I stared at them

Haku stared back at me, tense with caution



I closed the door in front of me and turned to leave.

Only to see Haku step out of an ice mirror behind me.


System, Observe please, if you would.

Name: Haku

Class: Shinobi

Title: Lady of the snow

Level: 30

HP: 1180

CP: 1600

STR: 77

END: 59

DEX: 85

INT: 80

WIS: 65

LCK: 23

Thoughts about you: Caution, mildly suspicious

"Who are you and what do you want with Zabuza-sama."

Well fuck me sideways, this bitch is strong.

Also, 'Lady' of the snow? I thought Haku was a guy? Questions for later, right now I have to deal with her…him? Them, I'll go with them for now. But what should I say? I know Haku and Zabuza don't actually like or respect Gato, but they are here for a job. Gato is supposed to pay them or whatever, so it would be in their best interest to stop me if I said outright that I'm going to kill him, and it's not like I can just tell them Gato's planning to betray them both and kill them on the bridge in their next fight against team 7.

But….I did come here to screw with canon.

Decisions, decisions.

Fuck it, might as well.

"Came to say that Gato heard of your recent failure in eliminating the target, he plans on ambushing you both after your next fight with them on the bridge with his army of thugs and kill the both of you while you're weakened from the fight if you didn't already die to Tazuna's ninja protection."

Haku immediately takes out a senbon and aims it at my jugular faster than I can see

"You're lying, Gato would never be stupid enough to turn against a ninja of Zabuza-sama's caliber, what's the real reason you're here for?"

"What's this about me being not stupid? I mean, it's true but I'd still love to know the context."

I whirled around and met Gato the motherfucker himself. 5'2 in height with shaggy brown hair, black sunglasses that hide his eyes, a permanent sneer on his face, and combined with his black suit purple tie combo he looks like a very stereotypical mobster. Why the fuck was he here? I glanced behind him and noticed two of his thugs behind him. Shit, this is the scene where he goes to slap Zabuza huh.

"Ah it's just you Tatsuo, I didn't realize you came back from Kane no Mura. Did you meet up with Daisuke like I told you to? I don't see the money that I sent you to collect."

What in the…?

A sudden realization hit me with the force of post nut clarity. The reactions of the villagers, Tsunami's fear, how I can go about here without suspicion, why Haku didn't just kill me outright.

I worked for Gato.

System what the fuck?! Why do I apparently work for Gato!

Did you honestly believe that I would just drop you into a world with no history or background? That would be incredibly stupid. People don't just appear out of nowhere, no, the body you created does have a background. It's just not that deep.

Enlighten me then.

You started working for gato 1 week ago, and your first job for him was to go collect the extorsion money from Daisuke.

And before that?

Didn't matter, you wouldn't care and neither did I.

Fair point.

"Ah about that…I got to the place you mentioned but all I found were dead bodies. I searched around in case they hid the money but all I found was an empty hole in the ground."

Gato gnashed his teeth together in anger before seemingly getting himself together.

"Ah well, nothing can be done about that. Even though it was a failure you couldn't have changed anything Tatsuo."

What the..why was he being so forgiving?

"Anyways it's good you're here Tatsuo, after I finish with this come meet me in my office. We have something to discuss regarding your next job for me."

"Ah well, I'll just wait out here for you then. That way we can go together or something."

Gato just nodded and motioned for his boys to follow him into Zabuza's room. Haku spared me one glance before walking in behind them. It only took 3 minutes before I heard a scream of pain from Gato before he stormed out the room with his bodyguards, his hand clutching his wrist. He stomped past me and I made my way to follow him.

System, Observe these three

Name: Zori

Class: Gato Company thug

Level: 8

HP: 500

CP: 400

STR: 35

END: 25

DEX: 19

INT: 20

WIS: 14

LCK: 25

Thoughts about you: He doesn't care about you

Name: Waraji

Class: Gato Company thug

Level: 9

HP: 520

CP: 240

STR: 43

END: 26

DEX: 15

INT: 12

WIS: 11

LCK: 16

Thoughts about you: He doesn't care about you

Name: Gato

Class: CEO

Level: 15

HP: 660

CP: 900

STR: 24

END: 33

DEX: 22

INT: 45

WIS: 40

LCK: 29

Thoughts about you: Furious, wants to punish you


For observing at least 5 people your observe skill has levelled up!

