Chapter One: Awakened King

A/N: I thought it was kind of a shame there's not much good One Piece smut out there. Most I've found is rape/ugly bastard stuff that I despise. Or have weird devil fruit fetish stuff that I don't like either. Not many stories I've found that have vanilla/harem goodness. So, I wrote this. The setting is somewhat inspired by Cambrian's 'A Champion-Sized Cock' Pokemon story.

'Prequel' to my own 'A Special Thanks' One-shot. Though I wrote this one first, I didn't feel it was ready to publish until now.

Laugh Tale

He'd done it. He'd won.

Monkey D. Luffy had done something only one man had done before.

He'd conquered the Grand Line, acquired everything the world had to offer and was now renowned across the world as the 'King of the Pirates', and 'The Most Powerful Man in the World'.

And it wasn't just him.

Zoro defeated his one-time mentor and achieved his long aspired goal. He became the 'World's Strongest Swordsman'.

Nami successfully managed to create the very first map of the world. With a minor omission on the location of Laugh Tale, the final island.

Usopp overcame his fear, becoming a renowned sniper and in some circles, even a God.

Sanji found his All Blue, a beautiful, untouched stretch of Sea home to every type of fish in the world... and some quite tasty salt deposits.

Chopper studied medical techniques from all around the world and while he isn't quite able of curing any disease, he is certainly closer than anyone else has been before.

Robin read the poneglyghs found scattered across the Grand Line and achieved what her home island, Ohara, had tried so hard to do. She learned the True History of the World, on her own terms.

Franky sailed alongside them on their journey, and watched as his masterpiece sailed all the way through the Grand Line.

Brook kept his promise to his oldest friend, and sailed across the entire world just to see him again.

Jinbe helped ease the tensions between the Fish-men and the Humans. Now with Fish-man Island under the protection of the Pirate King, his dream was closer than ever.

They'd all worked so hard. Fought against impossible odds and pushed beyond their own limits.

And in the end... It was all worth it.

They found the final Island. They found the One Piece. They all partied like hell at the top of the world.

And then...

They went their separate ways.

The great adventure was over, their dreams accomplished or just within grasp.

Zoro decided it was time to finally find his way home and apologize to a certain someone for taking so long.

Nami headed home as well, but began another goal of impossible scope. To chart the entire Grand Line and then eventually, the world. After she visited her sister, of course.

Usopp would be found in Elbaf, the kingdom of Giants. The Brave Warrior of the Sea challenged the King of Giants to a hunting contest... and won.

Sanji went home too, but not to the Germa Kingdom. Instead, he headed to the East Blue, to tell a band of violent cooks about a wild Chef's dream.

Chopper was found in Dressrosa of all places, studying the properties of a certain Dwarves' tears.

Franky was on the search for the elusive Dr. Vegapunk, a scientist that Franky claimed he would learn from, even if it was just his notes. He'd left his beloved Thousand Sunny in Luffy's care, claiming the ship belonged to the King and he was satisfied to see it complete its journey.

Brook was found at reverse mountain, with his favorite Violin and 50 years of time to catch up on with an old friend.

Jinbe was of course at Fish-man Island. Both working to improve their relations with the world and to enforce the Straw hat's protection against any threat.

Luffy was here once again, at Laugh Tale. Having completed his second trip around the world, a trip to drop off all of his precious friends.

He would miss his friends dearly, but he was happy they were all striving after their own goals. He wanted them here with him, but he valued freedom above everything, and he would never tie them down. If they wanted to follow him, then they would follow him... and if they wanted to leave, and find their own adventures... well then he would miss them, but wish them the best.


A soft melodic voice reached his ears, and he turned his head with a smile.

And of course, if they chose to stay, then he would be the happiest man in the world.


Robin. The hardest of all the crew he'd had to convince to join. He raced into an unmerciful storm. He crashed through an unbreakable door, fought against an uncountable number of Marines, and battled an unbelievably powerful squad of killers. And even after all of that she still refused. So he simply did the unthinkable. She was holding herself back because she thought staying with the crew would bring him harm.

So he declared war on the world.

He showed Robin just how far he would go. All so he could break whatever resistance she was putting up. Just to see her find that will to live.

Yet somehow, Luffy felt like he was the lucky one. All he did was fight and stubbornly refuse to give up. His reward, for such a simple thing?

The most loyal companion in the world.

She was kind, smart, and so unbelievably patient. She'd seen him at his best, and his very worst, yet still remained calm and composed, either laughing at his foolishness or gently calming him down and suggesting a better idea.

