On a hot Jersey summer evening Ranger sat sweating in the Cayenne waiting for Viktor Volkov as time dragged on, Ranger shifted slightly in his seat they had been sitting for what seemed for what seemed like an eternity but was only a half hour watching the house.
The minutes stretched to what seemed like hours he watched Stephanie out of the corner of his eyes.

A few minutes ago she had taken a break and gotten drinks to cool themselves. His Pellegrino sat forgotten while he watched as she held her dripping bottle against her against her breasts moist from the heat. Slowly she slid the ice cold bottle up to her to cool her glistening face, tinged with pink from the heat of the evening.

The surveillance would have been more enjoyable if is had not been a humid ninety degree evening. Hot enough that the air-conditioning couldn't quite keep it cool enough to be comfortable.

Fixating on her silhouette he remembered how her ivory skin turnes pink when she is aroused from strong emotions also.

He felt his desire to grow to caress her skin, to taste her skin and kiss her at that tender point of her neck and shoulder slowly she slid her glass back to her mouth and pause to cool her pouty lips as the beaded moisture slid down the glass.

He watched with envy as her swallowing of the liquid caused her throat to ripple as it slid down her throat, cooling the column of her neck as he longed to kiss her sensitive spot until she trembled with desire.

His gaze shifted back to her lips as she licked her lips with the pink tip of her tongue savoring the cold liquid as it cooled her sultry lips.
As his trance deepened he could feel how firm they were as his heated his lips descended to crush his mouth to hers. Feeling their mouths meet with gentleness, passion and desire, he could feel the honesty of the kiss, the revelation of her feelings. His soul inflamed as he slid even deeper into his fantasy, as if in a trance he felt his body begin to grow with his desire. In his mind, she broke the kiss, her pink tongue darting out, teasing his lips, penetrate his mouth, interwining her tongue with his own.

His hand drifted along the side of her neck to cup the back of her head and draw her downward upon his naked body as he claimed her mouth, feeling its heat, feeling the growing need in their kiss.

He could feel the smooth softness of that skin under his fingers as he ran his other hand along the length of her body, using his legs to encourage hers to open wider. He could feel the heat build between their naked bodies as they moved.

He allowed her to break the kiss long enough to gain position. Their eyes were locked in communication equally intense and erotic as the one their lips and tongues had just completed.

He was reaching up, grabbing her hips in order to steady her as she lowered herself upon him when the back door of the explorer opened.
Startled out of his fantansy, Ranger shook himself and tried to bring his mind back to the present.
"Hey, Ranger, man," Tank greeted from the back seat. "What's been going on here?"
After a few minutes of updating Tank on the activity, or lack thereof, in the house, he turned back once more to look at Stephanie only to discover she had her col now empty bottle, back down in the cup holder.
Suppressing a sigh, he started the Explorer and set off to Morelli's house to drop Stephanie off.