Author's Note: I've had this idea of telling a story about a NaruSaku child story quite a while, and truth be told I even had the character design set as you could probably tell my the story's cover. It wasn't until last summer when I finally started to plot out her story to see the evolution of where her character starts and where it grows... For those currently reading Enemies of Humanity there is nothing to worry about because The Tales of Sachiko Uzumaki is predominantly going to be a bi-weekly chapter release.

Chapter 1:


Hey there I've got one simple question to ask. What is it you might ask? Well... Have you heard the tale about a young boy who was ostracized by the entire village because Kurama - The Nine Tailed Fox was sealed within him? and that his dream was to gain the respect of everyone in the village by becoming Hokage? Based on that, I could only imagine the thought that's crossing your mind; Oh no it's somebody that wants to follow down the same path! Yeah Like anybody is gonna sit through all that a second time!

Don't worry I have no intentions of gaining the respect from the villagers, or dream of becoming Hokage. That was my father's story.

My name is Sachiko Uzumaki, but everyone in the village calls me Sachi. I am a child of two of the four strongest heroes who brought an end to The Fourth Great Ninja War. I've already told you about my father Naruto Uzumaki - The Seventh Hokage. The second hero from the war was my mother Sakura Haruno Uzumaki. She was revered throughout the world as The Blazing Cherry Blossom because she stood her ground alongside my father against Kaguya Ootsutsuki and The ferocious creature known as The Ten Tails. Legends say that mother's wrath left people shaking between their legs if anyone messed with her and those she cared about. In fact, She was the first to act when my father was on the verge of death during the war. It was these actions that gave rise to an entire generation of kunoichi who were dedicated to her teachings. The truth is everything they've accomplished in life is what inspires me the most about being a ninja.

In fact, this story began in the comfortness of my own room. It was just like any typical morning when the sun rose into the sky, and there I was snuggled in the sheets and my head resting against the soft pillow. The birds were chirping in the background where I could stretch my arms up, and look at the window to say "Good morning Konoha!" Honestly, that scenario would've been perfect for yours truly. Alas, it was unfortunately destroyed since a certain someone with blonde hair and green eyes shoved me awake multiple times like usual.

"UGGGH! You dofus! Why can't you just let me wake up in peace?" My right eye twitched towards my twin brother Shinachiku.

He raised an eyebrow, "Because odds are you would've overslept for the big day we have at the Academy.."

"Oh the big day..." I yawned loudly before realizing, "The big day... You mean that's happening today? Like today, today?"

He nodded as sweat fell off from my forehead.

"I... I better get ready then..." My heart suddenly accelerated.

Shina laughed silently, "Better hurry cause we've only got 40 minutes to go."

What would've taken me 20 minutes to be probably dressed I managed to accomplish within the time albeit missing a thing or two. The important piece was the attire that hung alongside the side of the closet door next to the mirror where I gave myself a quick once over after I wore them. My attire consisted of a yellow viscose sweater worn over a pink cotton jersey beige shirt alongside a pair of black sweatpants and sandals. I made sure a tiny clump of my hair was braided in a small ponytail off to the side as the final touch up before walking out the door. Very quickly, I made my way downstairs to the living room where my little sister Hanami was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the table while my dad was helping out mom in the kitchen with cutting some vegetables and herbs.

"Morning Mom Morning Dad!" I answered cheerfully across the room.

They both responded, "Morning Sachi!"

As I made way over to my little sister cheerfully while patting her on the head, "Morning Hana did you get yourselves a good night sleep?"

She mimicked the same look I had with her lips surrounded in jelly, "Yeah I had the bestest dream ever Onee-chan it was about protecting the village from a band of thieves as the Future Hokage with super duper jutsu no one has ever seen."

I smiled with a soft cackle, "Oh yeah did you send 'em all back home to their mommies for a severe punishment again?"

Hanami nodded confidently with her fist in the air, "Mmmhmm I made sure they got a lifetime sentence in doing community service around the village with their mommies watching."

"I'd bet they wouldn't mess with you as the future hokage eventually after dad retires of course!" I tapped her shoulder in excitement.

Dad popped his head out from the kitchen, "Hey I'm still here ya know talk about me in the present tense!"

"Just watch me daddy I will take on the title for Hokage when the day comes." Hanami continued.

We both couldn't help, but snicker in a goofing manner at the expression on his face while mom two plates of cheese omelette in front of us, "I don't know about that sweety your daddy isn't really the type to hold back against his most valued title."

Hanami crossed her hands with one cheek puffed to thes side, "Of course you'd be siding with daddy!"

Mom waved her hand around embarrassingly, "What no... I didn't say that!"

"I don't know mom you were kind of implying it." I pointed to her.

