Well, I do not know if I should be happy or not. We were leaving when 1 last ship of those women showed up, and they started to break down the front door. We were not in the lighthouse, we were at the shoreline behind the trees getting ready to boat away, and since the rain was starting to come down, and since the sun was also set, we were basically invisible.

We could kind of see them raid the lighthouse as we rowed away. After an hour of rowing in the dark, with rain coming down hard, and waves tossing us around, I heard something that sent chills down my spine. I heard the sound of knocking coming from underneath the boat. I pulled out my gun and told Dennis to be quiet. After a couple of minutes of constant knocking, it stopped.

We sat in silence until this shark-looking woman reached over the side and grabbed Dennis. I could not do anything as he was pulled off. I shined a light into the water and saw that it was red. That goddamn woman killed Dennis. I tied myself down to the boat with some rope so I could not be pulled off, then began rowing faster and faster to get the hell to shore. Every once in a while a shark woman would pop out and try to grab me, and I would shoot and stab them.

After what could've been 3 or 5 hours, I reached shallow water. I got out and pulled the boat to shore. I was soaking, cold, afraid, exhausted, and free. All of that work to escape. Dennis was gone, leaving me alone, laying in the sand. I fell asleep and woke up to the morning sun on my face. I grabbed my bag of supplies and walked into the nearest house. This was the best moment of the last 50 days. Seeing a different beach, and seeing a different set of walls, along with having some different food felt amazing.

It is October 4th, and I might stay here until the 6th to recuperate, and after that, I am getting a car, and I am going to go to Dennis' house to see if his wife is there. It is what he would have wanted. After that, I am heading to the closest military base as planned, where I can finally meet some normal people. I only have 2 shells left, so I might need to stop at a gun store. At least, the hard part is over. My journal is water damaged so this is the last time I can possibly write in this. At least I am free, and at least I am alive. I am gonna have a much needed shower, and have a much needed nap in a comfortable bed, so to any survivor reading this, good luck.

Authors Note: So it turns out that this book has been really easy to write because there is much I could do with the setting I chose and that's on me. Also, it is important to mention that this story was already written out and completed, and all I had to do was correct grammar mistakes, and try to make it more detailed. But at the least, it shows what it would probably have been like to survive not knowing anything about the monster girl encyclopedia, and what it would be like if you stayed in the same place and defended because it was a good place to stay or because you were stuck there.