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Book One


Chapter I

Welcome To Republic City.

Southern Water Tribe Compound, Morning.

A teen boy with spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and three whisker marks on his cheeks smiled as he watched a teen girl wearing red padded armor throw fire out of her hands at three other people.

He's wearing a dark blue jacket, black pants, boots, and fingerless gloves.

This is Naruto Uzumaki.

"Oh hello, Naruto. I didn't see you." The now identified Naruto looked to his right to see an elderly woman with a deep tan, two hair hoops on each side of her face.

She's wearing an all-blue ensemble with a choker, and a necklace.

This is Katara, a water bender.

"Yeah, I overslept Katara," Naruto replied as the girl sent a person on top of the gazebo they're standing under.

"How many times have I told you to call me gram-gram?"

Naruto kept his attention forward before replying. "I lost count after the first couple of months I came here." He replied before Katara looked at the girl.

"She's strong," Katara said as several other adults looked forward, watching as the girl used her hands and feet to fight.

"But she lacks restraint." Naruto rolled his eyes at that.

"She'll calm down once Tenzin teaches her the spiritual side of her powers and air bending."

The girl finished the last person before cheering and ran over. "Hey, why all the doom, and gloom people? We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go!" She said, taking off her helmet.

She has a deep tan, long dark brown hair that is in a ponytail with bangs framing her face, a loose stand over her forehead, and sky blue eyes.

This is Korra, the current Avatar.

"You're getting ahead of yourself Korra." One of the men said as Korra sighed.

"We still haven't decided if you passed your fire bending test yet." Another man with a grey beard walked up and continued after the first.

"You've excelled on the physical side so easily. But you haven't made a dent on the spiritual side. As the Avatar-" Korra interrupted him before he could continue.

"I know. But that side has been harder for me to learn. That's why I should start training with Tenzin. He's Mr. Spiritual."

"You think she's ready, Master Katara?" The man asked as she nodded.

"Yes. If anyone can teach her, it's Tenzin." The others nodded.

"Alright, Korra. You passed your fire bending test, and are now ready for air bending."

Korra cheered loudly at that. "Yes!" She yelled outdoing a spin.

She looked to see the others stare at her with Katara smiling, and Naruto chuckling. She gained her bearings and bowed. "I mean thank you so much." She puts her hands behind her back before turning around and running to an animal pen.

"I'll go after her," Naruto said, walking where Korra left before Katara spoke up.

"No hanky panky Naruto." Naruto froze for a second before glancing back.

"I-It's not like that!" Naruto replied before continuing after Korra.

"Sure. But I'm too young for great-grandkids."

Naruto caught up to Korra who's talking to her polar bear dog Naga. "Going for a ride?" Naruto asked as Korra nodded, taking off her armor.

She has a slight muscular figure and is now wearing a light blue, white-trimmed sleeveless shirt, armband on her right bicep, and dark blue forearm warmers. Along with a fur pelt skirt over blue pants, and brown fur-trimmed boots.

"Yeah, want to go Naruto?" She asked, putting on a dark blue coat that came down just over her elbows.

"Sure. Always liked to be in the company of a beautiful girl." Korra blushed a little, putting a saddle on Naga.


Naruto, Korra, and Katara watched as a large flying bison landed with a group of people on him. Three kids, two girls, with brown hair one with a bun while the other has two buns covered in yellow cloth. And one boy with a shaved head, all wearing yellow, orange, and red robe-like clothes.

This is Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo, Katara's grandchildren, and the only Airbenders.

"Are we there yet?" Ikki asked the man in front of her.

"Yes, Ikki... We are." He replied.

He has a brown goatee, bald with blue arrow tattoos said as the boy chewed his head.

This is Tenzin, Katara's youngest son.

They got off on balls of air as Tenzin slid down off the bison's tail. He's wearing the same clothes but with a red cape.

"Mother... It's wonderful to see you again... Help me." He said with a bow as Katara took the boy.

