Revolving Worlds – Book Three

Chapter 1 - A Return Home

Chapter 2 - The First Goodbye

Chapter 3 - At Long Last

Chapter 4 - Purple Heart

Chapter 5 - Repetition

Chapter 6 - Another Goodbye

Chapter 7 - Yet Another Death

Chapter 8 - A Double Funeral

Chapter 9 - A Brief Glimpse of Happiness

Chapter 10 - Choices

Chapter 11 - Where is He!

Chapter 12 - Recovery



Revolving Worlds – Book Three


Chapter One

A Return Home

Renesmee's Point of View

Today was our eight year wedding anniversary. Jacob said he had something special planned for tonight. He said he'd pick me up after work around 6pm. That was three hours from now. As I waited for him I began reminiscing over the past year.

Our wedding had been wonderful. Alice had done an amazing job planning everything with us and while she still couldn't see Jacob, she was getting better and better at seeing around him. One of the things she saw was how much of a daze the guests thought he was going to be in during the ceremony. So while Jake and I'd written our own vows to each other, she suggested Carlisle be the one to say them, that way all we'd had to do was verbalize an "I do" at the appropriate time.

His vows were beautiful. I loved them just as much as he did of the vows I wrote to him. Of course, at the time he was too... out of it, for lack of a better term to hear them. Using my gift I'd replayed them for him, though to our first kiss as husband and wife, during the plane ride down to our honeymoon.

"Jacob in the beginning you were Renesmee's friend and protector. As the years passed you became more. Through the ups and downs the two of you fell in love. You are her true counterpart. She promises to love you, hold you, and honor you. She will respect you, encourage you, and cherish you for all the days of her existence. She promises to love and care for you, and will try in every way to be worthy of your love. She will always be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving. She promises to continue to be a true and loyal friend to you. She loves you with all of her heart."

Jake was all smiles yet still glossy eyed, but Carlisle continued. "So now, Jacob do you take Renesmee to be your wife for now and all of eternity?"

After a few moments with no response, David subtlety elbowed his father, prompting Jacob to say his one line. "I do."

A slight chuckle could be heard from various members of our guests.

Carlisle continued, while ignoring the rude laughter. "And Renesmee, do you take Jacob to be your husband for now and all of eternity?"

I needed no one to nudge me. "I do."

"Wonderful. Well I think it's time for the happy couple to now share their first kiss as husband and wife. Jacob, Renesmee..." Carlisle had said before indicating for us to do just that.

Seeing me approach him, lips first, Jake seemed to snap out of it and Kiss me back.

I was still smirking at the memory when Jake arrived to pick me up for our dinner date.

"Hey, Nessie. The moose are mostly all back in the barn. Sorry it took so long. I found all but one. I would have looked longer but our reservations are for Seven. If we don't leave soon we'll miss it. I'm just going to shower and we can go," he shouted, the concern seeping into his voice, as he came though the front door. He didn't need to be that upset. I know he'd given me the moose for a wedding present but losing one wasn't that big of a deal. The two I'd refused to drink on our honeymoon had mated just like I'd hoped producing another female moose. We were able to acquire a few more in the past year and were well on our way to a good size herd.

Sometime in the night those moose had gotten out. I only discovered it late in the afternoon when I went out to make sure their automated feeder was working. Jake had volunteered to go get them. I offer to do it, or even for the two of us to do together, but he said he wanted me to relax and enjoy the day. It was our first anniversary after all.

"Sorry it took so long." He really didn't need to apologize again, "and that I couldn't find all of them. I know it sucks... hey, what are you so happy about?" he asked, now close enough to notice the smile on my face.

"Just remembering our wedding." I smirked larger, knowing he couldn't exactly do the same. "I don't care about the missing moose. We can find it tomorrow, together."

"You are too good for me, you know that? You know me better than anyone else in the world and somehow still you manage to love me. There's still a part of me that cannot believe that I was the one you choose and that I finally got to marry you."

"Don't be silly Jacob. We are exactly right for each other. Not better or worse. Don't you remember? You told me as much on our wedding day." I then used my gift to replay his vows that Carlisle spoke for him.

