Hello all! Welcome to Lockdown! This story spawned as a sarcastic thought (as most of my stories do, actually) and has since grown into such an interesting experience for me. Part of if (Edward's storyline) reflects my own experience last year. Anyway, This story is meant to be quick, fun, and mostly silly. Of course, given the topic, there will be serious moments, but my goal was to write a story about the pandemic we can all laugh at.

A quick note about the layout. I'm trying something new this time around, (I'm told it's called a drabble) so I will be posting 6 mini chapters daily Monday through Sunday! Each day will be a different POV.

Finally, I am one of those "weirdos" that writes in a 24hour clock. PDT is Pacific Daylight Time, referring to California's timezone when we're in Daylight Savings.

Okay. With all that out of the way, thank you to Fran S. Flower for kicking so much ass and beta'ing this story for me. Thank you also to my prereaders, Jgaff & DaniDarlingxx. I write at an insane pace, and these wonders have been absolute champs through it all! (DaniDarling also made this phenomenal banner. For a better view of it, check out my Facebook page, because truly, it is a marvel.)

Day 1: March 13, 2020


9:03 PDT

Los Angeles, California

My phone is buzzing in my pocket, but between the books in my arms and the coffee I'm trying desperately not to spill, I ignore it. It stops, then immediately picks up again, telling me it's our group chat. I roll my eyes, bent on ignoring it. They can chat all they want; I have shit to do.

I cross the campus quickly, my focus set on the library. There is a weird energy on campus today. I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm picking up on, but I know I don't have time for it. I have a paper to finish.

I make it to the library, sure to keep my coffee somewhat hidden against my body as I pass the front desk. It's not strictly prohibited since I have it in a closed container, but I know it's also frowned upon.

The librarians can suck it up, though. I'm a fourth-year undergrad. I need my damn coffee.

I make it to the elevators, tapping the call button with my elbow. I sneak a sip of my coffee while I'm waiting. It's still scalding hot, and I quietly swear as it burns my mouth.

The elevator arrives, and I climb in, hitting the floor button with my elbow again. I'm whisked away, and I take a minute to run over the paper I'm trying to write. My analysis of Hamlet has gotten away from me, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I have a bit more work to do to make sure it really lands home. I want to force my Shakespeare teacher to admit defeat with me.

My petty thoughts fuel me, and when I get to my floor, I climb out of the elevator and head straight for my favorite study desk. It's secluded and near a window, which is why I love it. I set my shit down, putting my backpack on the chair before cracking the top of my coffee to let it cool a bit and pull my phone out of my pocket. It hasn't stopped buzzing.

I glaze over the texts, my brow furrowing further and further, shock setting in me.


Get home now. We're officially in a pandemic. The state is going into lockdown.

I'm so used to such longer chapters, this will truly be an adjustment for me! We'll check in tomorrow for another Day one POV!