This is my second fic and I'm using it to kind of take a break from another one I'm working on. I named this fic "Lets Get Lost" after the song by Beck and Bat for Lashes. It's from the Eclipse soundtrack.

This is an AU fic so facts and maybe even some lore will be different.

Also, I'm saying this right now--just because Bella describes Edward's hair as "bronze" does not mean I'm going to describe Renesmee's hair as bronze. Its fucking red. SMH, Bronze? Seriously?


My heart roared my ears, the thud of my feet hitting the ground drowned out by my panting. How long have I been running? Hours. They've been chasing me for hours.

No, not chasing. Toying with me. Playing a sick game of cat and mouse. If they wanted to catch me right away they would have. I was fast, but they were faster. Why? Why did I have to provoke them? God, Dad was right! I needed to think before I speak and stop running my mouth.

My legs ached. The sensation was new. I wasn't used to be uncomfortable, much less strained. My breathing felt sharp, almost painful as I dragged air into my lungs. Behind me, I could hear faint laughter.

The forest here was thicker, the air thinner because of the higher altitude. I had no cell phone, no plan and no way to get myself out of this situation. I was stuck and that meant I was dead.

"Oh, little Culllllleeeeeen!" More laughter, male laughter, as I was followed. "Come back and play, Cullen!"

Play? Play? Jeez, what was this, some serial killer movie? I mean, could they get anymore troped? Two blood hungry vampires playing with their food?

"Be original you Lost Boys rip off!" I screamed at them as I toppled forward onto my hands and knees. I didn't hesitate to push myself back up, narrowly ducking a sudden swipe of a pale arm. It collided with a tree trunk instead, where my head had been, and wood splintered around me.

I had barley taken a step before I was jerked back by the long length of my hair. They grabbed so forcefully I screamed in pain. Then I was being dragged through dirt by my hair, crying and sobbing like a scared child.

I am a scared child!

The vampire threw me against the trunk of another tree, this one thicker around. I tried to get back up but his bare foot caught my shoulder and I was forced back down.

There was only two. Nomads, from their mismatched outfits in varying sizes. They were brothers, I could tell. They looked close enough bot not identical with harsh, square jaws and Roman noses. Their hair colors, though both dark, were different shades. One was taller.

"I've had my fun, Chester." The taller one informed the other. "I'd rather feed now."

Chester smiled down at me. "Want us to call mommy and daddy? I hear the Cullens are loaded. Maybe we can sell her body back to them."

I flinched.

The tall one frowned. "What good does money do us?"

"I don't know, decent clothes?" Chester scoffed

I held up my shaking hands. "Boys, come on! You don't want to eat me, I'm like you! Isn't this technically cannibalism?" My voice was weak, making my attempt even more pathetic.

Chester gave me an annoyed look. "We're vampires. We drink blood to survive. That's a form of cannibalism, idiot."

"I don't taste good. I drink and smoke and do drugs and oh my god please don't eat me!" I scooted back further away, my back pressing firmly against the tree as I begged them for my life.

The tall one hesitated, his face flashing with some sympathy. I turned to him instead. "My name is Renesmee, okay? I'm barley eighteen, I just turned eighteen, okay? How many years have you had? Decades? Centuries?"

"Decades." He scratched the back of his permanent mullet. "I was eighteen, too."

"Lyle!" Chester snapped. "Dont sympathize with the meal!"

I flinched. "I am not a meal!" I screeched at him, angry now. "I'm a person!"

"Is this that vegan shit your coven does? Is this why you don't feed on humans?" Lyle asked me.

Chester crouched down and sniffed me, then grinned. "Hypocrite. I can smell the kill on you. How is your daddy gonna react when he finds out you fed on a human?"

My face burned. "It was consenual!" I snapped.

"Just a taste." Lyle whispered, crouching down and grabbing my scrawny arm. His skin was cool, hard. I tried to tug it away. "We just wanna know what a hybrid taste like. Then we'll let you go."

Chester threw him a dirty look. "No, we wont."

"Yes, we will. You wanna be on the receiving end of the Cullens? They're the biggest coven in North America." Lyle hissed at him.

"And just biting her is better? If we kill her, rhey won't know who did it."

Fuck fuck fuck fuck!

"Might I suggest not doing either?" I squeaked.

Chester rolled his eyes. "Whatever, hippie" he gripped my arm tighter. I braced for it, closing my eyes tightly and squaring my shoulders. Serena had told me I wouldn't turn into full vampire, but the venom would hurt like a bitch for days until it died off because it couldn't infect anything. She showed me the scar from where her father bit her, curious as to what would happen.

I didn't want scars.

I didn't want the pain.

I didn't want the death.

Chester and Lyle's bite never came, but I could feel them hesjtate with open mouths over my arms. They pulled back suddenly, turning away from me.

"Hear that?" Lyle asked quietly.

