Chapter 8- As time flies

Soon enough the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months.

Ron and myself had gotten well into our aurours course, so much so that we actually got to skip the first year and go into the second. We knew so many curses from our past that we were well advance from the first year.

Hermione was doing wondrously in her studies, she had joined a magical scientific society and they were working towards all sorts, in the ways of technology and innovations, medicines, charms for everyday use. But most of all she loved it. It suited her to a tee.

Claire and Remus were getting on splendidly with their kids. They had been working on getting each of them to get all their thoughts and feelings of their past out, the older ones writing them on paper and making diaries about their parents. They would always have these to look back on, to never forget their parents as some of them feared they would do.

Remus and Claire themselves were still getting on like a house on fire. They loved each other and it showed in everything they did. Claire would cook Remus his eggs, 'sunny side up because he always brought her out of the dark.' and Remus would be sickeningly cute by always pulling Claire's chair out for her, opening doors, bringing her a news paper on a Sunday morning, the only day she would lay in and he would make breakfast. Of course they would always say it was because they wanted their children to feel as though they were being brought up in a happy environment. But everyone knew that they just loved being their for each other.

The triplets however were living up to their expectations and were running riot. They enjoyed exploring their limits as how far they could go before either Claire or Remus would get angry. Even to the extent of 'borrowing' my wand and seeing what they could do with it. effectively setting their bedroom alight.

"Claire put the fire out as Remus proclaimed them almost as bad as living with James and Sirius. But neither lost their cool. They just took it lightly. The triplets were suffering with a loss, they were bound to act up. But if it got any worse, Claire thought she could have a word with Mrs Weasly.

Finally I visited Ginny on all three of her Hogsmeade weekends, she came home for Christmas and Easter. I also managed to get permission to go up to the school with Ron on one of our days off. We visited Hagrid for old times sake and for a good catch up, then we went in and saw Ginny at lunch- we suprised her. And then as a favour to Mcgonagall we gave a careers talk to some of the old Griffindore's about becoming an Aurour.

Every time I met Ginny again, I realised how much more I was falling in love with her. At Easter I confessed my love to her and she told me she returned it. I could not have been happier that day.

And now here I sit on Ginny's Graduation, watching beside all of the Weasley's, even Percy was here today. Watching my little red head, stand above all of Hogwarts, graduating.

I sat next to Ron, whom was grinning from ear to ear. He kept glancing sideways at me and then if it were possible he would grin even more. Ginny stood up to give her speech;

"Good evening, My name is Ginny Weasly. I am this years head girl. I helped arrange this evening, which I hope will be less... eventful then last year." A few people who had remembered last year's fiasco laughed. "Now when I look back over my years I can see how much I have changed. At first I was so shy, but then when I started here four of my 6 brothers were already here.

Percy- very studious as head boy, he taught me that rules are set for a reason.

Fred and George, I'm sure nobody could forget the infamous Weasly twins?" Fred and George set off a loud cheer between them next to me. "They helped the school, community and especially me, realise that without comedy and having fun once in a while, life just isn't worth living.

Ron is just a year older then me. He has always been brave and is always loyal to his family and his friends. He, his girlfriend and Harry my boyfriend have achieved such great things in our society. I only hope that one day I will be half the person that they have each become.

Bill and Charlie have been out in the real world for quite some time now, they help me to see the real world and how it is outside of school.

Finally my parents, the fed me clothed me and have always managed to get me what I have needed in life. Even if it meant sacrificing their own well beings.

I am standing here, supposed to be telling you about my school years. But instead I'm talking about my family. But if it weren't for my family then I'd not be the person I am today. In fact, this last year has been weird as I have not had any member of my family around me. And I can honestly say I missed it. What I'm trying to tell you is, as you venture out into the real world keep those you love close. They may come a time when you don't have access to them. Thank you." Everyone cheered and the head boy got up to do his speech. After the ceremony Ginny came over and we all congratulated her. It wasn't until later that evening that I got her to myself.