Instead of bashing him over the head, calling him a moron or an idiot, she simply trusted in his ideas. Supporting him through whatever mess he'd landed in, and whatever insane plan he'd concocted to get out.

Of all the Straw Hats, she was the one who believed in him the most.

That was not to say that the others didn't believe in him. They all did. Zoro and Jinbe were both incredibly trusting in their own rights... but Robin was in a league of her own.

Of all the crew, she was the one to remain here with him. As the crew broke up, and went their separate ways, he couldn't help but ask her, "When are you leaving?"

"Never." The reply was immediate. She followed up with a teasing claim about how she still owed Luffy her life, and that he would have to "take responsibility" but she made one thing clear. She wasn't going anywhere. At least, not without him.

Luffy smiled at the memory and snatched his straw hat off the ground beside him. He placed it on his head, and got to his feet. He took one last look at the view, the peak that overlooked Laugh Tale, the most beautiful island in the world.

He turned to his beautiful partner, who smiled at him patiently. Waiting for his command.

"Robin." He said again, "Let's set sail."

Her smile grew, "Of course, Captain."

Robin watched with a satisfied look in her eyes. Luffy leapt up before her eyes, and she followed him with her gaze as he climbed Sunny's mast. He flew up and around, checking the sails for their journey. A long time ago Zoro and Sanji would have joined him atop the beams, but now it wasn't necessary. The two of them could operate Sunny by themselves.

In all actuality, Robin was perfectly capable of handling the rigging, steering, navigating, and even defending the ship herself. Perks of having a Devil-Fruit that gave you as many hands and eyes as you needed.

But the smile on Luffy's face as he prepared to set out to the open sea was one that Robin wouldn't miss out on. Even if his pouting face was rather cute too.

Luffy was happy and to Robin, that's all that mattered. So she leaned lazily over the railing at the Helm, patiently waiting for him to give the order to cast off.

They stayed in Laugh Tale for a week after sailing around the world the second time, dropping off their former crewmates as they went. Robin and Luffy, now alone, explored the final island in its entirety. Giving Luffy the time to come to terms with things. The great adventure was over. His goal was achieved, and while he was incredibly happy, she could tell he was sad too.

The crew was gone.

That left a hole in her heart, and one that was surely in Luffy's heart as well. He kept up his cheerful attitude, even as they left one by one.

Robin tried not to be upset with them. They were her dearest friends after all. But it was hard. They hurt Luffy, and they had to have known they would be doing so. She knew the crew couldn't stay together forever, no matter how much they wished it, but surely they could've stayed a while longer?

Somehow, she had always imagined them sailing until they died. A family on the Sea, like the Whitebeard Pirates.

But they went their separate ways.

And, for a while, Luffy and Robin lived on Laugh Tale happily. But soon enough, Robin could feel Luffy start to lose some of his energy. He wanted to sail again, she could see that.

It was why she was happy to see that smile on his face once more. Unfortunately, Robin could also tell Luffy wanted to sail with his crew. His full crew. That was something she couldn't give her Captain, and it pained her to see him hurting.

So, Robin did what she did best. She followed her Captain's orders, and prepared the ship to sail. She watched from the Helm as he moved around the ship, and she started to think.

She couldn't give him back the crew.

But what could she give him?

What could she, his most faithful companion, give to the man who had gained everything the world had to offer?

The man who was now nearly alone on his ship, and suffering from terrible heartache.

Then it came to her. A plan formed in her mind, and her smile grew larger.

Luffy sighed as he settled down on his bed. His room, and it was his room now, was nearly barren with the other men on the crew gone. The hammocks were gone, and his was eventually replaced with the spare bed in the girl's room. The one Nami used to use.

The two of them, Robin and Luffy, had set out to sea, and sailed until nightfall. Right now, they didn't have a goal in mind. No destination or plan, they were simply sailing for sailing's sake. Robin knew that, and he was grateful for her patience. She didn't ask him for any plan or goal, even though they were wanted by the entire world.

He was grateful, because right now... He didn't know what to do. He was still going to be a Pirate, of course, he would never give up his freedom. But where would they go? What would they do?

He missed his friends. But the subtle rocking of the ship eased his mind. He was glad to be back at Sea, even if he didn't know where he was going.

The Cabin door opened, and Luffy turned to see Robin slip inside.


"Hm? Robin? You need something?" He asked. They had settled down for the night, so he imagined Robin would be getting to bed by now.

"Luffy. Can we talk?" Robin asked.

