"Ale (pronounced as Al-Le) !", said Chelsea. I turned around, and asked, "What is it?".

"It's time to go. Angie is waiting for us back at the apartment, and she is waiting for us so that we all could eat together for dinner. I already have all of your stuff in the van. Also,let's go before your stepfather and your mother returns home!" exclaimed Chelsea as she locked the back of the rental.

"Okay!", I shouted as I left a letter on the table in the dining room and giving the last melancholic look to my childhood home. Knowing my mother, she would try to stop me from leaving because she is too codependent on me, but because she chose to keep my stepfather around despite of how abusive he can get with her and the constant reassurance that we can live without him , I decided to leave for my mental sake and to cut the codependency with my mother.

It's been a long few month living with my mother and stepfather. I never tended to return to my childhood home, but due to the pandemic, I was forced to return home and deal with the toxic environment. When I first returned home, I fell into deep depression because I left to a difference city for college in order to get out of toxic environment that my mother and stepfather created. And yet, I had to return home because I lost my job, and I couldn't afford to keep living in the dormitory in college. It felt like I could not escape from my past no matter what I did. I had to continue my schooling online at my home, and when I finally got my Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts in Professional Development (MAPD): Concentration in Counseling at the same time. I had gotten my Associate of Science back in high school through an early college program, and when I got to college, I felt light was finally showing in my life when I was able to graduate with my MAPD despite of the pandemic.

Thankfully with good friends and a wonderful therapist, I was able to learn how to drive by my friends (no one in my family wanted to teach me due to my eye disease, but that is another story that will be told later), get a car with a help of my friend's husband, and found a job as a certified Registered Behavior Technician through my high school friend Angie. Not only that, I learned to stand up for myself at the house, set boundaries and have good self-care with the help of my therapist.

As I got in the van, Chelsea gave a call to Angie to notify her that we are on our way to our apartment, and she started driving to downtown Houston where Chelsea, Angie and I will be living together. We all were so excited to finally be able to move in together. We have been friends for many years, and we have always talked about moving in together, but to finally see it actually happening, it was a dream coming true.

Today was a cloudy day, so I was not surprised where all the sudden it started to rain because Houston weather can be very bipolar. If anyone who had lived in Houston, they will know exactly what I am talking about. As we got on Fwy 59, a lightning strike in the middle of the freeway causing the two cars in front of me to catch fire, and the two cars beside it exploded which led Chelsea to lose control of the car.

The last thing I remember was seeing the bright lights of a truck crashing into us before everything turned to black.

Author's Note (as of 5/31/2021):

This is my first time doing Fanfic. I know my grammar is not perfect. I ask for patience as I will try to improve my way of writing during this story.