Title: Because Of Me

Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"

Rating: PG-13 (I don't care if I'm just 10. XP)

Pairing/s: OliverEnrique and RobertJohnny

Summary: A Majestic's fic! Enrique did something that made Oliver miserable. But Enrique has no clue to what Oliver's sad about, and his other teammates won't tell him anything. So will Oliver tell him or will it stay a secret forever? Will questions be answered? Yaoi!! Don't like, don't read.

Warning/s: Yaoi and some cursing.

Disclaimer: I don't own BeyBlade, I don't own the Majestics, end of story, period. But I do own Kyra, Heather, Christine and Misho! XD


Because Of Me

"Oliver?" Kyra leaned on the stone wall as she looked at the sky, "Do you..." She hesitated at first, contemplating on whether or not she should continued. "You still love Enrique, don't you?"

Oliver shifted his eyes to the side and he buried his face even deeper onto his knees, but he stayed silent. Even if he did speak, he knew he wouldn't make sense. Besides, he really didn't know what to say. To Kyra, and even to himself.

"You are." Kyra spoke simply, "You're still crying over him.."

"I AM NOT!!!" Oliver stood up angrily and glared at his own sister. He wasn't angry at Kyra. It was more like he was angry at himself. I'm... not that weak... am I...?

Kyra simply ignored his outburst with a calm expression. "And guess what, 'nii-chan?" She smiled softly, "He's crying over you, too."


"Are we done?" Robert observed their work carefully, before a smirk placed itself upon his lips. "We're done."

At that, Christine and Heather began dancing and prancing around, squealing and screaming in ways that only a girl can do. Johnny gave a relieved sigh as he slid down the wall with a tired puff. He looked to his left and saw Misho mixing some colored liquids in one container, "What's she up to?"

Robert neared him and sat down on a nearby chair. "She's responsible for the finishing touches."

"Man! Oliver and Enrique better thank us for this! I'm poofed, I'm hungry and I can't believe I worked for 10 hours just for this! And I don't even get payed!" Johnny scowled under his breath as he cursed in many different European languages.

Robert raised an eyebrow, "So uncouth." He was about to speak more when Heather dragged him off, saying things along the lines of 'more flowers'. Christine walked to where Robert sat before and bounced on the chair.

Johnny was about to stand up and get some beverages when a glass was shoved in his face. Misho loomed over him, an emotionless expression covering her features. "How does it smell?"

Johnny stared at her as if she just grew a second head right in front of his eyes before he shifted his eyes to the glass of red liquid. "Smell?! The HECK?!"

Christine grinned, before she took the glass and smelled it herself. "Definitely a perfume of France."

Johnny looked at her peaceful expression before he shook his head, stood up and walked out of the room. "Girls."

Chrstine twitched, "What does THAT mean?!"

"Don't mind the guy, Chris." Misho waved it off, before she walked back to her table.

Christine crossed one leg over the other, "What exactly did you put in that stuff?"

"Rose ashes." Misho replied simply, before she threw another glass of red liquid towards Christine. "Here's the instructions."


"Come on, 'nii-chan. Let's head back home, ne?" Kyra grinned, reverting back to japanese as she tried to lighten up the mood a bit. "It's almost 6. We'll be late for dinner."

"Not hungry." Oliver muttered under his breath,

Kyra just took his hand and forcibly dragged him up from his sitting position. "Yeah, but it was your birthday a few days ago, remember? We didn't have any time to celebrate."

"A few days ago, Kyra. It already passed."

"Stop being so negative. July 24 was your birthday and even if it already passed, we are still gonna celebrate the day that claimed that you're older than me." She grinned widely, "Besides, we already have the perfect gift for you!"


"Where's Enrique?" Heather whispered lowly to Johnny who was boringly sitting on one of the chairs.

"He wouldn't come out of his room." Johnny sighed exasperatedly, "Robert and I tried everything."

"Come on, Enrique! It's Oliver's party! At least be there for him!"

"I really don't think he'd want me there, anyway."


"I mean it. You can even ask him yourself to confirm your doubts."

"But, Enrique --"

"Get out of my room. I want to sleep, please."

"Yeah right, you're just gonna cry your eyes out again! You can't just sit here and mope around as if it's the end of the world! You can speak words and I demand you speak to Oliver right now!"

"Robert, you don't understand a thing! Do you really think it's that easy?! Do you really think everything will just be back to the way it was like a snap?!"

"It was your fault in the beginning anyway, lover boy. Pfft."