Dad answered from afar, "Well truth be told she could never keep her eyes off me."

At an instant, Mom glanced back at the kitchen, "Umm correction you were the one who always kept eyes on me before I started paying attention."

"You're probably right about that!" Dad stated in a calm voice with his gaze completely on her.

Hanami and I both yelled, "Hey googly eyes for the room, only you two!"

They both looked at us completely confused, "Googly eyes?" as I kept observing her tummy.

As a smile came off my face, "In all seriousness though mom... I think you should be taking it easy since there's only a few months left."

Shina joined us at the table after Dad sat down with our glasses of orange juice, "Dad and I tried to tell her many times, but she won't really budge..."

In that moment, Mom was getting flustered, "Oh come on you guys I'm just pregnant it's like this is the first time we're dealing with a newborn child."

Dad started scratching his head embarrassingly, "That was definitely a crazy time knowing we weren't settling with one kid on our first run as future parents."

Shina commented casually, "I could only imagine..."

Mom smiled yearningly at the three of us before her focus went completely in my direction, "WAIT A SECOND! YOU TWO ARE GONNA BE RUNNING LATE!" she pointed over at the clock on the wall, "YOU'VE ONLY GOT 20 MINUTES TO SPARE!"

Shina and I looked at one another in realization, "Crap you're right especially since it's the big day!"

Hanami's eyes widened at both of us, "Wait! You mean that big day!" We both nodded sync with one another at her, "Well hurry up, you already have two slowpokes!"

Hardly five minutes passed by before Shina and I gobbled down the omelette within one single bite alongside the glass of orange juice off the side and

Our father waved with a smile, "Best of luck Shina Sachi!"

"Thanks dad!" We both answered together before running straight out the door at a breakneck pace towards The Academy. All it really took for us was 8 minutes to reach the foot of the door in exhaustion.

"Ya... Ya know I thought you were supposed to be the one to keep us in check of the time, Shina" I moved my shoulders up and down continuously with my hands on my knees.

Shina repeated my remarks, "Oh come Sachi you know how much of a sucker I am from hearing mom and dad's banter..." as he looked over at the time in front of the door, "Besides we made it here on time under 7 minutes to spare."

"Thank the heavens." I caught my breath, and thought... AHHH YEAH SACHI THAT WAS AMAZING! You just beat a new record on getting to the Academy early. SCORE 7 FOR SUCCESS!

The two of us found our way to the class homeroom where the other students were gossiping about what the big thing taking place today. To no surprise Shina was immediately the first person to be noticed by our respective classmates, and to get his opinions on how everything would go. Sometimes I get asked the same questions he does whenever we make our way through the academy on a daily basis, but sometimes I don't really care. Trust me it's a very personal matter of mine that I try not to think about too often. Especially since it completely slipped my mind until Shinachiku mentioned it earlier. Instead, the only thing I did was casually walk on over to an empty seat in the middle section of the row of desks.

I sighed really loudly, "This gonna be a disaster!"

"Hey... Sachiko." A soft timid voice asked right next to me.

It was a fringy violet hair boy wearing a black robe with gray eyes and red fang marks on his cheeks. "Oh hey Kenji! I didn't quite see you there."

"'s fine..." Kenji continued scratching the back of his head, "Are you feeling okay? You seem to be... a little stressed?"

"I'm fine it's just..." my eyes dimmed at the thought that crossed my mind, "What we're about to do in class today is making me feel anxious you know."

Kenji was surprised, "Nah.. you've got nothing to worry about... you're a child of 2 heroes from the Fourth Great Ninja War Sachi... I think you'll do just fine."

"You do really believe that?" I asked curiously.

Kenji instantly smiled, "I... believe so..."

"Ha we know that's a joke..." A girl with frizzy brown hair and maroon eyes wearing a kimono stated behind this, "We know it's not like you could ever match up to Shinachiku!"

That's when I slammed my fist against the table and shifted towards her, "You wanna say that again to my face, Rina?"

Rina swung her hands up in the air, "What I'm only saying it's the truth... everybody's thinking about it, but they choose not to say a word out of respect for your parents."

Very quickly Shina jumped into the conversation, "Rina there's no need to pick on..."

Without a sense of hesitation I glared right at him, "No Shinachiku... Rina needs to hear exactly what I'm about to say... Things are gonna be different today, and I'm gonna prove that I can do it right in front of her face!"

She sneered, "Oh is that a challenge?"

"You bet it is!"

Rina shrugged with her hands up, "Sure it will."

A gray haired boy wore a black haori over a pair of matching aqua blue kimono shirt and pants snapped his fingers in the row ahead of me, "Hey Shino Sensei could be stepping in any minute so why don't you go ahead and find your seat Rina!"

