these hideous clothes I have to wear. Or puke on them. Then, that would give me an excuse not to wear them! ...I just realized how much I sound like an Aphrodite kid... Connor and Travis would be dying of laughter if they could hear me right now! I'd never hear the end of it! Note To Self: Don't mention this incident to any one of my siblings.

After I finish loading all my junk onto the train, I take my green backpack with pink flowers (I wanted to bring my other one, but I'm pretty sure that a leather backpack with spikes would clash horribly with my 'personality' at school), and I go off to find a compartment, trying not to trip on my baggy pants that fall past my ankles.

I pass each compartment, wondering which one I should sit in.

Lily Evans and her friends... Gods, no! She's hated me since that... um... incident in our second year of Hogwarts.

Xenophilius Lovegood... Nah, as awesome as he is, he would just blabber on about Wrackspurts and Nargles the whole time and I want to sleep. Stupid time difference.

Alice and Frank... No, they don't like me since I'm a Slytherin and they would just snog the whole time anyway. I don't want to hear that the whole ride.

Lucius Malfoy and the other Mini-Death Eaters... Nope. They've hated me since I won the 600 galleons in that gambling tournament in the common room last December.

The Marauders... HOLY HEPHAESTUS, NO! THEY ARE STARING AT ME LIKE A PACK OF HYENAS RIGHT NOW AS I WALK PAST! I make sure to find a compartment faaaar away from them.

A group of firsties... No. Just no.

'Ooooh, an empty compartment,' I think gleefully, 'Nice!'

I walk in and plop down on a soft, cushioned bench. I pull out a book, a pranking book to be exact (Don't worry it's charmed to look like Hogwarts: A History to others), and after some digging, I find my glasses. My glasses are super cool looking and are charmed to help me with my dyslexia. I also charmed them to be unbreakable, because the Marauders kept breaking them every time they beat me up. I put on my black-framed glasses and stretch out like a cat on the soft bench.

The Hogwarts Express jolts as it starts to take off, right when the clock chimes eleven o'clock. I can hear parents screaming goodbyes to their children and their kids screaming right back.

I stare at the ceiling wistfully, The Magical Manuel to Mischief Making by Patrick Zonko laying open on my chest. 'I wish Mom and I had a good relationship. But, no,' I scowl, 'We get a relationship so crappy, she forgot she even had a daughter. Oh, well. Ya can't have everything in life.'

On the bright side, I'm off to Hogwarts! Sure I get beat up there every day and I have no friends, but I can see the castle again, and sleep in my warm four-poster bed, and I get to see the teachers again. Yes, I admit, I like the teachers. They are the only ones who know that I'm a demigod, so sometimes I rant to them about why my life sucks. I don't like the schoolwork though. With my few brain cells, ADHD, and dyslexia, I don't do the best when it comes to schoolwork. Unless it's practical of course. I still do get pretty good grades though, somehow. I don't know.

Sunlight streams in through the window suddenly and I realize we must finally be out of the station. The train is chugging off at full speed now. I can hear some first years in the next compartment chattering excitedly and cheering loudly when they realize that they are finally off to the school of their dreams. My ears perk up when I hear them mention the Sorting Hat. When we get there I should tell them they have to wrestle a troll to get sorted. That would be funny.

I grin at the ceiling happily. "Hogwarts," I whisper to myself, "Here I come."

A/N- Hai, guys! My name is Sam (short for Samantha)! This is my first fanfic so I'm extremely nervous. I love Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossovers so I decided to write one. This fic is actually inspired by another fic (my fave fic actually) called 'Why Me?', which you can find on Quotev. This is a Sirus Black love story and it will be a slow burn since he has bullied her for years. This story is also on Quotev, btw. Also, please leave comments and vote! I really want feedback!

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