"Unhand me strange woman!" Meelo said, struggling.

"Meelo... That's your grandmother." Meelo flipped off of Katara and ran away as she smiled.

"It's so wonderful to see all of you again."

She said as Jinora walked up. "Gram-gram... I've been reading all of your old adventures... And I've been meaning to ask. What happened to Zuko's mom?"

"Well, Jinora that's an amazing story-!"

Ikki jumped in front of her asking questions rapidly as a pregnant woman with brown graying hair slid down with the man quickly running to her.

This is Pema, Tenzin's wife.

"Take it easy Pema." Pema sighed before poking him in the chest.

"I'm fine Tenzin. I'm just pregnant." She said before hugging Katara. Katara looked to her stomach before rubbing it.

"Your baby's strong. I sense another air bender." Pema looked down at that before speaking up.

"All I want is one child like me. A non-bender. And not another one that's blasting me in the face every five minutes." She said before Meelo spoke up.

"Mom! Look at me."

She looked to see him covered in snow before he blasted it off covering her. "Was Tenzin, and his siblings this wild growing up?" Pema asked, shaking the snow off of her as Katara smiled.

"Kya and Bumi were. Tenzin was more... Serious."

Tenzin sighed before noticing Naruto, and Korra. "Naruto, Korra?" Korra ran over, and hugged Tenzin. "look at you. You've grown up into quite the Avatar. And how are you Naruto?"

He asked Naruto who walked over. "I'm good uncle Tenzin," Naruto replied as Korra crossed her arms behind her back, and smiled.

"Master Tenzin. I'm so glad you're here I can't wait to start training." Tenzin looked down and sighed. "What's wrong?" Pema looked over to Tenzin before speaking up.

"You're going to have to tell her." Korra looked between them confused.

"Tell me what?" She asked as Katara frowned.

"You're not staying are you?" She asked as Tenzin sighed.

"I'm afraid not. We're only staying the night... Then I have to return to Republic City."

Later, Night.

"How long until you teach me air bending? A week? A month?" Korra asked Tenzin as they sat at the table together.

Naruto who was sitting beside Korra sipped on his drink now wearing a dark blue t-shirt as Tenzin shook his head.

"No. It could be longer than that." Naruto glanced to his left as Korra sighed.

"(Sigh.) I don't understand. Why can't you teach me?"

"I have a responsibility to Republic City as one of its leaders. And the situation there is very unstable." Korra sighed before speaking up.

"But you also have a responsibility to teach me. Believe me, I'd be happy to find another air bending master... But you're the only one, we're stuck with each other."

"I wish there was another way," Tenzin said dishearteningly as Korra blinked.

"Wait a minute... There is! I'll go with you to Republic City." The bearded man slammed his hand on the table before speaking.

"Absolutely not! The city's far too dangerous. Avatar Aang tasked us with keeping you safe while you learn to bend all four elements."

"Well, I don't think that keeping me locked up as a prisoner was what he had in mind," Korra said hotly as Tenzin looked at her.

"I'm sorry Korra. But now's not the time for you to come to Republic City."

Korra scoffed before standing up. "Whatever." She walked out of the door before Naruto spoke up.

"You know. I can protect her." He got up as they looked at him. "Zaheer and his band of misfits don't even come close to the weakest person I've faced in my world. Besides Korra's strong enough to take care of herself." Tenzin sighed as Naruto walked to the door.

"I know Naruto... But there's also trouble in Republic City I don't want her mixed up in."

Naruto walked out the door and saw Korra getting her coat on. "Want to spar?" He asked as she nodded.

The Next Day Evening.

Korra snuck over to Naga's pen where she picked up and fixed her saddle on.

"Nice night for an escape isn't it?"

Korra jumped and turned around where she saw Katara and Naruto standing at the gate.

"I have to leave. I have to find my own path as the Avatar." Katara nodded and smiled.

"I know... Aang's time has passed. My brother and many of my friends have passed. It's time for you, and your generations to take the responsibility of keeping the peace, and balance in the world."

