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~A New Life~

~Chapter Seventeen: The End, or Is It?~

            "Why do you think Knight did this?" Kyoji asked as he watched Cloy walk down to her guns cabinet and get out a 9mm Glock and check it for ammunition. 

            "Well, my theory is that he still wants me after three years.  Ether that or he's being bribed by a third party.  That he is doing something for them so they can do something for him."  She replied "It may be about the election, it may be to boost his popularity with the country, I don't know yet."

            "Don't tell me your going to 'talk' to him are you?" Kyoji asked, standing in front of her.

            She just looked at him and turned to go to the door.  "This is my fight.  I'm the reason he almost killed you, so I'm going to take care of the problem." 

            "No your not. For all you know he has a trap waiting for you." Kyoji said standing in front of the door.

            "That's what I'm hoping." She said, "Now move. I don't want you hurt in all this." 

            "No, I'm not letting you go."  Kyoji said taking a firm stand in front of the door.

            "Fine, I didn't want to do this but…" she said then used the gun to knock him out.  She dragged him over to the couch, laid him down and put a cool washrag where she hit him and left.  "I hope he can forgive me but this is my fight, not his."

As Cloy walked down the street she put her gun away under her coat she had on and focused her mind on one thing and one thing only.  To find Prime Minister Knight and find out what was going on.  And take care of him once and for all.

            She was just about to turn into an alley way when she heard "Cloy! Cloy please wait up, I have important news for you."

            She thought it was Kyoji and said "Kyoji, go back…" was all she got out when she turned to see Prime Minister Knight running to her.  "And I didn't have to look very hard" she thought to herself.

            He caught up with her and said "Cloy, I have something important to tell you."  He caught his breath and was about to tell her when he fell over to the ground.  He was still alive, but barely.  She turned him over to see a blue and gold dagger sticking out of his back.  She quickly pulled it out and called an ambulance. 

            "What could possibly be so important for him to have to tell me?  And get attacked cause it?"  Cloy asked herself as she watched the doctors do what they could to save the life of Prime Minister Knight.  She was about to turn and leave when she ran into Kyoji's chest.  She slowly looked up to the 6'4' man that stood in front of her and smiled a childish smile.

            "You know THAT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU!"  Kyoji yelled as he pointed to Knight. 

            "Like I said before, it was my fight not yours."  Cloy offered back.

            "When your mother woke me up I was worried sick about you.  Then I get this call saying that you were at the hospital.  It made me go out of my mind thinking you were here because you got hurt."  Kyoji scolded. "WHY DID YOU DO SUCH A STUPID STUNT?"  He asked

            "Because, it wasn't Knight that has been after me."  She softly replied, with her eyes closed, and turned back to the window she could see Knight though.

            "What? What are you talking about?" Kyoji asked.

            "Prime Minister Knight won the election and everything because of another person.  That same person is the one that wants me.  Knight was just a pawn in this surprisingly."  Cloy explained.

            "How do you know all this?"  Kyoji asked in softer, more reasonable tone.

            "Because, the former Senator is to stupid to think of something so complex like this.  Trust me I knew him for a few years."  Cloy replied.

            Kyoji nodded, and then held her tighter when a doctor came out and said "The Prime Minister would like to see you, he's been saying something about another person wanting you." 

            Cloy nodded and went into the room he was in.  Kyoji followed close behind and kept his arms around her.  When the former senator saw her he immediately became awake.  He slowly got out "Cloy; there is something evil after you.  I had to obey him because of a stupid deal we made.  Other wise I would have warned you sooner." 

            "Why? I mean I thought you wanted me all to yourself."  Cloy asked.

            "Yes that's true.  But I tried to tell you because I still… love… you."  Were his last words as his eyes slowly closed, and the heart monitor gave one solemn continues beep.

            Cloy pulled Kyoji's arms around her tighter as she felt a shiver go down her spine. She shed one tear for him, for she understood him.  And also felt bad that he died trying to betray someone that he made a deal with.

            "Who do you think did all this?"  Kyoji asked.

            "I don't know.  But who ever it was, wants me badly.  But I don't know why." Cloy said as she leaned her head back up against him. 

            "C'mon, let's get you home."  Kyoji said as he moved with her to the door.  She didn't know why but she felt something die with the Prime Minister, other then all the pain and anguish she felt all those years ago.  She felt a common understanding die with him. 

            She slowly shook it off and put it as he died to get information to her; that's all.  Nothing more, nothing less.

            They got to the apartment that Kyoji and Cloy would be living in for a while, and saw her mother, Clarissa, and Fritz up and about. Cloy smiled as she sat on the couch and Kyoji joined her.

            Fritz stood and said "I have something to say."  Cloy saw a gleam in his eye, the same gleam as when Kyoji asked her to marry him, and smiled.  Fritz walked over to Clarissa, sat by her, and said "I know that we haven't exactly known each other very long, but I still feel a connection to you."

            Clarissa looked over at her daughter and gave her a curious look.  Cloy just shrugged and whistled innocently. "I don't have a ring right now Clair but…" was as far as he got when Cloy whistled over to him and put a ring in his hand.  Fritz took it generously and then looked back to Clarissa and asked "will you marry me?" 

            Clarissa looked absolutely shocked, looked over to Cloy and asked "you set this up didn't you."

            Cloy nodded and said "hey, what can I say.  I'm a softy at heart."  She laughed with Kyoji and Clarissa looked back to Fritz, who was now down on one knee.  She put one hand on ether side of his face and said "of course I will," and kissed him as he slipped the ring on her finger.

            Cloy whipped a fake tear away and said "it was so beautiful." 

Kyoji just shoves her a little and said "let's give them some privacy."  Both Cloy and he went into their bedroom to give them some time alone.

            As Fritz and Clarissa come out of the kiss they look in each other's eyes and smile. "I love you Clarissa."  Fritz said as he took her in his arms and sat down on the couch placing her on top of him.

            "I love you too Fritz, and please call me Clair."  She said.

            Fritz smiled and said "your wish is my command."  They kissed again and were stuck like that for hours.


            "Honey? What do you think or who do you think is the person that Knight made a deal with?"  Kyoji asked as he stroked Cloy's head.

            "I don't know Kyoji, I really don't know.  But something tells me that we will be seeing him soon."  Cloy replied.  She felt a sudden shiver down her spin, but ignored it. She just cuddled up to Kyoji and fell to sleep in his arms as he sung a soft Japanese song to her, one that his mother use to sing to him.


            "YOU FOOLS!"  A man yelled that was dripped all in gold armbands and gauntlets and all kinds of other things. "EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU IS NOTHING BUT A FOOL!"  He yelled.

            "But sir, we did all we could, and we also killed the former senator before he told her." a servant said to the man that then sat down on a large arm chair.  No one could see his face for it was covered by a hood of a purple trench coat he had on.

            "SHE WAS TO BE MY BRIDE AND HELP ME BECOME POWERFUL AGAIN!" he yelled. "But no matter.  She will be married to this Japanese boy.  Then, I am sure they will try to have a baby."

            "What's that going to do for you sir, you only have a few years on this earth, and then you would have used up all your reserved power. And slowly fade away."  Another servant said.  Only you could see what he looked like.  He was nothing but a skeleton covered in metal.

            "Cause then, once she is pregnant, I can put my soul into the baby, and be reborn.  I don't need a metal body to live, like before, I can have a flesh and blood body."  The figure laughed manically. 


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