"Renesmee, Jacob has been your playmate, mentor, confidant, best friend, lover, father of your children, and Imprinter. But most importantly, he is your soulmate. You are the love of his life. As if you didn't already know, he wants it said once again, you have made him a better person, as your love for one another is reflected in the way he lives his life. He wants you to know that he's truly blessed to even be a part of your life, which as of today becomes your lives, together. He promises to encourage your compassion, because that is what makes you unique and wonderful. He promises to nurture your dreams, through them your soul shines. He promises to help shoulder your challenges, for there's nothing the two of you cannot face if you stand together. He promises to be your partner in all things, working with you as a part of the whole. Lastly, he promises to you perfect love and perfect trust, for all of time, for one lifetime with you could never be enough. This is his sacred vow to you, his equal in all things."

"I remember," he agreed, taking me into his arms. "It's just a lot to live up to in reality. I wake up every day hoping that I'm going to be worthy of you." His attitude then took an about-face, suddenly becoming serious; his eyes losing the playfulness they just had. "You know what... screw the dinner reservations. I know you only agreed to go for me, but I also know how much you don't like human food. What do you say you slip out of this gorgeous dress," he smirked, pausing to playfully eye me up and down, "and change into something more comfortable, and we can go hunt down that last moose. I'm sure his blood'll be delicious and you'd enjoy the chase."

"B…but what a…bout y…you?" I stuttered. The idea of drinking some blood sounded really nice, but I didn't want him to go hungry.

"I'll have the leftovers."

"Jake, I know eating raw isn't your favorite, we would be trading your food enjoyment for mine. That's not a solution."

"Well… we can still go to the restaurant for dessert. I'll call and see if we can push back our reservations till ten. That should give us plenty of time to find your moose, and get cleaned up. I wouldn't mind washing down the raw moose meat with a little chocolate truffle cake afterwards, and I know you love their cream covered strawberries."

"Okay," I acquiesced. Strawberries did sound good.

Hunting was wonderful, even if it was sort of fake -raising your own animals to release and catch. Kind of a funny turn on the old "catch and release" phrase used to describe fishing, in the past.

It was such a change from when we lived all over Russia. I rarely got to hunt there over the years. My family had needed the blood so much more than I did, but times were difference now. Things were getting better finally. I still didn't let myself indulge in our herds all that often, not wanting to kill off our stock before it got self sustaining.

Currently we were raising the moose, along with some boars, deer, and cows. The cows didn't taste very good, and since they mostly just stood there I couldn't really hunt them, but Jake and I were posing as ranchers, so they were more for appearances sake anyway. Still if I was really hungry they would do. Despite the falsity of it I still enjoyed hunting, especially now that we were home and we finally had enough animals to spare.

When I was little, back when we first left Forks, WA, my grandfather explained to me how once the family left an area they didn't return for a generation, somewhere around sixty to eighty years. Imagine my surprise when Jake told me, during our honeymoon, that we would be returning home after only fifty. I was expecting to remain overseas for another two to three decades.

Calgary, Canada was the closest we've been to the States in a long time. North America was doing better recovering from the wars and extreme climate change. For awhile the planet seemed to be fighting back against all the crap humans had dumped into the air, water, and earth, trying to kill all life on it. Some of Europe, almost all of Africa, and a large part of Asia were still a mess right now, which was another reason why the decision was made to move back. The fighting had stopped here over fifteen years ago and the rebuilding had been non-stop.

Too bad things hadn't gotten better a little sooner.

Between the wars and climate change, almost everyone alive from the time my family had been here before had unfortunately been wiped out, so the chances of us being recognized by someone we knew were slim to none. But there were still a few around who would remember us. We could try to pass as our own grandchildren but none of us wanted to take the chance, so we were left with the occasional visits for a births, funerals, and weddings. Eventually weekend trips to La Push would be possible, but not yet. Each trip we took was still risky. Still with a little luck (and Alice) and a lot of stealth and planning, we could see our son and grandchildren much more often than before, instead of having to rely on video calls or Jake telling the rest of about what he'd seen while phased.

After Bella had called us in Antarctica, we stayed there for another few weeks before flying to our new house.