Korra hugged her before Naruto walked over. "Ready to go?" He asked as Korra blinked.

"I've asked Naruto if he could go with you, and keep an eye on you," Katara explained as Naruto puts a bag on Naga's saddle.

"So... How do we sneak out of here?"

Korra used her earth bending to create a tunnel under the compound and opened another a mile away from it. They are stopped by Korra's parents who both have long brown hair with her fathers having sideburns, and a goatee to say good-bye. "Good-bye, mom, dad. I'll miss you."

Senna smiled sadly at her. "We'll miss you so much." She said before Korra jumped on to Naga, and left for the ship.

A Few Days Later, Republic City Ships Storage Room.

Naruto woke to sunlight hitting him, and groaned. He looked to his left and saw he was laying against Naga before feeling a weight on his shoulder. Looking back to his right, he saw Korra with her head on his shoulder and blushed.

"Korra," Korra grumbled a little before speaking up.

"Five more minutes." Naruto chuckled before waking her up.

"Korra, we're here in Republic City."

Korra rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before noticing where her head was and quickly shot up. "G-Good! I was getting restless." She said with a small blush on her cheeks.

Naruto got up and stretched as workers picked up the crates that littered the room. He reached into his bag, pulled out a black sleeveless trench coat, and put it on. They got on Naga and ran out of the door. "Thanks for the lift!"

Naruto wrapped his arms around Korra as they ran through the city looking at the tall buildings, and vehicles. They eventually came to the bay where they saw a giant statue of someone who looks like Tenzin without the goatee holding a staff on a small island. They looked behind it and saw another island with several buildings on it, and a tall tower.

"Air Bending Island," Korra said before looking at Naga. "Ready for a swim Naga?" Naga sniffed the air before running down the street. "Alright! Food first, then Air Temple!"

They ran through traffic and made people jump away as they ran through the street before stopping at a Bar-B-Que stand. Naga pokes her head in with Korra doing the same seeing a woman at the stand. Naruto jumped off as Naga opened her mouth. "Wait, Naga!" Naga closed her mouth and whined as Korra stepped off, and picked up a stick. "We'll take one of everything." She said as the woman nodded.

"That'll be twenty Yuans."

Korra looked sheepish for a second. "I don't ha-" She was cut off by Naruto who stood in front of her.

"Here you go." He said giving her the money. Naruto looked back at her and smiled. "I helped out on the docks whenever I could to save money for when we traveled."

After getting the food, Naruto jumped on Naga after giving her a piece of meat. "Let's eat in the park." Nodding, Korra jumped on Naga and led her away.

Later, they were eating the food as Naga was in the pond getting some fish.

"Might I get in on some of that food?"

They suddenly heard a voice from a bush to their left. Looking over, they saw a man with graying hair in old torn clothes.

"Uh sure," Korra said as the man smiled. He jumped out and took a piece of meat, and a fish Korra cooked with her fire bending. "So... Is that your home?" Korra asked, pointing to the bush.

"Yes, that is where I currently call home. It took me quite some time to find a bush of this caliber." He replied looking to the bush. "This park is popular with all us vagabonds." Korra looked surprised at that.

"Really? I thought everyone in the city was living it up." Naruto took a bite from his sis-kabob before speaking.

"Every place has its poor places."


They turned back to see a police officer in a grey uniform with a billy club. "You can't fish here!" The man jumped in the bush as Korra whistled for Naga.

They got on and dashed away to the other side of the park. As they traveled down the road, they came across a group of people surrounding a man with mutton chops talking on a megaphone.

"Are you tired of the Benders tyranny?!" He yelled through the megaphone. as Korra, and Naruto stopped. "Then join the Equalists!" He continued pointing to a poster of a masked man with a hooded coat on.

"For too long, the Benders forced us non-benders to live as second-class citizens! Join Amon, and together we'll take down the Bending establishment!"

