The Random Meeting of Four Individuals

By Quinara

This is random.  I will not deny that.  Basically, if you don't watch Buffy, Angel is a vampire with a soul and Spike is just a normal vampire…mostly.  You don't really need to know anything else.

It's short.  Just think of it like a snippet in time.


In a void somewhere between worlds.

Angel:   I tortured and maimed for over a hundred years!

Drizzt:   But I killed the gnolls!

Zaknafein:            Wasn't that justified?

Drizzt:            Maybe...but, what if they had the chance to change and be like me!?!

Angel:   You shouldn't blame yourself.

Spike:   I can't much of this.  Oi, Zak mate, you wanna go down the pub?

Zak:     Alright then…

Spike:   There's this flowerin' onion thing you've just gotta try…

Zak:     Onion?

Drizzt:   Can I come?

Spike & Zak:            NO.

Zak:     Just stay here…and play with Twinkle…

Spike:            Twinkle?

Zak:     It's his scimitar.

Spike & Angel:            You name your weapons?

Zak:     No, just him.

Spike:   That's just…sad.

Angel:   And he watches Passions.

Zak:            Passions?

Spike:   It's brilliant…Timmy's down the well…and…

Drizzt:   We must save this Timmy!

Zak, Spike & Angel:   Shut up Drizzt.

Drizzt:   But it's the only noble thing to do!

Angel:   Maybe, but the fact is he's not real.

Drizzt:   What d'you mean he's not real?

Spike:   So, Zak, you ready for the pub?

Zak:     Just about.

Spike:            Brilliant.  Peaches.  Drizzy.

Drizzt:   My name…is Drizzt.

Angel:   Drizzit?

Drizzt:   No, Drizzt!  Why can no one get my name right?

Angel:   …

Drizzt:   Where did my father and that blond fellow go? (looks around) Wait a second…where did everyone go?  (Makes a frightened whimper.)