(I suppose you two are gonna stew up some twigs and rocks, right?) Nope, we've got something even better. Marshmallows! Just like the astronauts eat. (Post-KH3)

"If we want a good campfire," Lea called out to Roxas, "We're going to need everything. Dry wood, of course. We'll need a lot of that. But pine needles especially, to start up a good fire."

"Do we really need all this when we can both use fire magic?" Roxas asked. "We could set just about anything on fire and it would work."

Lea scoffed. "You really need to learn the importance of a good campfire," he said. "It's not about the fire, it's how you make it, and we're going to need a good one."

"Alright." Roxas stared around at the forest ground. "So just like, grab everything then? What about leaves?"

"Nah, not leaves," Lea corrected. "Pine needles and any kind of wood should do it, just make sure everything's dry."

It was a good night for a campfire, even if they weren't necessarily camping. The campfire had been Lea's idea, of course, while Roxas was more interested in looking up at the stars. But the biggest problem was that while they had a place to start the fire, neither of them had anything to actually use to feed the fire. So, out into the forest they'd gone, in a search to grab everything they could.

Pretty soon, Roxas had an armful of branches, bark, and pine needles. Satisfied, he went back to the spot they'd picked out, where Lea soon joined him with equally as many materials.

"Perfect," Lea decided. "This should keep the fire going for awhile."

The two of them made a pile of everything, and then Lea began arranging some of it for the initial fire-starting. Once everything was in place, he snapped his fingers, and they had a campfire.

Roxas sat down in a folding chair near the fire. Immediately, he began scooching the chair away from the fire. "It's summer, you know," Roxas pointed out. "Is it a little too hot for this?"

"Nah," Lea responded, plopping himself down closer to the fire than Roxas was comfortable with. "You don't have to sit right up to it if you don't want to. But summer's the perfect time for camping, which means it's the perfect time for campfires."

"If you say so," Roxas said. He turned his eyes up to the sky.

The sky was clear. They weren't too close to any towns, cities, or anything like that, which made the stars more visible, too. It wasn't like Roxas knew much about the stars. He wasn't really sure what they were, and he didn't know any constellations or anything. But he used to like to look up at them sometimes, while he was in the Organization and while he was in the digital Twilight Town, before he went to sleep at night. It had comforted him somehow, put a smile on his face when everything else seemed lost.

Now, they just looked like lights in the sky. None of it elicited any response in him.

He frowned.

"Got something on your mind?" Lea asked.

"Looking at the stars used to help me feel better about everything," Roxas told him, still staring at the sky. "Now, I don't really feel anything about it."

"Huh." Lea picked up a branch and twirled it between his fingers. "This won't be the reason you want to hear. But, you know, Ven really likes stargazing. He always has."

He…Ventus, yeah. Ventus did like looking at the stars, didn't he? What else did he like? Being with his friends, not being treated like a child…

A marshmallow pelted Roxas in the forehead.

"Stop that." Lea's hand was still outstretched from the throw. "Wipe that look off your face. You're not Ven, we both know that. Let's hop off that train of thought and make some s'mores."

"What…we don't have anything to put the marshmallows on to hold them over the fire," Roxas pointed out.

"We have plenty of things!" Lea protested. "Branches! They're everywhere!"

"Wouldn't that be a little…" Roxas began.

"Just wipe the dirt off and try it. It won't kill you."

With a sigh, Roxas picked up a branch, and the two began roasting their marshmallows. Soon enough, their roasted marshmallows were between graham crackers with some chocolate, and the two had a few s'mores each on hand.

"These are pretty good," Roxas mumbled between bites.

"Yeah, they came out well, huh?" Lea asked. "Nothing beats sea-salt ice cream, but there's nothing wrong with some variety, you know?"

"Variety?" Roxas stared at him. "You used to eat sea-salt ice cream every day."

Lea rolled his eyes. "You say that like you didn't do the same exact thing."

The two of them shared a look, and laughed.

We didn't always play bocce ball exclusively at the beach, but it's been awhile, since we went to the beach and since we played bocce ball. I was thinking about bocce ball the other day. Kinda miss both.

Back at summer camp...we always looked forward to the one night we'd make s'mores at the campfire. We had a campfire every night, but we only made s'mores one night, and I haven't made s'mores in awhile, either. And I obviously haven't been to camp in awhile. Maybe sometime I can make s'mores in the microwave if we've got the stuff for it. Ah, well, I have other good things, too. Kit Kat minis and elmer fudge cookies and snicker bar ice cream...

I was busy and very stressed out at the time, so I didn't end up continuing this. Guess I could pick it up sometime, but don't count on it. This was a lot of fun, though. I hope you enjoyed!