I opened my eyes but was blinded by tears. The sweeping sensation of relief didn't come, however because when I blinked away the tears I spied a monster in the dark.

It watched us, the moonlight reflecting off its eyes. It was huge--huge. A low growling sound permeated the air, threatening and deadly. It took one step out of the shadows, stepping into a stream of light that came from the parting in the canopy of threes above.

Silver light beamed down on a canine muzzle, lips pulled back to reveal razor sharp teeth the length of short knifes. The animal, the size of a fucking horse, looked deranged. Dried blood was on its face, matting its fur. It's eyes, almost black, were full of pure hate.

Lyle stood up. "Thats a big dog, Chester."

Chester stood, too. "Thats a stinky dog, Lyle."

Lyle took a step towards it. "Yeah, it don't smell right..."

I looked between the two brothers, holding my breath and silently slipped away. I crab walked at first, getting a few feet before Chester suddenly remembered me and lurched. He grabbed my feet, hauling me back. "Lyle, go kill the wolf."

"Get off me!" I screamed at him, kicking him in the face. He straddled me, his hands pinning mine on either side of my head. I pushed back with all my might and Chester seemed taken aback when I almost threw him off me but he doubled down. His hand released my arm just to reel back and smack me across the face.

It hurt. Alot.

"Lets get this over with, huh?" Chester crooned to me.

"My family will fucking kill you!" I seethed up at him, fear and rage mingling to boil my blood.

Before Chester could answer, a short scream from Lyle made him whip his head around. He was off of me in a second, going to his brother's rescue. The and chomping noises were unmistakable. I sat up, getting a glimpse of the wolf as he impossibly tore the vampire to shreds.

Chester charged him, but I didnt stick around to wait and see who won.

I ran, even harder than before I was caught but somehow it felt slower. I was exhausted and weaker. I had lost my bearings, didn't know these woods.. How would I get back? I had to get to people, alot of people because no vampire would be so stupid to attack in a crowd.

Yeah, I'd escape and call my dad and beg him to come get me. Yup, that's what I would do. I would hide in my room for a few weeks and then pretend for the rest of my life like I didn't just fail being an independent adult at all. I would go to any high school they told me to go to, I wouldn't talk back, I'd try more with Mom, I'd just be better...!

As I ran, I could see it. The big midcentury modern house my coven inhabited, the one I left a few months ago. Everyone gathered around for Friday movie night. They would let me pick first, they always did...

I fell to my knees, wheezing and shaking as I tried to suck in air. Relief. Anything to help this pain and fear. I cried into the dirt like a scared little kid, home sick and frightened.

My sobs came to a halt when I heard the slightest sound. A heartbeat. Thud thud...thud thud...thud thud.... The sweetest scent, the most mouthwatering one. My whole body came alive again, giving me the energy to push myself up and look...

The wolf growled at me from the darkness, a pale vampire hand trapped in its jaws.

A giant wolf who killed two vampires and I was next.

"Please don't." The words came out hoarse and broken. I backed away oh so slowly, holding out my hands. "Please dont."

The wolf stepped forward, dropping the hand. It's fingers wiggled as it hit the dirt. I jumped back, my back coming up against anothrr tree. Trapped yet again by a tree.

"Dont." I pleaded again.

The wolf towered over me, moving slower and slower as it came into my personal space. I shied downward, closing my eyes as it's nose skimmed over my cheek. It sniffed me.

No. No, this motherfucking wolf was not going to eat me. I was not going to die by a wolf in the goddamn forest--I was going to go home, take a bath and cry!

"GET OFF!" I screamed and shoved the wolf back, screaming and hollering as loud as possible hoping to scare it. I glared right in his eye.. "No one but me gets to kill me you--you mutt!"

The eyes widened and the animal didn't react. I screamed at it again, waving my arms but it just stared at me. It didn't even growl. Eventually, I put my arms down and stared baxk at it.

"Well?' I scoffed.

Something happened... The wolf began to shimmer. He was five or six feet from me and I could feel the heat, like opening an oven and getting blasted in the face. I watched as his form blurred, defying any possible scientific explanation (says the vampire hybrid) I barley blinked and suddenly it wasn't a wolf standing there.

It was a man.

A very...very naked, hairy man. I rubbed my eyes, doing a double take but yes, it really was a naked man.

His skin was dark. It was a warm, bronze color. His body was muscular as hell and he seemed a bit thin, but in the sense of hard living and hunger. His shoulders were broad and his body was long. The hair on his head was long, black and extremely matted. I couldnt see his eyes, or much of his face past the chest length beard.

The forest was quiet, the world was quiet. I stood rooted to that spot, feeling like every tiny cell in my body was all at once relaxing. I felt safe. I felt relief. I didnt speak, though. What called for this?

The werewolf spoke. His words were hoarse and short, like he hasn't spoken in a very long time. "Its...It's you." He breathed.

Then he fell forward, face planting in the dirt.