Title: The Barclay Array
Author: Paul Spencer (a collage friend of mine)
Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG
Status: Work in progress
Archive: Yes to list archives, anyone else please ask first.
Feedback: Yes, please!! (I'll pass it all on to Paul)
E-mail address for feedback: mrpjspencer@hotmail.com
Series/Sequel: None to date
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Disclaimers: Star Trek is owned by Paramount Pictures Corporation. Paul has created a few characters of his own, and they belong to him. It should also be noted that this is Paul's first attempt at Fan-Fiction, so please don't flame him to badly.


The Barclay Array

Star date 803576.2 Year 2396

Captain Hiroshi Yakota yawned as he read the morning reports that the construction teams had compiled for him. He sipped his cup of Rakellian hot chocolate which was his favourite drink. Reading these reports were boring enough as it is, so he tried to enjoy the finer things in life to pad things out a bit.

"Damn it!" He muttered under his breath, Construction team Delta were behind again, problems with interfacing the Tachyo quantum discriminators, this new technology that was discovered by a Starfleet science team was found on a ship badly damaged in an abandoned alien junkyard. Starfleet scientists had determined that the function of this device was to catapult a ship instantaneously to another location in the galaxy.

Captain yakota walked into the command centre, he reviewed all the different crews hurrying about there business trying to keep all the systems online without them crashing every five minutes. "Isn't it strange", Yakota was waving his PADD at an ensign at the ops station that was next to him. "W-W-What's strange sir?" The way that the ensign was stammering reminded him of Commander Barclay who designed the station. Captain Yakota had briefly met Lt Barclay at a science conference onboard the Enterprise-F. The Enterprise F is commanded by an aging Admiral Riker, who kindly agreed to hold the conference for his old friend. "Isn't it strange that such a race that invents such a piece of technology, why have we not heard from them before. "Perhaps they conducted their exploration secretively?" Indeed the captain replied with a smile.

The comm. Chirped "Incoming communiqué form Starfleet command coming through, its Commodore J'Taryl on the line." Ok patch it through to my office, the Captain slumped in his chair with a sigh, he new this 'meeting' was going to be a difficult one. The Barclay array was a black hole in Starfleet's budget and was receiving a lot of criticism back home.

Commodore J'Taryl was an Andorian, which meant he could be blunt and sometimes aggressive in conversation.

Captain Yakota put on a forced smile and pressed the button on his table console. The screens illuminated with the poker faced Andorian "Report". Every conversation with the Commodore opened with the same word for the last 4 months. It had become part of the routine now. Captain Yakota sighed and said "We are still 2.5 weeks behind schedule but we will beginning testing the array tomorrow at 0600 hours".

"You better had produce some results soon or Starfleet will be pulling the plug on the project and you will end up running a Dilithium mine on the Breen frontier do I make my self clear?"

"Yes sir!" J'Taryl promptly closed the channel. Captain Yakota felt like he had the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders, he felt terrible, God I need a drink he muttered under his breath

"Captain, you have a visitor, a shuttle has just docked", "Send him, her it away I don't care!" The door of his office opened and Commander Barclay walked into his office and demanded, "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING TO MY STATION!!!"

Captain Yakota thought to himself how could my day get any worse!

To be continued….