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Book One


Chapter VII

The Aftermath.

Although the Hundred Year War has long passed, we are not living in a time of peace. These revolutionaries who call themselves "Equalists" are not interested in equality at all. They just want to wage war against benders. Chief Beifong was supposed to protect Republic City, but she was powerless to stop Amon's attack on the arena. She has failed us all. If we are to survive these dire times, our law enforcement needs new leadership.

Republic City.

Naruto was reading the paper and saw the article of Tarrlok talking about the Equalists and Lin before looking up and saw city hall before walking inside.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Korra ran in the pro-bending arena that was under construction and ran up the stairs to see Mako and Bolin.

"I still can't believe they're shutting this place down."

"Yeah. We had some good memories here, didn't we?" Bolin asked as the two were packing their stuff into crates.

"Guys, great news!"

The two looked to see Korra in her coat come up the ladder into their loft. "You don't have to go back on the streets. I talked to Tenzin and made all the arrangements. You can come live on Air Temple Island with Naruto and me."

"Oh!" Mako exclaimed, hand on the back of his head. "We'd love to, but…"

"Asami already invited us to live in her dad's giant mansion!" Bolin interrupted his brother before standing and wrapped his arm around Mako's shoulder. From here on out, it's gonna be the lap of luxury for us!"

"Hey, Korra!"

Korra blinked before looking back to see Asami in a loft with Pabu. "I was hoping you'd stop by."

"Yeah, I was just leaving. So, I guess I'll see you guys around… Sometime." The Avatar said as Asami got down and walked to her.

"Why not tomorrow? I'd love to have you and Naruto come and visit the estate."

"I don't know," Korra spoke, remembering not being comfortable at places like that when she first got to the city. "We have some Avatar stuff to do-!" She stopped as Asami put her hands on Korra's hips and smiled. "Oh, come on~" Asami rubs her sides before continuing. "I want you to come see~"


"Great, we'll see you tomorrow," Asami said as Korra turned to leave.

Her eyes drifted to the Avatar's ass before she turned to go down the stairs.

Other Side Of The City, Warehouse.

A group of lizard crows is picking food off the ground in front of a dingy warehouse.


The lizard crows flew off before a police truck could run over them as it sped toward the warehouse. It bursts through the building's door, and Metalbenders break through the warehouse's windows and repel down to the ground. Additional forces come out of the truck while they stream through the building and pull tarps off of abandoned machinery.

One of them finds a table stacked with fliers bearing Amon's image. Another opens a crate to find it filled with the same electric gloves used to assault the Pro-Bending Arena. Lin then walked to the door as a male officer walked up. "Looks like our intel was good."

"There's enough evidence here to bury Cabbage Corp for an eternity." The man said as Lin sighed and looked down.

Cabbage Corps.

"This is an outrage!" A man in green clothing yelled as he was being arrested. "I'm innocent!"

"Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say."

Lin, who was in front, turned to see a group of reporters surrounding her. "Is it true that Cabbage Corp is conspiring with the Equalists?"

Lin put her hands on her hips before answering. "The evidence points in that direction, but the investigation is ongoing. For the time being, we have frozen Mr. Gan-Ian's assets and are closing Cabbage Corp."

"No! Not my Cabbage Corp!"

Later, Police Station.

Naruto and Korra sat on a bench.

"Hey, Korra."

They turned to see a depressed Tahno sitting on the bench beside them

"Tahno?" Korra asked before walking over. "Listen, I know we're not exactly best friends, but I'm sorry Amon took your bending."

"I've been to the best healers in the city. Whatever Amon did to me, it's permanent. You gotta get him for me.

"Mr. Sato"

They looked up to see Lin and Tenzin walking out with Hiroshi. "If you remember anything else about what you saw during Amon's attack, be sure to let us know."

"I'm happy to help any way I can. I want these Equalists to pay for what they've done."

Hiroshi left before Lin turned to Tahno. "We're ready for you now."

"See you around, Avatar," Tahno said with a salute and left.

"You all right?" Naruto asked Korra who sighed.

"I don't know… I wonder if I can stop Amon, whatever he's doing."

"I still think so," Naruto said walking over and grabbed her hand in his. "I refuse to believe he has something that only Aang could do."

He saw Korra wince slightly as she got a vision of Aang in his 40s sitting in a courtroom holding his hand out in pain.

Sato Mansion.

"Earthbending bomb!"