"What are you talking about? Bending's awesome." The group turned their attention to Korra who spoke.

"And are you a bender?" She nodded as he continued. "And I bet you'd like to take me down with some water bending right?" She nodded before crossing her arms under her bust.

"I'm seriously thinking about it."

"See all Benders want to oppress us!"

Korra blinked at that before glaring at the man. "What?! I'm not oppressing anyone! You're oppressing yourselves!" She finished pulling on Naga's reign to have her leave.

"That didn't make sense!"


Naruto and Korra walked down the street beside Naga before stopping at a table where an elderly woman and a younger man sat.

"Excuse me... We're a little lost, could you tell us where Air Temple Island is from here?"

The woman smiled before pointing down the street. "You just go..." She stopped as a red car turned the corner. "You should get out of here. Those are the Triple Threat Triads."

They saw three men get out, and harass the owner of a store before destroying a phonograph he handed them.

They ran over and went behind them. "Hey, creeps." The trio turned to see Korra and Naruto staring at them. They started laughing at them before the man in the middle pointed at them.

"It's obvious you two are fresh off the boat so let me clarify some things. You're in Triple Threat Triad territory. And we're about to put you in the hospital."

Korra smirked before punching her left palm. "You're the ones that'll be going to the hospital." The man in the middle reached in his coat and shot a stream of water at them.

Korra caught the water having it form into a ball, shot it back, and froze it around the man's head. He stumbled over as Korra lifts her left leg, and kicks him into his car's grill. The second man walked up, stomped the ground having a mid-sized rock come up, and threw it at Naruto, who jumped over it, twisted around, and had air shoot out of his foot at him sending him into a stand behind him.

The people around them stared in amazement before the final man shot a stream of fire at him. Korra and Naruto stood beside each other, and both of them bent the fire and shot it in the air before kicking the man through a store. The car suddenly passed them and got the man before Naruto, and Korra stomped the ground and moved their hands creating a ramp that made the car jump in the air and crashed into a building.

They suddenly heard a siren before looking up and saw a blimp. "This is the Police! Stay where you are."

They saw policemen jump out in grey armor, and metal wire shot out of their wrist gauntlets and attached to the buildings bringing them down safely.

"Cool... Metal Benders." Korra said as one man stood in front of them, retracting the wires. "We caught the bad guys for you officers."

"Arrest them!" The Officer said pointing to the Triple Threats. "You two are under arrest also." Korra looked shocked before Naruto yelled.

"What?! Why in the world are you arresting us!? We stopped them from hurting the shopkeepers here!" The Officer pointed to the damage done to the street, and buildings.

"Looks like you caused more damage than they did."

"You can't prove that was us," Naruto said crossing his arms.

The Officer shot his wires at them, only to have Korra grab them. "Hey wait a minute-"

The Officer interrupted her from explaining. "You can explain down at headquarters." He pulled the wires back before attacking again.

Naruto jumped in front of her and shot a blast of air at him into Naga who tackled him to the ground. They jumped on Naga and took off down the street with the Police following after using their wires to follow by attaching to cloth-lines, and the surrounding buildings. Korra and Naruto made it to a small bridge just as an Officer wrapped a wire around Korra's pony-tail.

"Aah!" She brought the water from the river up and froze it as Naruto pulled the wire towards them, and pulled the Officer through the ice, knocking him out and released the wire.

They continued to run and ran onto another bridge. They looked down and saw a train running under them, and jumped on it. They rode for a few moments before noticing Air Temple Island and jumped off onto the roof of another building. Only to have wires wrapped around them, and Naga.

Police Headquarters.

"Let me see..."

Naruto and Korra were handcuffed to a metal table as a middle-aged woman with black graying hair, and two scars across her right cheek looked at a clipboard.

She's wearing black, dark grey armor with a yellow badge over the left breast, and a pouch on her hip.

This is Lin Beifong, the police chief.

