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Chapter 3: First Escape

"All over the world, restaurants have begun to pay their respects to the Great Fiery Chef. Most establishments, especially in the United States, to the restaurants that rose and have thrived because of him, temporarily ceased operations to honor the man who helped them straightened their path and achieved their goals."

Chef Ramsay, you won't be forgotten."

-BBC News

3 Years Ago

Saderan Capital, Rodenius Continent

It felt like being in India again.

The jumbled-up noise of his surroundings had prevented him from coming back to his slumber. He had no idea that his subconscious would prefer the familiar chaotic atmosphere in front of him while still being inside this forsaken cage.

Gordon Ramsay had been put into a state of restlessness again, since being abruptly woken up by buckets of cold water by the ancient Roman-like soldiers that had been escorting the slave carriages towards the capital walled city.

Sadera, is the official name of this giant citadel. The main capital of this so-called Empire.

As that's what a fellow captured slave had explained to him prior.

The man was still in denial, and for the past hours that he sat there crumbling himself together, trying to make sense of what's happening around him. Sure, this was just one of those over-the-top pranks executed by nutjobs, that actually went over the rails.

He had already watched countless of these setups on television over the years, and he could easily spot the flaws of each of the scenes, to figure out the fakery behind it.

There has to be a motive somewhere if this was a setup.

He recalled being surprisingly involved and set up by some group, and the motive of the action was just to eat a slice of Hawaiin Pizza on a stage, and in front of many people with their phones hand up high thinking this was a pivotable moment in the story, to which he really didn't like and called nothing but bullshit, to begin with.

However, this case was very much different.

Everything around him seemed legitimately genuine. The expressions of the people and the moving crowd, who are dressed in fantasy world civilian outfits, that one merchant fellow who's been arguing with his customer as if his life depended on it, children running around carefree on the dusty cobblestone streets, and many more.

He could assume that this was some kind of Hollywood S tier acting, but the way he was seeing it right now, he could not find any holes or flaws that would help him figure that this was all just fake.

The people here are living their lives to the fullest.

"Then am I in some kind of VR or whatever you call that shit? "

Another thought came up to him.

The British man was all aware of the Virtual Reality fiasco that has swept the globe nowadays. He'd seen people, especially the young generation obsessed over a piece of technology that takes you to another reality, most of those realities belonged to any video game or CGI rendered worlds. He was not a stranger to technology, over course of his career as a celebrity chef he had undergone countless shows where he has put these alien headsets and thus sending him to whatever shenanigans awaiting him.

Perhaps, his daughter Tilly had access to the latest technology of these things and secretly pulled a prank on him.

Or maybe he is in some kind of Truman show, and all the people that he was seeing right now were just paid, actors.

"Fuck me, I won't be surprised if the stray cats here are paid, actors." He commented to himself.

To begin with, he thought all of these theories were ridiculous. Even before that, when he was trying to figure out if this was the work of people he had met previously in his shows who had a strong dislike for him.

"Why the hell would I think something like that?"

"It's fucking bonkers!"

He started yelling inside his head. All of this theory nonsense was already driving him insane. It was worse than figuring out how he was going to fix every family problem in every struggling restaurant he had visited on shows like Kitchen Nightmares and 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Like he always does before and after seeing disappointment, he placed his hands on his forehead and began to rub it in distress." You've got to be kidding me." He muttered to himself, as his mind began to switch into another line of thoughts.


It had been a while since the slave wagons had entered the capital.

The usually busy and chaotic vibe of the streets had greeted the new batch as they were given the opportunity to witness that the everyday life of its citizens.

Gordon Ramsay, apparently having a sort out his mind now, was left stunned by the environment around him.

He felt like being sent back to the past in a time where things were much simple yet complicated at the same time.

What was the smell like?

Well, it smelled like a mixture of everything when on the main road, something that was difficult to exactly comprehend, every area the wagon was brought into had that own distinct smell, for instances, when passing by an ancient-looking Marketplace, the smell of all seafood would take over, not only that, passing by what appeared to be a public restroom was the final straw for the British man.

