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Summary- Severus loses a bet with Bagman, and has to take a youthing potion.

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Key- {.} Harry's thoughts.

[.] Severus' thoughts.

~*~*~*Last Chapter

After the feast, the new Head Boy and Girl were announced, and then the Prefects took the new students off to the dormitories.

Severus and Harry went off to the dungeons, and crawled into bed.

~*~*~*~Chapter 18-

The next morning was hell for Harry, it took him so long to get Severus out of bed, at 7 he thought they would never make it to their classes.

"Sev, get off your arse and get in that shower now!" Harry yelled at him for the third time that morning, and again, he got the same response, "Go away Harry..To early."

Then Harry got so frustrated, that he used a charm and spelled a bucket of water over Severus' head. "Sev, this is going to fall on you in exactly one minute unless you get up NOW!" Severus looked up and the giant pail over him begin to tip over.

He yelped and jumped out of bed, a second later it splashed over the bed. Harry laughed at the Sev's fast movements.

"Nice way to wake me Harry."

"Your own fault, you wouldn't get up, now come on, or we will miss breakfast."

Just then Severus put a hand over his belly and said, "Yeah, I'm starving, and I think these three are probably a little hungry." Sev then charmed himself clean, and dressed fast, and then put a concealment charm on him, so his tiny swell in his stomach wouldn't show.

"Ready yet?" Harry asked Sev, "Yes, lets go."

The two of them walked in silence to the Great Hall for breakfast. They sat at the Head Table and ate breakfast as they watched students go in and grab a few bites, they greeted Ron when he came, and Kara.

"Hey Kara, where is Dudley?"

"Oh he's still sleeping."

"Isn't he supposed to help you with lessons though?"

"Well yes and no, we decided that we would take turns teaching the lessons, I would do one day and he would do the next."

"Makes sense, but what about when the baby comes? What will you do then?"

"Well he will then take full time in teaching and I will be taking care of the baby."

"Oh I get it, well good luck on your first day teaching! I have to be getting to my class, Ron take good care of Sev for me, and try not to let him do all the work?"

"Sure thing mate, see ya."

Harry headed off to the Defence Against the Dark Arts class room, he got in, and placed a sheet of paper on each desk, his first class would be the Hufflepuff and Slytherin second years. On the sheet was a simple quiz to see how much everyone remembered from there first year.

Class started, Harry had few troubles, one boy in Slytherin dumped an entire bottle of ever-lasting ink on a Hufflepuff's head, he was given detention and Harry took 30 points from Slytherin, and the Hufflepuff was sent to the hospital wing. The next class came and went, with no trouble.

Soon it was lunch, it turned out Kara had a wonderful time teaching and Ron was actually good at potions, and helped Sev out a lot. He didn't really have to do anything, mostly just supervise. The rest of the day passed without event, Harry did a bit of marking and Severus slept.

~*~*~*~* 6 Months Later ~*~*~*~*~*

Severus was in the middle of supervising another boring class, when he felt this searing pain across his stomach, he put his hand over his stomach, he was wearing a concealment charm, so it didn't look like anything to the students, but Ron knew otherwise.

"Continue making your potions class." He said, then walked up to Severus.

"Snape, are you alright?"

"No. I think, I think. I think its time."

Ron's face turned a ghastly white, "But, they aren't due for another week."

"I know that Weasley!" Severus practically yelled, the class looked up.

"Back to work!" Severus yelled to the class. "I'm going to the hospital wing, go down to the DADA room and get Harry, he is supposed to be doing marking. The class will be fine.ARGHHH.." Then the class really looked up when Severus screamed out in agony.

He left holding his stomach, "He doesn't feel well, you all keep to your potions, I am going to fetch proffesor Potter, if there is one peep in this room when I come back you will all serve detention and all will have 10 points taken off is that clear?" Ron told the class, there was a small wave of nodding heads throughout the class.

Ron ran to Harry's classroom. "Harry, Harry!!! Snape is in labour!" Ron yelled at Harry in the class, luckily there were no students. Harry paled.

"I'm on my way." With that he was up and heading toward the hospital wing.

Harry ran into the hospital wing to find Dumbledore sitting in a seat and smiling happily. "Hello Harry." He greeted him.

"Where is he?" he asked in a rush.

"Poppy is dealing with him, he will be fine don't worry."

"Can't I go see him?"

"I don't think so. Poppy isn't accepting anyone to go back."

Harry heard the bell ring.

"Albus could you teach my class for me, while I wait?"

"Certainly Harry, I would be delighted."

Harry took to pacing the room.

~*~Two Hours Later~*~

Harry was sitting nervously, when he heard a cry break out, then another, then one more, the sound of three crying little girls could be heard within the chambers. Harry stood up.

Poppy came out, "Harry, you may go see him he is with the triplets." Harry was on the brink of fainting.

He walked behind the curtain and saw his very exhausted husband, and three little girls, they were so very tiny.

"Oh Severus! They are beautiful!" He walked up to Severus and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Would you like to hold one?"

Severus reached out and let Harry hold the smallest of them.

"She's Nova, and she's Apolla, and she's, Naomi." Severus said as he pointed to each of the girls, Harry was grinning like an idiot.

"Hello Nova. I'm your Daddy." Dumbledore walked in all the classes were done for the day, "Well looks like Hogwarts will have three little girls in eleven years."

"Whats the date today Sev?"

"March 14."

"Oh merlin, I'm a father, of three beautiful girls, and an uncle of a cute little nephew." Harry exclaimed, while gently hugging Nova. Kara had had her baby, a few weeks ago. The baby was a male, and his name was Jacob, born on February 22.

The Snape manor would be very noisy in three months.

~^*()~^*()~^*()~^*()~^*() The End ~^*()~^*()~^*()~^*()~^*()

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