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Book One


Chapter V

The Spirit Of Competition.

Love is in the air! Since Avatar Korra has arrived in Republic City she's only had eyes for one fellow: Naruto Uzumaki. But now she seems to have a rival in the form of the beautiful Asami. Will love prove to be Korra's most formidable foe yet? Or will she find a way to prevail?

Early Morning Gym.

Naruto watched Mako, Bolin, and Korra practice, and think up strategies before feeling something soft press against his back.

"Hello, Naruto~"

A pair of arms wrapped around him as he heard Asami. Looking to the side, he saw a smiling Asami with a cart carrying the new uniforms.

They're red on the chest/stomach, white on the shoulders, and arms with the Future Industries logo on them.

"Hey, Asami." Naruto greeted missing Korra's jealous stare before leaving. "Korra. I'm going to the restroom. I'll meet you outside."

Later; Upstairs Apartment, Mako, and Bolin.

Bolin gave Pabu a bath as Mako was cooking dinner. "So... What do you think of Korra? As a girlfriend?" Bolin asked while keeping Pabu in the washtub.

"She'd be great. But I think it's a bad idea to date Teammates." Bolin huffed before speaking.

"What's wrong? She's strong, I'm strong. She's fun, I'm fun. She's hot, I'm gorgeous! I'm asking her out."

"Bolin. She likes Naruto. I've seen it." Mako said but Bolin ignored him.

Air Temple Island.

Snow fell to the ground as Korra in her coat filled the lemur's food cages with fruit with the girls wearing red jackets.

"So... How's it going with you, and Naruto?" Jinora asked, making Korra blink as she walked down as lemurs flocked to the cage.

"I'm not interested in Naruto." She lied before looking at them. "But let's just pretend for a second I was interested in Naruto… What should I do?" The girls went on to talk about a book that over-dramatized getting the affections of someone, or brewing a love potion.

Pema walked up chuckling, making Korra jump. "Oh hey, Pema," Korra said as Pema was holding a pail. "How long were you standing there?" Pema smiled before answering.

"Long enough. Trust me I know what you're going through." Pema explained that Tenzin was dating another woman, and let him know of her feelings for him.

"And the rest is history." She finished getting the girls to gush over the story.

Korra took a deep breath before walking to see Naruto in his blue long-sleeved trench coat filling another feed cage before walking over.

"Naruto." Naruto smiled at her before stepping down.

"Hey, Korra." She looked down, and kicked snow around before taking a breath, and spoke really fast.

"I-really-like-you-and-I-was-wondering-if-you-would-go-out-with-me?!" Naruto blinked before speaking.


Korra took a breath before speaking slowly. "I really like you, and I was wondering if you would go out with me?"

"You... Like me?" He asked as she nodded.

"Yes... I do."

Naruto smiled before speaking. "Alright. How about a date after your match?" She nodded rapidly as he left.

Missing her celebration by jumping around.

Later; Arena.

Naruto smiled as he saw the Team win all three rounds with Asami sitting beside him. As they came back, Korra ran to Naruto, and hugged him, having him spin them around.

"We won!"

Naruto let her down as Bolin walked over. "So you ready for our date?" Naruto asked, having Bolin stop in his tracks as Asami blinked.

"Ooh~ You're going on a date?" She asked, having Naruto nod.

"Yeah," Naruto said, missing Bolin's dejected form before walking out with Korra.

And missing Asami crossing her arms with a smirk.

Later, Naruto took Korra to a Water Tribe-themed restaurant, where they sat, and talked while eating noodles before Korra spoke.

"Who's that?" Naruto glanced back to see three teen boys surrounded by girls before snorting.

"Tano, and the Wolf Bats. The reigning champions are three years running."

The Bats walked over and stopped by their table. "Well, well. If it isn't the Fire Ferrets? Pro Bending's saddest excuse for a team." Naruto glanced up before speaking.

"Better than jackasses of the sport. I swear I almost threw up when you came close."

Naruto then saw Tano move close to Korra. "How about a private session?" Naruto stood up and got between them before smirking.

"You're trying to rile her up so she'll hit you, and get her Team disqualified. But I'm not on a Team or part of the Sport."