I looked up to Ron in a final manner, he just patted my back and grinned at me.

I stole Ginny from her mother and led her into Hagrid's hut.

As I turned back to shut the door, I saw Ron whisper something to Mrs Weasly whom immediately started crying.

"FINALLY! Some alone time!" Ginny exclaimed pulling me into a kiss.

"No, no! Not yet!" I said pushing her off me and back into her seat gently. She looked at me utterly confused.

"I missed not being with you everyday this year. But when I thought about it, I didn't want that. Or should I say JUST that. What I wanted, maybe even needed, was to wake up next to you everyday, to kiss you whenever I felt the need. To beable to make you breakfast whilst you laid in on a Sunday morning. To break up petty arguments between our oodles of kids. What I want is your hand in marriage? Virginia Weasly, will you marry me?" I asked, and I can truthully say that this was the most nerve-wracking moment of my life, even worse then being up against Voldemort. She looked at me stubbornly.

"Fine, Fine!! Ginny Weasly, will you marry me?"

"That's better!" She smirked. "And Harry of course I'll marry you!" She hugged me tightly and I kissed the top of her head. As I looked at the window, I saw the heads of; Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Mr Weasly, Mrs Weasly and Hagrid, looking through.

"Maybe we should go and address our audience?" I laughed. Ginny looked and laughed.

"Lets give them something to look at!" She exclaimed pulling me into a kiss, before I could protest. Which I would have done. It is quite worrying to show that kind of affection in front of 6 of your fiancée's brothers and her parents. However well you know them.

"Ow wait!" I exclaimed. I sat her back on to the chair, and hut the curtains. I wanted to do this bit alone. I knelt down before her and opened a small jewellery box in front of her. "This is my mothers engagement ring, I was given it in their will. I want you to wear it." I thrust the ring in front of her now teary eyes. She knew it meant a lot to me, but she meant more.

"Harry, it's wonderful. Thank you so much. I can't wait to grow old with you." I engaged her in a bone-crushing hug. Just not believing that she was really going to be mine, then we went out to face her family.

As we ventured outside the Weasley's all stood around us.

"Well?" Mrs Weasley urged. I smiled at her.

"Ginny and I..."

"We're pregnant!" Ginny exclaimed.

"WHAT??????" came from every person including me.

"OMG! Your faces- they were priceless!" Ginny laughed.

"I'm so stupid! I knew that we hadn't done anything that would result in a child yet!" The Weasley's all glared at me as I blushed. Ginny went almost as red as I did. "Um, yeah we're engaged." I announced trying to change the subject. Suddenly both Ginny and I were surrounded with hugs and kisses!

"Welcome to the family mate!" Ron said thumping me on the back friendly.

"We know you'll treat Gin right!" Fred grinned.

"Yeah and our map will be passed down the family!" Ron leant over and whispered something into George's ear. He looked wide-eyed and whispered something into Fred's ear, who gained the same expression.

"You're dad was Mr Prongs?" He whispered. I nodded.

"And Remus well professor Lupin is Moony." I whispered back.

"And Sirius was Mr Padfoot. And Peter Pettigrew was Mr Wormtail." Ron whispered. "No way! We have another prankster in the family!" George announced happily.

Fred gave me a brotherly hug. "If Ginny ever gets too much send her back to us."

"Yes we'll sort her out!" George joined in laughing.

"Hey, no fair you can't like him more then me!" Ginny complained from where her parents were engulfing her in hugs and tears of how they're little Ginnykins was growing up.

"Hey I can be their kids favourite uncle!" Bill announced.

"NOWAY!" five other male voices shouted. I blushed furiously.

"If you would all kindly direct your vision to over by Hagrid's hut for a moment." The magnified voice of Professor Mcgonagall was sounded. Every one at the graduation looked over in our direction. "I would like you all to join me in congratulating two of our former students in their engagement, which has just been announced. This years Head girl, Ginny Weasley and last years head boy Harry Potter." There was an enthusiastic round of applause sounded as I went and stood by my fiancée, placing my arm around her waist.

