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Here for You

Kurt woke up to the sound of coughing. He looked over to where Jane slept but she was gone. Making his way into the kitchen, he saw Jane standing next to the sink drinking some tea. She was wrapped in a blanket and robe.

"Hey are you ok?" Kurt asked moving over to where Jane was.

"Yeah. I'm just a little under the weather." Jane responded with a soft smile.

Kurt could tell something was up. He felt her forehead which was slightly warm.

"You feel a little warm." worried Kurt "How long have you felt this way?"

"Just this morning." Jane lied when in reality she'd been gradually going downhill for the past 2 days.

"Let's get you back to bed." Kurt offered as he led her back to the bedroom.

"Kurt I'm fine. It's just a cold. I didn't sleep that well last night." Jane said

When they got to the room, Kurt helped Jane onto the bed and lifted the covers over her freezing body. He went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and ibuprofen. When he returned, Jane was fast asleep.

He looked at his wife and pondered whether to take her to the doctor. It was probably a good idea but she would for sure object to it. She always thought she was strong and could handle everything which she could but sometimes she needed to take a break and focus on herself. He ultimately decided to wait. If it really was nothing like she said then she should be feeling better soon.

He proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. Before he left, he woke up Jane to tell her he was leaving.

"Wait, I'm coming with you." She said weakly.

As she started getting out of bed, Kurt stopped her.

"Jane, no, you're sick. You need to stay home and rest." Kurt demanded.

"But I'm feeling better already." Jane protested.

Kurt felt her head once more, "You're still running a fever and I can tell you don't feel well."

"I-" Jane started.

"I'll tell you what, you can either come with me to the doctor or stay here and rest." Kurt explained.

"Fine, I'll stay here. I think I'm going to take a bath." Jane continued.

"Alright. Stay safe. Call me if you need me." Kurt added.

"I will." Jane smiled.

Kurt arrived at the office and put his stuff down in the locker room. He headed to the lab where the rest of the team was.

"Where's Jane?" Patterson asked.

"She's sick." Kurt answered.

"Is she okay, does she need anything?" Tasha worried.

"No, I think she just needs to stay home and rest. I'm going to leave at lunch and check on her." Kurt said.

"You let us know if she needs anything." Patterson offered.

"I will, thanks." Kurt said.

Finally Reade walked in and Patterson started. There were no new leads to discuss so the briefing was on the shorter side. Everyone left and Kurt made his way to his office. He had a few administrative things he needed to take care of. At 11 he left for his meeting. It was the last thing on his list for the day. As soon as it was over he grabbed his things and texted Patterson that he was leaving.

Kurt arrived twenty minutes later. He opened the door to the apartment and noted how quiet it was. Jane is probably sleeping, he thought to himself as he made his way to the bedroom. He peeked in the doorway but Jane wasn't there.

"Jane!" he called out.

A faint moaning sound came from one of the rooms. Kurt checked the bathroom where he found Jane sitting on the floor next to the tub.

"Oh Jane." he said softly as he knelt down beside her. "How are you feeling?"

"Not…good." she confessed between breaths. She was having some trouble breathing.

"I think it's time we go to the doctor huh?" Kurt admitted.

Jane just nodded her head. She didn't even try to protest. A few hours ago she was claiming she was fine and ready for work and now she could barely say two words.

Kurt picked up Jane off the floor and set her down on the couch. He went to the bedroom to grab a blanket and then carried her to the car. He helped her get situated and then felt her forehead. She felt hotter than before, her face was flushed, and her hands were clammy.

"Just close your eyes and sleep. Well be at the doctor soon." He assured her.

By the time Kurt drove out of the parking garage, Jane was long gone. They arrived at St. John's Medical Center in no time. Kurt woke Jane up and carried her into the emergency department. He sat her down in one of the chairs and went up to the receptionist and reported Jane's condition. She said it would be about a 10-20 minute wait. He went back and sat with Jane. She was breathing heavily and could barely keep her eyes open.

A few minutes later, a nurse came by with a wheelchair. Kurt scooped her up and sat her down. The nurse wheeled her into a room and she was placed on the bed.

"Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and i'll be your nurse today." She said with a smile.

"I'm Kurt and this is my wife Jane." he greeted.

"Alright I'm going to start checking a few things and then a doctor should be by shortly." Katilyn said.

Jane just nodded. She got to work first checking her temperature which was 103F. Then moving on to heart rate which was normal. Next she took out her stethoscope and listened to her lungs.

"Jane, I'm going to ask you to take a few deep breaths. Do you think you can do that for me?" Katilyn asked.

The nurse noted that Jane's breaths were shallow and raspy.

Lastly She checked Jane's blood pressure which was also normal. When she was finished, she set Jane up with some IV fluids and told them the doctor should be in shortly.