She rolled her eyes, "Ughh why the hell did you have to be selected as our class rep?" and walked away from us.

"Thanks Hideyoshi I needed that.." I calmly answered after a deep breath.

Hideyoshi smiled with a thumbs up, "That's what a class rep is for Lady Sachi, and please call me Hide."

I laughed quietly, "Will do."

In a matter of seconds after Shino Sensei stepped into the classroom as well did the traditional stand anytime our teacher stepped inside, but that could only happen on the class rep's call in this Hideyoshi. Once we get the signal from Shino Sensei all of the classmates are permitted to take a seat as he prepares us for what we're doing today. Don't worry about it Sachi everything is gonna go well!

"Before we begin, does anybody have something on their mind?" Shino Sensei observed the look on every classmate in the room for a response until a hand was raised in the back, "Yes, Haruko?"

It was a spunky blue haired girl wearing a short sleeve pink shirt, "Oh I apologize Sensei.. I was stretching my arms in the air."

"Apology accepted." Sensei answered casually, "Anybody else have anything that they'd like to say before we begin?"

None of the other classmates had anything to be said.

"Very well then, As you all know we are going to go through the essentials of chakra control today, and to complete this activity we are all heading to the training field..." He paused at Shinachiku raising his hand, "Yes, Shinachiku?"

"I was thinking wouldn't it have been better for us all to be there from the start instead of meeting in our homeroom." Shina explained.

Shino Sensei continued, "I had all of you meet up here first to ensure that we had no missing students that were lost from the beginning."

"Ah okay that makes sense." Shina stated casually.

"Is there anything else you guys would like to ask?" Shino asked once more.

Much like before there wasn't a single from anybody in the class before we left the classroom towards the training grounds. It had been said that many ninjas hone their skills at small zones to improve on their strengths and weaknesses. Truth be told I've only got to see the training grounds a few times in my life and heard quite a number of tales from Mom about all the rigorous training that dad went through during the early days, and that she always offered him some of her special motivational treats to boost his confidence. Hmm if mom was able to make such amazing food for the family during dinner I have to wonder how amazing her motivation training treats must've been. Maybe I'll ask her to make some later on after I become a ninja.

The moment we all arrived at the training grounds Shino Sensei gathered dozens upon dozens of leaves in a giant bucket for nearly fifteen minutes, and then passed it around to each student so they could hold one in the palm of their hands. Albeit most of us were left in total confusion as we stared at our respective leaf.

"Umm Shino Sensei... Do we really have to go through with this lesson again since we had done it a few weeks ago?" I asked impatiently before my hand was in the air, "Sorry I should've raised my hand for permission first."

Shino Sensei sighed unenthusiastically, "I'll overlook Sachiko, but truth be told we have to do this . To know if we are truly ready for the final step..." He caught Rina's hand raised in the air, "What is it, Rina?"

Rina crossed her arms with an attitude, "Does that also mean we have to go through the next step of chakra control activity as well?"

"Yes we have to.. No exceptions!" Shino Sensei continued in a harsh tone, "But enough talk... Let's begin with the activity."

On that note every student proceeded with the first activity to chakra control. Leaf Concentration. It wasn't really a difficult concept to grasp if I'm being perfectly about this. The simple foundation was built on placing a single leaf on your own forehead and have them direct all of their chakra onto the leaf. The reason being was because anybody could use it as a focal point in concentration. Shino Sensei described it as a method to teach students how to control their chakra more effectively, but there was another underlying purpose to the activity.

That purpose was so that each ninja could hone in on their individual concentration, but at the same time use it as a way to avoid any distractions. A majority of my classmates were able to breeze through this first step without any difficulties. There were some that had a difficult moment making sure they kept the leaf in motion, but even they somehow managed to get a grip around the entire process. Which only left one particular person throughout this activity that just couldn't seem to get anywhere with it. That was myself.

I continuously observed the way all of my classmates focused their chakra onto the leaf to ensure my success. Alas, nothing really worked out for me at all. Shina even gave me a few pointers when it came to the level of concentration that should be met before Shino Sensei offered his own demonstration in case I could mimic it. The most I kept my level of concentration on was nearly twenty seconds before the leaf fell. That paled in comparison to some of my other classmates who maintained their concentration for fourteen minutes with the lowest amount being that of two minutes. Shina was even lucky enough to maintain his concentration for ten minutes at best.

Why was that? The other day my concentration was six times greater than it was right now. Sure I may have been eight minutes under Shina's ten minute record, but at least I managed something... No Sachi stop comparing yourself to him.. You know he'd never view in a negative light. He always wants you to try your best no matter what. So at least try!

At most I only managed to keep my concentration on the leaf this time at only forty seconds before the leaf fell back onto the ground. That was all I had been capable of in the first stage of this chakra control.