"Sure." Luffy agreed, his eyes not leaving Robin, even as she sat down beside him. Something was different about her tonight. She was wrapped up in a white bathrobe, something odd considering he'd never seen it before. Not that he'd seen her leave the shower very much.

Her robe was open slightly, baring her creamy cleavage for him to see, and the robe itself was cut rather short, exposing her long slender legs as she rested on the side of the bed. These kinds of things, Luffy wouldn't normally blink at, but recently... Spending the last week alone with Robin on the island made him feel... strange.

Now his eyes were drawn to it. By the time he realized what he was doing, he'd already been staring for quite a while. He didn't blush or hurriedly avert his gaze. He simply looked up to meet Robin's eyes.

She wore a mischievous smirk, looking quite pleased with his reaction, and leaned closer to him, "You know I've been thinking about what we should do next, Captain..."

"...Yeah?" Luffy said, slightly distracted. Robin was pushing into his side now, her huge, soft boobs molding around his arm. Her voice was silky smooth in his ear, making his head fuzzy.

Robin hummed, and traced a hand down his chest, "I've got a few ideas that I think would be fun."

Luffy shivered at the contact, with an odd feeling in his chest as she trailed lower.

Robin smiled widely as he hand brushed the large bulge in Luffy's pants. He sucked in air as she ran her fingers lightly across it. "You know..." She whispered in his ear, "Most of the crew thinks you're asexual... but I have a different theory."

She started to feel him properly, her hand stroking him through the thin material of his shorts, "I think you were just... occupied. You were so focused on your goal that you missed some of the obvious things... but to be fair, so did most of us."

Luffy was quiet even as Robin sank off the bed, kneeling between his legs. She looked up at him, her position giving him a clear view down her robe. As he stared into her valley of cleavage, she continued, "You sailed with some of the most beautiful women in the world, but didn't show your lust after any of them... I suppose that just shows how great your ambition was, to overcome all your other desires..."

She ran her hands up his legs, her delicate fingers reaching for the waistband of his shorts. She sent him another smile, and jerked it down, "...but now that your adventure is over, all that bottled up lust is bound to explode."

Luffy's shorts fell, and the large erection he was sporting sprang free. It stood tall and proud, throbbing menacingly in the open air.

Robin licked her lips, a sultry grin on her face as she got her first look at Luffy's large cock, "Mmmm... If I knew you were hiding this all along I'd have done this ages ago, Luffy."

"Robin..." Luffy could only groan as she wrapped her soft hands around his member.

"It's alright, Luffy," Robin said soothingly, "I'll take care of all that lust from now on."

She started stroking him, ever so pleased as she was forced to use both hands to do it. She was going to have a lot of fun with this.

"Robin..." Luffy's voice caught her attention again, and he tilted his head in confusion, "Aren't you going to use your mouth?"

Robin was taken by surprise, and stopped her hands for a moment. Then she sped up her pace, stroking him even faster with a teasing look in her eyes, "Hmm? Where'd you get an idea like that, Luffy?" She didn't expect him to know the slightest things about sex.

"Sanji talks about it a lot..."

Her eye twitched, of course he does. She didn't let her irritation show on her face, "Does he now? I'll have to have a few words with him about that," She wasn't pleased to find that their perverted cook had sunk his claws into poor innocent Luffy, but she could make it work in her favor.

"Well, Luffy," She continued with long, teasing strokes to his cock, "What do you want me to do? You're my Captain after all, I'll do whatever you want. Just say the word."

Luffy grinned, starting to understand, "Robin. Use your mouth."

She complied, placing her left hand on his knee while her right continued stroking the base of his thick shaft. She leaned in and placed a kiss on the underside of his cockhead, "And how do you want me to use my mouth? Do you want to feel my tongue?" She followed her words with a long lick up his shaft, swirling it around as she reached the tip.

"Or... would you rather me take you inside?" She engulfed the bulbous head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Her hand busy stroking everything she couldn't yet fit inside her mouth.

Luffy groaned as pleasure flooded his brain, and his hand instinctively rested on Robin's head, stroking her hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock. "Yes!" He hissed, "Keep doing that!"

Robin internally grinned as she licked, sucked, and teased his dick. He was so big, too big for her to take in all at once, but that was fine. She had plenty of time to practice.

So she teased him, following his orders by keeping at it... but not giving him any more.

Minutes ticked by as Luffy basked in the pleasure. He slowly got into the groove of it, his hand slowly turning from resting on Robin's head, to gripping her hair gently, and guiding her along as she worked.