Observe [2/10]: Observe anything and everything around you, gaining any and all information on that target, including a brief background about them. For other people, however, you will find that information will be hidden from you if they are exceptionally stronger than you are.

My expression darkened, well Gato, you'll soon have a real good reason to hate me, for however long that is remains to be seen.

. . .

The second we arrived in his office both Zori and Waraji wrapped their arms around mine and pushed me onto my knees, the bastards. Gato himself turned to look at me with fury in his eyes as he slapped my cheek with all the force he could muster.

You have taken 36 dmg!

Tatuso Kyodo

HP: 564/600

That didn't hurt but I guess I can play along, I snapped my head to the side at the moment of impact and made sure to force out a grunt. I turned my head back to him, hilariously I was still taller than him even when I was hunched over and down on my knees.

"How dare you, Tatsuo. I gave you one job, ONE JOB! And you couldn't even do it right. It was a simple in and out, go get it, but you took a week to get there and back. HOW! It's not even a 3 hour journey to get to his location, yet you managed to waste an entire week. You're going to have to be punished for this, but you won't die. You're new, you'll learn not to leave me disappointed again."

He turned around, hands held behind his back and cocked his head to look at me.

"No more failures, Tatsuo, are we clear?"

I spat on his face

"Go fuck yourself."

Gato paused, took out a hankey and wiped off the spit on his face, before snapping his fingers.

"Waraji, Zori, kill him. Make him an example for the boys down below that failure will not be tolerated.

Waraji managed to get both of my arms locked by his as Zori let go and brandished his sword. But before Zori could do anything with his sword I place both of my palms against Waraji and gathered so much bokuton chakra that it was slightly visible. Waraji looked down in confusion before his frightened eyes snapped to meet mine.

I smirked, winked, and shouted.


The resulting point blank explosion blew Waraji apart. His blown off arms hit Zori in the face, while his legs fell down beside me. Blood and gore decorated the hallway behind us, as apparently my explosion went through Waraji and completely destroyed the wall behind us.

A new skill was created from special action

Bakuton: Detonating Palm strike

Bakuton: Detonating Palm strike [1/20]: By gathering Bakuton chakra in their palms, the user is able to release a palm strike that results in a large outward explosion. Using both palms together creates an even more powerful explosion.

Damage: 1 palm = (STR x 1.5) + 50(LV) explosion damage, cost = 50 CP

Damage: Palms together = (STR x 3) + 150 (LV) explosion damage, cost = 225 CP

With Zori distracted I spun around and decked him in the chest with an Explosion Punch, blasting apart him from the ribs up, whatever was left of his body collapsed against the wall. His intestines, still in tact, fell out of his body and slapped on the floor, spreading blood and bits of flesh and bone all over Gato's clean office floor.

You have dealt 957 dmg to Waraji!


HP: -437/520

You have killed Waraji!

You have dealt 638 dmg to Zori!


HP: -138/500

You have killed Zori!

You have gained 2040 XP!

Applying Battle hungry Bonus…

Applying Jack of All Trades Bonus…

You have gained 5100XP!

You have leveled up x2!

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [7/100]

Title: Bandit Breaker

Level: 7 [1650/6400]

HP: 680

CP: 440

CC: +60%

STR: 44

END: 34

DEX: 20

INT: 22

WIS: 10

LCK: 30

Ryo: 200

Stat Points: 20

Allocate 6 points to STR, then the rest into INT and WIS evenly

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [7/100]

Title: Bandit Breaker

Level: 7 [1650/6400]

HP: 680

CP: 580

CC: +60%

STR: 50

END: 34

DEX: 20

INT: 29

WIS: 17

LCK: 30

Ryo: 200

Stat Points: 0

You have obtained 50 STR! Time to choose a perk:

Strong armed: Your arms are super strong! Gain a permanent +10 STR

Heavy Impact: Your attacks are stronger than most! Gain a permanent 5% DMG increase for physical attacks

Heavy impact, gotta choose that. I can always gain STR points through level ups.

