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Prologue 0:

A Reflection

How long has it been since he saw the night sky this calm?

As far as his memory can go, there was the stress and frustration that would often stand by his side, whenever he distances himself away from the chaotic kitchen that is made of nightmares.

The countless number of times that he would go outside just to talk to a piece of device that would record his voice, capture his wrinkled forehead, and broadcast it to millions of people around the world.

The numerous comments and advice seemed to go out of the window every time he left a restaurant he had attempted to save.

Yes, It was nothing but frustration and disappointment.

Even though there were certain establishments that continued to thrive due to the fact they followed his example, There was still sadness in him.

He was just often too late, no matter what day, month, or year.

But to no avail, He had his crew, friends, and family, there to support him on his mission to spread the proper ways of how to manage a food establishment.

Being a Michelin Star Chef wasn't that easy, to begin with. He soon expanded to different ventures that he wasn't expecting, and that escalated to an entirely new level.

How long has it been since he had arrived in this world?

Yes, the calendar system here is pretty much complicated compared to his home's calendar system.

Strange lands, beasts, people, and the opportunities that awaited him.

He had almost lost his life many times, the risks that his hot-tempered self had put him into.

Although, to his own surprise he was able to overcome the challenges that befell him along the way. He considered himself a lost soul before. Hoping to find his way back to his world.

It's been three years now, and for the first time ever, He felt thankful for everything that he had gone through. If that hadn't happened, he would still be the same guy that people used to fear.

He met lots of interesting and unique people that eventually became his closes companions. He'd never expected to treat them as family and to his own view, He was grateful about it.

He had since overcome the difficulties in this world, and he was in a far better situation than ever.

For the first time ever, Gordon Ramsay was able to release all the pressure inside him.

Staring into the beautiful view of the sea, He smiled for the first time.

Bringing his eyes towards a certain small photo of his wife and children, a small tear fell from his eyes.

How he had missed them so much.

"Excuse me, Master Ramsay Nya!"

The familiar voice of a certain young beautiful cat demi-human called him, unknowingly, interrupting his own time.

And just like that the former British Michelin Star Chef's eyes twitch in annoyance and quickly turned to face the young demi-human.

"Bloody Hell! Come on Selina, I'm in the middle of recapping my life story and you just sneak up from behind and startle me like that? How could you!?"

"Hmmm, I really don't know Master Ramsay Nya!."

"Jesus Fucking Christ!"

"And how many times I've told you not to call me Master Ramsay? It sounds so wrong, for fuck sake."

His outburst startled the demi-human more, who was wearing a pretty waitress outfit.

"I'm really sorry Master Ramsay! I won't do it again Oops!" The girl gave a nervous grin, but deep down inside, she couldn't help herself but laugh about it.

"You haven't changed a bit all these years." She only giggled in secret.

Fortunately enough, Gordon was able to regain his composure and cool off quicker than before. He took a deep breath." I'm sorry okay? I haven't cried for three years you know?" He added.

"So is the event about to begin?" He then asked. Being back to his usual self.

"Yes, Maste- I mean Chef..." She replied, recovering from her nervousness." A lot of people are in line." She added.

Gordon simply nodded as he adjusted the collar of his chef's jacket. " Alright darling, I'll be there in one minute." He explained."

"Yes, Chef! I'll inform them." With that said, Selina headed off towards the shop.

The man sighed yet again.

As a final attempt, the blonde man took a quick glance at the night sky once more and smiled.

"Back to work!"

The man said to himself as he headed back to the area to attend the grand opening of his restaurant. His first ever in the Glass Peninsula. After what seemed to be a tough roller coaster ride throughout this world, he found himself in a position where he had somehow ignited a food revolution and he had never expected to be worshipped as a God.

He was no God of Cookery, If he were to ascend in this world, he would still decline it.

He didn't consider himself as a hero to the masses, nor a savior of this world.

He just wants to cook, and that's been his passion since he first held his kitchen knives.

If he were to be asked regarding that issue, He would just prepare to be himself.

Just a regular man named: Gordon Ramsay.

A kind of man that has many adventures and stories to tell.

A man that made his Great Escape.

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