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Jessie reclined in her chair, there was a lot going on, and she didn't quite now what to make of it all. The revelation that the boss wanted them back at headquarters for some sort of special assignment was a very welcome one, since they had long assumed that they were on Giovanni's bad side. Furthermore, the fact that they were being put up in a fancy suite at a hotel in Sunyshore City prior to the trip back was even more encouraging, since it showed them that perhaps they were top agents after all. With all this excitement, she couldn't help but start taking stock of everything in her life and above all, one thought kept pushing itself to the front of her mind, James.

The two of them had been traveling around together, serving Team Rocket and trying to capture that damned electric mouse for a very long time now, but it was only now that she realized just how close she really was to him. The two spent so much time together and were able to coordinate everything so well, they really were the perfect pair. In the middle of the hunt, she had previously chalked this up to a combination of professionalism and necessity, as the two did have to work closely together, but in this calm interlude, she was starting to believe that it was something else entirely. The more she mulled it over in her mind, the more clear her conclusion became, she was in love with James. As that thought bounced around inside her mind, she couldn't help but suddenly feel very lonely without him at her side, and even though he was only a room away, she yearned to see him again.

She got up out of the chair, careful not to disturb Meowth who was curled up fast asleep on the suite's couch, and headed into the room where James was staying. When she opened the door, she found that James was sitting up in bed, watching some local Sinnoh programming.

"What is it Jessie, is everything okay?" he asked, looking towards her and muting the T.V.

"It's nothing... just... um..." Jessie stammered, wishing she was better at expressing her feelings. After a brief delay, she mustered her courage and fully moved into the room, closing the door behind her before quickly taking a seat on the bed beside James. "Well you see, with everything we've been through these past few years I um... well... I just wanted to say that... well... I love you and I feel so lucky to have spent all this time with you." It took James several seconds to process this confession, but when it finally all sank in, a smile formed across his face.

"And here I thought that I was the only one who felt that way," he replied, immediately causing Jessie's heart to skip a beat.

"You mean, you feel the same way?"

"Of course, I thought it was obvious and that you simply didn't care about me, I guess I was wrong," Jessie admitted, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

"Jeez, you really can be dense sometimes, but you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way," Jessie teased before leaning forward and locking lips with her long time partner. This moment had been a long time coming, and the two decided to keep it going for long as they could, so they could savor every moment of it.

When the two inevitably had to break for air, Jessie teased, "Wow, you're really good at this, have you been practicing without me knowing?"

"It's just one of the things you learn when you're raised in the upper class," James replied playfully.

"Oh, then can you show me anything else you learned in high society?" Jessie continued, her voice dripping with desire.

"Here, let me show you..." James said before returning her previous kiss, this time taking the time to explore her mouth with his tongue. Once again, the two stayed like this for as long as possible, eager to make up for all the missed opportunities they'd had in the past.

When they again broke, Jessie replied, "well, that was pretty good, but let me show you the skills that we commoners have."


"I love you Jessie," James said, turning to face his long time partner.

"I love you too James," she replied before the pair kissed again and fell asleep, enjoying each others warmth. On so many cold nights, Jessie had wished that she could lay beside James like this, and now, she was happy to know that she would never have to sleep alone again.