Jane looked up at Kurt wearily. She managed to get out a few words between breaths.

"" she almost whispered.

"I'll always be here for you. You're my wife and I love you." Kurt said.

Jane just smiled at his response. She was too weak to say anything back. Breathing was getting harder and Jane was slipping in and out of consciousness.

Finally the doctor arrived. She was able to open her eyes and barely gaze up.

"Hi there Jane, I'm Doctor Rivera." She said introducing herself.

She went over to Jane and checked her temperature. It was now 104.3F. Next Dr. Rivera checked her lungs. She was still breathing heavily. The doctor instructed the nurse to hang another liter of fluids and start her on oxygen via a nasal cannula.

"The fluids will hydrate you, and the oxygen should help with the breathing." She told the couple "We're going to run a few tests and I'll be back with the results. With that, she left the room and the nurse set everything up.

"A tech will be in a few minutes to take you up for testing. Let me know if you need anything else." Katilyn said.

"Thank you." Kurt replied.

He looked down at his wife. Her cheeks were red and she was sweating. He hated seeing her so uncomfortable. She tried to tell him something but all she managed to get out was a few wheeze- like sounds.

A tech soon arrived, and he performed the tests on Jane. When he was done, he wheeled her over to a different room for another round of tests. She came back about 35 minutes later.

"We should have the results very soon." He said as he left the room.

Kurt looked over at Jane and she was sleeping. Her face was less red and the sweating had stopped. The fluids and oxygen seemed to be working. He sat in the char beside her and just stared at her.

She woke up just as the doctor arrived.

"So, It looks like you have a mild case of pneumonia. I'm going to start you on some antibiotics. We are still going to keep the oxygen and fluids going. You should be back to normal in no time." Dr. Rivera explained.

"Thank you" Jane was able to say.

A few hours went by and Jane was starting to get her strength back. She no longer was flushed and the color had started to return to her body. Her breathing improved but it was still tricky. Her fever was also going down slowly but surely. Last they checked it was 102.6F.

Dr. Rivera returned around 9pm.

"I see you're starting to look better!" she exclaimed "Since you still have a fever, we are going to keep you here overnight to monitor you. Hopefully it should be gone by the morning and we can start the process of getting you out of here. A nurse will keep checking in every few hours and I'll be back tomorrow morning."

Jane smiled at what the doctor said. She was ready to leave. All those hours in the ER took a toll on her.

Kurt grabbed Jane's hand and kissed the back of it.

"You get some rest. I'm going to call the team and update them." He said.

With that, Jane dozed off to sleep. Kurt left the room to call Patterson.

"Kurt! How's Jane!" She asked right away.

"She's better." He said "the doctors said she has pneumonia and they started her on antibiotics. She's doing really well and we might be able to go home tomorrow."

"That's great news!" Patterson exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Kurt agreed. "Well I better get back to Jane. I'll call you again tomorrow."

"Sounds good." she said and hung up.

Kurt made his way back to the room. Jane was sleeping and he sat back in the chair and took a nap himself. It had been one long day.

It was finally the morning again when Kurt awoke. He looked over at Jane and she was still sleeping. The difference from yesterday to today was massive.

Jane eventually woke and caught Kurt staring at her.

"What" She smiled.

"Nothing, I'm just glad you're feeling better ." He said.

Jane chuckled. She felt better herself. She was still having a little trouble breathing but everything else seemed fine.

A few minutes later the doctor came back in.

"Good morning!" She expressed as she took Jane's temperature. It was finally back down to 98.8F.

"Good news." She said "Your fever has officially broken. I'll start the discharge paperwork and you should be out of here in no time."

Both Jane and Kurt smiled at the news. A nurse came in and handed Kurt the paperwork. He quickly filled it out and gave it back. The doctor came back and removed all the machines from Jane. She had a bag and paper in her hand.

"This is your medication." She instructed. "Take two tablets every morning and every night for about a week. The infection should be cleared from your system in a few days. Until then, I want you to take it easy. No strenuous activity, no working. After a few days, you will be fine to resume normal activity just keep it small. Make sure you're drinking lots of fluids too."

"I'll make sure she does all of those things." assured Kurt.

"Alrighty then, you guys should be good to go. Take care!" She said.

"You too." Jane said back.

When they got back to the apartment, Kurt called the office and told them he and Jane were taking the next 3 days off. Jane hoped in the shower and Kurt started making lunch. They both were happy to be back. The next few days was like a vacation. Kurt was serious about the no working part and made sure Jane was always resting and drinking plenty of fluids. They watched tons of movies and ate lots of food.

Finally the three days had passed and the couple returned to work. Jane had regained all of her strength and was ready to get back doing the things she loved most, helping people.

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