"Go faster, Robin," He ordered, remembering her words from earlier, "And take it deeper." His hand on her head, pushed her forward telling her exactly what he wanted.

She complied, speeding up her motions, and taking him as deep as she could. His head pushed against the back of her throat, almost making her choke, but she resisted the urge and did her best to please him.

She slid up and down his shaft, her lips sealed around his prick tightly, and her tongue searching for his sweet spots. Naturally, she kept her eyes locked on his face, keeping a close watch on what worked. For all her bravado, she wasn't experienced in this kind of thing. Yet she had to put on a strong act, if she truly wanted Luffy to take control.

And take control he did. As she built him up, any resistance he had snapped, and he held a tighter grip on her hair. The next instant he was forcing her up and down his cock, and bucking his hips up into her face.

"Sorry Robin..!" He gasped, "But I can't hold back anymore!"

Her hands reached for his knees for support, as she desperately held on for the ride. Even as he got more violent, his hips desperately thrusting into her mouth, she didn't let herself choke or gag, not wanting to ruin this perfect moment. It was exactly what she had been after.

In a mere moment, Robin's light, teasing blowjob transformed into a sloppy facefuck.

And Robin couldn't be any happier. Even as her spit slipped down her chin, splattering her exposed cleavage. Even as her bathrobe rubbed against the bed, nearly being pulled off her body. Even as tears built in her eyes from the rough treatment... She was pleased.

She wanted him to take control. Needed him to take control. He was the Captain, and it was only natural that he be in charge. Not to mention it would make things so much easier for the rest of her plans if he made this kind of thing a habit.

Luffy's hands gripped her hair tightly as his orgasm built, but the slight pain didn't bother her at all. Instead, she felt the rush of victory as he forced her all the way down on his cock. Her throat gave, and she finally managed to take him all the way to the base. He held her there, her lips kissing his crotch, as he came.

Robin instinctively swallowed as cum blasted down her throat, but with his fat dick lodged down it, she didn't have much choice. He came and came, all that built up lust finally having a proper outlet. And Robin was pleased to be the one receiving. When he finally finished, his hands went slack, and he fell back on the bed.

Robin swallowed the last blast of cum in her mouth, and released his cock with a pop. She stood up, lightly stroking at Luffy's still-hard prick.

"That felt good, didn't it, Luffy?"

"Yeah..." He mumbled dazedly, his mind foggy from the experience.

She smiled that same teasing smile, "You should warn a girl before you force her down like that next time, Luffy. If you push too hard, they'll choke and that won't be fun for anyone."

His eyes shot open, worried, "Sorry! Did I hurt you? Your hair's all messed up."

Robin smiled and shook her head, one hand reaching up to straighten her hair, "Not at all. In fact, I really enjoyed it. Rough sex can be fun for both parties, just be careful who you try it with."

Luffy nodded seriously, taking Robin's words to heart.

"Now..." Robin sent him a sexy, teasing look, "Would you like to feel even better?"

Luffy's eyes went wide, not even expecting that something could feel even better than that. He nodded excited, "Yes, please!"

Robin giggled, "Now, Luffy. You say please when asking for meat, not sex. I told you before, you're the Captain. The King of the Pirates. You don't ask for a woman to share your bed. You let them share your bed."

Luffy thought seriously about Robin's words and once again took them to heart. She was the crew's Archeologist. Their scholar. If she said that's the way it is... then that's simply the way it is.

"Now I'll ask again. Do you want to continue?"

Luffy grinned, "Yes! Robin, have sex with me!"

She smiled in satisfaction, "That's much better," She reached for the knot keeping her bathrobe closed, and untied it. A moment later, it fell to the floor.

And so did Luffy's jaw.

He had seen naked women before. Hell, he got a close-up look at Boa Hancock, the most beautiful woman on the sea, while she was bathing and then again in her bedroom.

Back then, he didn't even blink. It didn't even occur to him as something strange or sexual. It was simply another human being, just without clothing.

But now... seeing Robin before him, a sexy see-through black babydoll wrapped around her stunning curves, Luffy was speechless. She had a body that even models would envy, and she reserved it just for him. It was his, Luffy was beginning to realize.

Robin let him admire her form. Her large, full breasts, creamy and supple, visible through the transparent fabric of her lingerie. Her puffy pink nipples poked out proudly, already firm from how worked up she had gotten.

Her breasts were the focus of Luffy's attention, and it was cute how hard he was staring. For good reason, they were massive. Bigger than even Nami's, Robin noted with smug satisfaction. For all Nami liked to flaunt her 'assets' to get anything and everything she wanted from susceptible men, Robin always had the silent satisfaction of being bigger. Slightly bigger, but bigger nonetheless.