"Hey look at that you kept the leaf in motion for twice the amount than before." Shina answered positively towards me.

I kept my head at the leaf on the ground with a quiet response, "Shina, the other day my concentration peaked under two minutes and right now I can't even reach that."

Shino Sensei suggested, "Sachiko you are always welcome to give the leaf concentration another attempt just to be safe."

"It's okay Shino Sensei... I think you should have us all move onto the next phase of the activity instead." I gripped onto the side of my sweatpants.

"Are you sure?" Shino Sensei asked concerningly.

My eyes drifted towards the trees that surrounded us, "I am..."

The next phase of the chakra control activity Shino Sensei had us practice beforehand was tree climbing practice. It was described to us in The Academy that the training involves a fixed amount of chakra to the palm of one's feet. The reason for that is simply due to a fact that anybody had the ability to walk on trees without using any hands. The idea of walking on a tree by amplifying chakra into your feat to do so was a concept that really gravitated towards me especially since Mom and Dad would demonstrate first hand to Shinachiku, Hanami and I before she was pregnant again. However, unlike with the leaf concentration practice this one had a rather opposite reaction with the class.

There was a large number of people that managed to get themselves barely across the trunk of a tree for a while until they got a gist of channeling their chakra control in their feet. A small pocket of my classmates were able to minimize the flow of chakra in their feet to hang from the branch of a tree they selected. At least that was what Shina had been able to do on the first tree branch he crossed for about four minutes. Then there was little ol me who for some reason emulated chakra into my foot to a point where it got stuck within the trunk. I didn't even get a chance in marking how far I could go. Maybe there was another that could be used to showcase a difference, but the results were the same. Not to mention the reaction on a lot of my classmates' faces didn't help at all.

"Ugh... What the hell!" I slammed my fist against the tree.

Shinachiku rushed over to me, "Sis maybe you're feeling a little out of it today!"

I shaked my head in denial, "That's not true... remember when we practiced the other day I was able to make it up to the first branch and sat there... Today I can't even accomplish that at all."

Shino Sensei approached us, "Don't forget there is a fixed amount of chakra that needs to be applied before you begin climbing a tree." He had given us a demonstration at the level of chakra that was amplified to his feet until he climbed the tree up to the top of the branch and marked his spot before he passed the kunai to me, "Give it another try!"

"Okay." I kept myself in a composed state with a fixed amount of chakra to my feet before making an approach to one of the trees, but nothing happened. It was still the same thing with my foot stuck inside the trunk.

Shino Sensei extended his hand forward, "Sachiko you are always welcome to try once more to see if things work out again..."

"I think I'll pass Shino Sensei!" I answered quietly.

Shino Sensei was lost by my response, "The activity as a whole or just this portion."

"Perhaps as a whole to be honest." I began to walk away until somebody gripped onto my forearm. It was Shina, "Shina please let me go... I'm not really feeling it."

Shinachiku casually answered, "I think you should try the last part of the activity just to see where you stand."

"I... I don't think that's a good idea especially with how it's been going so far." I continued.

He clapped his hand together to my face, "Please Sachi... I want you to try for my sake at least."

Rina laughed in the corner, "And make herself look even more embarrassing."

Without a thought I turned over to her, "What was that?"

"You're too afraid!" She sneered towards me with a cocky grin and her finger directed towards me, "Afraid that you can't live up to your families legacy... especially in comparison to Shina's skills."

"That's it!" I answered in anger towards the snooty girl before my attention shifted over to Shino Sensei, "Shino Sensei could you demonstrate what we have to do for the last part of this activity."

Shino Sensei coughed, "Why yes I will..."

Unlike the previous two lessons we had gone before with chakra control in class this one was something nobody had done before. Yes, we learned about the basic concept of how to utilize it based on the books we read in class, but this was actually a first experience to attempt this specific lesson in Chakra Control. Water Surface Walking Practice. I can't necessary say that it's that difficult to comprehend mainly because it was like channeling chakra into your feet to climb trees, but the only difference here is that you are applying a flow of chakra stream into your feet to walk across the surface of the water by manipulating it's repellant force. We did that in comparison to the previous two; this one specifically required changes consideringly because water has no solid surface.

Only a few people including Shina were handpicked by Shino Sensei to demonstrate it alongside him as a means of motivation before the rest of us had our share in the final part of the chakra control activity. Hideyoshi was amongst the few who was also selected by Shino Sensei and he managed to gain a great grasp of controlling the flow of chakra without ease. Can't really say I was too surprised since he was the top student in our entire class.