"Destruction of private, and public property... Not to mention evading arrest." She slammed the clipboard down before continuing. "You two are in a lot of trouble." Korra looked up to her and explained.

"Look, criminals were harassing that shopkeep. We couldn't just stand there, and do nothing!"

Lin scoffed before picking up the clipboard and walked to the other end of the table. "You should've called the Police, and stay out of the way."

Korra just stared at her. "I couldn't just do nothing. It's my duty to help people. You see I'm the Avatar."

Lin just stared unimpressed. "Oh, I know who you are. And your 'Avatar' title might impress other people. But not me." Korra sighed as Naruto leaned his head back.

"OK, I want to talk to who's in charge."

Lin sat down and looked at Korra. "You're talking to her... I'm Chief Beifong." Naruto, and Korra both blinked at that.

"Wait... Beifong? Lin Beifong? You're Toph's daughter." The now-identified Lin raised an eyebrow at her.

"What of it?" She asked before Korra spoke up.

"Why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends... They saved the world together."

"That's ancient history. And it's got diddly squat with what's happening now." Naruto raised an eyebrow at that.

"Diddly-squat? Really?" He asked before a window opened up on the wall behind Naruto showing an Officer.

"Chief. Councilman Tenzin is here."

Lin sighed before replying. "Let him in." The wall opened up showing Tenzin who walked in.

"Tenzin, Sorry. I was on my way to see you but got side-tracked." Korra said sheepishly as Tenzin took a calming breath, and looked to Lin.

"Lin... You're looking radiant as always." Lin deadpanned at him.

"Cut the crap Tenzin. Why is the Avatar in Republic City? I thought you were moving to the South Pole to train her?" Tenzin sighed before explaining.

"My relocation's been postponed. But Korra and Naruto will be heading back-!"

Naruto interrupted him by banging on the table. "No, we're not. You're not our father. Her parents and your mother gave their blessings for us to come here, and whether you like it or not. We're staying." Tenzin glared at him only for Naruto to glare back. "I said we're staying." Naruto finished as Tenzin sighed.

"I'll pay for any damages, and take full responsibility."

Lin sighed before using metal bending and un-cuffed them. "OK. Get them out of here." They walked to the door, and Lin stared at Naruto as he left.

Outside in the main lobby, Korra looked to Tenzin and sighed.

"Look, Tenzin. I know you're needed here. I saw the reasons why. But Republic City needs me too. And I can't wait for my training any longer."

Before Tenzin could talk, an Officer in a grey uniform and his hair leaning to the side walked in with Naga.

"Excuse me, miss. Is this your polar bear dog?" Naga licked him having his hair go in a swirl.

Air Temple Island.

Tenzin looked to the statue of Aang as Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo flew down on red gliders.

"Korra, Naruto. Are you staying?" Jinora asked, folding her glider into a staff.

"Not here. We're going to find a place in the city. We just stopped by to say hi." Naruto replied before walking to a ship with Korra.


They turned to see Tenzin walking to them. "I have done my best to guide Republic City towards the dream my father had for it. But you're right. It's fallen out of balance since his passing. And I thought I should put off your training to uphold his legacy. But you're his legacy." Tenzin puts his hand on her shoulder and continues. "You'll stay here, and finish your training. Republic City needs its Avatar once again."

Korra pumped her fists before picking the kids, and Tenzin up in a hug as Naga rubbed her back.

The Next Day, City Hall.

The next day Korra, along with Naruto, Tenzin, Lin, and Naga stood in front of reporters at City Hall as they asked her questions. "Listen... All I know is Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance."

Unknown Location.

"I look forward to serving you, and I'm so happy to be here." A man with a mask that covered all but his mouth and grey armor with two shock batons on his back turned off the radio.

He sighed before looking at another man in a grey short-sleeved coat with a hood pulled up.

"Amon. How do you want to handle this?" Amon sighed before answering.

"So, the Avatar has arrived early." He looked back, showing his masked face. "Looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans."

To Be Continued.

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