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Cole Turner, formerly a demonic assassin known as Belthazor, then later Source of All Evil, having returned from the Demonic Wasteland and collecting a massive arsenal of demonic powers by absorbing the essence of the vanquished demons, was in his apartment as he drank from his mug of coffee but then grunted and screamed in pain, spasming and falling on his knees before the essence of his powers was absorbed by a young man with orange hair and wearing a black sweater and jeans, laughing.

"Yes! It worked!" Andrew said.

Cole grunted, getting up on his feet as he glared at Andrew. "Who are you?"

"Sorry… I just… you're a cool guy and I'm a big fan but… I need your powers, to prove to them that I'm good." Andrew said.

"You idiot. You don't know what you're doing, you're playing with fire and you're gonna—"

Andrew did a gesture as an energy ball knocked Cole on the ground. "Oh. Cool."

Cole glared as he got up and was about to attack Andrew, but Andrew shimmered away before Cole snarled in rage.

Buffy, Willow, Xander, Faith, Dawn, Anya and Giles were in the library of Slayer HQ in Scotland, when Andrew entered. "Hey, guys, you wanna see something cool?"

Buffy sighed before turning to Andrew. "What?"

Andrew formed a fireball in his hand, much to everyone's shock. "Pretty cool, huh?" He threw it at a nearby table as it exploded.

"You bloody idiot! You could've killed us all!" Giles snapped.

"How did you do that?" Buffy demanded.

"I'm just that good." Andrew bragged.

"No, no, no, I've seen this before." Anya said. "It's an energy ball that upper-level demons use."

Everyone looked at Andrew, mortified. "Andrew, what did you do?" Buffy asked.

"I… borrowed the powers…" Andrew said lamely, but everyone immediately knew that Andrew anything but borrowed.

Giles glared at Andrew as if he was stupid. "You stole demonic essence? You fool, either that could kill you or—"

Andrew then teleported himself in a shimmer as everyone groaned, wondering what stupid thing he could do now.

Andrew was teleported back into Cole's apartment as Cole had finished the summoning spell.

"You have something that belongs to me." Cole snarled.

"Come on, man, I just wanted to borrow—" Andrew started.

"My powers. Give them back. Now." Cole said.

"Uhh, nope." Andrew said, summoning an energy ball in his hand but Cole dodged as Andrew threw it and then it bounced off the mirror, striking Andrew, who screamed in pain and was engulfed in flames before disappearing and Cole managed to absorb back the essence of his powers.

"Idiot." Cole shook his head.

"Where's that weasel now?" Buffy wondered before Anya looked around, as if she was hearing something.

"He's in the Demonic Wasteland. Basically, it's Hell where demons go after death." Anya said.

"How do you—" Xander stopped before nodding. "Vengeance demon, right."

"I wonder which demon Andrew made mad and whose powers he tried to steal, that bloody fool." Giles wondered.

"Hello?" Andrew called out, now in rocky area, where was fire and brimstone around as he realized he was in Hell, literally. "Help! Anyone!"

Andrew gulped, when giant tentacles emerged from the ground and grabbed him by the leg as he screamed, being tossed around before he disappeared to the ground, consumed by flames.

Honestly, given how Andrew likes to brag about his "accomplishments", which are anything but and wants to make himself more than he actually is, which is an annoying, sycophantic, bootlicking little weasel that wants to be more and exaggerates to get there, I can see him being stupid enough to actually try something like this but you see how that worked out, since having powers is not the same as having control and Andrew sure would be too incompetent to have control of them. Cole had gotten madder and madder with the usage, just like Willow did, Andrew was always gonna end up getting it all literally blown up in his face soon enough.

While he had his uses sometimes, most of the time he was an annoying little weasel, plus, I never bought Andrew telling Angel that the Scoobies didn't trust him anymore. While Xander and Giles surely would turn their backs on him, due to Xander's bigotry and overall attitude towards Angel and Spike in general and Giles's black-and-white views and his ego, at least Buffy and Willow would give Angel a benefit of the doubt.

And Andrew ending up in Demonic Wasteland, 'Charmed' version of Hell where the vanquished demons go upon their deaths, nothing less than he deserves. And I know Cole killed the Beast but some things never stay dead for long.

So, what do you guys think?

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