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Summary: Shawn Michael's sister enters the world of wrestling as guess what? A writer, but it becomes much more then that and her relationships begin to suffer because of it.

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"I'm putting my name in and applying for the apartment you advertised. It said here that you live with three other guys. It's a wonderful apartment but it makes me wonder what you want with a female roommate?"

"Variety, plus we have this whole basement and we all live upstairs, so why not rent it out right? We are hardly ever home as it is now and we want someone we can trust to stay here. Who better then a woman?"

"Well I'm serious about getting this apartment, so just tell me what I have to do and what I need to sign and I'm in."

"Let me get the other guys so they can decide for the record if you are the one that should be here."

Matt called Adam, Jason and Jeff into the room. They sat in a little huddle for a few minutes and then came and told Angel she could move in whenever they were home, because they wanted to be able to help her.

"We all have next Saturday off, so if you want, we can move you in then." Matt said smiling at her.

"That works for me as long as it's all good for you guys. I wouldn't mind the help moving in either. I can carry a lot of weight but not for all the big stuff I have. Four extra pairs of hands will be a blessing."

Jason watched Angel as she spoke. There was something about her, shining off her making her radiant. She knew what she wanted and went after it. Maybe it was time he started coming home after shows. If anything, he could keep her company. He looked up at the other guys to check their expressions. Adam seemed non chalant about it, but that was because he had a girlfriend and wouldn't think of ever touching the new girl. Jeff's was harder to read, He looked absolutely taken in, just like him with their new roommate, but at the same time he looked serious, untrusting even. Matt looked excited, but that's because he always wanted a female around. Amy was so close to being one of the guys, Matt just wanted a real girl around and close by. This was going to be one heck of a living arrangement.

"Come on guys; let's let Angel get back to her life. We have to get ready for the show tonight. Thank God we don't have to drive far tonight. Angel, if you need anything, here's my cell number, and your new keys to the basement entrance. Oh! Here's an upstairs key too, so you can keep an eye on stuff while we are gone. So we will for sure see you on Saturday then?"

"You will Matt. It was nice to meet the rest of you. Jason, Jeff and Adam, have a good show tonight guys." She smiled as they all went off to gather their stuff.

The four guys left and hopped into Jeff's Corvette. It seemed good that everyone made enough money to buy their own good cars. The guys might be floored by Angel's 2001 Porsche Boxster. It was her pride and joy and who knew, if she liked these guys, she might even let them drive it.

Angel decided to explore the grounds and the rest of the house before leaving. It might be nice to know who she was getting herself involved with. She hopped the stairs and immediately saw Adam's room. Adam was originally from Canada, so he had hockey memorabilia everywhere, and also pictures of his girlfriend. It might be nice to have another girl in the house so that it didn't get overpopulated with testosterone. She made sure to close the door and came to what seemed to be Jeff and Matt's bathroom. Jeff's dye seemed to be everywhere, not to mention all of the clothes. You can certainly learn about someone by the way they live, and these two lived like pigs. She couldn't wait to see the other rooms now.

There were pictures lining the walls of the hallway. She noticed pictures of Matt and Jeff as kids and others with their dad. She also saw Adam in a picture that looked like it was taken in Toronto, in what looked like a wrestling school. Jason's pictures were ones from high school, almost like a prom or graduation because he was dressed to the nines.

She walked to the next bedroom and saw bunk beds, which indicated a shared room. She went inside and saw more pictures of Matt and Jeff. There were also some of another guy that she didn't quite recognize, standing with Matt and Jeff.

'This almost feels like an invasion, me being in here. I hardly know these people, what was I thinking?'

She continued down the hallway and saw the final room belonging to Jason. It was completely astounding what she found inside. It was the neatest guy's room she thought she'd ever seen. Maybe living with these guys wouldn't be all that bad, or hard. They cared about each other on different levels and that meant a lot in a place she was going to be living in.

The phone starting ringing, and hoping the guys wouldn't mind, she ran to pick it up.


"Who is this?" the male voice questioned.

"My name's Angel. I'm the new roommate, or soon to be roommate. I'm living in the basement. Why? Who is this?"

"It's Shane. I was looking for Matt or Jeff. I can always track them down later."

"Shane Helms right? Matt told me earlier that you might call and you can call him on his cell. He's on his way to the house show."

"Yeah that's right. I'm not on it tonight so I forgot all about it. Thanks a lot Angel. Hope to meet you soon!"


When they arrived at the arena, they were shocked to see Vince waiting in the locker room area, greeting everyone.

"Now what's this all about? Did something bad happen and Vince is here doing damage control?" Jeff asked.

They almost never saw Vince at house shows performances. He usually didn't even show up on Raw or Smack down anymore, unless there was a meeting or a change of script that needed his approval.

"Hello Gentleman, can you please go straight down the hall to the boardroom, we will be having a meeting." Vince said in that thick voice he used when he was dead serious.

As they walked down the winding hallway to the boardroom, each of the guys was lost in thought over what this meeting could possibly have to do with them. Jason was lost over this whole meeting because him and Chris Irvine were an on again off again tag team and he was loving the angle and where it was going. Why change something that worked out so well for everyone involved? Even the fans had loved to hate it.

Matt was worried because he was going to be pushed to Smack down and he was going to be with his best friend Shannon Moore, and he really didn't want to be split from him before they had a chance to do some great things. They had been friends for over ten years and they had a good time riding the road together.

Adam saw it as a good thing. Maybe Vince wanted to get everyone together one last time interpromotionally to send out a thank you for all the ball busting they did, day in and day out. Out of the four, Jeff was the most concerned about this meeting. The people that wrote on Raw weren't pushing him and he was losing a lot of matches on his own. Would they want to let him go? Maybe it just wasn't time for Jeff Hardy anymore.

For the four guys, arriving at the arena might have just been the worst thing that they had ever done. They reached the locker room area and walked into the boardroom. It was time to face the music.


'God I can't believe I forgot that Vince wanted me to show up at the meeting tonight. I'm going to be so late. I should have just tagged along with the guys like a groupie.'

She pulled up in front of the arena, visually trying to remember where she was parking. She ran through the security check and showed her WWE press pass to the guards. She was glad Vince had given her one of them before she'd come. Running through the back she realized she didn't know where to go next. She glanced down the hallway and saw Jim Ross standing in close conversation with Chris Irvine, and decided this was her chance to ask where to go, before Vince killed her for being so late on her first day.

"Jim, where do I go next? I know Vince is going to kill me for being so late. Hi, I'm Angel Michaels." Angel said turning to face Chris.

Shaking Chris's hand she waited for Jim's response. She was hoping that he wasn't mad at her now too, for being so late.

"Down the hall, second door to your right." Jim replied going back to his conversation with Chris.

Taking her leave she made her way down the hall. It was now do or die time. She only hoped that Vince wasn't going to be too angry she was late.


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