Inside the mansion at a small pool, Bolin jumped off a statue wearing a green and white horizontal striped full-body bathing suit and landed in the pool with a splash.

"Avatar Korra and Naruto have arrived."

Mako, wearing a red and black striped suit waved as he sat in the pool as Asami in a black one-piece dipped her feet in.

"Hey, Korra, Naruto!"

"Glad you made it!" Asami greeted as Bolin came back up.

"Welcome to paradise."

"Looks like you guys settled right in," Naruto said sitting on a bench before pulling Korra on his lap.

"Pretty much," Mako said before pointing over at Asami. "Except someone forgot to ask her father if we could stay here."

They both then got in to swim around. "Yeah, but I smoothed it over with him. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission."

"This is the greatest place in the world!" Bolin said as he and Pabu got out. "Watch this, watch this. Fetch me my towel, good sir!"

"Yes, Master… Bolin." The butler said as he picked up a towel.

"'Master Bolin.' I love this guy! Now, pat me dry." Bolin ordered holding his arms out.

"As you wish." The butler replied and patted him dry.

"Don't forget Master Pabu."

"Wouldn't dream of it, sir." He loops the towel over Pabu, who moves to Bolin's head, and speed-buffs the ferret. As soon as the towel is taken away, Pabu's fur puffs out. Bolin grins and jumps back into the water, making the Butler slump his shoulder with annoyance.

"So, what do you have planned for us today?" Korra asked Asami who swam over as Naruto held her waist. Let me guess. Shopping? Makeovers?"

"I vote for makeovers!" Bolin yelled as he got out

"I have something a little more exciting in mind," Asami replied as she got out, Naruto staring at the water that dripped into her cleavage before they walked out.

Asami was moving to walk in front of Naruto, swaying her hips and showing her suit rode up showing some of her cheeks. Both Naruto and Korra's eyes went to her ass before she turned to a changing room and smiled over her shoulder.

Outside, the group with Asami, and the brothers fully dressed walk to a professional driving course where they see where two racing Sato-mobiles jockey for the lead before they pass the finish line.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Asami asked crossing her arms

"Way cooler than a makeover," Korra said, glancing over.

"This is where Future industries test drives their Sato-mobiles," Asami explained to them. "Ever been behind the wheel?"

"The only thing I know how to drive is a polar bear-dog," Korra replied before Asami stood up.

"You want me to take you for a spin?"

"Let's do it."

They ran down and got into a Sato-mobile before another came and both revved their engines. A helmeted Korra sat in the back as Asami looked over at her opponent, and he smirks back. A referee waves the white starting flag, and both cars take off past him. The challenger, driving the red car, cuts Asami's gold car off on a turn they both take in a skid. They hit a straightaway as Asami smirks and guns the engine, passing her opponent.



Naruto looked back to see Asami is once again in second place. She gains on her opponent, but he notices and moves his car to block her. Asami's eyes narrow. She shifts gears and works the pedals to get more speed out of her vehicle. The car moves closer to the track's inside and creeps up. The wheels scrape up against the road's border, sending up sparks and smoke, but it continues to overtake the red car.

Korra looks at the scraping wheel with concern, then over at the other driver as she passes him. He guns his car forward, but his front wheel collides with Asami's rear wheel, pushing his car off balance and into a spin. The challenger falls behind as they continue onward. Korra looks back at the spinning red car, then forward at Asami with a big grin. Their car crosses the finish line, followed shortly by the still-spinning red car. Asami smiles and pulls into the pit.

Once the car comes to a stop, Korra hops out. Asami emerges more slowly, taking off her helmet.

"That was amazing!" Korra exclaimed before Naruto walked up to kiss her.

And had Asami break them up to kiss Naruto before pulling Korra into a kiss. "You can't be afraid to mix it up sometimes."

"I gotta admit, I had you pegged wrong," Korra said with a blush, still tasting Asami on her lips. "I thought you were kind of prissy. No offense."

"It's all right. People usually assume that I'm 'Daddy's helpless little girl,' but I can handle myself. I mean, I've been in self-defense classes since I was this high." She exclaimed, putting a hand to her knee. "My dad made sure I would always be able to protect myself."

"Smart guy," Naruto said before they turned to walk back to the mansion.

Once getting inside, Bolin ran inside down a hall. "Emergency! Emergency! Coming through!"

"Is there another bathroom I can use?" Korra asked Asami who nodded.

