I don't know how long I've been….wherever the fuck I am. I have no body, but I can still see my surroundings, which is nothing. It's just an empty, murky black void as far as the eye can see. I've been here so long that I've forgotten everything from when I was alive. The only thing I know for certain was that I was alive, and now I'm not.

Greetings mortal

What's this? Some sort of….transparent blue box appeared right in front of me. Whatever, might as well find out what the fuck it is. Certainly better than drifting in this void for all of eternity.

You have been selected to become a player! Congratulations, your quest to everlasting power starts today. If you choose to accept of course.

The hell is a player?

A player is a being, mortal or otherwise, gifted the powers of the system by a higher power. This 'system' turns that beings life into a video game, very similar to an RPG.

I don't know what that is, mysterious box.

You will learn in due time. For now, do you choose to accept this offer? If you decline, you shall be delivered to whichever afterlife awaits you.

Alright fine, I'm game. Let's do this!

Wonderful. Now, let us begin your transition into grandeur!

First, let's restore some of your memories. Your knowledge of video games and anime to help you assimilate more quickly for wherever you end up, along with any knowledge you had regarding survival. And let's grant you the three basic Gamer skills!

Skill gained: Gamer's mind (passive)

You are immune to psychological attacks, and will be able to think calmly and rationally in otherwise stressful situations. This does not bypass your traits, flaws, and skills that affect your mind.

Skill gained: Gamer's Body (passive)

Your are a gamer, as such whenever you sleep in a bed you will fully restore your health, magic, and otherwise crippling injuries.

Skill gained: Observe [1/10]

Observe anything and everything around you, gaining any and all information on that target. For other people, however, you will find that information will be hidden from you if they are exceptionally stronger than you are.

Along with these three skills, the player has access to an inventory! The player uses the inventory as a way to store any and everything. This does not include living humans and animals, but otherwise anything goes! This storage is infinite, and items that are identical will be stacked together.

Alright then, what now?

The player must choose a race. As you are new to this, you only have two options. Being a human, or RANDOM. Be warned! Choosing random is risky, you can be anything from an ant to a progenitor god!

….yeah, no, I'll stick to being human thank you.

Human race selected!

Trait gained: Jack of all Trades!

Jack of all Trades: You gain 25% more EXP

Next you must choose your name! We can randomize one or you can choose your own.

Hm…give me a random one system.

Random name generator activated

Name selected!

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Next up: Character Creation!

You may choose to customize your appearance, you can have us randomize your appearance, or you may have your body resemble a character of your choosing.

I'll choose my own appearance system.

As soon as I decided that a gray, clay like human figure appeared in front of me. At first I was confused on what to do, but I quickly learned that the figure would change based on my thoughts.

First things first I had my guy be 18 years old. Then, I made my guy 6ft tall, with lightly tanned white skin and gave myself silky long black hair that reached down a little past my waist, with my bangs swept back slightly. My angular shaped eyes had nice icey blue pearls residing in them, adorned with neatly trimmed sharp eyebrows.

My body was next, I made him muscular. Broad shoulders accompanied by largeish biceps. Along with a nice 6 pack with a good V line, and muscular legs befitting a prime athlete I was looking nice!

I had my body adorned with a black sleeveless tee, but my arms were outfitted with black arm sleeves with gold borders that ran along my forearm and my hand, only my middle and pointer finger were slightly covered by it. The rest of the outfit was quite simple; white baggy sweatpants and no shoes. I also had Ear piercings, 3 on my right ear and one on my left.

Okay system, what's next.

Now that your character has been made we can choose your class!

First off, choose one of the three basic class categories!

[Warrior] [Mage] [Rogue]

Well fuck I don't know, I guess Warrior?

Choose one of the three classes

[Soldier] [Brawler] [Monk]

I don't know, just give me a random one of those I guess.

Request accepted!

Preparing random number generator [1-3]



[Monk] Class accepted!

+2 STR, + 2 END, +1 INT per level

Monk skills gained: Flurry of blows, Meditation, Energy Flow

Flurry of blows [1/20]: A series of up to four strikes hits the target. A dice will be rolled by the system to see whether or not your strike will land. 1-10 means a miss, an 11-20 is a hit.