Heavy Impact selected!

Battle Hungry's rush hit me, and I cackled in delight and pleasure. I then twisted my neck to make direct eye contact with Gato and smiled.


Gato was many things, rich, powerful, cruel, and selfish

Well you could add scared shitless to that list right now

He had just ordered his two strongest men to kill that ungrateful whelp Tatsuo for his blatant disrespect, when all of a sudden, somehow, Tatsuo made Waraji's middle section explode along with the wall behind him. And it wasn't like Zori could do anything either at the moment due to, well, him being splattered against his wall and floor.

And if that wasn't enough, that monster, standing in the remains of my two best men, started to fucking laugh. He was laughing at casually killing two people, and I know that if I don't do something I'm next.

Get ahold of yourself Gato, you got out of worse situations than this before. Time for the try and true method of bribing.

"Well Tatsuo, it seems we're at an interesting situation doesn't it?"

The fucker just smirked and tilted his head in clear amusement

"I don't want to die, and even if you do kill me I have 50 boys downstairs just waiting to kill you. As skilled as you are, there's no way you can fight through 50 people and live."

A total lie, I had 35 at most, but embellishing the numbers a little gives an added threat level even if it wasn't true. And there's no way that Tatsuo knows how many people I actually have.

Tatsuo's smirk disappeared and his eyes narrowed. Good, we're getting somewhere.

"How about a proposition? I give you the money I would have given to those other ninja and you leave wave."

Tatsuo stood silent for so long that I was worried he was just going to kill me right then and there, but luckily for me he just nodded his head.



I turned around and went behind my desk, pressing the small button just under the first drawer and a section of the wall next to me slid open revealing my safe. A combination sequence later and I opened it, taking out many stacks of ryo and putting them in one of the many brief cases on my shelf.

"Here you go Tatsuo, there's 250,000 ryo in this briefcase. Now if you'd take this and leave that would be splendid."

Tatsuo took the briefcase from my hand and opened it, stared at it and then smiled. To my confusion, the briefcase disappeared in his hands.

That confusion turned to dread when I realized that he was staring at me.

That dread turned to panic when he started to walk towards me.

That bastard was going to kill me wasn't he, well, time for another try and true technique. One that's been passed down the Gato family for generations.



I blinked as Gato's fat ass darted around me and sprinted down the hallway at a speed that actually surprised me. And when I turned around to watch him he was already turning the corner at the end of the hall

Whatever, it's not like I care whether or not he gathers his cronies, I knew that his bodyguards were his best men, so I had nothing to fear from some cannon fodder. No, the real prize was that Gato, one of the richest if not the richest man in the narutoverse, left his safe open.

Speaking of which, time to loot!

System, inventory the contents of the safe please.

You have looted Gato's safe

You have gained 2,750,000 ryo

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [7/100]

Title: Bandit Breaker

Level: 7 [1650/6400]

HP: 680

CP: 580

CC: +60%

STR: 50

END: 34

DEX: 20

INT: 29

WIS: 17

LCK: 30

Ryo: 3,000,200

Stat Points: 0

Oooh yes daddy likey~

Big number make my monkey brain go bananas.

Whatever, what I need to do now is kill Gato. By now he must be either gathering his men to fight or he's gone to Haku and Zabuza to enlist their help. Probably both. But they won't be a problem once they realize that Gato doesn't have any money to pay them with, but I do.

I strolled my way down the and back Zabuza's room and peered inside. Haku and Zabuza were still there, it appeared as though either Gato passed them entirely with the thought of his sprained wrist still in mind, or Haku had refused to help Gato.

This time it was Zabuza who was the one to notice me, his head tilting slightly to the side and his eyes narrowed upon seeing me. Haku, noticing, took a defensive stance in front of him and readied their senbon, ready to fill me like a porcupine the second I tried anything. Not like I was going to.

I took out the briefcase from my inventory, with the money it it, and tossed it to Haku. Haku managed to catch it with one hand and shift it behind him without breaking eye contact, they narrowed their eyes in confusion

"What's in the case Tatsuo-san?"