"We have a ladies' powder room upstairs. First door on your right. You can freshen up there."

"Thanks," Korra replied walking up the stairs as Naruto put his arm around Asami.

Later, in the restroom, Korra is washing her hands in the sink. She shuts off the water and dries with the towel, before noticing a powder puff beside the sink. With trepidation, she lifts the puff by its handle and raises it to her face. She hesitates, gazing at the unfamiliar instrument, then shuts her eyes and roughly slams the puff onto her face.

"(Cough! Cough! Cough!)"

A cloud of powder explodes outward completely hiding her whole upper body, sending Korra into a coughing fit. She walks out of the bathroom still coughing and waving floating powder from her face. Composing herself, she walked down the hall before stopping as she heard a muffled Hiroshi.

"No, no, I assure you. Everything is going exactly as planned." Korra walks to the door and looks around to make sure no one is watching before she peeks through the keyhole. "Mm, yes. Luckily the Cabbage Corp investigation has bought us enough time." Korra sees Hiroshi sitting at his desk with his back turned towards the door. "Trust me. By the end of the week, we'll be ready to strike."

Hiroshi slams the handset down on the phone, and Korra jumps up with alarm. Struggling with her thoughts, Korra then runs back down the hall.

In the main hall, the three teens are watching as Bolin poses for the butler, who is squirting perfume at Bolin before Korra runs past without even looking at them.


"You're leaving? But I thought-"

"Sorry, I forgot, I'm supposed to air sit… I mean baby-bend… I mean babysit the Airbender kids. See you later!" Korra said before leaving as Naruto followed after kissing Asami goodbye.

Later, that night, Naruto and Korra talked to Tenzin and Lin in the police building as she finished explaining what she heard. "So, you think Mr. Sato manufactured those gloves for the Equalists, then framed Cabbage Corp?" Tenzin asked as Lin put a hand on her hip.

"That's a bold accusation. But what proof do you have?"

"Well, I don't exactly have proof, but I know what I heard. Sato's up to something." Korra explained before Naruto looked over.

"It would be easy to frame a competitor the night of the attack. The cops were all at the arena, and we didn't even know about the gloves in the first place. People probably thought they were regular gloves and didn't think anything about it."

"He does have the means," Lin said, bringing her other hand to her chin. "And he has a motive."

"That's right," Tenzin said as Korra looked confused.

"A motive? What is it?" She asked before Tenzin spoke up to explain.

"Twelve years ago, the Agni Kai Triad robbed Sato's mansion. A Firebender killed Sato's wife during the break-in."

"That's terrible."

"It was tragic. He may be harboring anti-bending sentiment all this time." Tenzin finished as Lin looked down in thought.

"Maybe we should look at Mr. Sato a little more closely."


The group went into the mansion and up the stairs, passing Mako and Asami. "What's going on?" Mako asked the two. "Why are they asking Hiroshi more questions?"

"I overheard him on the phone yesterday. Asami, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think your father might be involved with the Equalists."

"What? I don't believe this!" Asami yelled while walking up the stairs.

"You spied on Hiroshi?" Mako asked Korra in disbelief. "What's your problem?"

"She just overheard him talking," Naruto said to Mako before walking up. "If it's about something else, then he has nothing to worry about."

He walked up the stairs just as Asami walked into her father's office. "My father is innocent! Just because we're not benders, doesn't mean we support those awful Equalists!"

"Equalists? Is that what this is about? I can assure you, I have nothing to do with those radicals." Hiroshi explained as Korra and Mako walked in

"Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about, Korra."

"Step back Mako," Naruto said over his shoulder before Korra pointed a finger at Hiroshi.

"I overheard you on the phone. You said the Cabbage Corp investigation bought you time, and you're getting ready to strike. Explain that!"

"This is all just a misunderstanding resulting from the young Avatar's overactive imagination. My number one competitor was knocked out of the game. It's providing me an opportunity to "strike" the market with a new line of Sato-mobiles. It's just business."

"He wasn't putting anything new out though," Naruto spoke up. "Plus most of the city uses your Sato-mobiles over his cheaper vehicles."

"To put all suspicions to rest, might we have a look into your factories and warehouses?" Tenzin asked Hiroshi who nodded.

"If you feel it's necessary, you are welcome to search all of Future industries."

Later, Late Evening.

"I can't believe we didn't find anything," Korra said, hopping off of Naga after checking out the last warehouse.

