The X Men stood on one side of Ket, Magneto and his companions on the other. They told her to choose, become an X Man or a part of the Brotherhood. Her turquoise handled knife flicked in and out as she thought about it.

The Brotherhood sounded far more fun than living at a school, yet she wasn't sure she liked Magneto enough to actually talk to him every day. Then again she wasn't that sure about talking to the X Men every day either. They wanted her to choose now, and she knew that she wouldn't get another chance.

Then she though of an idea, a great idea that would definitely piss both of the teams off. She cleared her throat loudly and everyone looked straight at her. She turned towards Magneto, flipped him the bird, then turned towards the X Men.

"I aint coming with you either, so don't look so damn happy." She said. Justin looked shocked, they all starred at her. "I'm going on my own, and if anyone tries to stop me, they might as well kill themselves, cause I'll make their death allot more painful."

Then, with one last look at the two groups of mutants, Ket walked into the woods, vanishing into the dark. Jeez, that felt good. She didn't need anyone but herself and her knife, as long as she had it she could get through anything. Anything.

Weeks went by, and the X Men and the Brotherhood both got over the shock of Ket's answer, neither hearing a word from the young mutant. One day the X Men were sent to stop Magneto from blowing up a nuclear power plant.

The fighting as usual was about a tie, neither side really winning. But then Pyro found the nuclear room, and suddenly the X Men found themselves in a room ready to explode without any real prodding. It was a face off that Magneto was about to win. Pyro grinned as he laid down a small stack of dynamite, setting it for one minute.

The two mutants headed for the exit immediately, but found it blocked by a girl with white and turquoise hair, wearing a leather jacket with a glass knife in her hand, one Magneto was powerless against. She smiled at them, then took out another, smaller glass knife and chucked it, slicing the timer on the bomb in two and disabling it. She grinned at them.

"Now what are you doing here, Magnet?" she asked. They all starred at her in amazement.

"Ket?!" Scott cried, almost falling over. Ket raised and eyebrow.

"Hey Scott." She said, taking out a cigarette she calmly lit it and blew smoke in Magneto's face. She moved inside, holding the knife out and making him and Pyro back up from its sharp edge.

"Get out," she said, pointing the knife at the door. "And don't interrupt me again." Magneto and Pyro glared at her, and walked out. Ket put her see through knife away, taking out her turquoise handled one. The X Men just starred at her.

"What are you doing here?" Scott asked. Ket frowned.

"Well, I was trying to get a job. But then you all came and interrupted my interview. Oh well, I don't think I would have gotten it anyway." Logan chuckled.

"Well, I would be scared if I knew you were working in a nuclear power plant." He said. Ket also laughed, seeming to be in high spirits that day.

"I guess so. Then you'd have to come after me for something." She said, taking another drag from her cigarette.

"I though you quit smoking," Scott said irritably.

"I did, I just started up again. Sorry." She replied.

"Are the police still after you?" Kurt asked. Ket laughed.

"Nope, this insane guy pleaded guilty to the crimes and somehow in this messed up system I got off. I sent off a fax to my old judge explaining my feeling towards him, it really helped. Besides, I saved a whole bunch of people on the subway a few days ago. Did ya see it in the news?" Scott shook his head, and Ket laughed again. "That's because the train didn't wreck. I was supposed to get some dumb 'good citizen' ribbon or something today from the mayor of New York City, but it's shit I don't have time for."

"Are you coming back to the school with us?" Storm asked. Ket glared at her.

"I already told you, I'm on my own. So no, I'm not going back with you." She said.

"But-" Scott began.

"No." Ket said forcefully. Then she turned and walked out of the room, though a second later she stuck her head back in.

"Watch out for me," she said. "I have a feeling it won't be this easy to get rid of you lot. We'll meet again. And you come up with something better to say next time you see me. I think we can all safely know there's only one Ket, so get creative." She told Scott. Then she vanished, just like she had in the woods. She seemed to appear and vanish in an instant, and everyone, especially Scott, knew they would see her again.


Oh, ha ha. Ok, I know the vote ended everyone going for her to join the X Men, but several off you brought up good points. 1) No, Ket doesn't follow anyone like a sheep, I want her to stay like that. 2) Several of you voted for her to tell everyone to fuck off and leave to go on her own, so though I didn't use the exact language, I still counted those as votes. 3) She still is leaning more to the X Men, obviously she was going to help them more than Magneto, so in a kind of way she did join them, even if she denies it and doesn't go to the school at all, lol.

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