Damage = STR x 2 per strike, 10 MP/hit

Meditation [1/20]: As a monk, you meditate to gain spiritual enlightenment. But that wasn't enough for you! Through constant practice and discipline you have managed to make a practical use out of this technique.

While meditating your health and mana regenerate x1.5 as fast

Energy Flow [1/10]: You have such a deep understanding of your own body that you have developed the ability to control the flow of your inner energy, whatever that may be.

Passive: Skills utilizing mana or otherwise cost 5% less

Active: Attacks boosted gain 5% more damage, 50 mana/sec

So an attack, a buff, and a support skill. Not too shabby, I'll have fun with this. Alright, what's next system.

It's time to go over your stats!

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [1/100]

Level: 1

HP: 200

MP: 200

STR: 10

END: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 10

WIS: 10

LCK: 10

Stat Points: 10

Can I get a brief rundown of each stat and what they do?

Of course player!

HP: Health points, this is a representation of how much life you have. Once this hits zero you will die! Your HP is determined by your END stat x 20. Your HP regen is determined by your END stat/min

MP: Mana points, this is a representation of how much mana you have. Once this hits zero you won't be able to cast spells or utilize skills that require mana until it has regenerated. Depending on where you are sent, mana will change to whatever energy is found in that world. Your MP is determined by your INT stat x 20, your INT regen is your WIS/min

STR: Strength. Your strength determines your damage output and how much you can lift. This stat is also used in strength checks.

END: Endurance. Your Endurance determines how long you can fight, your stamina outside of battle, and your health. This stat is also used in endurance checks.

DEX: Dexterity. Your Dexterity determines your flexibility, your speed, and reaction times. This stat is also used in Dexterity checks.

INT: Intelligence. Your Intelligence determines your critical thinking, your level of knowledge, your mana, and your ability to strategize. This stat is also used in Intelligence checks.

WIS: Wisdom. Your Wisdom determines your ability to utilize your intelligence for strategy, planning, and otherwise. It is also used in your mana regeneration, along with being used for Wisdom checks.

LCK: Luck. This stat determines how lucky you are for encounters, loot drops, and slightly influences the gacha system.

Stat points: Free points for you to allocate to the stats of your choosing. You gain 10 of these per level. However, you must use them within 24 hours of receiving them. If they aren't used they will be deleted.

Thank you for the basic rundown.

Hm, I'll give 5 of my points to STR, 3 to END, and 2 to INT.

Stat points allocated!

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [1/100]

Level: 1

HP: 260

MP: 240

STR: 15

END: 13

DEX: 10

INT: 12

WIS: 10

LCK: 10

Stat Points: 0

You are almost done player

This final part is skippable if you don't wish for it, it's the lottery!

What's that?

The lottery is just as it sounds. You roll the dice, so to speak, and you either make it or break it. You can gain traits, skills, flaws, restrictions, etc.

Uh, I guess I'll go for it?



You have gained the Trait: Monogamous

Monogamous: You desire only one romantical partner at a time in your life.

Roll again?

Sure, why not?



You have gained Trait: Catch these hands!

Catch these hands: You have the firm belief that the only weapons you need are your fists. You refuse to use any weapons in combat.

Roll again?

Well shit. One more time, just one more time.



You have gained Racial Trait: Battle Hungry

Battle Hungry: You crave for battle, any fight that brings about the death of your enemies is the best high you can receive.

You gain double XP for battles fought to the death

Roll again?

Nope, nope nope nope. No thank you. God damn it why didn't I stop before, that was so fucking stupid of me!

Calm down, calm down. Let's look at the bright sides of this. Double EXP after battles is great, sure I'll have to kill shit but if it means I survive longer then that's fantastic.

Alright, time to make the best out of a shitty situation. System, I'm ready for whatever awaits me.

Rolling for world!



World selected!

Transportation commencing

Wait where am I goin-

My thoughts were interrupted by my body being thrown across the void at hyper speed, colors blurred past me as my body rocketed forwards endlessly until I found myself rapidly approaching a bright white light.