The place was just really smelly in General.

Smelly in the sense that it will make your nose close its two holes for the rest of its life. It was more like when perfume and the odor of crap bonded in the air, resulting in an unbearably strong odor.

Nonetheless, He was in a place familiar to him yet there was something much different. Besides, the humans he was seeing, there were these strange hairy humanoids, beast-men to be exact, occasionally walking along in the streets.

The British Man could deduce them regarding their kind as one individual possessing cat ears, some of them had dog ears, wolf ears sometimes, and the other countless number of these unique people roaming around.

In those moments, he felt like a kid again, that been visited the zoo for the first time. Still holding the wooden cage pillars that kept him inside like a zoo animal, His curiosity began to rise in every moment that passed. This was his first time seeing these kinds of people. Sure, he had watched a lot of fantasy world movies back in the day, specifically Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, but seeing these people in person was so surreal and bizarre to think they were actually covered in fur, had tails and ears of their own.

He had heard the term" Furries" before from the social media world, though was it the right word to use to describe them?

"Ahh, fuck it! I'll call them whatever they are called."


"I see, enjoying the sightseeing is it, sir?"

The old man from before said as he gave a little laugh.

Gordon Ramsay frowned, his mood had deepened down once more as he turned towards the old man.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He fired back with his own sarcasm, before focusing back on his original view.

The old man continued to laugh and brushed off his comment." I take it you haven't seen Demi-humans before." The man said.

"One of this world's most exotic creatures."

Quietness remained, though it was enough to instill interest in him.

"I supposed when luck comes in to your side, and you're able to live as a free man, you'll be able to acquire them as maids and servants." He commented, this time triggering the British man.

The Michelin Star chef flat out as he stared back at the man with a dead-serious expression.

"Do you have any idea what situation you're in now?" Gordon asked." Have you ever wondered if you're going to be the next one line?" He tried to knock some sense onto the man.

"Of course! I often think about that." The old man simply replied.

"Then what the bloody hell are you happy about!?" The British man exclaimed, his temper reaching the limit for the first time.

"Can't you see? You and I don't know what these people are capable of." He added." Yes, Yes, I'm now a fucking a slave but shit I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life being thrown into some fucking colosseum just fight men and lions!" He voiced out his concerns.

He was aware of the Russel Crowe film and having seen it before, it sent shivers down his spine. He was now in some Ancient Roman-like city, possibly with a colosseum and the same practices and scenario.

And Much to his efforts of bringing some sense, the man just laughed again and again, to which even confused the British man, giving him that priceless reaction.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." Gordon shook his head, this time rubbing his temples.

The old man in front of him just smiled." You're quite the feisty one sire, I tell you that." He commented, to which the blonde-haired man did not respond.

He then leaned closer to the latter.

"Though, why should I be angry for the rest of my remaining time if I knew I was going to be executed or killed?" He said to the man.

"In fact, I should be treasuring my final moments and celebrating it just in case if it's my time." He giggled.

"What do you mean?"

Gordon Ramsay asked, raising an eyebrow." What are you trying to point out here old man?"

"Hehe, let's just say our life is like sweets stored in a wooden box, you never know what you're gonna get next." The old man said, attempting to bestow some wisdom towards the chef.

"You should be excited!" He added." To finally make that Great Escape and begin your adventure!" He gave an optimistic grin.

Ironically, mentioning the namesake of one of his shows back in his world.

Gordon Ramsay could only roll his eyes." Tsk, whatever Forrest Gump." He muttered back, not impressed by the man's unnecessary encouragement. He was not in the mood for motivational quotes right now.

The man was definitely was a donut. It was hard to not believe what he was saying right now since he is the only source of information he has at this moment.

Though, he was thankful enough to acquire basic information on what kind of place he was currently in. The only thing that he was concern about was that how he was gonna get out of this mess even though he was still trapped in this wooden cage.

Unbeknownst to him, the words of to which the old man had said a while ago were slowly coming into fruition.


