Reliving The Moments

Word Count(GOAL 700): 424

(btw, just imagine it being read by mother aughra. That's who's perspective it's from. Also, this is pretty OOC, and is basically just a bunch of ideas, speculations, and things i wished were true, put into a story.)

When the gelfling dreamfast, they share memories, experiences, feelings, and knowledge. Yet one can only glean information from the original holder, it cannot be passed hand-to-hand, so it is all the more a cherished practice. Somewhat intimate, even, depending on the relationship of the sharers.

Gelfling scholars, philosophers, and politicians have speculated and examined dreamfasting for many years. Thought about where it goes, how it works, what are the limits of such a mystical thing? Yet, in all my trine, none have ever seemed to look at how we act on the outside, while under its influence. Some stay rapturously still, while some shift about relentlessly. Some are silent, and others sigh and mumble incoherently. And some even weep. My thoughts are that dreamfasting, like its name, involves actual dreams, in a way. I believe that when a gelfling dreamfasts, and is sent to the spirit world in Thra, they are dreaming. They will act as they do when they are asleep. Tells quite a lot about someone, really, seeing what kind of dreamer they are. So, in order to hopefully convince you of the merit of my idea, i will take you to moments when dreamfasting was the most expressive.

During a most turbulent Age, the Age of Resistance, I believe it was, there were many groundbreaking moments for dreamfasting. Three gelfling and their friends were chosen by Thra, to help it in its dying state.

Gentle, gentle Deet. Deet who soothed upset Nurloc, and always made sure to leave enough moss when she picked, so it could prosper. Deet, that rarely complained when things were rough, and who cherished her family. Innocent Deet who helped everyone, was never greedy, or selfish, a rare trait. Deet, a gelfling who could hear Thra.

Brave Rian, so courageous. Chivalrous, loyal, and dedicated Rian, who threw his whole self and heart into what he loved. Rian who always got his friends into trouble, but always got them out of it. Rian, a gelfling who is unprejudiced and pure of heart. Rian, who dreamfasted more intensely than anyone before.

Studious Brea, whose curiosity won over any fear she might have had. She who would spend days simply lost in the world of the knowledgeable and ancient.