She took his distracted state as a chance to climb on the bed over him. She gently pushed his chest down, and crawled on top of him.

She sat up on her knees, resting her thick, juicy ass on his thighs. His hard cock was still throbbing impatiently before her, so she took it in her hand and pushed her hips forward. She wore nothing beneath her sexy little babydoll, so Luffy got his first taste of what's to come as her pussy touched his cock.

Luffy hissed in pleasure as his prick touched her soaking wet cunt for the first time. He could feel how hot she was. She rocked her hips gently, her dripping folds rubbing up and down his cock. It was driving him insane.

"Can you feel that Luffy? How wet I am? Women get wet when they're enjoying it. That's how you know they like what you're doing." Robin explained, moaning softly as she rubbed herself against him.

Luffy nodded, his hands automatically grabbing at Robin's hips as he tried to match her movements, "What's next?"

"Next..." Robin moaned breathlessly, and raised her hips, lining his member up with her entrance, "You take me..."

Luffy didn't need prompting this time, and his hands gripped her hips and pulled her down.

Robin moaned out as Luffy finally claimed her. She'd waited over two years for this moment. Ever since she was staring across from the Tower of Justice back in Enies Lobby. Seeing Luffy appear there, despite all odds, just to give her the will to live.

It was at that moment, looking back, that she truly fell in love with him. How could she not?

Now she was finally with him, and she was never leaving him again.

His hands dug deep into her hips as he pulled her lower, impaling her on his big dick. She placed her hands on his chest to support herself, her legs already feeling weak from the pleasure. She felt like he was splitting her apart, yet at the same time fireworks were going off in her mind. Pleasure unlike anything she'd felt before shot through her body, and then he hit a dead end. Before he could even bottom out inside her, he hit her cervix. The entrance to her most sacred place.

Robin screamed out, nearly falling forward as her arms went weak. His cockhead bumped against her cervix, the deepest part of her, and she came. Her whole body trembled and shook, her already drenched pussy squirting juices against Luffy's groin. Her arms gave up, and she collapsed against Luffy's chest, her body wracked with shivers.

"Oh god! Robin?" The hot clenching tunnel of Robin's sex was squeezing tightly around his prick. It shivered and constricted around him, amplifying his own pleasure. He'd never experienced anything like it and so he was confused, and worried when she went limp on top of him.

The moaning, slightly confused voice of Luffy reached her ears. She was breathing heavily, her mind befuddled. If it weren't for the breaths Luffy could feel against his neck, he'd be seriously concerned right now.

Instead, he was enraptured by the feeling of Robin's body on top of his. Her warmth, her softness. He could feel those heavy, delectable boobs flattened against his muscular chest even through the material of her babydoll.

She was completely wrapped around him, and he was growing addicted to the feeling. His hands wandered up her hips, grabbing at her fat, unbelievably soft ass. He groped and squeezed at the flesh, playing with it as he started to rock his hips up into Robin.

Every move he made sent pleasure shooting through his body. It was amazing.

"Luffy~!" Robin moaned his name, and his dick twitched inside of her. He loved hearing that, he discovered.

"Robin... What was that?"

Robin slowly pulled herself back together, feeling Luffy impatiently thrusting into her from below. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts, and understand his question, "I came, Luffy." She explained through heavy breaths, "It's called an orgasm. It happens when people feel really good. You can tell when girls do it when they clench up like that."

Luffy grinned, so he made her feel good? That's great, because he was feeling fantastic at the moment. He was glad to hear she was feeling the same way.

He squeezed her ass in his hands, already coming to love the sensation of her soft, curvy body. He moved his hips as best he could with her on top of him, and listened to her moan and pant in response.

"Let's go faster, Robin."

She smiled down at him, gathering enough strength to support herself again. "You don't need to wait on me Luffy. You can thrust into me all you like."

He sped up his hips, his cock pistoning up into her pussy as much as he wanted.

Robin wasn't idle, not any longer, and rocked her hips back into him, slamming her wide, juicy ass against his thighs. The wet slapping sound of copulation filled the room, drowned out only by Robin's increasing moans of pleasure.

She looked down at him lovingly, overcome with her own emotions. She had so much on her chest and a chance to get it all out so she did, "Listen Luffy..." She moaned, not stopping her hips for a second, "I'm all yours now. I'm your lover. Your girlfriend. Whatever you want me to be..."

Luffy met her eyes as she spoke passionately.

