"Sonic Advance 2"

Written By: Toni Ferraro

Based on the Sonic Advance 2 game for GBA

All Sonic characters are copyrighted (c) to Sega Enterprises

Toni the Mink and selective others you probably won't recognize are copyrighted (c) to me, no less. XD


AUTHORESS' NOTES: Sonic Advance 2 is l337!! XD

Course I decided to expand the plot some by making this fanfic, though based ALITTLE bit in my fan-created Sonicverse (though I hope that doesn't discourage you form continuing reading) If you're unfamiliar with what my Sonicverse is like, then I suggest you look in "A Dark And Stormy Night" which is a brief description of what I altered in the regular Sonicverses (though this fic does NOT take place in the future)

One more thing... @LL H@IL CR3@M! $H3 I$ l337!


It seemed like any other day on Angel Island. Mainly just sitting around in front of the Master Emerald making sure no harm comes to it.

Knuckles sighed. 'No one's been after the emerald for almost a year now... not even Eggman. This makes my job alittle boring.' He glanced around. 'No sign of my dad, Chaos, or even any of the Chaotix to take over for a while... Damn! I need to get out for just a moment! I'll even let Rouge watch the emerald if it means taking a breather!'

He crossed his legs in deep thought. 'That's the price of being born into guardianship... wasting your life away. Oh well. I've got a destiny to keep.'

But a sudden shriek from not too far away made him jump to his feet. "That sounded like someone in trouble!" he said to himself aloud, "Better check it out..." 'ANYTHING to get out from sitting around all day!'

In the small village where Knuckles and his family lived in, everyone was in a heap of panic as villagers and small animals were being sucked into what looked like absolutely nothing.

"This indeed looks like the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik," mumbled Spectre, one of Knuckles' great grandfathers, as all the Brotherhood were standing together in a group along with Locke.

"As born into the reign of guardianship of Angel Island, we must stop this work of evil," spoke Thunderhawk.

"Indeed," said Sabre, "Let us call within the mystic powers within to call upon the strength to destroy this work of evil."

"Our minds are one..." murmured Sojourner.

They all hummed together, "Ahhhh-mmmmm....."

While this was all happening, the invisible machine had sucked them all in.

Lara-Le watched in utter disbelief... then shouted ramptantly, "YOU MORONS!!!"

The machine apparently had advanced on her, however, as she felt herself getting sucked into the invisible void. She turned, trying to escape it, but the powerful sucking wind was pulling her in... and just as it had lifted her off the ground--


Lara-Le found herself in the arms of Rouge the Bat. "I've got you, Mrs. Echidna!!" She flapped her wings frantically, trying to counter the effects the the machine.

Luckily, she just made it to a house, managing to grab the roof, and swinging herself to the back along with Lara-Le. "I don't know if we can stay here for long, dear," said Lara, "That thing is certainly powerful! It sucked up just about everyone living in this village, including my husband and daughter!! We were lucky enough to escape!"

Rouge looked around herself. "Where's that knucklehead when you need him??" She looked over to the machine, growling to herself, "Guess I'll have to do this myself! Stay here, Mrs. Echidna!" And with that, Rouge hopped up onto the roof of the house, and glided towards the direction of the powerful vacuum, using all momentum to manuver herself directly under the source of the sucking, and doing a mighty powerdrive with her leg into the air.

However, all it caused was a loud bong noise and a bruised leg, all without a single dent to the machine. "OW!" Rouge cried, grabbing her leg, "Jeez!! Not even SUPER Sonic could penetrate that!!"

Luckily, her attack did manage to shut off the cloaking device, and the machine could now be clearly seen. "Well well, if it isn't Dr. Eggman," she mused.

Almost as in response, a hatch in the middle of the machine opened up, and once again, Rouge was pulled forward. She tried to run, but the pain in her leg caused her to fall down to a knee, now powerless against Robotnik's invention, and helpless as it finally sucked her inside.

"Rouge!!" cried a familiar voice, and up on that same roof was Knuckles, now seemingly pissed at what happened. "You're going down for that big time, Eggman!!"