Outside Tano was thrown across the street along with his teammates. "There. Now let's continue shall we?" Naruto said, sitting back down.

The two continue their date by going for a drink in a bar and going to Harmony Tower where they could spot several sites of Republic City. Later Naruto walked with Korra to a gazebo outside the Arena before stopping, looked at her, and smiled as she faced him. "Well, I had fun," Naruto said before she looked up to him. "Something on your-HMPH!" Naruto was interrupted as she pressed her lips on his for a kiss.

Naruto froze for a moment before leaning in to the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. Naruto pushed her against the support and licked her lips. Korra's eyes opened in shock before becoming half-lidded and opened her mouth. Korra moaned into the kiss as Naruto used his tongue to battle hers.

Breaking the kiss after several minutes, Naruto smiled down at her. "That was... Unexpected." He said, still holding her by her waist. She rests her head on his chest and just hums. "Well, we should probably get inside, your match is starting."

"Match?" She asked pulling on his arm when he tried to walk inside the arena. "Shouldn't we, you know, talk?"

"If you're late, that could disqualify you. And I also don't want to get in your head to have you start to make mistakes. Let's wait until after your match."


Naruto leaned against the railing with Asami as they watched the two teams get ready to fight before hearing the commentator. "Eight teams have been eliminated and eight advanced into the quarter-finals, which get underway tonight. The rookies are about to take on the former and longest-reigning champs, the Boar-q-pines. Youth clashes against experience in a battle for the ages, or rather of the ages."

The bell sounded before the commentator continued as the Fire Ferrets started to fight before Korra dodged into Mako after glancing up at their locker room."Korra dodges and, ooh, slams right into her teammate!" All three were pushed back to the back of the field. "Down goes Mako and Bolin and Korra!"

"Round one goes to the Boar-q-pines!"


"I guess this is their first time with one of the more experienced teams," Naruto commented as Asami glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.

"I think this is the first they've gotten this far."

Naruto and Asami heard the team arguing before the commentator continued into his microphone. "The Ferrets looking to mount some offense here in round two. Bolin lets fly a flurry of attacks, he's a one-man bending battalion." Bolin continued throwing disks out as he dodged the other team's attack before the round was called. "The Ferrets are having a rough time finding their rhythm tonight, but thanks to Bolin, they narrowly notch round two."

"Not sure what's eating them, but this is not the same team who took out the Rabaroos."


"Round three is a tie! We go to a tie-breaker to decide the match."

The referee walked up with a red and blue coin before flipping it after each team called a side. "The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss!" He then turned to the team. "Which element do you choose?"

Mako then clenched his fist. "I got this."

Bolin then put a hand on his shoulder. "I know you usually handle these, but frankly, your head's not in the game. I'm gonna take this one." Bolin then steps forward. "We choose earth."

A platform in the middle of the stage raises with Bolin and the Boar-q-pine earthbender on it. "Looks like the earthbenders will collide in the tie-breaker face-off."

The two threw disks at each other before the earth bender jumped over with a knee strike having Bolin roll under him. Bolin then tackled him and grappled the earth bender before the man did the same. "Bolin goes in for the grapple, Chang reverses." Chang threw Bolin into the air, having Bolin turn and threw a disk at Chang putting him on the edge of the platform.

"Bolin strikes from midair, knocking Chang to the edge of the circle." Bolin landed and spun and kicked the disks at Chang forcing him into the water below. "Another strike from Bolin, and Chang is in the drink!"

"The Future Industries Fire Ferrets win their quarterfinal match!" The commentator said as Korra and Mako were relieved that Bolin won the tie-breaker. "Oh, that was a close one folks! Youth trumps experience tonight."

Outside, Naruto and Korra are under the gazebo talking before Naruto turns to her. "Do we need to talk about us?"

"No," Korra replied before grabbing his hand in hers before they heard a voice.

"Well, how about us?"

They turned to see Asami standing by the entrance, arms crossed. "… What?" Naruto asked as she walked in.

"Yeah, how about us?"

"There's no us!" Korra said before Asami stopped by her and smiled.

"We can always share."

"What?" Naruto asked as Korra's jaw dropped.