"That means- ah!" She gasped as Luffy found her sweet spot, and she urged him to hit it again. She stared into his eyes with a needy, loving expression, and her hand reached up to squeeze at her own bouncing tit, "That means... Whenever you start feeling horny... whenever you want a pussy to sink your cock into... you come to me!"

"I'll take care of you from now on!" She continued, "And you don't even have to ask. You're the Captain, remember! If you want to squeeze my ass... or fuck my pussy... Whenever, Wherever, just go right ahead! My body belongs to you now! I'm all yours!"

Robin's impassioned speech pushed Luffy on, his head spinning with lust. He raised his knees and planted his feet to get a better position, and really started to pound into her. He was beyond words now, even if he loved to hear Robin's.

Robin yelped as Luffy suddenly started to fuck her, causing her to once again lose her balance. She caught herself leaning over him, with her hands on either side of his head. Her massive, sweaty tits bounced and jiggled with the force, the babydoll barely containing them.

Luffy was locked onto those bouncing creamy orbs, his mind only imaging how they would feel. Then he stopped imagining, and remembered what she had just said. Her body belonged to him. If he wanted to grab her ass. He'd grab her ass. If he wanted to squeeze those sexy, delicious-looking tits. He'd do it.

Robin yelped as suddenly her babydoll was ripped down, and her two prized possessions spilled out. One strong hand grabbed her right boob, squeezing and molding in his hands. The other hand still gripped her ass tightly, holding her in place as he jack-hammered her poor pussy.

"Yes, Luffy~!" She moaned in pleasure, "That's it! It's all yours. Play with my body all you want."

He thrust into her powerfully, his cockhead knock, knock, knocking on the entrance to her womb. She was losing it. Every bump sent lighting up her spine, and stars to her eyes.

"It's all for you!" She declared, "My body is your prize. For fighting so hard. It can be your reward! Your treasure!"

With that final magical word, Luffy's rough pounding of her cervix finished. The entrance to her womb yielded to him, letting him punch through to her womb.

Robin screamed out, an unbelievable pleasure rushing through her entire body. She came harder than she has in her entire life, squirting her orgasm against his lap.

"Robin..!" Luffy moaned her name beneath her. Her gushing pussy constricting tighter than he'd ever felt, and setting off his own orgasm.

Robin's eyes shot open as she felt that first splash of hot cum against her womb. An inexplicable feeling of pleasure and clarity filled her mind, and she leaned down to do the one thing she'd wanted most in the last two years.

She kissed him.

Luffy's eyes went wide, as he realized it was Robin's lips he was feeling. He froze up for a moment, lost in the pleasure of his orgasm and unsure of how to respond. Then he slowly tried to replicate Robin's movements.

She stayed glued to his body, her massive tits once again pressing against his muscular chest. Her cunt still greedily clenching on Luffy's prick so tightly that not a single drop of his seed leaked out.

They stayed there for a while, Luffy's hands wrapping around Robin's back to pull her closer. Simply relishing in the afterglow of their sex, in the warmth of her body against his, and the soft pleasure of Robin's lips against his.

They kissed and rocked against each other, both in absolute bliss together. Robin slipped her tongue out and licked at his lips. Luffy followed suit, and they started to make out, their sweaty bodies melded tightly together.

Eventually, Robin pulled back from the kiss, smiling beautifully, "Mmm..." She licked her lips, "That was amazing Luffy... Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah..." He muttered breathlessly, staring at her completely in awe.

She softly laughed at his expression, and wiggled her thick rump against his lap, drawing attention to his still-stiff prick, "What do you want to do now?"

He licked his lips and sent her a greedy, hungry look, "Let's keep going!"

She nodded, "Whatever you want Captain." She sat up on her knees and started to raise her hips to get off of him.

Naturally, Luffy grabbed her hips before she could, completely confused.

She giggled and reached for the hem of her babydoll, "It's okay, Luffy, I'm not running away. I just think it's good to mix it up a bit. It'll make things more fun I promise." As she spoke, she lifted the ripped piece of lingerie off her body, and tossed it across the room. Her body now completely bare to Luffy's eyes.

His eyes still showed his confusion but he trusted her. His hands slowly slipped off her hips, letting her pull herself off his dick. She ushered him to rise off the bed, and toss off his own vest.

A moment of repositioning later, and Robin was on her hands and knees on the bed. She looked back at him with a sexy, lustful expression and reached a hand back. She grabbed a handful of her own thick asscheek and spread it, "Now come here Luffy, and this time you put it in yourself."