As for Shina... I'm not gonna lie, I chorted quietly at his silly pose when he tried to balance his chakra initially, but he pulled through after a good five minutes. If anything I was really happy in the moment that Shina was able to do that in front of the whole class. However, that also set a real precedent for what I needed to do as well. He wanted me to do this without giving up and I can't let him down right now. Come on Sachi don't waver now!

Kenji yelled in the corner, "Y..You've got this Sachi!" and I quickly gave the timid boy the classic v-sign with my two fingers in the air and a cheeky smile.

I concentrated the chakra flowing within the palm of my feet before they touched the surface of the water. All it took was one single step for me with everyone's eyes focused on me alone and a simple thumbs up from Shina. In the end it was more than what I imagined when I manipulated the repellent force of the water's surface. I honestly couldn't believe what happened at all.

Everybody was able to maintain themselves for a solid 3 minutes before they lost complete control of their chakra flow. I only lasted for less than seven seconds before it happened to me and it wasn't just on the first attempt, but that's how much I was capable of on the second attempt all the way up to seventeenth attempt. There was no change at all. Everything about this final phase of the activity remained the same.

My clothes were drenched as I brought myself down to the knees in front of everyone there. It's not like I was surprised about that outcome, but still it was so annoying.

Rina taunted me, "Just as I thought!"

"Hey Back off Rina!" Shinachiku rushed over to where I was with my hand smacked against the dirt of the training ground, "Sachi I know it looks bad, but..."

That was when I got back up without the courage to face him, "Shina please... Just let me be..." I gripped the side of sweatpants, "Thank you for the lesson Shino Sensei." before my feet dragged on ahead to the gates of the training field.

The entire activity for me took up nearly two and a half hours at best, and by now it was a little past noon. The only thing I had done for the remainder of the day is walk around the entire village amongst the other villagers with my head down. Truth is they were actually shocked at the expression on my face as I passed by them given a few past antics of mine.

I remember there was a time where I hid in an alley peak in the middle of the village, and the only person who was there with me was my little sister Hanami.

"Onne-chan you sure this is a good idea?" a concerned Hanami looked up at me.

My fist raised up in the air with a golden coin in my hand, "Of course it'll be fun since it was your idea."

Hanami twiddled her thumbs, "Umm... I didn't say such things."

I sneered at the expression on her face, "Sure you didn't Issy now come on we got this!"

"If you say so..." Hanami sighed quietly as she walked on ahead to a middle aged village man with gray hair and black eyes who was rather lost, "Are you okay Mister Dante? You seem to be lost."

Mr. Dante looked over at Hanami, "Oh hey there Hanami, I seemed to have misplaced my lucky coin somewhere and I could've sworn it was around here somewhere."

"So you just happened to drop it randomly?" Hanami asked curiously.

"You could say that it kinda just happened as I was putting change back in my pocket." the villager turned around facing the other direction scratching his head, "It's so strange..."

Hanami nervously gave me the hand signal to move in by as Mr. Dante went into detail about how his day was going. The surge of excitement really showed on my face as I sped through at an incredible rate with both index fingers and middle fingers together.

"A THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!" I shouted happily as the middle aged villager fell on his face instantaneously the moment it happened and very quickly I dropped the coin, "Here's your lucky coin Mr. Dante."

"Huh?" He answered in confusion as I took my little sister's hand and rushed off with a cheery look on my face, "SACHI!"

We came to a stop at a distance away from the crowd in the forest near the bridge.

"I... I can't believe that actually... Worked!" Hanami panted as she moved her shoulders constantly.

I mimicked her exact reaction, "Tell me about it, but hey I'm sorry to put you on the spot like that Hanami!"

Suddenly my little sister was amped up, "Are you kidding me that was absolutely hysterical Onee-chan.. In fact it was probably better than the ones you told me about."

That left me scratching the back of my head with a goofy grin, "Well you got to see how I operate with my pranks at first glance."

She copied my exact grin with her fists in the air, "Onee-chan would you mind teaching me some of those pranks? They are honestly really fun!"

I patted her on the head tenderly, "Of course Issy!"

Yet here I am in my current state of mind without feeling the need to pull a prank on someone during my own personal down time. Many people have often wondered why I would do such a thing? It was mainly just there for the thrills and excitement, but in a weird way making my connections to some of the villagers in a fun way. Maybe sometimes I get a little too carried away and hear an earful from my mom from time to time, but she does recognize the pure innocence of what was like to be a kid. After all, she once told me that Dad used to be the same way when they were growing up, and somehow I could really picture it given his personality.

The mere thought about everything that transpired during the lesson at the training ground only brought me over to the mountains of The Hokage Faces. It was the usual spot that I would often come to clear off things in my mind from things that have bothered me at any point of the day or week. Most of all this was actually the perfect spot to feel the gust of the wind with my back against the wall on top of my father's carved face statue. The entire view of Konoha only left me in a much deeper thought about my own personal training.