"Knuckles, be careful!" Lara-Le cried, but her headstrong son had already launched off and aimed his fist for the machine at full force. Before any damage could be done, what looked like to be the tail of the machine quickly pointed at the echidna and shot a blast, which immediatley froze Knuckles in his tracks... literally.

"Oh no! Not my son too!" Lara cried as she ran to the frozen guardian. That was a mistake though, as the vacuum had sucked in both her and Knuckles.

"Foolish woman!" Robotnik gleed from inside, "But at least that takes care of two nuisances, as well as give me a healthy supply of 'energy boosters' for my new robot. But it still won't be enough." The evil doctor rubbed his mustace cunningly. "Perhaps I shall go visit Mobodoon for more of a supply, that including Sonic and Tails..."


"You can't catch me! You can't catch me!" some children played happily among themselves at the Mobodoon Park.

"Oh yeah? Take THAT!" a child yelled, throwing a dodge ball at a group of children who did their best at dodging.


"Ow! Ya got me!!"

"Your turn!"

Not far away from the happy group of children were the Prower family as well as the Rabbit Family, which only consisted of two people (three if you count their pet chao).

"Come on, Cream," Chuckie Chipmunk, whom was the Prower's adopted son, complained, "I'm a boy! Boys don't play tea party!"

Cream poured invisible tea into Chuckie's cup. "Cheese is a boy, and he doesn't mind having a tea party with me."

Chuckie looked over to the disgruntled chao, with a red bow-tie and a pink bonnet. "He doesn't look that happy to me..."

"That's because pink's not his favorite color."

The two children, as well as everyone else in the park, snapped their heads over to where children were screaming, and gasped when they saw a groupful of them being sucked into a giant floating machine... Chuckie's nine-year-old sister being one of those in the group.

"Oh no!! TARA!!" Chuckie cried, leaping to his feet and racing off towards the machine.

Tails, whom Chuckie idolized and was his hero, panicked and took off after the young chipmunk. "Chuckie, no, come back!! Don't go near it!!"

"Tails! No!!" Megan, Tails' older sister, threw her novel aside and chased after Tails.

"Children!!" Rosemary, their mother, shouted and ran after Megan.

"Rosemary! No!!" Amadeus, their father, ran after his wife. It was like a chain reaction when the entire family got sucked into the machine.

"YES!" Robotnik wooted, "I got Tails! But there's a few hiding up there..."

"Chuckie! Tails!" Cream cried. Before she herself got a chance to do anything, she and Cheese were scooped up in the arms of her mother. "Hurry, Cream!"

But she could not outrun the vacuum, as it began sucking her towards the machine. Before she was blown into the air, she tossed Cream and Cheese towards a nearby tree for them to grab onto, and into the machine she went.

"MAMA!!!" Cream screamed, holding Cheese close so that he wouldn't get blown away as well. She gasped when she noticed the machine was heading straight for her. Running would prove useless, as her mother had shown, so she looked around frantically for something to stop it with.

And that's when the dodgeball came into view. She smiled, placed Cheese to his feet, and picked it up. Then she jumped out from behind the tree, holding the ball up high. "Hey you! Suck on this!" she shouted as she threw the dodgeball straight at the machine's sucking hole. It sucked the ball in, but immediatley ceased sucking.

"Wh-WHAT?" Robotnik cried, looking over at his scanners, "The Sucker got stuck! That little brat must have lodged it into the hole!"

He looked out the windshield to see the little rabbit scoop up her chao and take off running. He snarled, "She may not be apart of Sonic's group, but I know a trouble maker when I see one!" He pressed a switch on the control panel, and behind in rose a platform, with a vehicle on top of it. This vehicle had a hammer and a giant robotic hand attached to it.

"I was hoping to save this for Sonic, but where there's a pest, I come prepared."

Cream had no choice but to run away from Robotnik around the block... she was too young to cross the street by herself.

