So me being the dumb me I am, I overestimated my writing ability and tried to include not one, not three, but nine Tensura characters in the adventure. I thought that would be okay for me, but apparently it isn't.

I am going to be discontinuing this story and rewriting it as a new version but with only RImuru visiting Teyvat. At least that will make my writing easier. And it'll take a whole lot of convincing from commenting readers to make me continue this version, so I don't think I will keep on writing this version anytime soon.

In addition to including all nine characters being difficult, some readers may get upset that I'm not including some of the other protagonists.

The main story plot will remain the same, just some tweaks due to eight (or maybe seven because I'm not sure if Ranga's gonna be tagging along in Rimuru's shadow yet) other characters not being present. The main thing that's going to change is how Rimuru is going to escape work.

That's all I have to tell you, this story is being discontinued and get ready for a new and revised version. See ya!