"It would appear Hiroshi is innocent," Lin said as Asami walked up.

"Okay, you did your search. Now you can all leave." She said before she left.

Behind them, a man is pulling the factory's large door closed. The view cuts close to this worker, and he turns around to look at Korra with intense eyes. He heads in her general direction, unnoticed by anyone. The worker purposefully walks right past Korra and discreetly puts a folded piece of paper in her free hand as he goes past.

Korra's fingers tighten around it reflexively, and her eyes go wide with surprise. She quickly brings the paper up to examine it, then looks around to see where it might have come from. She catches sight of the worker as he boards a truck, surrounded by several of his fellows in identical uniforms. One wave as the truck drives off.

Korra opens the paper and reads it, then quickly turns to Tenzin and offers him the note. "I think you guys should hear this."

Tenzin opened the note and read it out loud. "'If you want to find the truth, meet me under the north end of the Silk Road Bridge at midnight.'"

Midnight, Silk Road Bridge.

"Over here."

The group turned to see the worker behind a beam, collar picked up to hide his face. "Listen, I joined the Equalists because I believed in what Amon said. I thought he could make life better for us non-benders. But I didn't sign up for this… This war."

"What do you have on Hiroshi Sato?" Lin asked the man as he turned around to face them.

"He manufactured those gloves for the Equalists."

"I knew it!" Korra exclaimed as the man looked around.

"And there are rumors he's working on something even bigger… Some new kind of weapon."

"We searched all of Future industries and found nothing," Naruto spoke up as the man glanced at him.

"That's because he has a secret factory."


"It's right underneath the Sato mansion."

Later, the group is in an airship with Korra sitting at a wall before hearing Tenzin. "Raiding the Sato mansion is a risky move with Tarrlok breathing down your neck. If we're wrong…"

"Don't worry about Tarrlok."

The group glanced at Naruto who spoke up. "I just need you to go to City Hall at dawn tomorrow. I'm meeting with the members sans Tarrlok."


"Why does he get a security force while you guys don't have anything? With Amon out here, he could easily assassinate you all. Tenzin being the exception as the White Lotus is on the island because of Korra… I'm going to take the security force for my own."

"We can't let Amon get his hands on this new weapon," Lin said, getting their attention back on track.

Sato Mansion.

The group walked in with the police and saw Asami eating with Mako and Bolin. "What are you doing here?"

"We have reason to believe there's a factory hidden below the mansion."

"I think I would have noticed if there were a factory underneath my house. The lies you people come up with just to persecute my father…"

"Where is your father?" Naruto asked Asami who turned to him.

"In his workshop, behind the house."

Going outside to the building, they walked in to see it was empty. "Dad? Hello?" Asami asked, looking around before one policeman walked up to Lin.

"Chief, the estate has been secured. No one's left the workshop since we arrived."

"Perhaps we just couldn't see him leaving." Lin ambles out into the center of the room, her hands clasped behind her back. She stops, turns around, then abruptly raises her leg tight against her body. The bottom of her metal boot retracts, revealing the barefoot within, then she stomps down on the floor. "There's a tunnel beneath the workshop, running deep into the mountainside."

"What? There's no tunnel." Asami spoke up.

Lin looks down at the empty patch of floor, then takes an Earthbending stance and rips a metal square out of the floor with a wave of both arms. The entire group approaches the hole and looks down to see a braced, dark tunnel with an industrial elevator just below a flight of metal stairs.

"Do you think your dad knows about this tunnel?" Bolin asked Asami as she looked down.

"I don't understand. There must be an explanation."

"Maybe you don't know everything about your father," Korra spoke before walking to the stairs. "I'm sorry."

"Officers, into the tunnel. Be cautious. You three stay up here." Lin ordered the groups while leaving Asami, Mako, and Bolin up.

"It's probably better if you don't see what's down there," Naruto said, putting a hand on Asami's shoulder before following down the stairs.

"Officer Song, keep an eye on them."

Officer Song salutes while Lin goes to follow the other Metalbenders. Korra looks back at her friends, as she, Naruto, and Tenzin follow Lin.

Down below, the large elevator platform follows a rail down the diagonally descending tunnel. With a spotlight at the front of the elevator, and red emergency lighting throughout the shaft being the only light source. After a short ride, the elevator comes to a halt against a perpendicular walkway as the metal benders quickly follow it, moving in Bending stances.