But just when it looked like she had lost him, she felt a rumble beneath her feet, and shrieked out loud when she saw a giant tank with a giant hand and a giant hammer coming straight towards her. Not even adreneline could save her as the tank drove right up behind her, with the hammer held high straight in the air. Fearing the worst, Cream let out a fearful scream... as the hammer slammed on the ground NEXT to her.

The shockwave from the impact had however caused her to float in the air for a mid-second... plenty of time for the giant hand to grab hold of her and Cheese tightly.

"Gotcha!" Robotnik gleamed, turning the wheel, driving back.

"Nonono!!" Cream cried as Cheese wailed, "Let us go!! HELP! PLEASE! HEEELP!!!"

While this masquerade went on, the big hero himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, was peacefully taking a walk down the street, hand-in-hand with the love of his life... no, not Princess Sally Acorn, but rather the authoress' self-insertion, Toni the Mink. (A/CUT IN: "NYAAAAH! XD")

The female mink sighed, "What a beautiful day... It feels so nice to have some quality time alone, doesn't it hon?"

The hedgehog nodded, his mind obviously on something else.

Toni cocked an eyebrow. "What's up with you?"

Sonic glanced over, alittle in suprise. Then he smiled a bit. "Eh... not much. Just thinking about Eggman..."

"Eggman? And not me? He hasn't even done anything for a long time! Why worry now?"

"Because after that long time, he usually has something new for us to play with..."

"Well, today is a day for you to hang out with your lovely girlfriend, and not worry about Eggman and his stupid schemes!"

Sonic smirked, "Yeah... but hey, I'm not worried. Just more of an exercise for me!"

And that's when they rounded the corner that was across the street from the park... where they just happened to see Robotnik's tank that happened to be holding a young rabbit girl and her pet chao in its giant metal hand.

"That's Eggman!" Sonic shouted, "And... he's got Cream!!"


"I'll tell you later! Just stay here, toots!" And with that, Sonic took off.

Toni just simpily shrugged and sighed to herself. "There goes our romantic day for a stroll..."

Robotnik noticed Sonic coming up his way in his rear view mirror. "Oh ho ho!" he laughed weirdly, "So Sonic decides to join the party after all! Looks like I get to test this baby out on him after all! Here we go!" He yanked one of his levers down, and the giant hammer swung straight towards the hedgehog.

Sonic noticed the hammer coming at him and poured on the juice, running just ahead of the smashing tool. He turned backwards and curled himself into a spin, aiming at Robotnik. The doctor had seen this coming, however, and swung the hammer again at him. Sonic took evasive action and ceased his spin, now stopping in his tracks as the tank barrelled right by him, the hammer missing of course.

Robotnik looked around furiously, "Where did he go??"

He grew shocked when he heard a wolf whistle behind him. Slowly he turned his head, and surely enough, there was Sonic, kneeling behind him, waving cunningly. "You pest!! Get off my tank or I'll hammer you to death!"

"Then hammer you must!"

Robotnik growled, knowing he couldn't hit Sonic while he was sitting right behind him... he too would get squashed, and there goes a $100,000 investment on a perfectly good invention.

Like Sonic really gave a crap! "Hey Eggman! Is that lever you got your hand on the one that controls that hammer? Can I pull??"

"Get away! NO!" Robotnik tried to hit his arm away, but Sonic reached over and yanked the lever down. "Oh crud..."

The hammer came slamming down towards the tank. Robotnik only had time to leap out of the vehicle as Sonic jumped elegantly into the air as the hammer struck the tank, causing an explosion. Just before mid-boomboom, the hand's grip loosened as Sonic managed to grab Cream by her ears and race on out of there.

Meanwhile, Robotnik had hit the deck, covering his head with his hands while his giant butt stuck up high in the air. As the explosion calmed down, he slowly gazed around him to see the totaled EggHammerTankII. He growled furiously. "Damn you, Sonic!!! I'll get you for this! I have more where that came from!!"

Cream was curled up in a tight fetal position, wimpering as she thought she was dead, yet had no idea what was going on around her.

"Cream... hey Cream! Take it easy! You're safe now..."

