This story was written for a fandom fundraiser. Ashley Pandora, a beloved author in our Twilight family needed help and we all rallied behind her. The fundraiser was an auction and I put up a one-shot story. The winner asked me to write about a ScienceWard … she gave me the choice of either a meteorologist or volcanologist.

The meteorologist won.

So, this is not mine. This belongs to Stephenie Meyer and I just like to play with the characters she created. This is also dedicated to Nancy, who won the story (she's already read it and loved it!) and to Ashley, who is well on her way to recovery with our help.

Onto it …

Twilight ... Tornadoes ... Romance?

Bella Swan is a vice principal of a local high school. She has two teenage children, Alec and Riley. Alec is older and the president of the AV Club and is in love with a girl, Jane. Riley is younger and the bane of Alec's life. Bella is distant with her children, still grieving the loss of her husband who died a couple years ago from a car accident.

Edward is the chief meteorologist for a documentary crew who is trying to film various tornadoes, attempting to see in the eye of the storm. He was not the first choice for the job. A point that his boss, Jacob, makes on a daily basis. He is the father of the five-year-old Lily, his sweet baby girl whom he has been separated for over three months.

In the city of Elgin, Oklahoma, the situation builds and it's catastrophic for this unlikely hero, Bella, her son, Riley, Edward and the documentary crew. It's a race against time, trying to save Alec and Jane, trapped in a nearby abandoned paper factory. Jacob was determined to get his footage, but Edward and Bella work together to get to Alec in time.

What will happen? Will they get to the paper mill in time or will they be caught in … The Perfect Storm

Tornadoes are formed from the extremely large thunderstorms called super cells.

Thursday, May 27th, 2021
Home of Isabella Whitlock, Assistant Principal of Elgin High School
Elgin, Oklahoma

"Alec Charles Whitlock and Riley James Whitlock, get your butts down here," Bella yelled as she poured herself a cup of coffee in her travel mug and checked the weather forecast. "The Mom-Mobile will be leaving in five minutes. I've got to set up for the commencement ceremony that was rescheduled about a hundred times. Let's go!"

The loud stomps upstairs gave Bella proof that her two teenaged sons were up and about. She checked her watch and packed her work bag with her files and work computer. Riley came downstairs, his shaggy brown hair hiding his handsome face. He looked so much like his father that it made her heart lurch – not in a good way - but she plastered a smile on her face. "Where's your brother?" she asked, handing him a plate of eggs and bacon.

"He's vlogging," Riley said, rolling his eyes. He stuffed his face, spraying food everywhere. "Something about the video time capsule or whatever."

"Chew, then talk, child of mine. Alec, let's go," Bella barked.

"I'm walking," Alec grumbled, ambling downstairs. He held his ever-present camera in his hand.

"No, you're not," Bella argued, taking the camera away. "We're already late and if you walk, you'll be late to school. We've got to maintain …"

"Whatever, Mom," Alec said, swiping the camera back. "Can we go?" He turned to pour some coffee into a travel mug.

"Oooh, the weather's going to suck today," Riley sang as he looked at the morning news, putting his plate in the sink. "Chance of storms."

"We can't have any more storms," Bella groaned. "All this rain and bullshit has made it virtually impossible to set up the commencement ceremony. It's today! There are no more days left on the calendar!"

"MOM!" Alec spat. "If I have to ride with you and the bane of my existence, I'd rather get to school before I'm completely mortified." He skulked out of the kitchen and to the garage with his coffee.

"What crawled up his ass?" Riley asked.

"Language, Riley," Bella chided. She picked up her bag and keys. "Let's go." Riley followed his mother like an obedient puppy. He got into the backseat while Bella slid into the front seat of her SUV - the large car that she purchased after her husband died in a car accident in his tiny sports car in a snow storm a couple years ago.

Bigger was the way to go. Bigger meant that it was safe.

The drive to the high school was tense. Riley was trying to engage his brother in conversation, but that was quickly put to a stop when Alec stuffed his headphones on his ears. When Bella pulled up to the school, Alec started to get out, but she grabbed his shirt. "What?" he snapped.

"This is going to stop, Alec Charles," Bella snapped back. "I'm not a piece of shit. I don't know what happened but we're having a conversation about your behavior once I get home from the commencement ceremony."

"That's what I'm pissed about. You're never home," Alec said. "Work always comes first. Riley and me? We're not important to you. Ever since Dad died …" Shrugging off Bella's hand, leaving the car and walking into the high school.

Bella was stricken, the emptiness of missing her husband hitting her like a ton of bricks. But, she kept her face impassive. She had to. It got her through the day.

"Mom, I know that you sacrifice a lot for me and Alec," Riley said quietly. "You work a lot, but I know you do that to keep us comfortable and happy. I love you, Mom."

"I love you, kiddo," Bella said, kissing Riley's cheek. "Go on inside. I don't want you to be late …"

"He didn't mean it," Riley whispered. He hugged his mom awkwardly from the backseat and went into the building. Bella pressed her forehead to the steering wheel.

"Just breathe," Bella sighed. "In with the good and out with the bad … deep, slow breaths." After a few moments, she was a bit more collected and she walked into the high school, ready to face her day, even if her oldest son hated her guts.

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