"How did she know?" Ginny whispered to me, but just then Hagrid stood next to Mcgonagall waving merrily.

As time flew by I felt as though I was reliving the past. The same black haired boy who I was close to in our younger years lived in the young black haired boy who I am just as close to now. I watched Harry look at Ginny and her look back at him with the same sparkle in their eyes as Lily and James shared.

When they moved in together they decorated their house almost the same. Their master room was the same red and gold.

And then there I was, standing in the same church watching my nephew look out the same wall length window, at a beautiful red haired lady, stepping down from a white carriage drawn by horses.

You could say it is deja vu. I don't I say it's fate.

Then before I knew it Ginny's stomach was swelled to the size of a beach ball, and they were eagerly awaiting there first born.

Five of my kids were now at Hogwarts, Sean, Rodney and the triplets. Things were less quiet to say the least.

Well what can I say the minute the triplets met the twins, you would have thought there were a set of quintets their, even with the age gap.

Remus had decided that on the full moon he would go back to a full transformation for one reason or another. But we had prepared a cellar with a high security lock on it.

Ron and Hermione decided to go on a long-term break from each other, although they had also moved in together? I never quite knew what was happening with them. Apparently Harry said that they had talked of marriage but Hermione was doing some sort of big project which was taking a lot of time and would eventually pay off very nicely, should the results be possitive.

When I got the phone call from Remus, Ginny and I had been relaxing on the sofa in our living room. We had been laughing so hard because we had been admiring Ginny's bump, then it kicked. I felt it- it was amazing. That was MY child in there. I was so proud. Then Ginny had a weird idea and balanced a bertie bots every flavour bean just above her belly button. We watched it for a few minutes and suddenly it gave a big jolt and the bean flew off. The baby had kicked it like a football.

"That's my boy!" I said laughing.

"GIRL!" She said indignantly. Then we both looked at each other trying to look serious, but we both ended up laughing. Suddenly an owl came threw the window.

"It's from Remus." I said noticing his owl. As I read through I smiled. This was excellent.

"Hermione! That's awesome news. I can't wait. Ow I'm so proud of you!" Ron gasped as Hermione told him of her success. They were at their flat. And Hermione had just arrived home from work.

"I Know I can't believe they are going to promote me to head of the department! I've only been there for about 2 and a half years! I mean I know the project we just finished was big, but... oh gosh!"

"It's amazing 'mione, you're amazing." Ron looked into Hermione's eyes. "I'm so proud of you."

"Ron!" Hermione said blushing.

"Hermione, I love you." Ron said holding her hands tightly.

"Yo... You...?" She stuttered.

"I love you." He said forcibly.

"But we, we're not even dating?"

"At the moment we're not! But for Merlin's sake Hermione, I can't stand being in the same house, living with you and not being able to hug you or... or kiss you. I just want to be with you!"



"I want to too, I just was too scared to do anything- you know ruin the friendship."

"Screw friendship!" Ron laughed pulling Hermione into a heart-stopping kiss.

"I love you too Ron!" She gasped.

I sat outside on the front lawn, looking at the arisen moon. It was full tonight. Remus would be running riot in the cellar. But that was locked and all the children were safe and sound in their beds. Harry was here helping me tonight's Ginny had gone to visit her parents.

I drowned deeply in the moons milky surface, still not believing such a calm and pleasant thing could unlock such a fierce beast from such a gentleman whom I held so close to my heart.

"CLAIRE, Its MILES! HE UNLOCKED THE CELLER!" I almost had a heart attack. Those two sentences would change my life forever. I jumped to my feet, flew inside like a bat on fire and fled to the cellar- the door was open. Without hesitation or fear for my own safety I travelled down the steps. I didn't turn to see Harry following me smirking. Bloody nephew!