They emerge into a brightly lit, massive room covered in crisscrossed metal bracing. Near the entrance, two massive banners bearing Amon's face hangs from a rafter. "Not your average backyard workshop," Naruto said looking around and saw a line of machines parked up against a wall.

Superficially human, they stand on legs that end in tank treads, boast a pair of massive clawed arms, and have bulbous heads that resemble first-generation diving helmets with large glass view-ports.

"And I'm guessing those are the new weapons," Korra spoke looking at the machines.

Naruto looked over one and saw plates that had been bolted together as armor for them. The view travels up and over the 'head,' turning around to show the group standing below at what seems like a significant vertical distance. The Metalbenders move to form a circle around Tenzin, Lin, and Korra.

"Hiroshi was lying, all right. But where is he?" Tenzin asked, looking around.

Suddenly, a metal wall pops up from the floor behind them and completely cuts off the whole end of the room with most of the lights going out. Lin ran over and tried to metal bend the wall.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to metalbend that wall, Chief Beifong."

They turned to see Hiroshi behind them in one of his machines. "It's solid platinum. My mecha-tanks are platinum as well. Not even your renowned mother could bend metal so pure."

"Hiroshi, I knew you were a lying, no-good Equalist!" Korra yelled at the man. "Come out here and..."

"And do what, young Avatar? Face the wrath of your bending? No, I think I'll fight from inside here where my odds are a little more… Equal."

"That source was a setup. You lured us down here!" Naruto said, bringing his hands up.

"Guilty as charged."

Hiroshi pushes one of the control levers, and his mecha tank shoots out a grappling claw. Naruto, Lin, Tenzin, and Korra all jump out of the way. The other mecha tanks move in. One smashes a claw down toward a group of Metalbenders, but they dodge and shoot out their whips to entangle the mecha tank. Two other Metalbenders tangle up another of the vehicles, while Lin dodges another grappling hook attack and leaps up into the air above it.

As she arcs through the air, she deploys large metal wrist blades out of her armor. As she lands on the mecha tank, she punches at the cockpit's main window and drives the blade in as far as it will reach. The masked Equalist shifts out of the way of the blade. More blade attacks burst in through the various windows, keeping the driver from doing anything but twisting around in fright.

Naruto meanwhile ran around the tanks and had them accidentally hit each other before coming to a long crate. He dived over it, put his hands on the other end, and tucked his legs to land on the floor. He then ran to another mech before dropping down to slide under it and came to crates stacked up before running on each one and jumped up to a scaffold.

He flipped up to it and ran down it. Meanwhile, Lin continues to stab away as the mecha tank rolls backward into the scaffolding. "Bad day, bad day, bad day!" Naruto yelled, running down a bent beam before jumping and landing in a roll.

Up with Korra, she firebends at Hiroshi's mecha tank, having the humanoid vehicle roll forward with hesitation, but then is pushed back by a burst of air that comes from over Korra's shoulder. She looks back to see Tenzin in an Airbending stance, while Metalbenders are still wrangling mecha tanks behind them. Tenzin moves towards Korra, each step carrying him into a different attack that unleashes powerful bursts of wind.

The Metalbenders are pulling at their whips, grunting with exertion, but they're starting to be pulled forward by their quarry. One even carves Earthbending gouges in the floor with his feet, but that fails to keep him in place. His spool of metal whip-wire starting to smoke from the wire is yanked continuously by the struggle. Suddenly, electricity emanates from the tanks claw, traveling up the metal wire and shocking the Metalbenders, having them scream.

Lin, still stabbing away at her unmoving mecha tank target despite having already shattered every window, turns to see what's going on and is immediately struck by one of the projectile grappling claws. She is thrown off her mecha tank, crashes and bounces off the nearby scaffolding, and then is yanked flying into the air by another mecha tank.

Naruto sees her and runs before jumping off a crate and had gusts of wind shot out of his feet before catching her and landing in a crouch. He was then hit with a wire and both of them were shocked. "AAH!"

On the other side, Korra and Tenzin are double-teaming another mecha tank. It's pushed up against a wall, struggling against continuous fire and air blasts. Hiroshi growls and pushes both his control levels forward. One of the mecha tanks grappling-claws shoot forward at Korra, but she dodges with a series of backward flips that carry her out of the claw's continuing path.

She Earthbends a chunk of the floor into the air and fires it back at the mecha tank, but another claw comes at her from behind and catches her. She is pushed flying into some of the metal machinery on the far side of the factory and bounces off.


