~A New Life~

~Chapter One: The New Beginning~


            Announcer: Now I would like to give you a slight explanation to this story that is about to be told.  I am sure you all know about the recent events leading up to the destruction of the Dark Gundam by the hands of Domon Kasshu and Rain Mikamura.  But I also hope you know about the rise of the Dark Gundam after that and it's final destruction by the hands of Cloy O'Conall and, Domon's supposed dead brother, Kyoji Kasshu. 

            After that Cloy's Commander, the one who plotted all this, came back and tried to kill them both because they had destroyed the Dark Gundam.  But, he did not succeed.  Instead he was killed as well by his own Gundam Fighter Cloy O'Conall.  Then, once they were sure there was nothing left for both of them to do, the left the earth atop the newly rebuilt Gundam Spiegel and the legendary Flaming Gundam.  

And, of course, we couldn't forget that right before all this happened, and before they left for the colonies Kyoji Kasshu popped the question.  That's right, he asked Cloy O'Conall to marry him.  Of course, she accepted and they planed to get married, but they had to tell Domon that Kyoji was still alive and everything.

Well, that's enough from me, on to the story.


            "Oh Kyoji, we have to tell him some time.  And I'm sure that he and Rain are up here some where." Cloy O'Conall said as she rode next to the man she loved in a black pick-up truck. 

            "Yes I know that dear, but… what happens if he still thinks I was the cause of all this?"  Kyoji looked over from the road to her for a moment and back.

            Cloy put her hand on his and said "you know that he knows you didn't do any of this.  Remember, right before he destroyed that stupid gundam and almost killed you, you told him everything.  And he accepted it after a while of letting it sink in."  As she said that there was a very nice blue and white ring visible on her hand on her ring finger. 

            Kyoji smiled warmly at her and said "You know, you always make me feel so much better."  She smiled back as he put his other hand over hers and said "Alright, I'll tell Domon everything that happened after he saved Rain and went home.  I just hope that he will be able to forgive me for everything."

            "Don't worry honey, I'm sure he will." She said, scooting closer to him and draping his free arm around her. 

            As they drove further along the roads of the Neo-Japan colony, they watched the land go by.  "You know I think we'll be getting back to my old home pretty soon." Kyoji commented as he looked upon a spot that he and the Dark Gundam, or as it was known to him before it changed, the Ultimate Gundam and was attacked my Ulube and his men.

            "You know, that spot over there shows almost no sign of that day." Kyoji commented under his breath as he looked at it. 

            "What day?" Cloy asked looked up at her fiancée confused.

            "The day that I escaped from Ulube with the Ulti… Dark Gundam.  He followed me and attacked with the mobile suit fantoma.  That is how he got the scar under his mask that he wore." Kyoji said looking down at her, directly into her eyes.  She could see from his eyes that he still dreads to think about that day.

            "It's all right honey that was more then two years ago."  Cloy said bringing her arm up to his chest.  She then looked ahead of the truck and saw two houses side by side.

            "Hey, that's Rain's house." Kyoji said with a great smile as he looked up at the two houses. "And right beside it is mine!"

            Cloy smiled warmly to know that Kyoji was finally home, after years of being away from it he was finally home.  She knew that she didn't have much to go home to.  All she had was a flat up in London with her stuff in it and that was it.  Her mom was never at her home and her brother was… well… seemed dead now and her younger brother, only being ten or eleven right now, was with her mother.

            Kyoji looked down and his great big smile faded when he saw Cloy deep in thought.  Normally he would be happy that she was thinking about something, other then fighting and her late Commander.  But when he looked down at her, he saw despair in her eyes.

            He lifted his hand up to her chin, once they had finally stopped near the second home, lifted her head up to him and asked gently "What's wrong?"

            "Oh it's nothing." she said immediately looking away.

            Kyoji looked at her reaction and immediately knew what it was. "Your worried about your home and family." He said, not really asking a question, but stating a fact.

            "Just a little." She replied. 

            "Listen, don't worry about all the missing chips or anything, I promise we'll go find out how your mom and little brother are doing as soon as we can." Kyoji said leaning down to her and staring her right in the eye.

            She smiled and nodded.  Kyoji then opened the door to get out and then helped Cloy out of the large monster truck that he was driving.  "So what do you say we see if anyone's home." He said with his charming smile that Cloy loved.  She smiled back, took his hand and started for the front door of the house that stood before them.

            They got up to the door, stood there for a moment then Kyoji lifted his hand to knock on the door.

Well this is the first chapter of the sequel to Neo-Alaska's Gundam Fighter vs. Schwarz Bruder, tell me if you like it or not and tell me if I should post another chapter to this ^_^ don't worry I probably already know the answer to the last question. Oh yeah, if I don't get the next chapter up to soon then don't yell at me cause I'm working on four other stories as well as this.  Two of them are on FictionPress.net, my user on there is DarkLoveGoddess54CryptKeeper.  See you soon ~_^