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Book One


Chapter III

The Revelation.

A chance encounter turns Korra from a pro-bending spectator to a pro-bending star. With her new teammates, Mako and Bolin, the Fire Ferrets earn a place in the championship tournament. But meanwhile, an anti-bending revolution brews in Republic City. Who are the Equalists? And what nefarious plan does the mysterious man behind the mask have in store for our heroes?

Arena Gym; Early Morning.

Korra, Bolin, and Mako were throwing a medicine ball around as Naruto sat on a chair beside them.

"What's the big idea making me train this early? The morning is evil."

Naruto smiled as Korra whined when she caught the ball. "We're the rookies, so we get the worst time slot," Bolin said as he caught the ball, and threw it to Mako.

"And you're the rookiest of us all. And we have to whip you into shape, so deal with it." Mako threw the ball to an irate Korra.

"You deal with it." She said throwing the ball hard at him caused him to fly back several feet.

She smiled before seeing Naruto smile at her forcing her to turn to hide her small blush.

"There's my little hard-working street urchins." Naruto looked to see a bald man wearing a brown coat, and holding a top hat.

He walked over and smiled at Korra. "It's an honor to finally meet you Avatar." He said as Korra nodded before walking over to Naruto.

He gave Mako some money before taking it back for rentals, rent, and equipment.

A red ferret ran up Bolin's shoulder as the man sighed. "You need to ante up thirty thousand Yuans by the end of the week or you're out." He finished walking away as Naruto, and Korra walked over.

"You wouldn't happen to have a secret account would you?" Bolin asked as Naruto shrugged.

"Only a couple of thousand in it. I could get a job. But I don't think there's one that'll pay thirty thousand Yuans a week." Naruto said as Bolin picked up his ferret.

"I know... We could have Pabu do some tricks." Mako sighed before walking away.

"We need to be serious Bolin."

Air Temple Island Evening.

Naruto was walking up to Korra, and the girls as they practiced at the gates. Korra quickly looked back and turned around before using her earth bending to shoot the snickering girls in the air.

"Hey, Naruto." She greeted Jinora, and Ikki floated down, smiling.

"Hey, Korra I was..." He stopped as she looked past him, and raised an eyebrow.


Naruto turned to see Mako walking up in a green coat with a red scarf and fingerless gloves.

"Hey is Bolin here? I can't find him." They shook their heads causing him to sigh. "I bet he got into something stupid." He walked away as Korra spoke up.

"We could help you find him." Mako shook his head before answering.

"No. I'll find him." Naruto and Korra followed after him.

"Look, three heads will be better than one. We can use Naga."

Mako raised an eyebrow at her. "Who's Naga?"

She smiled putting her hands on her hip. "My best friend, and the best tracker."

Naruto pouted at her before speaking. "I thought I was your best friend."

Republic City.

Korra directed Naga down the street as Naruto sat behind her, and Mako sat behind him.

"Somehow having a polar bear dog doesn't surprise me," Korra smirked as she looked over her shoulder.

"I'll take that as a compliment to the city boy." They came up to the Council Building with a statue of a man with a burn scar on the left side of his face with fire coming out of his outstretched right hand from a vent.

They heard kids playing beside the statue before Mako jumped off of Naga, and walked over to them.

"Have you guys seen my brother around here today?" One boy walked over and smiled.

"Maybe. But my memory's fuzzy." Naruto walked over and held a big wad of cash.

"This will be yours if you give us what you know. And share it with the other kids." He said looking at the other kids.

"I saw him at noon doing tricks with a fire ferret. And Shady Shin showed up, flashed some serious cash, and he left with him... Word is the Triple Threat, and all the other gangs are muscling up for something big. That's all you're getting out of me." Naruto gave him the cash plus another wad.

"You didn't talk to us," Naruto said as the boy ran away with the others. "Remember to share!" Naruto yelled as Korra looked at Mako.

"What's he talking about?" She asked as he sighed.

"Sounds like a turf war."

Later, after finding Pabu, they came up to the Triple Threat's hideout. Korra kicked the doors down, and an empty, messed up room.


They heard an engine startup and ran outside. As they got to the street they saw an armored truck with Bolin, and two other people inside tied up as a bunch of masked people surrounded them on motorcycles. They leave smoke grenades down making Naruto, and the others stop to cough.

"Naga come on!" Korra yelled, running towards the masked group as Naga ran beside her.

They jumped on Naga and caught up to the group. "I'll be back," Naruto said before jumping over to one's motorcycle and threw him on some bags of trash on the street.

He caught up to another one and shot fire at the engine of the motorcycle having it short out.

Suddenly, two masked people stopped, and threw bolas at Naga's legs having her trip, and threw Mako, and Korra off of her. Naruto stopped his motorcycle as he saw the people jab Korra, and Mako under the arms and sides.

'That reminds me of the Hyƫga's fighting style.' He jumped over and attacked the one attacking Korra.

The woman jabbed him several times and made Naruto smirk. "Think that'll stop me?" Naruto punched her into the other person making them fall before getting up and left after dropping smoke grenades.