"The money that Gato owed you, he gave it to me when I was gunna kill him in exchange that I left wave and him alone."

"Why not keep the money then?"

I smirked, "I raided his entire safe in his office. If he doesn't have any other places he's keeping money then I just raided his entire life savings. Figured I'd pay you to stay out of my way."

Haku glances at Zabuza, a silent conversation going between them before he nodded to the case. Haku, still not taking their eyes off of me, opened the case with her other hand to reveal all the money Gato owed them plus another 50,000 as compensation.

Zabuza turned to me, "Not like I can go anywhere anyways, fine. We'll stay out of your hair. Not like there's anything left for us here. We'll leave as soon as we're able."

"Do whatever you want man I don't care."

With my piece said I turned around and walked down to the last floor, and came face to face with what appeared to be 30-40 of Gato's men armed and ready to kill me. Gato himself stood in front of his crew, cane in hand gripped tightly as he glared at me in smug confidence.

System, there's too many people here to observe before we start fighting, could you just give me an estimate observe for all 35?

Request accepted

35 goons

Average stat sheet

Level: 6

HP: 540

CP: 300

STR: 28

END: 27

DEX: 19

INT: 15

WIS: 14

LCK: 17

Quick math time

A single Explosion Punch from me should deal 800 damage, but my bandit breaker boost gives me another 400 damage. This is boosted even further by Unarmed Combat which gives another 10% so it should add another 80 dmg… so 1280 damage per strike and each costs 40CP, but with my passive from Energy flow along with my terrible CC the actual cost ends up being 61CP.

Wait, Explosion Release takes off another 2%, that means it ends up costing 60, which means I can get off 9 punches before I can't enough chakra to charge up a punch. Though maybe I can cheat this, if my explosions keep the trend of bursting through my opponent then if I can somehow manage to get some of the bandits behind each other I can take out 2, possibly even 3 bandits out at the same time.

Just as I finish that thought, Gato slams his cane down on the floor. Must have been the signal because the grunts fucking charge me, weapons of all sorts raised high and aimed to maim.

I sprint towards a group of 3 on the edge of their little group, fists raised charged with Explosion Punch I maneuver around the nearest one and punch him straight into the side, exploding him along with the guy next to him killing both. I had no time to admire my handiwork as the third guy raked me across the cheek with his weapon and taking 58 dmg, however he overextended his arm. I capitalized on it and grabbed his arm with mine, spinning us both around and using him like a flail, smacking his allies that tried to surround us.

I let go of him suddenly, and the sudden lack of an anchor had the grunt flying into another gaggle of bitches and they tumbled over each other. I pivoted and jumped onto one of the fallen dudes on the floor and dealt a devastating hammer blow to the back of his head before grabbing it and slamming his head onto the ground until his head caved in. Suddenly, one of the grunts grabbed me in a full nelson and spun around for his partner to spear me in the gut. What a pitiful attempt, with my superior strength I broke through his hold and grabbed the shaft of his spear and broke it like a tooth pick. Weapon gone the partner tried to retreat but I wouldn't let him. I grabbed the guy behind me and whipped him around into the retreating goon. As they collided with each other I sprinted forward and used another Explosion Punch, blowing through both bodies.

Funny enough they exploded like a bomb, so their bodies acted like shrapnel and caused minor damage and shock to the surrounding idiots. Giving me a much needed moment to sock 2 grunts in the face with Explosion Punches, I managed to catch one other grunt in the blast and kill him too. Taking a quick headcount, I took note that 8 of the 35 grunts were dead, and that I used 4 of my 9 Explosion punches. I had 5 left, and I have to somehow deal with 27 grunts. Hm, system how much time has passed since this fight started?

3 minutes

Then I've recovered enough chakra for another punch, that makes 6 left. I spared a glance to see Gato starting to try and retreat.

Well, I can't have that now can I?

