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Shizuka was bored, she didn't know where anything was in Colorado and didn't feel like paying for a taxi or Uber to go around the city. She had an encounter with a stand user yesterday, named Jameson Jameson, and though he was a moron, it was at least some excitement for the weekend. The Maximillion Grande Hotel was large and luxurious, including many amenities that Shizuka had used. The breakfast was amazing, the waffles fluffy and the orange juice tasted amazing, reminding her of the personal chef she had cook her meals back at the Joestar's Skyscraper. The hotel had a pool with two different hot tubs with a small slide, it was constantly in use, mostly by middle-aged people who were rich enough to afford to stay at the hotel, but old enough to enjoy all of its luxuries to the fullest. Both were great but got dull quickly, Shizuka couldn't swim very well so spent most of her time marinating in the hot tub's bubbly water. After a while she was bored of that, breakfast had already been served so she couldn't bask in the food. Achtung Baby was also duller, its vibrant colors had faded and didn't burn Shizuka's eyes as much when it was out. Shizuka would stay bored until the upcoming Monday, where another enemy would be revealed.

Jody had only spoken to Samantha once after their encounter under the bleachers. Coach Tabitha had been wheeled off to a hospital after her fight with him and Vincent. She had stopped by his dorm room to look around and look down upon him. "It reeks of spoiled takeout and expired produce in here, do you guys ever throw away food?' Samantha said through a coughing fit once she entered Jody and Vincent's room. Vincent had recoiled into his room once Samantha entered the premises. As quickly as she entered Samantha left, with no discernible reason for her to drop by unless to mock her new unconventional allies.

"She's mean Jody, do we really have to work with her to work with her?" Vincent said, quivering at the thought of spending more time with Samantha. His thoughts wandered towards how intimidating she was.

"We have to, other than her Shizuka's stand is the only one who can deal physical damage. We need her help and she needs ours, our interests are aligned so we won't show her ill intentions."

Vincent nodded.

Once school rolled around on Monday, Shizuka and Jody met up, going over the plan they had set in motion days before.

"You will not believe the weekend I have had Shizuka", Jody said once he saw her in the hallway before 1st period classes started, "We have a new ally, does Samantha Abebe ring a bell?"

Shizuka shook her head, "I think so, but you won't believe the weekend I've had. I was nearly bored to death, but I was attacked by a Stand User! One that wasn't connected to the school, with that I began thinking, what if Stands aren't given by whoever runs the school, but an outside source that the school happens to control? Are there any organizations that the school are in good graces with?"

"Unlikely", said a commanding feminine voice from behind Shizuka. She spun around to look the girl directly in the eyes. Her skin was rough and brown, scratches and scars littered throughout her exposed skin. Samantha was in the school uniform, same as Shizuka, though she had patches on her shirt, covered in numbers, with dirt on the knees of her khaki pants. "I gained my stand while on the school's grounds, if they granted stands through another method I wouldn't have mine."

Shizuka frowned, "You must be Samantha, then. Well, what ideas do you have?" Shizuka replied, her voice unbreaking and staring at Samantha.

Samantha returned Shizuka's frown and added a menacing glare of her own. As students passed by the two girls they never broke their staring contest, a small crowd forming around them, expecting the two girls to start fighting. "I'd love to watch something more boring than paint drying, so I'm going to head towards our first class, if you don't want to draw attention to yourself I suggest that you do also. Till Morrow!" Jody said, smiling and walking away, pushing through the students surrounding them. Samantha scoffed, "This isn't worth being late to Spanish, see you whenever Shizuka."

The way Samantha pronounced her name caused Shizuka's blood to boil. "Well bye Shizuka", Vincent said timidly. He had been forgotten the entire encounter and sulked towards a different end of campus, merging with the hive mind of students. Shizuka started off toward the direction Jody went, not wanting to seem lower in Jody's eyes.

Vincent's first class was American Literature and it wasn't anything he was interested in, but he made do. Most of his classes were picked by his parents, who pretended to care about his education, but only used his high grades as accomplishments to show off. They shoved him into a dorm with Jody, whom he hadn't meant beforehand. Before he learned that Jody had a Stand he stayed in his room, never coming out unless he had too. The joy that filled Vincent Adams when he found out his roommate was bizarre like he had lasted for a long time and pushed him to talk to Jody. Ever since then they had been amazing friends, even with Vincent's anxiety. He wished he was more socially active, but even his Stand was designed to do things from afar. He sighed and continued walking.