When my eyes opened I found myself surrounded by a forest. Fantastic, I have no clue where I was AND I have no knowledge of wherever the fuck I am.

Quest Received: Where the fuck am I?

Objective: Find out where you are

Reward: 100 EXP, 2 Gacha tokens, any forgotten knowledge you had of this world before dying will be remembered

Fun. Alright, focus. What to do… I guess find a stream and follow it?

It took me nearly an hour to find a stream in this god forsaken forest. During which I Observed practically everything I laid my eyes on. I gained a lot of useless information. There were, however, some rare good finds that I quickly picked up and stored away in my inventory.

Apple (5): A juicy fruit that fell from a tree. Apples can be used in cooking, and restore 20 HP

Warflower (2): an ingredient used in potion making

Tulip (3): an ingredient used in potion making

It wasn't much, but from what I remembered I was always a hoarder in video games. Even if I never used whatever I got I would always take what I deemed useful, because I never knew if I would need it.

3 hours passed while walking downstream, and my waning patience rewarded me with a dirt road. Given the size of it, I'd say it's some sort of main road. Probably used for trading. Oh well, now to decide which way to go. East or west…east or west… hmmmmm.

Ah fuck it, East it is!

I eventually stumbled upon what appeared to be a small village, no more than 10-20 houses built near the side of what appears to be a very tall mountain and surrounded by tall wooden pikes for walls, this must be some sort of mining village. Whatever, I better go and find out where the fuck I am.

I casually walked down the road and into the village, passing homes and people until I found an inn, the place to go if you wanted information from practically every video game ever.

I walked inside and was greeted with a pretty depressing sight. There was only a couple of shoddy wooden tables and barely anyone inside, and those who are were drinking what I can only assume is alcohol of some kind based on their drunken appearance. The old innkeeper wasn't even paying anyone attention, too absorbed in whatever book he's looking at that's got him all red fac- porn. He's reading porn. Fantastic.

I walked up towards the man and leaned my arm on the counter, leaning forwards and tapped him on the shoulder. He jolted upright and closed the book and shoved it beneath himself with admittingly impressive speed. He shook his head slightly and coughed, looking at my amused face with slight annoyance, which cleared quickly once he realized that I wasn't a regular. A smile broke across his face.

"Greetings stranger, welcome to the Kane no Mura Inn! what can I do ya for?"

"Hello, I came looking for some basic information. See, I'm very, very lost. I have no idea where I am and all my belongings were stolen by some, uh, bandits."

A sympathetic look adorned the man's face.

"Ah, well worry not young man! You're residing in Kane no Mura, or otherwise known as the village of gold, named after our rather newly found gold mine."

I nod in false understanding.

"And which uh, land are we residing in. Better yet, do you have a map I could look at?"

The rather helpful innkeeper nods before walking into a door that I just noticed was behind him, for what I assumed was to get a map.

Not even 2 minutes later did the man return with a small rolled up map. Laying it on the counter, he spread it out pointed towards a small star dot on a red colored area.

"Kane no Mura is a small mining village established quite recently in the land of fire, we're quite close to Nami. We usually trade our gold for their fresh fish, as there isn't very many animals to hunt, not even mentioning that we don't have professional hunters to get them. We're also about a 1-2 weeks journey by walking from Konohagakure, though I heard it's faster if you're a ninja."

Hold the fuck up, land of fire? Nami? Konohagakure?

I'm in fucking Naruto, aren't I.

Quest Completed: Where the fuck am I?

Objective: Find out where you are

Reward: 100 EXP, 2 Gacha tokens, any forgotten knowledge you had of this world before dying will be remembered

For being in the world of Naruto your MP has changed to CP for Chakra points! You have also gained CC, aka Chakra control

Congratulations you leveled up!

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [2/100]

Level: 2

HP: 300

CP: 260

CC: 10%

STR: 17

END: 15

DEX: 10

INT: 13

WIS: 10

LCK: 10

Stat Points: 10

Chakra Control determines how much chakra you use for jutsu, 100% will cause you to have perfect chakra control and will reduce jutsu cost by 100%. As you are now, you will have to spend 80% more chakra for jutsu. This doesn't affect monk based skills.

