The Barclay Array, Chapter 2

Captain Yakota just stared at Barclay in disbelief after his outburst, he didn't know whether to just slap down this insubordinate Commander or whether he should just laugh. Instead his hands started to shake with rage and he spoke quietly to Commander Barclay through his teeth "Do you realise how much stress shit and hassle that I have gone through just to keep this station operable as well as trying to get this damn thing to work!!"

"I do apologise for my outburst captain, but I did leave specific instructions to how this space station was to be constructed and set up, from what I have read from your reports there have been 514 deviations from these set instructions, no wonder that it doesn't work."

Commander Barclay spent the next hour and a half reeling out what had been done wrong.

For a captain of Japanese origin, his face had gone pale at the list of problems that he had just heard. Barclay carried on, "It seems that your staff just doesn't completely grasp the complexity of this station and the difficulties in interfacing with alien technology"

We've been doing our best the captain replied with a forced smile, "Computer arrange senior department manager meeting in one hour."

"CONFIRMED" The computer replied.

After the meeting captain Yakota left the office and walked onto the command deck and let out a big sigh, his first officer, Lt Commander Jane Harris was grinning, "How did it go?"

"Don't ask; hey do you fancy a drink and a bite to eat? I haven't eaten yet."

They entered the turbolift and headed for J-deck, where the main recreation deck was held. The recreation room was nicknamed the "bowl" because all the seating area that was situated in the middle was lower than the walkway around the edge where the bar and restaurant food was prepared. The bowl was quite cramped, it could seat 150-crew all at once, since there was a crew of 275 on the Barclay array eating arrangements got quite interesting.

Captain Yakota and the Lieutenant sat down at the large centre table and said with a grin "So what's the gossip of the day then?"

A young ensign leaned forward and talked in a quiet voice, "It seems that there has been some unusual movement behind the Breen border, we're worried if there's a war we may be the first to get attacked. What I mean is that we are 7.5 light years from the Breen border, the Breen have never been very good at observing territorial borders have they?"

"Where did you hear this from ensign?" The captain asked.

"I heard it from Lietenant Roberts over there sat on the back table with that Likarian, I could never pronounce his name. Good job really, nobody likes him. Everyone laughed."

"Yeah what's with those two, they are always sat on that two seater table talking they never talk to anyone unless they have to: I am suspicious of them."

"What do you mean?" Yakota asked. "I think they might be from Unit 31 they are so secretive!"

Everyone groaned, Harris laughed and said, "You know what your problem is? You're to imaginative!" The ensign didn't reply and just carried on eating.

"I suppose we'd better go lieutenant." Yakota said. They both got up and took their trays to recycled in the replicator and left for the conference lounge.

For about four hours Captain Yakota and all his senior staff and his engineering team's team leaders listened in amazement as the extremely intelligent prestigious commander Barclay resolved all of the problems with varying degrees of complexity and it looked like he had given the Barclay array a possible chance of hope.

Later on that day Captain Yakota was sat in his office reviewing the days progress with satisfaction when an incoming communiqué from Commodore J'Taryl.

"Surprise! Surprise!" Yakota thought with a smile.


The captain sniggered to himself and said "All is well we are getting up to speed"

"Hmmph", the Andorian responded and promptly closed the channel.

Captain Yakota reached for his drink and said, "Yes today was a good day…"

To be continued…