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This story is a sequel of 'Honeymoon Viking-style', from eglomer.



Astrid saw her husband leaning on the edge of the ship. His look lost in infinity.

"Is someone needing a hug?" she said making him jump in the site.
"Yeah… maybe a Fishlegs' huge hug will help...", he answered with a mischievous grin on his face.
"Just what I thought," she said folding her arms. "But, honestly, I'm not on the mood to three weeks of trip to return just for a hug, so you'll have to settle for a strongest Viking chieftess hug. You know." "Ok. If I have no choice..." he said feigning disappointment.

Astrid elbowed him in the ribs and without letting him recompose himself, she hugged him with all her tenderness.

"Don't worry. She'll be OK. She's a strong, clever, and experienced woman. She's out there somewhere and we'll find her."
"I know, I know," said Hiccup letting himself be seized by the hug. "It's just… It's been three months since she disappeared. And we haven't any clue of where or why she's gone," he sighed. "If only there was a way to know if she is fine..."

Astrid stroked his hair gently while the northern lights began to illuminate the night sky. Those lights really bring her back a lot of memories. Some good and some certainly creepy, but all of them worthy. And then, it happened. Like a present from the colorful lights, the best idea ever came to her mind.

"Perhaps there is one!" she said suddenly raising her own spirits.
"What?" he answered uncomprehendingly. "I think we could know how to find her!" she said making eye contact.
"Are you serious? How?" he replied, starting to get excited despite not knowing yet what she was referring to.
She smiled wide at him. "Ah-to-ha-llan."
"Oh, Thor! Of course! How is possible that we didn't think of that earlier!" Hiccup broke the hug grabbing Astrid by her shoulders. "How wonderful you are! Ahtohallan, there we go!" Then he put a peck on her forehead and ran to change the ship's course.
"Finally smiles..." Astrid whispered in relief and returning her sight to the sea. "Hold on. Valka, there we go!".