"Yeah, I really like you and I'm not losing to Korra. Even if she is the Avatar." Asami replied as Korra narrowed her eyes.

"I don't think-"

"Would Naruto choose one of us over the other?" Asami stopped the waterbender.

"… No, he would choose neither to have both of us mad at him rather than one heartbroken."

"And having multiple spouses isn't uncommon," Asami stated, glancing at Korra. "And Aang was offered a harem to bring back the Air Nation but declined due to his upbringing and saying he only loved Katara. I think Naruto here would be offered the chance by the leaders of each nation because he's the only person besides you that can bend all four elements and could pass that to his kids."

"Do I get a say in this?" Naruto asked Asami, making her smile and pinch his cheek.

"It's cute that you think so… But no." Asami patted his cheek before turning to Korra. "What do you say?"

Korra glanced between the two before taking a breath. "I suppose so… I know we'll be hounded for it because of what Aang had to go thro-HUMPH!" Korra stopped as Asami kissed her, having her eyes widened as Naruto started dumbstruck, brain shutting down.

Asami then pulled back and smiled. "I like girls as well~" She winked before walking off with a sway to her hips.

"What just happened?" Naruto asked as Korra, with pink-tinged cheeks turned to him.

"The start of a harem."

"I doubt two girls are a harem… Are you really alright with this Korra?"

"It'll take some getting used to yes…" She said before they started to walk into the arena. "But she is right. The leaders when Aang was alive tried to have him with multiple women but he always turned it down. But I don't think they'll let up with the possible start of a new bending nation if you can pass it on to your kids." She explained once getting to the door before speaking lowly. "Besides, I like girls as well too."

'And here I thought my luck was only for gambling.' Naruto thought as he opened the door and walked inside.

Later, Naruto and Asami saw the Ferrets lining up against the Buzzard Wasps before the announcer spoke over the speakers. "You can't find two teams more evenly matched in age, size, and strength than the Fire Ferrets and the Buzzard Wasps. Believe me, I've looked! This should be a pulse-pounding semifinal, folks!"


The teams jumped back and each threw out an attack. "The Buzzard Wasps open with a flawlessly executed combo." The Wasps each hit the others forcing them back in the second zone. "All three Ferrets take an early visit to zone two." The announcer said as Mako was hit with both fire and water forcing him into the back of the field.

"And Mako is knocked all the way back into zone three! The Fire Ferrets have been struggling to stay alive since the opening bell. All three players are totally out of sync tonight." Naruto saw Bolin get hit in the stomach with an earth disk. "Ooh, that has got to sting!" Bolin stumbles to the side of the ring, removes his helmet, throws it aside, and vomits into the water. "And Bolin loses his noodles! Literally."

Korra turns around and watches with pity and disgust knowing Bolin had eaten before the match. "Which reminds me, this match is brought to you by our sponsor, Flameo Instant Noodles! Noodliest noodles in the United Republic."

"Yeah, that's when you want to put a food sponsor," Naruto commented before looking down at the match as Korra got knocked into zone three as Mako was hit off the back.

"The Buzzard Wasps fly deeper into Ferret territory. And Mako plunges into the pool! Can the Fire Ferrets hold on?" Naruto saw both Korra and Bolin get hit into zone three. "The Wasps have the Ferrets backed up to the edge now."


"And the Ferrets are bailed out by the bell! They had better pull themselves together for round two, otherwise, they can kiss the finals goodbye."

After Mako came back up the bell rang again.


Mako gets knocked back a zone, and fire bends a blast that hits Bolin in the back and knocks him to the ground. "Hey! Watch it"!

As his back is turned, he is struck by a blast of water and knocked off the edge. "The Wasps take advantage of Mako's unforced error and Bolin is in the pool!"

Korra starts to get fancy with her water bending and gets too carried away by tripping her opponent then uses water to push her up several times. "Ooh, and a blatant hold by the Avatar!"

The referee blows his whistle at that. "Unnecessary roughness! Move back one zone!"

"I'll unnecessarily rough you up!" Korra yelled at him then waterbeds a blast of water at the referee as she heads back, and he grimly pulls out a yellow fan.