"Exactly, Johnny. I've tried apologizing to him, but he doesn't even want me 10 meters near him! Do you really think I can talk to him like that?!"

"Then --"

"GET OUT!!!"

"And... yeah... he threw us out of his room." Johnny shrugged his shoulders, "We tried getting back in again or talking to him through the door, but was screaming so loud we were ready to tear our ears out."

"That bad, huh?" Christine neared them, "They had such a good relationship, though. It's really a tragic story that they had to end like this."

Kyra ran over to them, "Oliver's already here! Where's Enrique?!"

"He won't come out of his room." Heather sighed,


"Robert still trying to talk to him, though." Misho walked over to them, and pointed to the hall way,

Johnny changed the conversation, and asked the one question that has been nagging him for the past days. "Anyway, what the heck happened to those two girls that Enrique was with before, anyway?"

At that, Kyra, Heather, Christine, and Misho began coughing furiously. Johnny rolled his eyes, "I don't even wanna know."


An hour later...

Robert entered the room with a frustrated expression, "He won't listen to me." He shifted his eyes to the other side of the room where Oliver was sitting innocently. "What's Oliver's reaction?"

"Oh, the usual." Christine shrugged, "He had no reaction."

"Mou! We've been here for hours!" Kyra was ready to tear her hair off her head, then muttered under her breath, "I was never a patient person."


Another hour later...


All heads shot up and all eyes turned towards Kyra's direction. Kyra stomped quickly to her Oliver, took his wrist and yanked him out of the chair. Oliver winced, "Kyra --" Kyra ignored him and dragged him towards Enrique's room.

"This is the last straw! Whether the two of you would like or not, your heart decides who to love and who to hate! Not your confused minds!" Kyra took out a hair pin from her hair and furiously pushed it in the door knob, trying to unlock the door. "And if you don't make up now, my beyblade will do it for you!"


She kicked the door open and gently pushed Oliver inside, before she closed the door, took a chair and put it under the door knob. With an exasperated sigh, she turned to her friends, who stepped back. She sweat dropped, "What? You would've done the same thing if it was your own brother."


Oliver blinked, not used to the irritated outbursts of his younger sister. Then he noticed Enrique sitting on the bed with a book in his hands, looking at him with the same unreadable expression. Oliver sighed, "I'm getting out of here." He turned to turn the knob, but the door didn't even budge. "KYRA! GET ME OUT OF HERE THIS INSTANT!"


Oliver took a step back and Enrique jumped at the scream. They expected the yell, but they didn't know that it would be that angry.


Then silence.

Oliver twitched, "Love... story...?!"

Enrique sighed exasperatedly and stood up, "Stop trying, Oliver. You know when she screams like that she means what she says. I guess we won't be escaping after all. And we're in the third floor of this house. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow." He didn't wait for Oliver to retort back. He opened a glass door then stepped out into the balcony where the fresh air immediately touched his skin.

Oliver frowned. It wasn't usual for Enrique to sound so emotionless. Well, it wasn't also unusual for him to sound dull like he was the past few days, but still... He walked towards the entrance of the balcony and took a peek. Enrique was taking out photos from the book, tearing them apart and throwing them away as the wind carried it to oblivion.

Enrique couldn't help it. The photos were of him with girls. He couldn't even bare to look at it now after the incident. He didn't want to wait for tomorrow until Oliver was gone. He wanted the photos far away from him as soon as possible.

Oliver's curiosity got the better of him. He entered the balcony, but he stayed away from Enrique. "What are you doing?"

Enrique jumped in surprise. He didn't really expect the French boy to speak to him. Then the question registered in his mind, and he quickly close the book as fast as you can say 'France'. "Nothing, really. Just throwing out a few junk, that's all."

The first thing that flew into Oliver's mind was what if Enrique was throwing the pictures he spent with him? His eyes dulled and he quickly shook his head. Who do I even care? "Hn."

Enrique sighed exasperatedly at the awkward silence. "Look, Oliver, I --"

"It's funny, Enrique."

Enrique's head shot up. He looked to his side to see Oliver smiling softly with glazed eyes as the boy looked down on the nightlights of his hometown. "What is?"

