A/N: This is another quick scene that just popped into my head and I wrote down.

Harry lay in bed, completely naked. In front of him was Romilda, who was also naked. She was gyrating her body sensuously. She shook her ass and bounced her breasts. She looked at Harry. "Do you like what you see?"

"See for yourself." Harry pointed at his member, which was fully erect.

Romilda giggled. "Looks like you're ready."

"Ready for what?" said Harry.

"For this." Romilda walked over to the bed and leaned in to kiss Harry. Harry got up and put his arm around her, pulling her close. Her hands traveled down his body, feeling his muscles. She took her time as she ran her hand down his abdominals. Her hand grasped his member and began stroking. Harry could feel the precum leak out of him. She lifted herself off of Harry a bit and lined the member up between her legs. She straddled Harry's waist, gasping as his member slid inside her. She balanced herself on top of him. She placed her hands on the headboard. She began bucking her hips back and forth. Her breasts shook with the movement. Harry put his hands on her thighs, pulling Romilda forward. She kissed Harry's neck. Harry's hands travelled up Romilda's body. He groped her ass. Romilda cried out, arcing her back so that her breasts were shoved into Harry's face. Harry buried his face into Romilda's breasts, kissing them. His hands moved up to her chest and began kneading the two pillows. He ran his thumbs over her nipples until they were rock hard. Romilda's hips rocked faster and faster. Her breasts began to bounce even more wildly. Harry's heart raced. Romilda grabbed Harry's back and scratched him. Harry moaned. He could feel a tingling sensation in his balls. Suddenly, Romilda tightened around his member. This was too much for him and he shot his seed into her body.