It happened in an instant. One moment, the other students and I were facing an ambush of Slitherers down in the Holy Mausoleum. And the next…

"What de devil…?!"

The Thunder I had been charging hits the glass window of a shop. A clothing shop. On a street. Of a big modern city with metallic skyscrapers.


"Hey you!" an old man exclaims as he comes out of the shop. "What do you think you're doing?!"

I can only blink. "I, uh…"

"You think you can just call out your Pokémon and have them throw Thunderbolts at random windows?!"

...thunderbolts? Pokémon? What?

"Sorry, about that," a dark-blue haired woman wearing trench coat nervously giggles at the shop owner. "He was just so excited to show me his Rotom. Isn't that right?"


I look up and see a rod-shaped orange thing with eyes engulfed in a bluish aura floating over me.

"I don't care what Pokémon it was!" the old man retorts. "Who's going to pay for the mess?"

"Here!" the woman answers as she grabs a wallet and takes money out of it that is obviously not Fódlan currency.

The shop owner takes the cash, gives her a satisfied snort and then walks back into his shop.

The woman then grabs my wrist and drags me away. The rod thing flies behind us all the while.

The woman lets me go only once she's dragged me into some random alley, after which she recalls the rod thing into a red and white sphere and then takes the chance to frown at me. "Alright, what was that?"

"What?" I ask dully.

"That…thing. People don't just shoot lightning out of their hands."

"...I'm no longer in Fódlan, am I?"

The lady widens her eyes. "Fódlan? What's that?"

I let out a sigh. "Look, lady, I'm grateful for smooting tings over wit dat guy, but I have no idea who you are or where I am. Mind telling me bot?"

She frowns. "You are Eugenio Beccaria, right?"

Now it's my turn to widen my eyes. "How do you know dat?"

"So it's a yes," is all she says before looking me up and down. "Another Eugenio Beccaria, with a thicker accent, different clothing and the ability to shoot lightning…"


"Oh no!" she then gasps. "What's the last thing you remember before ending up here?"

It happened in an instant. One moment I was walking across the streets of Castelia with Dawn, looking over some new clothes to better fit into the general Unovan populace. And the next…

"What the devil…?!"

All of a sudden I'm inside what looks to be some kind of church, what with the stony walls and the three archways the place is divided into. Although the people inside are the furthest thing from believers praying to whatever god this place is dedicated to.

"Oh sh-!" is all I can say as a fucking fireball barely misses me. I don't even try to look where it came from, I just run in the opposite direction.

Although, there isn't really anywhere to run. All around me, there is some kind of battle going on. Who's fighting who or what over is not clear, all I see are kids with different sets of gears, pale samurais in black armor and a bunch of folks in dark green robes that look straight out of a fantasy movie launching fireball from their fucking hands.

"There you are, scum!"

I turn in the direction where that came from, and I see one of the pale samurais charging straight at me, an axe in each of his hands and a murderous glare in his weird cyan eyes.

"You will not!" someone shouts just before a blonde boy with a lance charges the samurai. "Get out of here!"

Don't have to tell me twice, blondie!

Dodging as best as I can the flying fireballs, bolts of lightning, gusts of wind and spheres of goo that fly all over the place and going anywhere there isn't a sound of metal clashing against metal, I manage to reach one of the pillars delimiting two of the archways and hide behind it, taking the chance to catch my breath.

Just...what the hell is all of this? And how did I get in the midst of it in the first place?

"Eugenio!" a blonde girl with long hair kept in a ponytail over her left shoulders calls to me. "Are you alright?"

I can only stare blankly at her. "Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

She frowns. "What do you mean? It's me, Mercedes."

"Mercedes? Like the car?"


An explosion from behind the pillar cuts our conversation off.

"Get down!" 'Mercedes' orders, and all I can do is duck, as fire forms in her hands. She then starts firing it off past the pillar, grunts of pain or downright shouts quickly following every time she does so. And the stoic expression on her face as she's basically setting people on fire is concerning beyond words.

When she's done doing that, she looks down to me and gives me a...admittedly beautiful smile, which is the last thing she should have in this chaos.

"Do not worry," she tells me. "I'll cover you. You just stay safe here, okay?"

Ok, what kind of nutjob am I dealing with that is so okay with burning people?!

Before I can ask that out loud, more fire forms in her hands and is quickly shot out at more of the robed people.

Hoopa, I officially apologize for calling you a bastard and everything else. Now, can you please get me the hell out of here? I'll take Unova over this any day!