"First, we started out as acquaintances. Then friends. Then lovers." There was a slight hint of hesitation at the last word, but Oliver continued. "It's funny thinking that we knew each other but could really care less in the beginning. And now... I won't hesitate to say that every night, I curl up in my bed, trying to lessen my tears." It was true... and this time, there were no regret that he showed weakness like this. "I loved you, Enrique. I still do. But when I --" A strangled sob cut his speech as Oliver desperately wiped away the tears running down his cheeks,

Enrique frowned. He reached out his hand, clasped it into a fist and pulled it back. "I'm sorry, Oliver. For everything did. I neglected every thing you did for me. Mindlessly shoved away the love that you kept on giving. About at the start of my teens, I was crazy for women. But I never loved them. And they never loved me. It was just... my love for you was just way too much that it was starting to scare me. I went out with others just to calm my nerves. And if I only knew that it'd end this way, I wouldn't have neared any woman at all." Enrique fumbled with his thumbs, "I'm sure you understand that. Being from France and all."

Oliver gave a weak laugh, "Yeah, I guess so."

=- The sun sees not until the clouds disappear. -=

"Look, Oliver. I want to make up to you for everything I ever did. I understand how you fee --"

"NO, YOU DON'T!!!" Oliver banged his fists on the cold stoned cement, his tears showing slowly one by one.

Enrique looked take aback at the outburst. "Oliver --"

"YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL! Do you know how much I love you, Enrique?! I would die for you! It's a good thing you know your mistakes, Enrique! Because I wouldn't want to name them one by one! The reason why I'm like this is because I still can't forget the love that my heart won't rid me of!" Oliver stood up straight and took a deep, shaky breath, "You know what? Forget everything I said. I'm going to sleep."

He was about to move back to the bedroom when he felt his back slam against the glass door. He winced at the impact, but his eyes widened as saucers when he felt cold lips against his own. Enrique... He didn't respond. His mind was rambling thoughts that it confused him so much it made his body numb. And his heart screaming for him to kiss back and apologize isn't really helping.

Enrique pulled back slowly, and that's when Oliver realized the few crystalline tears that fell out of the corner's of Enrique. "I understand how you feel perfectly. Because I feel the same. I cry every night thinking that everything will be alright again. I tried apologizing to you, Oliver, but you wouldn't let me. I didn't want to forget how much I love you so I kept on forcing myself to cry, to make myself feel the pain that I gave you. Everything happened because of me. I'm sorry, Oliver. I really am..."

Reluctantly, Oliver forced his arms to surround Enrique's waist in a tight embrace. "I forgive you."


"Oliver, what do you think...?" Enrique grinned widely, "After we get married, let's adopt a girl!"

Oliver looked at him as if he just grew a second head right in front of his eyes. "Enrique, what kind of bug stung you?"

Enrique just ignored him. "Then after that, we can go to Okinawa, Japan for our honeymoon! And we can get married in a garden! We can buy our own house, too! It'll be like Robert's castle!"

Oliver shook his head at his lover's antics, but a wide smile was pasted on his lips. "Whatever, Enrique. Go to hell."

Enrique's grin disappeared and a soft smile replaced it, "I don't mind going to hell..."

Oliver's head shot up, "Enrique, I --"

"Because I already experienced Heaven here on Earth with you."

Right then and there, Oliver melted.


The party started and everyone was having their own fun in their own way. Christine and Heather were dancing in the middle of the room as if they were drunk, Oliver and Enrique were talking peacefully -- for once and Robert and Johnny were playing chess, where Johnny was successfully losing. Kyra was pigging out on the food and Misho was unsuccessfully trying to get the girl away from the macaroni and cheese.

Their fun, however, were short-lived when the door burst open harshly. The wind quickly blew in, and two figures stepped out from the shadow. It was... the two girls that was flirting with Enrique before...?!

Their hair were in a tangled mess, their clothes were ripped and torn. Their make-up were smudged and one of them only wore one sandal. You know, the whole group would've took pity on them if it wasn't for the fact that the two girls immediately latched onto Enrique, crying and sobbing.

'Enrique! We were so worried!'

'We thought we'd never find you!'

'Marry me!'

'No! Marry ME!'

And before Oliver, or anyone in the room could blink, Kyra, Misho, Christine and Heather were looming over the two girls, who quickly unlatched their selves from the swirly-eyed Italian that was currently pretending to be faint (hey, Oliver was tending to him, who could blame him?). Robert and Johnny both sweat dropped when they caught a glimpse of the spiked clubs and flaming torches in the girls' hands.

Kyra sighed then smirked, "Girls?"

"Our pleasure!"

Oliver sighed, a huge sweat drop on top of his head. He took out a plate card then covered the camera with it. What was on the plate card, you ask?

- The End -
(Not really... It's just that the upcoming scene may be a bit gruesome to young children. Have a good day, please.)


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