"Sachi are you sure?" Mom observed the exhaustion on my face at the concentration I've put into after the first leaf concentration session.

"I'm sure mom... I'm just lagging behind others all I have to do is keep improving.." I stated confidently to her with my two fingers in the air, "So don't worry about it."

There was also a moment a couple weeks after that day when Mom and Dad had observed my training in tree climbing the background. They rushed over to my aid after I continuously climbed the tree and directly fell on my back.

"Sachi I really think we should get you looked at the hospital." Mom pleaded with a worrisome look on her face, "You've been doing everything you can for a few weeks now."

Dad put his hand on my shoulder, "I'm honestly a little worried about this myself too. Training is supposed to help you improve, but for some reason it always fluctuates with you ten percent of the time being helpful."

"Five percent of the time dear!" My mother corrected him.

He snapped his fingers at her, "Right five percent!"

"I appreciate the suggestion you guys, but I'm sure training will improve my chakra control greatly immensely." with my fist colliding in the center of the palm of my right hand, "After all I am the daughter of Heroes!"

Who am I kidding? Nothing has really changed even from that time period. A little over 3 weeks, and my chakra control is nothing compared to everyone else in my class. The thought only left me balling in tears with my face hidden in my crossed shoulders.

Why do you all keep staring at me like that? What did I ever do to deserve to have such a fate like this? How come Shina doesn't suffer through the same conditions that I faced? What will happen when Hanami enters The Academy? Would she also be the way people viewed him? Would I just happen to be the only child in the Uzumaki family to be lacking in chakra control? Why do I have such high expectations being the daughter of Heroes?

"What are you doing here all by yourself, Sachi?" In a sudden appearance my dad stood right before my eyes.

I couldn't help to blink, "Dad, how did you know I was here?"

"You were passing by the village while I was in the Hokage Mansion like the world had really brought you down." Dad answered calmly.

My eyes dimmed softly, "That's a pretty good observation, and..." before they suddenly lid back up in realization, "Hey wait a minute I thought the shadow clone was in the office. Are you saying the real you was actually in the office this time?"

Dad laughed hysterically at my reply, "Come on Sachi you really think I'd be that insensitive to be in the office all day, and have a shadow clone spend time with your mother and your siblings in my place?"

That was when I started to laugh, "I think mom would've probably killed you if you tried to do something like that."

He scratched his head nervously, "She probably would... Now to answer your question I was relayed about your locations thanks to the connection I have with my shadow clone,and then I asked Hanami to help your mother out as I came to see what was bothering you."

"But wouldn't that still take a bit of time for you to get here?" I continued.

"It's actually thanks to that over there." Dad pointed over to my left side of where I sat.

Next to me was a special engraved kunai buried deep within the mountain except for the ring-like pommel, "Because of a kunai?"

Dad immediately shaked his head in laughter, "Your grandfather left a few interesting gifts for me to use incase of an emergency."

"That's pretty convenient." I said.

He nodded happily, "but that still doesn't answer my questions from earlier Sachi. What are you doing here all by yourself?"

I told everything that happened with the chakra control activity Shino Sensei had us practice at the old training field to the finest detail to my father. The way I calculated my attempts on each of the respective phases. All the way to how I was immediately after miserably failing during the water surface practice phase of the activit, and ultimately the decision I've finally come down to after weeks.

"So you finally want to go through with this huh?" Dad asked.

I nodded, "Of course."

He quickly held onto my shoulder, "Well let's go get your mother and sister before we head to the hospital." Within an instant we found ourselves back on the living room sofa as Shinachiku slid the front door open.

"Let me guess you hid a kunai in the house huh?" I asked curiously.

Dad smiled scratching the back of his head, "Well only your mother and I knew about that, and maybe except for you now."

"Oh I got ya..." I was suddenly bombarded with the grip on my mom's shoulders, "Oww mom that kind of hurts."

Sakura loosened her grip, "Sorry about that Sachi.. It's just that I was worried when your father suddenly took off to look for you."

He answers casually, "It's no worry Sakura-chan Sachi is ready for the hospital."

Shina was surprised, "Wait you are?"

"Is Onee-chan not feeling well?" A worried Hanami asked.

Mom patted her on the head, "Onee-chan is gonna go through a scan to see if everything is okay my sweet Hanabi."

"I hope you are okay!" Hanabi continued.

"You and me both!" I said with my attention focused on mom, "And yes mom I need to know what's wrong."

Mom was confident as she stood back on her feet, "Let's get going then."

