So today August 1st, my first day of being a lighthouse keeper. I am currently placed on this small island 20 something miles from B.C. This is my first time taking care of one so I am going to be documenting how I feel, what I do, and what happens. I have been partnered up with this guy named Dennis. He seems like an alright guy, but he also seems pretty damn serious. I hope my more energized side does not make him upset, because I might do some things that seem unfit, mostly because this is going to be a boring job. And by unfit, I mean exploring the small patch of trees on this island. And carving some sticks into things.

Dennis got a bit pissed that when I mentioned I might do some walking around in there. I do not know why, what is the harm in cutting down some sticks and carving them into things? I just realized I have not introduced myself. My name is Max, I am 18, and I took this job because I like the ocean, fishing, stuff like that. And it is not like many people are gonna do this job, so I will take one for the team, and do some good. Sometime before I got here I watched the movie by Robert Eggers, which made me feel uneasy, so I snuck this .45 calibre revolver with me. Turns out that you can fit .410 shells in this gun so I bought a box to bring, so I have 24 .45 bullets and 30 .410, so needless to say if Dennis goes crazy and tries to kill me, I will be ready.

I also brought my fishing rod so I can catch some nice, tasty seafood. The lighthouse I am staying in is an ok size, enough for 2 people. The island I am on is about 50 meters in length and 20 meters in width. It has a patch of trees on it that is about 20 meters in length and width. So I would say this island is big enough for the 2 of us to live on. Besides, I only have to be here until the 13th of September, so it won't be more boring and hard than it needs to be. I hope that Dennis does not read this, because he will find out I have a gun with me. All we really have to do is watch the weather, clean the lighthouse, and keep an eye out for any problems. Should be easy enough. This island has no cell towers or wifi, so my phone is kinda useless. But we do have a radio in case we need to call someone.

I also volunteered to be the cook, but Dennis did not seem to care. He actually cooks for himself and eats alone. I want to learn more about him and become friends with him, but he does not want to do anything with me. Maybe I offended him somehow. When I put my stuff under my bed I tested its comfort, and it feels like you put a blanket on a hardwood floor and layed on it. We arrived pretty late, so I do not really have time to explore the island and go fishing. I have nothing else to write about, being the first day and all, so I am just gonna pray to Poseidon, and pray for a good stay here.

Authors Note: Hey guys, I'm back. These chapters are not gonna be along or as detailed about the world's lore as my other story, but because of this, I will be able to upload 2 chapters every day, especially since it is spring break so I have a bunch of free time. I hope that this will be entertaining and cover what it would probably be like if you were a survivor under these different types of circumstances, unlike if you were a survivor in my other story. Anyways, I hope you have a nice day, see ya.