Luffy barely heard her, still incredibly horny and turned on by the erotic pose, he pounced. He found her wet tunnel without much difficulty and plunged himself deep into her. They moaned in unison as their sensitive parts were reunited.

Luffy clutched her hips and started thrusting quickly from the start. Robin was right. He liked this position. He could thrust away at her pussy all he wanted like this, taking her as fast and hard as he wanted.

He sped up his motions, and Robin cried her approval, "Yes! Now you're getting it! Don't hold back, Luffy, just fuck me as much as you want! We'll go until you're satisfied!"

Luffy heard her. Her words changing something in his mind. He was getting it now. Robin was his, and that meant they could do this kind of thing all the time. That was great. Now that he'd gotten a taste, he didn't think he could live without this experience anymore.

As those thoughts danced around in his mind, his eyes were glued to Robin's delectable booty. He stared at her ass with fascination, watching their connection as he slammed into her pussy over and over. He watched as his hips slapped into hers, sending little shockwaves through her thick ass cheeks.

One of his hands wandered from her thin waist to run along her soft skin. He grabbed a handful of her ass, watching as his fingers sank into the flesh. The simple image amplified that swelling feeling in his chest, and made him want to fuck her harder.

Robin was aware of it, at least somewhat, in her fuck-addled state, and she called to him, "L-Luffy~!" She struggled to form words, "S-Slap my ass!"

The unexpected suggestion took him by complete surprise, and he almost stopped his hips in shock, "What? Why would I do that, Robin?"

She turned her head to look at him, her cheeks covered in a furious blush, "J-Just do it! Please!"

He stared at her for a moment and mentally shrugged. She asked him to. So he did. He slapped her lightly on the right asscheek, and was surprised at how satisfying it felt. Even more surprising, was the long heated moan Robin let out as she felt the sting, and the tight constriction of her walls around his prick.

"Some girls like it when you slap their ass, Luffy," Robin explained clutching at the sheets as she tried to stay coherent enough to teach him. She didn't really know if what she was saying was the truth. As there was no way she could've known the taste of other women, but it was something she'd heard and considering how good it had felt to her, she understood it.

His face dawned with comprehension, and without her even saying another word, he slapped her ass again. She squeaked in surprise, a beautiful feminine noise that he'd never heard her make before. He smirked and slapped it again, drawing more and more reactions out of her.

"Harder!" She moaned out as her impending climax drew closer.

He complied and slapped it slightly harder, watching as the red handprint marked her flesh. She moaned her satisfaction, and so he struck her again and again. Her thick ass cheek quaked and jiggled under every blow. Once her ass was cherry-red he relented, switching to her other, pale white cheek.

Soon enough they were both glowing red, and he gripped her hips instead, plowing into her with a passion.

"I'm gonna cum, Luffy!" Robin screamed, her fingers gripping the bed sheets tightly.

Luffy caught her meaning, and instinctively leaned over her, he pawed at her bouncing tits as he plunged into her for a final time. He pulled her as close as he could to his body, and exploded inside of her once more.

"I love you, Luffy!" Robin confessed in the moment of passion, her own orgasm washing over her.

They stayed linked together as they came, Luffy holding Robin as tightly as he could. The two lost themselves in pleasure.

As their orgasms died down, they both collapsed to the bed, breathing heavily.

"Robin..." Luffy eventually said.

She turned her head to look at him, a dreamy expression on her face, "Yes, Luffy?"

He smiled widely, "I love you too."

She pulled him in for a passionate, loving kiss.

Many hours later the pair lay in bed together, limbs still intertwined. Robin was resting her head on his shoulder, laying gentle kisses to his neck as they got ahold of their breathing.

Robin was exhausted. She couldn't believe it. Of course, she expected Luffy to have high stamina but even now, as morning light started to stream in the windows of the Sunny, Luffy's unparalleled stamina still hadn't gone down. His cock was still standing tall, and she weakly stroked it with one hand, as she thought about her plans.

She had underestimated him a bit, and it was quickly becoming apparent she couldn't handle all of Luffy's lust alone. It was just too much. She needed a little help. That was fine, as she'd already intended on Luffy 'visiting' other women.

"Luffy..." She moaned softly in his ear, "Let's talk about our plans."

"Hm?" Luffy looked at her, any thoughts of sailing had all been pushed from his mind during the night. His full attention was solely on the wonderful woman beside him.

"I think we should go visit our friends." Robin suggested.

"Huh?" Luffy said, confused, "Our crew hasn't been broken up that long, Robin. They're all off doing their own things now. We shouldn't bother them."