It all came flooding back to me, Naruto and Sasuke's story, the Akatsuki, the hidden villages, oh gods above the fourth great ninja war!

Out of all the worlds I go to it's NARUTO?! The place where if I'm not at least kage level by the war, hell even before that I'm fucked? And to top it all off, I wasn't even born into a village! I'm as good as a fucking Ronin at this point, even if I did show up to a village there would be background checks, and once those don't turn up with anything I'll be thrown into interrogation for the possibility of being an enemy ninja trying to infiltrate the village.

Actually, now that I think about it, do I even want to be part of a ninja village? Basically any and everything bad that happens in this world is connected to the main villages. I'll think about it later, right now I need to figure out a game plan.

"Thank you, uh"


"Right. Thank you, Daichi-san, you truly have helped me out more than you know."

"Don't even worry about it, you were in need of help and I could provide it. It's the least I can do after you got robbed by those damned bandits. They keep harassing our trade route with Nami, threatening to steal our trade unless we pay some outrageous toll fee. We tried to get the ninjas of Konoha to help us but they still haven't sent anyone!"

Hm, an opportunity perhaps? I need to grow stronger, and if I manage to kill these bandits I'll be In the good graces of this village. It might not mean much now, but in the long term having a gold mining village in my favor could prove beneficial.

"Tell ya what Daichi-san, I'll handle those bandits myself."

Daichi looked rather surprised at my 'generous' offer.

"I couldn't ask that of you, uh.."

"Tatsuo, Tasto Kyodo"

"Right, I can't ask that of you Kyodo-san. Those bandits already robbed you, and they're pretty dangerous. I can't in good conscious let you go after them,"

That's rather kind of the man, too bad I'm not going to listen.

"Listen Daichi-san, while the concern is appreciated I will be fine. I may not look like it but I'm trained in combat. The only reason I was robbed was because they got the drop on me. Now that I had the chance to gather my bearings I'm ready for some payback."

Daichi looked conflicted before sighing in reluctant acceptance, he walked from behind the counter and motioned me to follow him. We walked out of the bar and outside to just the edge of town.

"Alright Kyodo-san, follow the main road for about 30 minutes and then take and then take a right at the nearest river. From there it's a straight shot to Nami. Along that road is where the bandits are located."

I nodded in thanks and started to make my way down the road. Before I could walk not even 10 steps I head Daichi call out to me. I stopped in the road and glanced back at him.

"You make it back here alive, ya hear? I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I let a brave lad like you get killed."

I smirked back at him, and turned back to the road and kept walking. Waving a hand back at him.

"Relax Daichi-san, I'll be sure to return by tonight, tomorrow at the latest. I'll be sure to bring back any money that I find there that they extorted from you back as well."

Quest Received: Bandit Business

Objective: Kill the bandits tolling the trading route

Bonus Objective: Get back the remaining extorted money they have and return it to Kane no Mura

Bonus Objective 2: Return to Kane no Mura before nightfall

Objective Reward: 500 EXP, 200 Ryo, 2 Gacha tokens

Bonus Reward 1: Various Rep increases

Bonus Reward 2: Massive Rep Increase with Kane no Mura, Title: Bandit Breaker

Time to kill some bandits~

AN: So those of you who have read my other story must be confused why I haven't updated it in a rather long time, a month if I'm right. So what happened was that I was rather caught up in a lot of school work and writers block, also some kid in my culinary class caught covid and my class had to quarantine for 2 weeks and I was informed on such short notice that I had forgotten to bring the book I write all my ideas and math in with me. I've also realized that while I like the idea of writing about a rogue character, that I don't find it a lot of fun to write really. They're supposed to be stealthy and discrete, which when written well is super fun and engaging. I just don't have that kind of skill to pull it off, and just writing how the character insta kills another rando is boring for me to write.

This doesn't mean I'm abandoning the story, I'm just taking a break from writing THAT story and I'm going to work on this one. When I feel the motivation to write the rogue story I will, but I don't know when that will be so I won't promise anything.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of another Gamer story.