"And the Avatar is slapped with the yellow fan. The Ferrets are their own worst enemy right now. It's just sad to watch. With the Buzzard Wasps leading two rounds to zilch, the Ferrets' only hope of winning is with a knockout."

The Ferrets then regrouped. "Well, I guess there's always next year," Mako said with a sigh while placing his hands on his hips.

Korra then brought up her hands. "Come on! We still have a chance, even if it is a slim one!"

"The way we're playing, we don't even deserve to be in the finals," Bolin commented, having Korra sigh.

"Look, if we don't pull together and work as a team, we'll never forgive ourselves."

Mako shook his head before turning to face the other team. "Let's just get this over with.

"The sooner, the better."

The three grimly head back to the starting line and the bell rings, signaling the start of round three.


The Wasps focused on Mako and Bolin forcing them back. "Bolin's knocked into zone two, followed quickly by his brother!" An earth coin strikes Bolin in the shoulder and he cries out. "And Bolin takes a zinger to the shoulder! Looks like it's a clean hit."

Mako looked over to his brother. "Bolin!" Only to get hit with a blast of fire and knocked off the edge.

"Mako's in the drink and out of the match." Bolin, holding his shoulder, threw disks from his spot.

And Bolin keeps playing with one good arm! I gotta hand it to him, this kid's got grit! But how long can he keep it up?" Bolin then got knocked off the edge with an earth disk and water combo. "Apparently, not very long. The Ferrets' dream of making it to the finals now rests in the Avatar's hands. But with three on one, I don't like her odds."

Korra dodges attacks the Wasps threw at her to stay in the ring. She then sides flipped several attacks and used her feet to throw water at the other team forcing one back a zone. "What an unbelievable effort here by Korra! She's dodging every element the Wasps throw at her!" Korra then knocks each of the Wasps into a line. "The Avatar finally gains some ground, but with only ten seconds remaining, it might be too little too late!"

Korra angles herself so that the Buzzard Wasps are lined up in front of her, and knocks them out with a single blast of water. "It's the big kibosh! What a knockout! "It didn't seem possible, folks, but the Fire Ferrets are headed to the finals!"

"YEAH!" Naruto yelled as Asami hugged him from the side as the others came in. "That was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen. That I didn't do."

She punched him before he pulled her in for a hug and pecked her on the lips.

The Wolf-Bats then entered the locker room. Tahno enters last and inhales deeply with an expression of disgust. "Ooh, oof. Do you boys smell something in here? Wait, I know what that is; yeah, that's the scent of losers."

Naruto then flipped him off as he let go of Korra before she turned to him. "I hope we see you in the finals. Then we'll know who the losers really are."

"Yeah, I'm peeing my pants over here."

Naruto quickly lifted a fist having Tahno flinch back. "I thought so."

The Wolf-Bats then enter the ring. "And now, the defending champs, the White Falls Wolf-bats!"

Korra growls at them, as Asami throws her arms around Naruto's neck.

"What a comeback, Korra. I've never seen a hat trick like that.

"Thanks!" Korra replied as she walked to the lockers. "But, if it hadn't been for you and your father, we wouldn't have had the chance to play. So thank you."

Bolin then sat down on a bench. "Uh, if everyone's done with the little 'thank you' party, I need some medical attention over here."

Korra turned around at that. "Ooh, let me help!" She walks over and places both hands on his shoulder. "Relax, I'm a healer!" She bends some water out of a bucket and puts it over Bolin's shoulder. "I learned from Katara, the best there is."

"No, no, oh- ooh! That's the stuff!" Bolin said as the pain started to go away after the water started to glow brightly.


"Your winners, the Wolf-bat!"

"What? How is it over already?" Korra asked, looking up after they heard the announcer.

They all walked up to see only the Wolf-Bats standing in the ring. "With a brutal round one knockout, the defending champs secure their spot in the finals. They saw the Mo Ce Mongoose Lizards being helped out of the pool by medics with stretchers. The waterbender on the team has a large hole in the glass of his helmet. "I hope the Ferrets know a good doctor, 'cause they're gonna need one!"

"No, they have to have done something illegal… the waterbender's helmet is broken," Naruto said leaning against the railing.

To Be Continued.

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