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I sat down at my computer and started to add more to my Phantom of the Opera fic, Angels of Music . . .

(I start typing: Michael sat on the couch listening to the Phantom teach Chri --)

(Harry Potter pops on to the computer screen)

HARRY: Hey!! How come you're always writing about Michael and the Phantom and that guy whose name starts with an R . . . I can't remember it.

(Hermione and Ron pop up beside him)

HERMIONE: Raoul, Harry. Haven't you ever read Phant --


HERMIONE: Well I was just saying that if you wou --

ME: Hold on a minute. What are you all doing here?

RON: Oh, we just wanted you to write something about us for a change.

ME: But you guys can't decide that. I'm the fanfic writer, and I decide what I'm going to write. Besides, I've got people waiting on the sequel to that story. There are loads of other people who write about you three.

HARRY: Yeah, we know. But we read your profile and we know that you've read stuff about us. We just want you to write something about us.

ME: I probably will -- actually I take that back. I'll post this. I think it's funny anyways. I mean it's not every day that Harry Potter pops up on my computer screen.

RON: Hey, what about us?

ME: Strike that. Go back. It's not every day that Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger pop up on my computer screen.

RON: That's better.

(Crookshanks jumps down off Hermione's shoulder to come sniff at the screen. My cat -- Duncan -- who has been sitting in my lap for the past five minutes looks at me, sniffs the screen, and jumps into the computer.)

ME: Oh my god -- not you too!!!!


(Runs off with Crookshanks)

ME: (sarcastically) Beautiful! Now what?

(Draco Malfoy appears in the top corner of the screen. Crabbe and Goyle show up behind him.)

ME: I shouldn't have asked.

MALFOY: Hey, Potter. Whats the matter? Couldn't find anything better to do than to talk to a muggle?

ME: I resent that. (under my breath) I have got to get control over this fanfic.

MALFOY: (in a sing-song voice) Oooooh. I'm scaaaaaaared.

HERMIONE: You'd better be, Malfoy. Fanfic writers have more power than you'll ever be able to dream of!! (Whispers to me) Don't you?

ME: You bet I do. You better watch your back, Malfoy, or I might do something like this to you!

(I turn Crabbe into a beetle and Goyle into a worm.)


(A giant foot comes out of nowhere and crushes Crabbe and Goyle -- it touches the tip of Malfoy's toe.)

MALFOY: (screaming) AAAAAH!! You hurt my toe.

(He bursts into tears.)

ME: My god. You're so annoying.

(With a pop, he disappears.)

RON: Whoa. Can you teach me to do that?

HARRY: What did you do to him?

ME: I deleted him.

(Sirius Black comes riding in on his motorcycle.)

ME: (smiling) Hi Sirius.

SIRIUS: Hey. Thanks for writing me in!

ME: No problem. Anytime.

(Harry, Ron, and Hermione are gaping at Sirius.)

HARRY: But --

HERMIONE: -- you're --

RON: -- in --

SIRIUS: -- hiding. I know.

ME: He's free as long as I decide he is.

(I wink at Sirius. He smiles back.)

SIRIUS: Alright. Everyone on for a ride.

RON: But we can't all fit.

ME: Oops. Sorry.

(I make the motorcycle bigger so that everyone can fit.)

HARRY: Works for me.

(Everyone gets on. I wave as they drive off. My cat pops back through the screen and into my lap.)

ME: Did you have a nice time?


ME: Good. Now, where was I?

(Begins typing: Michael sat on the couch listening to the Phantom teach Christine . . . )

The End.


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