I take off in a mad dash towards Gato, predictably a group of men tried to block my path. I tensed my legs and leaped over all of them, and continued my sprint towards Gato. I was gaining on him, and once I was close enough I grabbed him by the suit and pivoted my body and threw him back into his men with enough force that he crashed through the group I jumped over and scattered them. Gato himself ended up bashing against a metal support beam and slumped over, I assume unconscious but I won't know until I try go over there.

My lack of focus costed me, 2 of the grunts managed to sneak up on me and slash at both of my legs, dealing a combined damage of 117. I roared in pain and spun around, grabbed them both by the heads and lifted them off the ground and started to squeeze. I could hear their skulls cracking, they desperately tried to get away, kicking and punching with no real strength. It took a solid 5 seconds before both skulls caved in and they died. I dropped both bodies to the ground and returned my gaze to the remaining 25 grunts.

Their bravado and arrogance have been effectively shot to hell. Their stances are less confident, they're shaking and their pupils are contracted and they're starting to sweat. That's good for me, they'll make more mistakes that I can take advantage of.

I roamed my eyes across the scattered groups left. 3 groups of 2 in front of me in various spaces, 2 groups on my left with one consisting of 7 members and the other with 3, and the remaining 9 left in one group to my right. I can't go for the ones in front of me, while they do have less members than the others it's the fact that if I do attack them then the other groups would just surround me. The safer of the two remaining options would to go for the left side, getting rid of a sum of 10 people in two groups would be helpful, but that group of 9 would still be a problem. But the group of 9 is further away from me than the left group anyways.

I made a feint to charge the right, as expected the middle groups all made an effort to follow me. I then pivoted on my right food and dashed as fast as I could towards the left most groups. The groups in front of me, not expecting it, tried to copy my movements but ultimately ended up tripping over themselves and causing a small blockade of entangled bodies that would hopefully hold of the others. I went straight for the group of three on the left and sucker punched 2 of them with a single Explosion Punch. I kicked the third member away as I clashed with 4 members of group 7. They surrounded me and went wild with their short swords, I bobbed and weaved between the slashes, avoiding most but I was nicked with a slice or two and took 76 dmg.

I quickly ducked and side swept all of them in a quick 360 leg kick, knocking them all over onto the ground. I grabbed the leg of the guy in front of me and stood up, whipping him over my head and slammed him down onto one of the other guys. With them incapacitated I turned my attention to the other two rising members of their quartet. I shot both my arms forward, gripped the arm of the rising man in front of me, and slammed him into the other one just as I had done with the other two. With all four of them on the group I hit both downed groups of 2 with an Explosion Punch each. Killing all 4 in the process.

The remaining 3 of group 7 hadn't been idle while I killed their other members, they went and met up with the last member of the first group of three and formed another group of 4. But they didn't charge me, no, instead they ran past me in an attempt to regroup with the others for a larger force. Can't have that, so I jumped at them, arms stretched out wide, and fell on the middle two guys, my arms wrapped around the other two, and forced us all onto the ground. One of them landed straight on their weapon and it pierced his throat. Lucky me. I quickly got on my knees, pinning two of them to the ground, and grabbed the remaining member and threw him at the other groups. He knocked into a couple of them that were managing to get up and knocked them down again. I turned my attention back to the two under me and grabbed their heads and bashed them onto the floor twice before getting up, leaping into the air, and driving my knees full force into their necks, crushing their wind pipes and killing them.

I stood back to my full height and glared at the remaining 16 members of gato's little gang. They took a glance at each other and started running towards the exit, desperate to get away from me. But they'll soon find out how futile their effort was. I ran and intercepted them, crouching under a group of 3 and punched them in rapid succession in the solar plexus, they all wheezed and fell on the ground. I left them on the ground and focused on the other 13 still running away. I shifted a foot under one of the grunts under me, and kicked him up into my awaiting hand. I held him in front of me, both of his wrists held tight in my hands, and leapt at the other 13. As I descended to the left of one of the running men I twisted my body and slammed the back of my downed grunt into the side of the running one and let go. The resulting impact caused a domino effect and toppled the other 11 running grunts onto the ground. The first two I hit were easy to kill, 2 punches to the backs of their heads were enough to kill them. I grabbed three others and held them all up like grocery bags and slammed an Explosion Punch into them, obliterating them on the spot. I jumped to another two, grabbed them by the neck and drove them headfirst into the concrete floor, burying their heads into the concrete and their bodies just suspended in air. I Explosion Punched another group of three bodies that were on the ground and found the last 3 attempting to get on their knees.