"Get back here!" Korra yelled, throwing her arm out. "Huh? I can't bend." She said, trying to throw fire out of her hands.

"Don't worry it'll wear off. They're Chi Blockers. Amon's henchmen." Mako said, stretching his arms.

"You mean that masked anti-bending guy?" Korra asked as he nodded.

"Yeah, the leader of the Equalists." He replied before sighing.


"Where would they be?" Mako asked as Naruto glanced up to Korra from his motorcycle.

"You think he'll be in the park?"

She nodded before directing a panting Naga to the park. As they got there, they saw no one was in the park as Naga walked to a fountain, and drank from it. "When we first got here... There was an Equalists protester over there." Korra said pointing near the fence by the pond.

"Think he'll be there?" Mako asked as she shrugged.

"It's our only lead."

After Naga and Pabu got a drink, they sat under a tree leaning on Naga with Korra sitting in the middle, and Naruto having his hands behind his head. "So, why is Bolin running with the Triple Threat Triads?" Korra asked as Mako sighed before explaining how they worked for them as kids after losing their parents to a fire bender.

A Few Hours Later.

Naruto groaned as he heard the protester before looking to see Korra with her head on his shoulder, and his left arm wrapped around her waist. He blushed as she woke up, saw where she was, and bolted up with a blush. "There he is." Korra pointed to the protester standing on a table with another guy handing fliers.

They walked up to him, and the protester pointed at them. "It's you two! You won't-!"

He stopped as Naruto grabbed his megaphone, and broke it by throwing it on the ground before bringing him in close. "Where is Amon holding this... Revelation?" He asked the man who started to sweat.

"I-I Don't know-" He said as Naruto looked to see a flier turn over showing part of a picture.

He grabbed a small stack before dropping the guy. "Come on. I think I know how to find him." He went to his bike and left down the road as Mako, and Korra followed on Naga.

As they stopped beside a bus stop, Naruto put four different images together showing a corner of the city with a red dot on it.

"I think. It's a map." He lifted it to a map beside the bus stop and found the corner of the map. "There it is." He says looking back at them.

Later, Mako and Korra are in disguises with hats, and Naruto in his coat pulled a hood that hid the top part of his face and walked to an abandoned factory where people are walking past a bodyguard. Naruto suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around his left one. He looked down to see Korra leaning against him with a smile. "It'll be more realistic." He smiled at her as they walked up to the bodyguard.

"Your invitations."

Korra looked confused at him. "Invitation?" The man nodded before Naruto pulled a flier out.

"Will this do?"

The bodyguard nodded before taking it. "The revelation is upon us, my brothers and sister." He said as they walked inside, and saw a thousand people inside staring at a stage with a blown-up picture of Amon.

"Man. I didn't think there were this many people who hate benders," Mako said as they walked down, and the lights went on as Amon, and a few of his guards came on the stage.

He waved at the crowd before explaining how he was born to farmers who were killed by a fire bender and left his face scarred. Naruto narrowed his eyes before leaning to the others. "It feels like he's lying." Korra and Mako looked at him.

"How can you tell?"

Mako asked as Naruto looked back to the stage. "It used to be an ability of mine of sorts."

Amon went on to talk about how bending is the cause of war, and everything wrong in the world, and how he can take bending away permanently before bringing five people out. "Bolin," Korra whispered seeing a scarred Bolin looking around the room. Amon brought the leader of the Triads before releasing him, making him attack with fire.

Amon dodged the attacks as he came up, forced Zolt to his knees, and placed his thumb on his head. A moment later, Zolt fell, got up, and tried to attack with fire but nothing came out. Naruto narrowed his eyes as Korra's widened. Mako looked to his left and saw pipes.

"I've got an idea." He whispered using steam to create a distraction and left to the front of the crowd.

Naruto and Korra went to the back, and saw several levers, and started turning them.

"What are you doing here?"

Naruto looked to see the bodyguard looking at them. Naruto walked up and smiled before kicking him in the knee, forcing the man down, and then kicked him in the head, into the tank. "Well... Let's get back to work." He said before turning more levers having the pipes outside blow.

"OK let's find Mako and Bolin." He said running out and saw them running up the stairs with Amon's right-hand man following. "Crap." Naruto dashed over and saw the man holding shock batons over a ladder. "Whoa, now buddy," Naruto said, grabbing the man's head and slamming him down on the railing. "Didn't your mother teach you to play nice?"

Naruto jumped down and landed in a roll as Korra ran out. "Let's go!" She said as Naga ran up, and had Mako, and Korra jumped on as she grabbed Bolin in her mouth. Naruto got on his bike, looked back, and saw Amon ordering his men to stay before leaving himself.

Later, Air Temple Island.

Tenzin was talking to four White Lotus guards as Naruto, and Korra walked up to him. "Thank goodness I was just about to send out help... Are you alright?"

Korra sighed before explaining what they saw. "Amon's even more dangerous with this power now," Tenzin said before Naruto walked up.

"Maybe it's chi-blocking?" They looked at him as he shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe he's found a way or a spot to hit that'll stay permanently." He finished as Tenzin looked to the city.

"Whatever it is... All Benders are in trouble."

To Be Continued.

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