It was then that the slave wagon had abruptly halted its journey as the small caravan was placed into a tight situation due to the massive sea of the crowd that greeted the caravan.

Gordon Ramsay was brought to reality and soon began to hear the loud cheers of the crowds nearby.

"What the fuck is going on?" He curiously asked as he moved his eyes around once more to observed the scenery. Large groups of civilians were continuously flowing like water as they headed towards a specific direction.

The British man cursed as he couldn't figure out what was really happening. The scene felt as if it was the World Cup, as the cheers and cries of excitement had shown no signs of stopping.

"Oh my, looks like there's a Parade happening nearby."

The old man then spoke, catching Gordon's attention again.

"How can you be so sure?" He asked.

"Well, there's always been a parade happening in this city, specifically the Sadera's Legionnaires." The Old man explained, bringing up a small grin." It appears they've conquered another kingdom yet again."

"Kingdom...What?" The Michelin star chef gave a puzzled look.

Yet another one of the revelations was thrown into him.

There was an ongoing war in this world?


Unknown to his knowledge, there have been some small interesting things happening outside of the cage.

Due to the chaotic crowd, the imperial soldiers tasked to guard the small caravan had their attention taken away to make a path for the slave wagons throughout the claustrophobic place.

What considered a temporary setback for the Imperial guards had become an opportunity for the slaves inside the wooden cage. Apparently, one of the legionnaires, who was also carrying the only key to unlocking these cages was suddenly grabbed by one of the slaves inside the cage.

It was a captured Bunny warrior to be exact, who had grabbed the legionnaire's neck from the back, wrapping a metallic chain on the man's neck that quickly rendered him unconscious. One of the fellow slaves, took the chance and grabbed the keys on the man's belt, and immediately freeing himself and as well as the other slaves with him.

The chaos in the area had risen to higher levels.

As for the Imperial Legionnaires, their situation had far worsened than what they had expected.

Due to their efforts of trying to aggressively make a cleared path, one legionnaire managed to provoke a group of rowdy young men and thus they started ganging up and beating the crap out of the poor legionnaire, which had caused a chain reaction as more joined in the chaos.

Confusion was now everywhere in that certain area, Gordon Ramsay couldn't comprehend what was going to happen next as he saw the slaves finally escaping.

Not too long, one of the escaping slaves had unlocked and opened the wooden cage that he was in, and thus immediately the slaves made their way out of it.

With the chance of escaping, Gordon Ramsay still couldn't believe what was currently happening right now. As if the Gods had answered his prayers and given him a second chance.

By this point in time, a stampede was finally born out of that small commotion and another chaos ensued.

Though as he was about to leave, his mind reminded him of the old man as he turned back to face him again.

"Come on Old man! We still got time to escape!"

The British man exclaimed, trying to offer his help.

However, the old man just stayed there and smiled." You go on now Mr. Ramsay, I'll be leaving soon as well." He explained, but not before giving him his final words.

"What did I say? You always believe and look forward to what you're gonna get." He smiled, raising his hand, and gestured his farewell.

"Don't waste this second chance, Mr. Ramsay, there are many more adventures ahead of you."

Hearing the old man's cryptic statement, the British man was overwhelmed with confusion. He wondered what the old man had meant, It was frustrating to say that he didn't get straight to the point.

Furthermore, How the heck did that old man knew his name? He didn't even recall even introducing himself to him properly. He just straight away bombarded him with a lot of questions.

"Hey, you slave! stop right there! "

Just when things were going smooth for him, a legionnaire spotted had taken notice of him.

"Oh, shit." Gordon Ramsay muttered to himself before finally breaking free as he entered through the sea of people while the Saderan legionnaire attempted to pursue him.

Though, before all of that, Gordon had managed to take one last look at the wooden cage just to see that the old man wasn't there already. It did give a chill down the chef's spine but it wasn't the time to come up with different theories.

His life was on the line right now.

His priority right now was to get away as much as possible for them and Along the way, the old man's words continued to resonate inside his mind and that surprisingly gave him the motivation. Now with more determination on his eyes:

Gordon Ramsay made his first escape.


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