I jumped in between two of them, grabbed them by their necks and squeezed, snapping their necks. The last one I got creative with. I grabbed him by the arm and walked towards one of the metal support beams scattered throughout the floor. I whirled back, and slammed the grunts back into the beam over and over again until his spine broke through his stomach. Dropping him to the ground I looked back towards the other first 3 of the 16 I had taken out. They were all trying to crawl away to some sort of door on the side of the building. I jogged over to them and Explosion Punched two of them, leaving me with 1 left from my earlier count. The last grunt left tried to crawl away faster, but it was in vain. I strolled over to him, flipped him onto his back and put my foot on his neck. The last thing he saw before he died was my smug face before I applied enough force to crush his neck.

I turned my gaze back to gato, who must have woken up during my carnage because he was staring dead at me. The life in his eyes was gone, left with a dead gaze of defeat. I strolled over to him, and tapped him on the head. All I got was a little hollow grunt. I rolled my eyes, so much for all that confidence. I used my last Explosion Punch to blow him to smithereens from the neck down, leaving me with his decapitated head.

You have killed all 35 grunts (12 lv 5, 12 lv 6, 10 lv 7, 1 lv 8)

You have gained 25,200XP!

Applying Battle Hungry Bonus…

Applying Jack of All Trades Bonus…

You have gained 63,000XP

You have leveled up x3!

Name: Tatsuo Kyodo

Class: Monk [10/100]

Title: Bandit Breaker

Level: 10 [19,850/51,200]

HP: 720

CP: 640

CC: +60%

STR: 56

END: 36

DEX: 20

INT: 32

WIS: 17

LCK: 30

Ryo: 2,700,200

Stat Points: 30

[Unarmed Combat] has leveled up x8

[Bokuton: Explosion Punch] has leveled up x2

[Explosion Release] has leveled up x5

Explosion release (6/100): Explosion release jutsus require 12% less chakra

Unarmed Combat [10/100]: The art of punching the shit out of everything. Unarmed attacks deal 50% more damage

Bokuton: Explosion Punch [3/20]: By gathering Bokuton chakra in their fist, the user is able to release a devastating punch that, upon contact, will cause an outward explosion on impact

Damage = (STR x 3) + 120(LV) explosion damage, 40CP per fist

Congratulations! You have completed Secret Quest: Goodbye Gato

Objective: Deal with Gato however you see fit

Optional Objective: Don't kill him

Optional Objective: Kill him

Bonus Objective: Get rid of Gato's men

Secret Objective: Dispose of Haku and Zabuza

[x] Objective Reward: 2 Gacha tokens, Rep gains

[] Optional Objective 1 reward: Gato as a slave, control over Gato corp

[x] Optional Objective 2 reward: Massive Wave rep gains, 2 Gacha tokens

[x] Bonus Reward: Bandit Breaker Title upgraded

[] Secret Objective reward: ?

Added 4 Gacha tokens to inventory

Wave rep gains will be distributed upon Wave learning of Gato's demise

Other rep gains will be distributed upon learning of Gato's demise

Bandit Breaker Has been upgraded!

Bandit Breaker: You are the breaker of bandits. Against bandits and other groups of similar nature you deal 75% extra damage

Congratulations on completing your first secret quest! Secret quests are exactly as the name implies, quests that are secret from the player. You will never be made aware of them unless you have completed it.

I was not prepared for the massive rush Battle Hungry gave me. I...couldn't even describe the euphoria I was feeling right now. I collapsed on my knees, hugging myself and just touching all over myself, basking in my ecstasy.

I spent a good 20 minutes just enjoying myself before I stood up to leave, making sure to grab Gato's head before I left. After all…

I owe a child a puppet show.

A.N: How was the mob fight? This is the first time I've written a fight scene with that many people participating in it.