Krux burst out of the underbrush and stopped running, panting as he tried to catch his breath as he leaned against the nearest tree, as soon as Acronix noticed, he stopped, rounding around to check on him, "are you alright, brother?"

Krux scowled at him, "I'm fine" he said, starting to recover, "I just needed a moment"

The Iron Doom had crashlanded in the woods, and before the two had properly gotten their bearings, General Machia had reformed, inraged by their betrayal, but, perhaps in some capitulation to familial affection, she had allowed them to live, promising to kill them the next time they met.

While Krux rested, Acronix took in their surroundings.

Quickly, he realized that they were in a gap in the woods, a corridor had been cut through the trees to make way for powerlines, looking both ways, he saw no other sign of civilization.

Turning back to his brother, he started "let's follow the powerlines until- brother?"

Krux was doubled over, face contorted in pain as Acronix rushed to check on him, "brother, are you hurt?"

He was starting to panic, the Iron Doom's landing had been rough, the two of them had been fortunate to walk away with only superficial injuries... or so he'd thought.

"I..." gingerly, Krux put a hand to his side, only to pull his hand away in a haste, biting back a cry.

Acronix put a hand on his brother's shoulder, biting his lip in concern, "let me see"

Hesitantly, Krux pulled up his shirt. A vicious, dark red bruise spread across his side and over his chest.

After a moment, he rolled his shirt back down.

His ribs were bruised, maybe even broken, but there wasn't much they could do about it, not now, at least.

"I'll be fine" he said, "let's just get going"

Hopefully they could find somewhere to stay before nightfall. Acronix watched him a moment, weighing their options, and then sighed, no doubt coming to the same conclusion his brother had, "of course, brother"