A/N: This is just a note of thanks, which I do on every story. I think since I ended this one so well, and shocked a lot of you, that I will bring it back for another installment. So here goes the list of thanks to all my peeps. If you review after the fact and aren't on here, I am thanking you now!



Nina- you were the first reviewer that asked where Shawn was. He didn't come in until later, but I think overall I put him in there enough to make the story work, since it wasn't about Shawn anyway. Since Shawn was my own personal wet dream when I was younger, I think I might just have to do a story for you based around him now! But thank you for the reviews and well thanks for kicking ass!

Katy (Princess Muse)- OMG! You have been with it since day one, and for that I thank you. I think getting your reviews were the best because without even knowing you were doing it, you were feeding me on to finish it even when I didn't want to. So thank you so much for that and for wanting another Angel story. You get what you ask for, so sooner then later you'll be getting another one! I cannot disappoint my biggest fans now can I?

Kathryn- you've been around for like three of my stories thus far and for that I thank you. I think you feeding me on with your cherry on top line was what kept me going along with Katy's comments and ideas. I hope that I can always write as good as I am now, so that people as great as you can read it and review it, and just keep me going. It's good to have people that just stick with you at all times. It makes ya feel pretty damn good, so thank you!

Hardyzgurl1- With just three words, you were good for my ego. Plz write more, was all you said all those times, and I did it damn it, and I hope now that it's the end that you enjoyed it. Thank you.

Dawn- I like it when the people that aren't signed on in fanfic review, and you were one of them, so thank you so much for getting into it. Hope you liked it as much as I did writing it.

Mallory- you gave me the idea for Lindsay! So if anyone wants credit for that it should be you, so thank you for the amazing idea and well I hoped you tuned in to see how bad I made him. He was a good part to the story because he made her that much stronger and also at the same times more vulnerable. So thank you for the ideas and the reviews!

HurricaneGurl41- I loved FALLEN! And it's on my site, so yay me! But none the less, you are my sister, and thank you for all the reviews, even though the last one wasn't a review it was you telling me to get my ass in gear and write your date in my other fic! LOL its coming I swear to god, I just need to work on some offline shit before I can get back into it. Just bear with me, and you will be the first to see the damn date! YAY!

Lisha- Awww, you liked my ending! You came into the story later then the rest of the girls that have been reviewing, but I liked it! I also like the fact that you aren't signed it, it just means you come here everyday and check out my story and shit, its wonderful for my ego as a writer believe me. So again thank you and bear with me on the sequel, it will be there, and I hope better then this one, if that's possible.

Huntersgurl- another one that came in later then the rest, but thank you again for your review, it keeps me going!

Jeffslildiva- I'm glad you liked the ending, I had more fun writing that chapter then I did with the rest of it. It seemed like the right thing to do to keep everyone wondering, because I threw Matt in there for laughs. I think everyone knew it wasn't going to work out with those two anyway, it was totally a best friend thing. But thanks for liking it and wanting another story.

Jen- I thought about putting in a huge curveball at the end and making it someone else, but I couldn't think of anyone better then Jeff to be with her! LOL. I mean I wrestled with the idea of John Cena or something, but then my mind was like, totally not into it, I don't think Angel was meant to be with anyone but the first guy she fell for. So I hope I did good and I aim to please! Thank you so much for the review and stay tuned!