Once he entered his class he sat down in the only seat that was available, which was consistently next to the only other person in the class that was like him. She was goth, black hair, heavy makeup and a general standoffish demeanor. She had only ever spoken to Vincent once, it was cryptic and even he couldn't decipher it: "He's here." It was a few days prior and he was still stumped on it. The clock on the wall above him ticked as the minutes passed, the teacher was clearly not passionate about her subject but spewed words nevertheless. The clocked continued to tick as the teacher announced a pop quiz.

"Pull out your Number Tw-Thre-e-e-3 pencil and get ready to perform at your best." She did an unenthusiastic fist pump into the air, prompting a few students to fall asleep.

The teachers stutter caught Vincent off guard, it felt like someone was changing her words in an editing software. He shook it off. Vincent was confident in his abilities, but doubt was still present in his mind. As he wrote down his answers he felt his paper move slightly. He glanced down and saw a single hand gripping his desk, the arm leading under his hand seemed random, dots littered throughout it, each a random color. The arm and fingers were long and gripping the desk slightly, scratching his paper. He grimaced, fear creeping up his body and feeling it grip his neck, and age him mentally. He blinked and the emotions washed away as the hand vanished. Vincent was surprised, "Am I seeing things? I have to be seeing things." He breathed out slowly and attempted to calm down. Though, where he thought the hand grasped, his answer had changed from B to C. He wrote it off and continued on his test. Soon he heard the clock tick again, then the test was over. He turned in the test and was let out of class early, wandering around the halls.

"That was definitely a stand, I need to stay calm, the user had to be someone in that classroom, if I look calm they might think I didn't see it."

After walking for a few minutes he arrived at his destination, the school's library. It held bookshelves that would puncture the clouds if the ceiling didn't restrain them. He made his way towards the computer lab, they were clunkier and larger then they should have been, more or likely bought for cheap from a bootleg company. Though Vincent could swear they used to be smaller. He searched the web, pressing the I'm feeling Lucky button for the thousandth time. He scrolled and browsed whatever the fantastical algorithms showed to him until the bell rang for students to leave their classes. He walked towards the exit.

As Vincent passed teenagers in the halls he noticed and familiar and sadistic face. It was Hailey Oates. She was walking towards him, a uncharacteristically cheery smile on her face, it didn't reek of manipulation, pity or even any pride. Just pure joy for whatever she was experiencing. Vincent was trying to backtrack, but the flow of the crowded hallway was pushing them together.

"Oh hi Vincent, how was your day so far?" She said, her perfume smelling like sugar-free honey and surprisingly wasps.

"Hail-ey Oates-s." He stuttered, the anxiety of confrontation gripping his soul.

"Hailey Oates? That was my old, meaner name. You can call me Hailey Grains, so how was your day?"

"No-no-nothing, much."

Neither of them talking, Vincent back as far as possible away and Hailey bobbing up and down cheerily.

"O-Oh ok, see you around Hailey Oa-Grains."

"Bye Honey!" She skipped up to him quickly and tapped him on the nose, "Boop! See you later!"

Hailey moved passed Vincent, bumping into another student and apologizing profusely, Vincent was perplexed. Multiple odd occurrences throughout his day was stumping him. "The computers in the lab were bigger than they were, the teacher talked about different types of pencils and Hailey is nice now? I need to find Jody, this has to be the work of that stand I saw before."

Shizuka saw Isabella in the class they had together, both smiling at each other. "Hey Isabella! How was your weekend?"

Isabella smiled, "It was boring, I didn't get to do much but help my parents with their garden, all the plants were growing like crazy!"

Shizuka chuckled, her lack of interaction with her friends had worn her down, she hadn't had many in the Joestar household, so she was loving every second of her time at the school, except for the stand fights at least. "That sounds interesting", she said lightly. They talked throughout the class, listening to the teacher and each other. They weren't talking loud, but were close enough to each other and far enough from the teacher to talk for a while, uninterrupted. After about 15 minutes Shizuka knew that she had a perfect chance to test Isabella. When the time came the Sweet Dreams Bug crawled out of her pocket and down the leg of her chair, making its way towards Isabella's desk.

"So that's what Mawile is based on? The futakashi-onna? That's super cool!"

"Yep! Yokai are just spirits who haven't moved on and posses items or take human forms, that's just the shortened version. It's much more complicated once you read up on it."

Isabella stopped, she was staring directly at something on her desk. Shizuka meets her gaze, looking where she was looking. Her face shows a bit more emotion than it did before. Both of the girls were looking at Jody's stand. There was no doubt about it, Isabella was a stand user. Vincent might not have been necessary, though the others would probably require some sort of verification that she wasn't evil. Shizuka looked somewhere else, not wanting Isabella to see her looking at the stand, though she was looking at Isabella for a reaction. She raised her hand slightly above the bug and smacked it against her desk. It was filled with power, but somehow didn't create that much sound from the impact.