As Korra falls, Tenzin shoots out a swirling sphere of air that catches her and lands her softly on the ground. Seeing her safe, Tenzin turns back to the mecha tank and dodges another grappling-claw attack. The tank rolls forward while firing its claws again as another mecha tank joins the attack. Tenzin once again dodges all the claws and jumps into an Airbending move that summons a giant, spinning wind-wheel around him.

Tenzin rides it forward and avoids another claw, then leaps into the air. Hiroshi's mecha tank stops and fires a metal disc that deploys small, whip-like tendrils. It catches Tenzin as he spins through the air in preparation for another counter-attack, wrapping around and electrocuting him.

Hiroshi's tank comes to a stop, and the front opens into a series of panels that lets him climb out. Hiroshi steps down onto the factory floor and looks at his defeated enemies as Amon's Lieutenant steps forward to join him. "Well, I'd say that was a near-flawless test run. Load everyone into the transport and deliver them to Amon."

As the Equalists continue their work, Mako and Bolin sneak up after tying up the cop upstairs, stopping to hide behind a large cylindrical tank. After pausing to make sure they haven't been spotted, they run out to the others. Bolin gets Tenzin and hauls the Airbender up onto his back, audibly struggling with the weight, while Mako lifts Korra on his own back. Then they both lean down, Bolin grabbing Naruto's arm, while Mako grabs Lin's.

"Not so fast, boys."

They turned to see Hiroshi with gloves that sparkled with electricity as well as the Lieutenant.

"Hello, Mr. Sato. Wow, what a really swell, scary factory you have here under your giant mansion." Bolin spoke, dropping Naruto's arm.

"Sponsoring our team, supporting the Avatar… it was all just a big cover," Mako explained as he nodded.

"Yes, and the most difficult part was watching my daughter traipse around with a bender!"

"Dad, stop!"

They turned to see Asami standing behind Hiroshi. "Why?"

"Sweetie, I wanted to keep you out of this for as long as I could, but now that you know the truth, please forgive me," Hiroshi explained before pointing to the others. "These people… These benders… They took away your mother, the love of my life. They've ruined the world! But with Amon, we can fix it and build a perfect world together. We can help people like us, everywhere!" He then took a glove off and held it out to her. "Join me, Asami."

Asami just stares, her eyes glistening with unshed tears as she slowly moves towards her father. She looks at the glove for a moment and reaches out a trembling hand. Mako, a groggy Korra, and Bolin all watch her. Asami takes the glove and slips it on.


"I love you, Dad."

Asami closes her eyes and turns her head, then shoves her gloved hand against Hiroshi's chest and hits him with a massive burst of electricity. He screams and then falls. As soon as he's down, the Lieutenant rushes over and tries to attack Asami with his sticks, but she gives a high kick that pushes his first blow out of the way.

She stops his second attack by grabbing his wrist and twists him around in an Aikido move that both brings him to his knees and shocks him with the glove. He collapses to the ground with a scream of his own. Mako and Korra stare with stunned, slack-jawed expressions. Two of the mecha tanks turn to view the commotion.

"Let's get out of here!"

The group follows Mako into a run. They hop down through the hole Bolin made before to get in. Just as Asami is escaping, leaving only Bolin, one of the mecha tanks fires off a series of electrified bola disks. Before the first one lands, Bolin hops down the hole and pulls it shut behind him by Earthbending an adjacent slab of the floor over like a door.

Outside, everyone got on an airship before flying away from the Sato estate. Within, Asami watches through the windows as her home shrinks away. She looks devastated and clutches a pole for support. Naruto slowly sat up before walking up and hugged her.

"My Metalbenders are on their way to Amon, and it's all my fault," Lin spoke as she laid on one of the benches. "Tarrlok's right, I failed as chief. First thing in the morning, I'm handing in my resignation."

"No! You can't give up like this," Tenzin yelled at her, forcing her to sit up with a wince. "I'm not giving up. I'm going to find my officers and take Amon down. But I'm going to do it my way, outside the law."

"So, does your offer to live at the Air Temple still stand?" Mako spoke to Korra who nodded.

"Of course it does. And Asami's welcome, too."

"Thank you so much."

"After everything, she's been through, she's going to need us, Mako," Korra said, looking at Naruto and Asami while they flew to the city.

To Be Continued.

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