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"Who are you?" Rogue asked, staring at the girl as she drove down the road. Logan was unconscious in the backseat of the car.

"My name is Ket. I'm a mutant, I know both of you are, and this guy needs help. We need to get him to a hospital, not to your house." Rogue stared at Ket, who was driving fast.

"I live in a school, it has a hospital for mutants. They handle these kind of things. What kind of mutant are you?"

"I can lift a sixteen-wheeler loaded with wood up without much difficulty and I can tell who is a mutant and what their powers are. If I'm a mutant in any other way I don't know about it. Where is your school?"

"Oh," Rogue said. "Right up here. Turn left and then right up here. Where do you come from?" Ket turned the car, but didn't answer. Her face was hard, staring straight ahead. Rogue also fell silent, looking back at Logan.

"You have a psychic running your school?" Ket asked suddenly. Rogue nodded.

"How did you know?" She asked.

"He knows we are here, and right now he is finding out who I am, and my whole life history. I don't trust psychics, they find out more of me than I want them to." Ket turned into a long driveway. Ahead were the giant gates of Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted. Ket stared at the gates as they slowly opened, and she slowly drove in and then parked outside the garage. The girls got out and Ket picked up Logan, slamming the car door with her foot as she walked up to the front door.

Rogue opened the door and she and Ket walked in.

"There may be someone in the kitchen." Rogue said. Ket looked around and then smiled.

"Do you know a teleporter?" she asked. Rogue nodded. "He's right above our heads." Rogue looked up to see a man, covered in blue fur and blue tattoo's hanging off a light hanging from the ceiling. He looked down in bewilderment at Ket, who still held Logan. Then he dropped.

"Hi Kurt." Rogue said. He looked at her, still confused.

"Who is she?" he asked in a thick German accent.

"Hi Kurt," Ket replied. "I'm Ket." The guy looked at her.

"Vot happened to Logan?" He asked, standing up. Rogue was about to reply when a voice sounded behind them.

"Exactly what I would like to know." The three turned around to see Scott Summers standing in the hallway, Aurora standing behind him. Scott had his visors on, and they were aimed directly at Ket. Rogue rushed up to the white hared woman who went by Storm more than her own name.

"Storm!" Rogue cried. "We went to the mall and was attacked by a mutant with powers like me!" Ket walked closer but then stopped as Scott moved his hand.

"Give Logan to Kurt." He said. Ket nodded and slowly walked towards the blue man, handing Logan over and then backing away, hands up. Kurt rushed back, carrying Logan. Storm took one look at him and herded Kurt and Rogue out.

"He needs help, immediately. Get him downstairs. You come to, Rogue." The three rushed out, leaving Ket with Scott, who was still ready to blast the girl through the wall if he needed to. Ket wasn't sure what to do, knowing exactly what the mutant could do to her. She looked around at the huge halls. Scott was also unsure of what to do. He didn't know if this girl was the original attacker or just someone who helped his friends.

"Er," Ket said. Scott cut her off.

"Who are you?" he asked. Before Ket could answer an old bald man in a wheel chair appeared, smiling.

"Her real name is Ket Kenton, and she isn't much of a threat to us, Scott."

"Professor!" Scott said, turning around in surprise. Ket had already decided this was Professor Xavier, and she knew that he was the psychic that had been reading her mind on the drive in. She resented his last statement, thinking of her life before, and what she could do to these people. She had, after all, saved two mutants from the creep in the mall, the guy had almost been killed and she wasn't hurt at all.

The Professor smiled, the girl was obviously upset that he had stated she wasn't a threat, he didn't need to read her mind to know that. "You are welcome to stay here, Ket." He said. He shot Scott a glance so he would take his hand away from his visors.

"Nah," said Ket, still on edge. "I think I'll be leaving soon." This place was full of mutants, all kinds of mutants. She wasn't a people person, she dressed similar to a gangster to scare them off, though she had gotten a bit attached to the jacket. She put her hand in her pocket, fingering her knife. It was an insurance for her, she was fine anywhere with the knife.

The blade was special, never dulling and cutting through anything, and the handle was turquoise colored marble, matching her hair. Carved into the handle was an eight-point star, Ket's symbol. The knife was her pride, as she had cared for it since she was very young. No one could wield it like she could, and it seemed to have a mind of it's own when she used it in fights.

"Who are you?" Scott asked. Ket looked at him.

"Your Professor already told you." She replied, though she knew what he meant.

"No, I meant your history. Where do you come from? Why did you help Logan and Rogue?" Ket glared at him.

"I helped those two because they needed it. Where I came from is none of your business," she turned her gaze to the Professor. "Or yours." Then she turned and walked back out the door.

"Let her go," Professor Xavier said as Scott began to follow her. "She's just going outside, she's not leaving until she knows that Logan will be ok."

"she's got his people skills." Scott said.

"Oh, I think you'll get along with her. She's much better with people then what we just saw. I thinking in a place for mutants is unsettling her."

Scott looked at the door. "Where does she come from?" he asked.

"Hell," replied the old man. Then he left and would say no more.