Jacob and I had not been here a month when I got the urge to feed. I think the moose I had on our honeymoon had reignited my desire for blood that I'd been suppressing for the past several decades. We'd bought a few animals to start our cattle ranching business and Jake suggested I sample one.

I'd just finished draining the deer and was about to grab the carcass to bring it back to the house when something started buzzing in my ear.

"Jake do you hear-"

Crap, someone was coming towards us, and fast. By the time we heard the engine Jake and I just had enough time to drop the carcass and quickly cover it with some snow.

"Hey'a," the guy driving the snowmobile said as he approached us.

"Zdravstvuyte," Jake began to reply, but before he was able to fully get the word out, I grabbed his wrist. No, not in Russian!

We'd needed to get use to speaking English again. Especially Jacob. While his memory was as good as any Vampires now, it still didn't work as fast as ours. Slip ups like that one would be more prevalent if he weren't careful. At the time we'd not thought it would be necessary. We'd all grown up speaking English. Sure for the past few decades we'd been living in France, Greenland, Egypt, and mostly Russia, but it wasn't like we'd completely stopped speaking English.

"Err, Hello," he'd tried again. "Can we help you?"

"Me was 'bout to ask you da same thinky. Need any helpy, welpy?"

When we'd first moved here, Jasper had presented all of us with a list of modern American slang and common terms. Baby talk. That's what teens thought was cool now? We'd laughed at the absurdity of it.

Of course now I wished we'd listened to Jasper.

I guess it made sense in some way. After decades of war and ferocious climate change, now that it was almost over, at least the war part, and the climate was beginning to stabilize, animals were starting to come back, either naturally or with a little help from scientists, zoologists, conversationalists, and other Jane Goodall types. Things were starting to normalize. Farmers and scientists were even getting better at figuring out how to grow more crops in today's crazily changing world.

Of course after everything it's no wonder people would want to live in a world that was more innocent, more childlike. Though never in a million years would I have imagined that the youth of the world would have decided that the best way to put this into practice was though speech... baby talk, specifically.

I'm sorry, but anyone over the age of five talking like a baby was ridiculous. This guy had to be in his mid to late twenties. Why was he trying to sound like a two year old? I'd heard whispers of it from some of the teenagers working at the ranch next to ours, but that was the first time I was actively having a conversation with someone using it. In truth I'd had a hard time following what he was saying. Luckily it seemed that Jake had paid a little better attention to Jaspers notes than I had, or he'd been use to talking to toddlers. Either way he'd actually had a conversation with the idiot. At least enough that the man didn't seem to notice anything too off with us.

Once he was gone Jake and I quickly grabbed the deer and raced back to the house.

That one incident aside, things had been going well. Mostly.

Since the fifty years since we left Forks I think everybody was a little nostalgic being back so close. All of us had taken various college classes throughout the decades but no one had gone to high school in years. Now it might be possible. While we'd been here for years most of the Cullens had kept out of sight. It was thought best for safety reasons. Carlisle, Esme, Jake and I were the only ones our neighbors ever saw. Everyone else had been referred to, by us, but never seen. Home schooling became normal over the decades as a way to keep their children safe so no one ever questioned it.

Things were different here than they had been in Russia. With so many close neighbors there were too many of us to all live in one house. Carlisle and Esme were playing the adoptive parents again to Bella, Edward, Alice, and Jasper. And height wise logically it made sense to have me and Jake looking after his younger half-brother and sister; no need to tell anybody that they were actually my Aunt and Uncle. All the kids had to do was be able to pretend they weren't married (and everything that went along with that) but rather than living apart they were all sure they could keep their hands off of each other for the few hours that they were in high school. I doubted it.

Having everyone split up into two households made sense, I guess. Physically Esme was the oldest at twenty-six, then Jacob appeared to be around twenty-five. Next in line was Carlisle and me at twenty-three.

Leah and Angelina's house still stood empty, waiting for them to return, if they ever did. Jake said they were in the area, at least on the continent and were making their way to us, but had also started to head back three times already. Each time Angelina had run off, when they got close.

I guess we'll just wait and see.

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