I explained everything that was going on to my mother so she knew what happened during the lesson with Shino Sensei at the training feild. Once we got to the hospital she relayed the same information I gave her and dad to Miss Shizune who had taken care of everything at the hospital during my mother's absence after she approached the fourth month of her pregnancy. They both agreed to move procedures with the scan through the use of chakra sensory from my father and Miss Shizune. My mother wanted to check and see what was going on as well, but Shizune advised against it due to the strain it might put her in due to the pregnancy. So she had to wait alongside Shinachiku and Hanami since the process alone took a matter of forty-five minutes.

On top of that there was a medical report Miss Shizune wrote simultaneously as they took direct observations at what was going on before the scan was complete. She even advised everyone to give her less than twenty-four hours to properly analyze anything until she called us back to the office that next afternoon which was when Shina had skipped The Academy due to what was going on with me.

"Well Shizune what are the results?" Mom asked concerningly.

Miss Shizune scrunched her forehead together and clapped her hands together as she took a deep breath, "Sakura I know you're worried about your daughter, but I need you to be level headed with what I'm about to tell you..."

Mom gulped as a single drop of sweat fell off her forehead, "Alright."

Miss Shizune very quickly looked back at me, "Sachi this is a very serious matter so you try to take this easy okay..." and towards my father and siblings, "Same goes for you Lord Hokage, and you guys as well."

Mom slammed her fist against the wall, "Shizune, stop beating around the bush, and tell us already what the hell Sachi's going through."

"Sachi has an imbalanced chakra system." She stated blatantly which left us all in the room with much confusion.

Dad's eyes had widened, "Imbalanced chakra system... what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Mom held on to his shoulder sleeve, "Naruto... an imbalanced chakra system is a rare case where a very small fraction of ninja have some chakra points that were never fully formed." her eyes lowered as they looked towards me, "Meaning that the most Sachi could ever succeed in becoming a ninja is through taijutsu at best. She could never have the potential in utilizing ninjutsu or genjutsu since those two use up a reserved chakra within a ninja."

"So you're pretty much saying that no matter how much I train myself in chakra control it'll all be pointless in the end." I asked in a low tone.

Miss Shizune held onto my hands, "I'm sorry Sachi, but there has never been a way where we've been able to artificially bio-engineer those incomplete chakra points in a ninja's system."

Shina answered in his frustration, "That's a load of bull..."

I quickly interrupted my twin brother, "Hey don't worry Shina... Miss Shizune only said that controlling chakra would be impossible, but I could still be a ninja in taijutsu."

Hanami shoved my shoulder, "No Onee-chan there has to be a way..."

"Will you guys calm down for just a second!" Dad's sudden outburst brought the noise from Shina and Hanami down to zero as he looked back at the report, "Shizune according to this only 3 to 4 of her chakra points weren't fully complete if I'm understanding that correctly.."

Shizune calmly answered with an eyebrow raised, "That's correct Lord Hokage... why exactly are you asking me that?"

That was when my father fell silent for a moment until mom placed her hand on his shoulder, "Nauto what's on your mind?"

He focused his attention all on me, "What if there was a way we were able to extract certain pieces of a ninja's chakra points, and somehow splice it together to make it whole."

Miss Shizune tapped a pen against the side of her forehead, "Theoretically it's possible, but that would also bring risk to the donor's chakra system.. I wouldn't advise Sakura into doing it for obvious reasons, and then Shinachiku is just now getting the hang of it. There's also Hanami who knows when she..."

"I wasn't referring to using them as a donor Shizune... I was talking about myself." Dad answered in an usually serious tone that left everyone surprised.

Miss Shizune shakes her head, "No no we can't do that... You're the leader of the village now."

"Shizune is right Naruto... The village relies on you more than ever after what you did during The Fourth Great Ninja War.. how do you think everybody is gonna feel if they knew the hero suddenly had an imbalanced chakra system baka." Mom explained to him.

Dad continued, "Sakura-chan did you forget that my chakra system is more than any normal ninja possesses?"

"That's true, but..." Mom pleaded once more.

"I've made my call Sakura-chan and I'm going to do this for Sachi!" Dad pointed out to her as he gazed at my worrisome response, "Listen I'm just as worried about this as you are, but this is what Sachi really wants... am I right?"

I nodded with a serious shift, "More than anything I want this."

"It's not a call I necessarily like at all, but know that I'll be there if something goes wrong during the entire procedure with Shizune." Mom answered honestly towards us.

"You've got it mom!" I said with a soft smile.

One of the cautious procedures that was taken before the chakra splicing transplant began was that my mother and Miss Shizune had sedated both dad and I. They had explained doing so would've allowed for a more safer situation to go through with the procedure than it would've been if either of us were awake. The only thing I knew was that my eyes had been awake for a few seconds before I completely blacked out. The next time my eyes shot open, almost six hours had passed, and I bursted out a loud yawn as Mom, Shina, and Hanami came to my side.