When I reached the bottom I turned the light on. I almost died at the sight I saw. Every last one of my children was standing there (even the ones who were supposed to be at Hogwarts), as well as Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny. The thing which shocked me most though was that Remus stood in the centre.

Not on this full moon as a werewolf, but as himself.

He smiled at me and took my frozen hands in his own.

"How...?" I started.

"Claire, I'm cured!" He sung happily.

"Cured...?" I asked.

"Yes." He turned and beamed at Hermione who blushed in return. "Hermione found the cure!"

"Ow Remus that's wonderful!" I gushed hugging him ever so tightly crying my eyes out.

"Shhh, it's not over yet." Remus said pulling me gently up the stairs and into the back garden. He sat me on one of the small swings and knelt before me- the full moon shining over us in all its glory. For once it wasn't gloating, it was merely observing. "Claire Potter, you are an amazing woman. You have stood by me when many wouldn't, you have believed in and trusted me and you have never judged me. I have never and could never love another woman as I do you. Will you Marry me?" Remus took my hand and looked me in the eye.

"YES!" I cried embracing him in a hug.

"I'm afraid I don't have a ring yet." He said sadly. "I've been in the labs being tested and what not."

"Oh Remus you don't need to get me a ring- I already have one!" I pulled out from my robes my chain and on which was the ring that he had given me all those years ago. I had never taken it off. Remus beamed at me, then said;

"You know I thought the happiest day of my life would be the day I was cured, but I was wrong. The happiest day is today- the day you agreed to be my wife." I pressed my lips on his expressing all the passion, all the emotion I felt at the moment, our children all cheered, clapped and wolf whistled.

"RIGHT UP TO BED EVERYONE!" Remus growled still not taking his eyes off of me.

A month later I stood up at the altar opposite Remus. We were having a small and simple wedding. Only close family were invited. That was still a good 30 people though.

"Do you Claire Potter take this man in holy matrimony?" The minister said.

"I do." I smiled.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

Remus lifted my veil and bent down to kiss me.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Everyone immediately turned to the source of the noise. It was the front row of the pews.

"GINNY!" Harry gasped, from beside Remus. He rushed to his wives side.

"I think... I'm..."

"Ok." Harry said getting the picture. Ginny looked in agony. Nobody had noticed her heavy breathing during the ceremony. Nor the redness of her face. She had been keeping it quiet until she just couldn't any longer. She had tears streaming down her face, half from her pain, half from the emotional wreck she was. Harry ran up to Remus and I. "Sorry guys. Really I am. Couldn't have happened at a worse time. We have to go!" I laughed

"Harry get lost, you're going to be a daddy!"

"Congratulations guys." He smiled as...

"HARRY!" Was shouted. He held her hand tight and apparated the red haired beauty to the hospital. I leant in for another kiss. my first kiss as Mrs Claire Lupin was too short- I wanted another.

We moved our wedding reception to the hospital. All waiting eagerly for news of the birth whilst eating cake and making speeches. It was quite a site.

Finally Harry came out with a huge grin.

"He's here." The way he said it, was how a man would talk on the happiest, proudest day of his life. One where he was deeply fulfilled. I knew that Harry had always wanted his own family. Now he had it.

Ginny was inside holding her son, looking tired, but happy none the less.

"We've called him James." She said quietly. I felt a tear pr1ck my eyes.

"That's lovely." I said.

3 hours later Remus and I left for our honeymoon.

5 years later Ron and Hermione married (after a 3-year engagement).

Harry and Ginny grew to love James, he had messy black hair and hazel eyes just like his grandfather. They also had five more children; Thomas, Daryl, Jonathan, Gareth and Sophie. The girls were seriously outnumbered.

Finally Remus and I decided that we didn't want to have our own child, we already had ten of our own. We didn't need any more. Our family was complete our lives content.

It wouldn't be our generation that would have to fight the next war. But when the time came our relatives would win. I knew it.

The peace after the storm was now. Now that I was reunited with the face I knew so well.