The Bet

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Rating- R for mild language, and Adult content.

Summary- Severus looses a bet with Bagman, and has to take a youthing potion.


Chapter 1- Over Excited Harry, And a Stunned Severus.

"NO!" Yelled out Severus Potter-Snape.

"YES! HA! Looks like you loose Snape!" Bagman sneered, "I can't wait to see a nice young Snape. This should be good. And I'll be seeing you tomorrow."

"Oh quit your gloating Bagman. I don't even know if I can make such a potion."

"Ha, that's a real laugh, Severus Snape, can't make a potion. See you tomorrow, Snape."

Severus mumbled to himself, "Harry was so right, I should not have made this bet."

Bagman just laughed it off, "Oh yes, Potter I wish I could see his face when you tell him you LOST!" Bagman took that opportunity to shove that in his face yet again, Severus glared deeply at Bagman.

Then Bagman disappeared with a POP! As he apparated, from the quidditch stadium, and left Severus alone. He stared out onto the field as the Bulgarian quidditch team was still zooming around the pitch, doing laps of honour for the spectators who were still watching.

Severus gave a frustrated sigh, and mumbled to him, "I have a feeling Harry is NOT going to like this." Then with a 'POP' he to was gone.


Harry Potter-Snape sat at the kitchen table with the widest grin, he could have produced, and in his hands was a piece of parchment, with the Hogwarts matrons writing on it.

"Come on Sev. The game MUST be over by now!"

Harry stood up and began pacing around the gigantic kitchen, fidgeting with the parchment in his hand. Just as he was about to sit down he heard the familiar 'POP'. Harry ran full speed, down the hall, down the stairs, down another hall, then up a tiny bit of stairs, towards his husband. His face however looked like he didn't want to be disturbed.

"Oh Sevvie! Your back!" And then he kissed Sev fully on the lips.

At first he didn't respond but then he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, and brought him closer, then they broke for air.

"Well now. You've never greeted me like that unless there is something good, what is it?"

Harry then began bouncing up and down as he handed Severus the piece of parchment. Severus opened it, the sighed, "Harry dear, please stop bouncing around it distracts me."

Harry stopped bouncing, and instead went to hovering around the back of Severus, and was reading yet again the letter, as was Severus.

Dear Mr. Potter-Snape, I am pleased to inform you, that what you have been experiencing these last weeks is indeed not a stomach bug. But is instead one of the first symptoms of having a child! Congratulations Mr. Potter-Snape! I expect you to come in for regular visits to the hospital wing of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, unless you would rather go to St. Mungo's hospital instead.

Poppy Pomfrey

It was signed with a happy face that kept winking at him.

Severus let the piece of parchment fall to the ground. Shocked. He didn't move a single muscle.

When he regained use of his muscles he turned to look at Harry who was once again bouncing up and down.

"Aren't you just so happy Sev? You're going to have a baby! It's almost like a dream." Harry then smirked, and added on casually, "Want to go celebrate?" He added on quickly, "In bed?"

Severus just stood still, to shocked to believe it. Him Severus Snape feared Potion Master of every pupil he ever taught, well except for Harry, but that was different. WAS PREGANT!?!

"Aww, come on Sev, don't just stand there like a statue!" Harry moaned to him.

"I'm not up for celebrating right now Harry, maybe tomorrow. Oh yea and I lost my bet."

"What's that mean? What was your bet about? But really Sevvie, aren't you just so excited? There is going to the pitter patter of little feet around the house in 9 months!"

Severus thought "We can just get a cat if he wants the pitter patter of little feet." The he started walking to his and Harry's room, not saying anything to Harry.

"Hey! Sev! Come on! Its not that bad!" He kept walking though, Harry sighed, "Wait wasn't that the bet with the youthing potion?!?"

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