"Evening sleepy head, how are you feeling?" Mom asked softly towards me.

I couldn't help, but yawn once more, "A little drowsy to be perfectly honest." until my eyes drifted towards the empty bed next to where I was, "Where's dad?"

Hanami cheerfully answered, "Daddy went to go talk to Shizune about discharging you both from the hospital."

"I'm surprised he was able to move so freely after that." I began rubbing my left eye which for some reason made mom giggle, "What's so funny?"

She waves her hand back and forth, "Oh it's nothing.. Just that your father's always had an ridiculous speedy recovery whether it be from an intense battle, or a procedure like this.."

"Oh I see.." I clapped my mouth a few times before realizing, "The procedure.. Wait was it actually a success?"

The door opened with Miss Shizune stepping in before Dad did, "You got that right Sachi we were successful in artificially splicing pieces of your father's chakra points in with the missing portions from your own.."

"That's awesome!" I answered in excitement before coughing slowly.

Mom patted me on my shoulder, "Hey hey easy now you just woke up!"

"I'll be fine mom.." I answered in my usual cheerful yet quiet tone, "Dad are you gonna be okay after doing this?"

Dad gave me a goofy grin with a thumbs up, "Don't worry about me Sachi I already said my chakra system is different from everyone elses.. In fact the chakra points that were split from me have been completely restored."

It was here were I was left in confusion until it clicked, "Oh... that actually makes sense now that I think about it."


Miss Shizune fake coughed to grab our attention, "Sachi as your doctor I would advise you to take it easy for the twenty-four hours to recuperate from the procedure just in case there were any potential side effects that come along with it."

"I understand Miss Shizune... Oh by the way Shina would you mind making a special request for me to Shino Sensei once I'm fully recovered."

"Sure thing!" Shina said.

Five Days Later...

I found myself in the same as before in the old training field with Shino Sensei and my other classmates. Their full attention was completely on me in what was another attempt of the first phase of the chakra control activity we had before. I was very fortunate to have taken a bit of practice on my own time away from the class after I went through that chakra splicing procedure with Dad.

Unlike the previous time were I sustained it for less than forty seconds was nothing compared to now. The level of concentration I garnered towards the leaf on my forehead was in motion for a full seven minutes. Everybody's reaction was very shocked at what just happened to me, and that repeated again.

When it came to the Tree Climbing I not only kept myself steady on walking smooth, but I very easily kept a balance hanging upside down on a tree branch for the first time. Now yes, the most I managed to do was keep myself in sync with the chakra in my feet for a decent three minutes before I gave in and took a small break. Finally, it all came down to this last phase of chakra point activity. The very reason I felt like a total wreck than I had ever felt in my entire life. You can do this Sachi! No holding back now! Not when it's in sight!

A focused level of chakra needed to be applied to my feet before I walked across the surface of the water. The only added thing that had to be taken into account was to manipulate the repellant force of the water's surface to accomplish it. At best, I kept my focus on the chakra concentration for a solid two minutes before I completely lost balance and skipped over to the terrain before I ended up being drenched again.

"That's incredible Lady Sachi you improved so much in such a short time." Hideyoshi complimented me.

I returned a similar remark, "Oh you know just a bit of training and practice is all I needed..."

Rina looked disgusted, "There's absolutely no way... you're supposed to be beneath the bottom of the barrel Sachiko Uzumaki!"

Shino Sensei smiled and clapped his hands slowly, "Yes, but people at the bottom can always find a way to improve themselves over time."

"I..I have to agree with Sensei on this too." Kenji answered timidly.

"What!" Rina's jaw dropped until I chuckled at the stupid look on her face, "And just why are you finding this so funny?"

my hair flowed to the side thanks to the breeze of the wind once I collided my fist against the palm of my right hand with a look of sheer confidence, "Isn't it obvious? You're looking at the new and improved Sachiko Uzumaki - The Daughter of Two Heroes from The Fourth Great Ninja War!"

And with that comes to the end of the very first chapter that setups the journey for Sachi's character. Originally I intended for this debut chapter to come out on Sakura's birthday, but were a few components that didn't translate well fo me when I plotted out her backstory during the summer. Don't worry there wasn't necessarily anything super significant that's going to affect the story they were more or less minor alterations like what point time does this scene take place, and things like that. The overall core of the backstory is something I made sure to keep in tact for Sachi's character and I really hope you'll be sticking around to see how she develops into a full fledge ninja along with the connections she'll form throughout the story. That's pretty much all I've got to say for the moment everybody so I hope you all enjoyed the chapter, and as always thanks for reading.