"What happened Isabella?" Shizuka said, playing dumb to what just happened, "Is everything ok?"

Isabella looked down, "No. Weird things have been happening near me since we met. I don't know if I'm a bad luck charm or if something is just wrong with me."

Shizuka did grabbed Isabella's hand and gripped it. She looked Isabella in her hazel brown eyes, "Don't pity yourself there's probably some external force doing this, I know from experience that karma is terrible, but it'll swing back in your direction, you better not give up on yourself, we still need to have a sleepover." Taking a page out of Jody's book, she smiled.

Isabella looked into Shizuka's eyes and smiled back, she grimaced, than breathed. "Can I tell you a secret Shizuka, and you have to promise you won't tell anyone ever ok?"

Shizuka nodded, knowing what was coming, but still playing her role and waiting for Isabella to admit it herself.

"I think I'm cursed, or maybe there's something wrong with my brain, or I haven't been getting enough sleep but I've been seeing things. I think it's a hallucinations, but it's the same every time. It's touched things and I've felt that, I know where it is always and I can feel it inside myself. It feels, good. I like it and I wanna keep it, I want to do something with it." Isabella stopped, "You probably think I'm crazy, but believe me, please."

Shizuka had never heard a better description of a stand, it was unfiltered and raw. Isabella's words were pure, not innocent, but pure. She felt Achtung Baby within herself and she knew it did feel good. Like a constant high, it was slight but whenever Achtung Baby left her body she felt alive, she felt different and natural. Shizuka breathed in, taking in all of what Isabella said and answering, "You're not crazy, that's happening to me to, after class I'll show you, but we have to be private."

Isabella lit up, her face a mural of emotions, happiness that she wasn't crazy, shock at Shizuka's openness and fear at the depths she was pushed into. Both of the girls didn't talk for the remainder of the class. There wasn't tension, but there was. Neither knew how to start up conversation with what had been revealed. Shizuka had hid most of herself from everyone, and Isabella was wondering what else Shizuka was hiding, and if she knew what she was hiding. Shizuka felt a weight lifted slightly off her shoulders, but couldn't approach Isabella until she knew everything about their bizarre situation.

Jody grimaced, not only had he had to manipulate his stand blind, but when Isabella had squished it he had to make it seem like a bug had died, no bursting into a mysterious glimmering smoke. He didn't know the perspective that Isabella would look at his stand so he had to guess with the little information he had. He figured the desks were positioned the same way they were in his classes, so he went from there. As Shizuka and Isabella were talking the bug's remains squirmed off the desks and faded away. It floated under the noses everyone in the room, making its way under the door and throughout the empty hallways of the school. He could faintly see out of his stand if he closed his eyes, or was in darkness already, though he didn't need that ability. He had paced the halls of near every room, he could navigate all of it blind and deaf. He heard the bell ring, and made his was swiftly out of his class to reclaim his stand. He only had a few minutes, though his encounter would take longer the that.

Vincent had found Jody's stand before he could. It was inching down the school, Vincent knew where it was going and moved in that direction, he wasn't stumped anymore, he was scared. He dared not to peak behind himself because of what he knew was following him. He figured out his short mystery and needed to tell Jody, Digital Witness had compiled the data and concluded a stand attack was either going to happen or already had. He would've made his way to Shizuka, but he didn't want to jeopardize the plan and he had no clue where Samantha was, he didn't have enough data to come to any conclusion on that. He kept going, until he bumped into Jody. Both boys flew backwards and Vincent thumped against the thing he was escaping from. He looked up, mortified. It looked human, but with grey-ish pale skin, one of its eyes was larger than the other and it had a long scratchy bread. Strands of its beard-hair turning into pipes that stick into its own body. Its limbs were shifting and disproportionate with random patterns moving across its body. It looked at Vincent absent mindedly and smiled wide. Its hand swiped at him, who narrowly dodged. Jody realized what was happening and launched his stand at it. The stand's arm moved around its body and caught Sweet Dreams. Turning the white and creamy. They fell onto the ground and started to melt.

"What the hell! My beautiful stand! It's turned it into Sweet Creams! Vincent get up!"

The bell had already rang, with no students watching this encounter. Vincent rolled out of the way of the stands next swipe and bolted up, dashing towards Jody, "Jody that thing, it chan-!" The stand dashed towards Vincent and threw him backwards. Jody heard a crack as his friend went limp after smacking the wall. The stand turned to stare at Jody and held up a long finger, pointing at Jody.

Jody stared, "Ahh shi-"

Author's Note: I know the chapter ramped up in the last few paragraphs, but I'm planning on having this be a multi chapter story, hope you enjoy and stay posted until the next chapter!