Robin shook her head, "Not our old crewmates. I'm talking about our other friends. The people we met along our journey."

"Hmm..." Luffy considered it, "You mean like Vivi?"

Robin grinned, her mind already picturing the blue-haired princess writhing in pleasure beneath Luffy, "Exactly like Vivi... Just because our crew left doesn't mean we should sail alone. You've made quite the impression on quite a few beautiful women over the years. Beautiful women, who I'm sure would be glad to join us..."

"Robin..." Luffy said, noticing something off about the way she was speaking, "What do you mean?"

"Hmm..." She hummed and smiled mischievously, "Who knows?"

"Robin." Luffy frowned, not liking how she was being evasive again. He was the Captain. So he reached down and squeezed a handful of her ass, causing her to yelp in surprise, "Tell me what you meant by that, Robin." He commanded.

She giggled softly against him, kissing at his neck again, "Of course, Captain. Your wish is my command." He was starting to get into the right mindset, and she was loving it. She moaned as his hand started to knead her ass, "I was trying to say that we should have them join us here. In bed."

Luffy's eyes went wide, "You mean have sex with them?"

Robin nodded, "Of course. After everything you've done, how hard you fought, you deserve all the love you can get."

Luffy considered it, but wasn't sold on the idea, "But I'm with you now Robin... Aren't I?"

She smiled lovingly, "Absolutely." She kissed him on the lips, "But there's no reason you can't be with other women too. You certainly have enough love to go around." She said, her hand speeding up stroking his cock.

"But isn't it weird to have more than one woman?"

"No it's not weird at all." Robin contested, "If all the women are happy to be with you, and you are happy to be with them, then how could it be wrong? Plus... I never thought you were someone who cared about what was considered 'normal', Luffy. Just do what you want to do."

That made sense to him, and Robin could see understanding start to sink into his eyes. So she pushed on, "What was that you once said?" She questioned, "If a Hero had some meat, he would share it right? So that everyone would have something to eat."

"Well in that case, I imagine a Hero would pick one lovely wife, and settle down to live happily ever after... but you don't want to be a Hero do you? You don't want to share the meat." She used his old words against him.

Luffy nodded in agreement, his mind starting to see where she was going with this.

"Now, can you imagine me with someone else?" Immediately Luffy's face darkened, and he pulled her closer possessively.

"No. You're mine."

Robin grinned in satisfaction, "You're right. I am. But what about other girls? Can you imagine Vivi with someone else? What about Nami?" Luffy's face was torn, the idea clearly displeasing him.

She leaned in to whisper in his ear, "Now imagine them here, with us. Vivi would lay into your other side, pushing her breasts against you. Her entire body, yours to play with."

Luffy's dick twitched in her hand, and she sped up her stroking. She continued whispering intoxicating words into his ear, "Then Nami would be between your legs, using those fat tits of hers to stroke you off. She'd lick and suck at your dick as the head poked through her titties, getting you all worked up until eventually... You'd cum. Splattering that thick semen of yours all over her pretty face."

"Oh fuck!" Luffy groaned, the vulgar dirty talk sending him over the edge.

He came in Robin's hand, it shooting into the air, and falling back onto Robin's body. Her hand, her arm, and those wide hips of hers, it got everywhere. She simply giggled, and brought her cum-covered hand to her mouth.

She looked him in the eyes as she licked her hand clean, "You like that idea don't you, Luffy?"

She smirked as he nodded and she went for the kill, "To be honest with you... the idea of Nami and Vivi sleeping with other men... I don't like it either." Robin said, leaning in to whisper in his ear, "So I say we go find those lovely women, and claim what's yours."

Luffy stared at her for a moment... then his expression turned to that familiar, raw determination that she loved so much, "Okay. Let's do it."

Robin smiled widely as he agreed, her plan starting to bear fruit.

"But first..!"

Robin yelped as Luffy suddenly flipped over her, grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, he smiled down at her like a predator, "I think you've gotten a little ahead of yourself with all this teasing, Robin. After all..."

He grabbed a handful of one of her large, fat tits and squeezed it roughly, "I'm the Captain... right?"

"Oh yes...!" She could only moan, completely at his mercy.

A/N: Gonna write this at my own pace/guidelines, but just in case is there anyone you'd want to see from One Piece? Besides the obvious ones. If you've read the One Shot, expect to see everyone from that appear eventually in this one, so that's Boa/Nami/Vivi/Rebecca/Kalifa/Yamato/Hiyori.