The gentle familiar voice gave her the courage to open her eyes, and she noticed she was safe in the cradling arms of the former church-aide.

"Mr. Sonic!" she gleamed, forming a tight chokehold on the hedgehog.

"Urgh! Yea... nice to see you too, kiddo..."

Cream let go as looked around frantically. "Cheese!! Where's my chao??"

"Right here!" said a white, burnette mink, holding out a small chao, who cooed happily at the sight of Cream.

"Cheese! Come to mommy!" Cream cried as Sonic placed her to her feet. The chao flew from the mink's hands and curled into Cream's chest.

"So who is this girl, Sonic?" the mink playfully scowled, "Are you keeping girlfriends behind my back?"

"Cute," Sonic muttered, "Cream went to that Children's Church Program with Chuckie that I volunteered for for my Senior Project. That's how I know her."

Cream glanced up in worry at the name of her friend. "Sonic!" she cried, "That mean guy has this weird machine that sucks up people, and he sucked up Chuckie and my mom!!"

Sonic and Toni were taken back. "What?? That rotten egg! I'll fry his circuits for good this time!"

Before he could take off, Toni grabbed his attention, "Wait Sonic! Take me with you! You're gonna need all the help you can get after dealing with that!"

"Don't bother, Minkgirl," said Sonic, "If Eggman's getting more extreme, then I don't want you involved! I'll just go grab Tails for the sidekick gig!"

"You can't!" Cream said, "He took Tails too!"

Sonic eyes went wide, "What??"

"AND his sisters, and his parents, AND everyone else in that park! I think he wants everyone in Mobodoon!"

"No way!" Sonic cried, "Stay here a moment you guys! I gotta warn my family!"

Sonic raced away at top speed, hurrying over to Hedgehog Castle, bursting through the gates.

"Mom! Manic! Sonia! You guys around??" Sonic looked around worriedly. For a huge castle, it was eeriely quiet. "Hello? ANYONE??"

He raced through all the halls possible, looking in every room he could. Not a single person was found. This was bad. Eggman had definetely struck the castle first! He musta been dissappointed when he found out Sonic wasn't there.

He angrily charged back to where Cream and Toni were. "Not good! He took eveyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the castle! Cream's right! He must be planning to kidnap everyone in Mobodoon!"

Toni gasped, "Sonic! What if he took my family as well?? You've gotta check!"

"No time, Toni."

"But Sonic--"

"Toni... If he took your family, then we'll definetely get them back. But if we wasted time checking to see, it'll just give Eggman more time to capture more people, and that's definetely what we DON'T want!"

Toni sighed reluctantly, "Okay..."

"Good. As much as I don't want you to come, I AM gonna need all the help I can get. So you're gonna be Tails for the day."

"I'll come too!" said Cream, "I can help!"

"No way, Cream! Eggman almost got you back there! I'm not going to risk you getting captured again!"

"But I've got you to protect me now! Besides, I can come in handy too! Look!" Cream flapped her ears, and she began floating in mid air, "I can fly too!"

"Impressive," said Sonic, "But that's not gonna do much."

Cream dropped to the ground. "Well, I also have Cheese. He can help battle!"

Sonic couldn't help but snicker. "What exactly can this little chao do to battle?"

Cream pointed at Sonic, "Cheese Attack!!"

The small, innocently looking chao suddenly grew a vicious snarl and lunged itself at Sonic's arm, holding a death grip with its jaw.

Sonic had frozen for a second... then immediatley ran around in circles, waving his arm frantically, while screaming, "JESUS!!! Owch!! GET THIS THING OFFA ME!!! AAAIGH!!! Alright alright, you can come Cream, just get this little monster off my arm!!!"

"Cheese heal!" Cream called, and almost immediatley did the rabid chao hop off of Sonic, regaining that innocent look again. Cream dropped to one knee, holding her arms out, "Good boy, Cheese! Come to mommy!" Cheese zipped over to Cream, cuddling her affectionately.

Sonic rubbed his arm while Toni giggled. "Yup! Eggman's definetely beat!"